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  1. I prefer callsigns because the First Order TIE Pilots were difficult to differentiate. Zeta Ace, Zeta Leader, Omega Ace, Omega Leader. They all sound similar to each other. Plus, the call signs add a bit of personality. "Backstabber" (RIP) and Echo are great examples of how their callsigns can integrate with the gameplay. Now I do think there is an advantage to using callsigns instead of real names on the Imperial/FO side. Like you mentioned it adds a bit of facelessness, since the heroes Luke Skywalker and Poe Dameron are fighting the mysterious "Mauler Mithel" and "Quickdraw."
  2. I love it. So much better than "Blue Ace" and whatnot.
  3. Red G

    Ship reprints

    Yes they will. There will also be a way to purchase those new upgrades/pilots from FFG without buying additional models.
  4. That's a super cool analysis, I never considered that it'd actually be useful in bad match ups.
  5. "When this ship attacks, instead roll one attack die. On a hit or crit result, the opponent loses. On any other result, you lose." It's a perfectly balanced upgrade in theory, as it has a 50% chance of helping you or hurting you. But in reality it would be unbalanced at any point value.
  6. They'll be re-releasing all 1.0 ships in 2.0 expansions, so people aren't required to buy a conversion kit in order to play. It just might take a few waves to get it again.
  7. There were a lot of broken upgrades, but Twin Laser Turret was the worst offender. It outclassed every other turret in range and damage potential, and required every arc dodger to use Autothrusters.
  8. I'm guessing they didn't want to overload retailers with new product. 1 core set, 6 expansions, and 3 conversion kits is a lot of shelf space already.
  9. You could do a lot worse than Marksmanship. Sure, PtL and Expertise are better options, but Marksmanship isn't a bad choice.
  10. The splitting of the factions is the only thing I dislike about 2.0. My only sequel ships are from the TFA core set, plus the original Falcon. I'll probably just treat them as Rebels/Imperials for casual games, as long as nothing is terribly unbalanced with that.
  11. No game will ever be perfectly balanced. The designer of Magic the Gathering wrote a few blog articles about that (among many other things, I just linked the first in that series). Some pilots and upgrades will be better than others. Having a healthy variety of "best" builds makes for a fun metagame. Un-fun mechanics that are top tier or a top tier that consists of few playstyles is what causes complaints. I'm hopeful that the app will allow upgrades like Twin Laser Turret to be appropriately nerfed, and for underperforming ships (like 1.0's A-Wing, TIE Punisher, etc.) to be buffed to allow most things to be somewhat competitive. FFG's in-house balancing hasn't been great, so by getting the chance to change things after the entire community plays with a release, they'll be able to get closer to that ideal balance. And tournament ban lists or other less severe modifications will help greatly with variety.
  12. It will probably have multiple charges like the other revealed bombs.
  13. I'd choose the Mon Cal actor who can't see out of his costume:
  14. This thread seems like it needs yet another person stirring the pot with his view on the franchise. Here's my list. ** The Good ** V: Others have already explained the many reasons why TESB is the best. VI: Ends the trilogy in the best way possible. The Ewoks aren't even that bad on a re-watch. IV: It's cheesy but a classic for a reason. Had it not been the first, this movie would not be ranked so highly. Rogue One: While the first couple acts have problems, the movie is enjoyable throughout and the Battle of Scarif is right up there with Endor. III: Redeems the prequels. Anakin and Padme actually feel like a couple, and the plot is solid. And we finally see the Clone Wars in action. VII: This took the universe in a direction I disagreed with, but I still loved TFA. It's a thrilling movie and introduces compelling new characters. ** The Bad ** I: Introducing Vader as an innocent child was a worse idea than Jar Jar. Ignoring that, this movie is at least enjoyable due to strong acting and visuals. II: Anakin/Padme scenes make AOTC unbearable. Everything else is solid, though Dooku is a weak antagonist. I wish we had seen him in TPM so his turn to the dark side would mean something. VIII: I have many problems with TLJ. Those problems have been discussed to death elsewhere. Hopefully Abrams can pull a ROTS with episode IX.
  15. Sorry to hijack this conversation, but how did they change reinforce? I've seen the evade & region nerfs (and love them!), but I haven't heard anything concrete about reinforce changes.
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