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  1. I'm late to the party but I'm going to add my vote anyway. 4.5 TFA just beats out ROTJ for me. Ken Napzok from Screen Junkies came up with some awesome speculation for Episode 8 on Movie Fights- Star Wars Episode 8 - The Reign Of The First Order https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=SnsE3fkMLok#t=2697 The Empire Strikes Back A New Hope The Force Awakens Return Of The Jedi .... .... Revenge Of The Sith Attack Of The Clones The Phantom Menace Star Wars is Back!!!
  2. Looking for some thoughts on a couple lists I am thinking of running for a friendly tournament this week. Blue Squadron - 100pts Blue Squadron Novice #1 - 26pts AutothrustersBlue Squadron Novice #2 - 26pts AutothrustersBlue Squadron Pilot #1 - 24pts Fire Control SystemBlue Squadron Pilot #1 - 24pts Fire Control System Low PS, but lots of guns and relatively tough and roughly evenly threatening ships to mess with target priority. Maxed Wings - 100pts Wedge Antilles - 36pts R7-T1 Wired Experimental Interface Poe Dameron - 39pts R5-P9 Predator Autothrusters Tarn Mison R7 AstromechI have a few ideas for variations of this list too. Tossing around some variation of Wedge with BB-8, PTL with/without Engine, changing Predator out for LW or Calculation on Poe, and adding some more to Hull or Flechettes to Tarn.
  3. catachan23

    Old X?

    There are the three main factions, each with one or more sub-factions Rebel = The Resistance + The Rebel Alliance Imperial = The First Order + The Galactic Empire Scum = Scum and Villainy So what that would mean is that if in the future there is a Resistance ship released with a crew slot for example, you would be able to field it with say, R2-D2, because it is limited to "Rebel only," which is the primary faction and thus would be allowed. Using the faction limitations they could release a fix for the T-65 X-Wing by limiting it to "Rebel Alliance X-Wing Only" and eliminate it being allowed on the T-70 because it is part of The Resistance sub-faction instead. Or they could just say "eff it" let us fire those force guided torpedoes
  4. The little dot next to the name of a card means that they are unique, and that you can only have one of them in your entire force. If all the Decimators had those upgrades (three Mara Jades, and three Darth Vaders) then you lost because your opponent was using more than the allowable limit of those cards. Mara and Vader are awesome... three of each of them would be overpowered.
  5. Thank you. Scanxiety sucks. Since my CT came back clear I will be getting my port out tomorrow! I like your list too. The extra ships are nice and I will give them both a try this Thursday on X-Wing Night.
  6. Cancer free! Time for a beer to celebrate! I was less worried about the pilot abilities as the EPT slot so I could throw on Wingman. The point being is it allows them access to every maneuver on their dials every turn and allows them to chase down ships that a non-Wingman B-Wing would be unable to keep in arc. Biggs is there to do what Biggs does... die. Die, but allow the B-Wings the time they need to burn down a few ships unmolested. I appreciate the responses and I'm definitely gunna review it when I get home and see if I can improve it. Any other suggestions are always welcome.
  7. I hope so for you too man, for you and me both actually! Frak Cancer! I saw that thread and it was actually what inspired me to think about Accuracy Corrector on the B-Wings, and yep, the Accuracy Corrector with the Autoblaster would result in two uncancelable hits as long as you can keep them at range one. The Wingman in the build is to help keep the B-Wings on their prey's tail.
  8. Yeah, using my phone. How far out from your Cancer are you? Any Thought s on the build?
  9. I am sitting here waiting for the doctor to come in a give me the results of my CT to make sure I am still Cancer free now that I am two years out from my surgery, and hopefully finally get my port taken out and be one more step away from having Cancer.... Sooooo, I am list-building to distract myself from the anxiety... 28 Ibitsam - B-Wing 2 Wingman 3 Accuracy Corrector 5 Autoblaster 38pts 26 Nera Dantels - B-Wing 2 Wingman 3 Accuracy Corrector 5 Autoblaster 36pts 25 Biggs Darklighter - X-Wing 1 R4-D6 26pts 100pts Total The Accuracy Corrector ensures that you will reliably be able to at least push two damage through regardless of Dice/Token stacks as long as you can keep them in that range 1 arc, hence throwing on Wingman. Wingman will allow the girls to open up their dials and concentrate on their flying and let the computer do the shooting for them. Biggs and the "Oh-crap! Bot" are there to shout insults over the radio while looking as threatening as possible so that the girls can get in close. Is it good? Bad? Anxiety has got your mind filled with Rancor droppings? Lemme know what you guys think and help keep my mind distracted while I wait for the doctor. Thanks!
  10. Hate is a Cancer that infects the body of a nation, and as a Cancer survivor, I can tell you that Cancer is a stubborn malady to root out.
  11. Lets hope that goodness and justice prevails Nightshrike. As a man of Faith and not one of Religion, I sincerely hope they repeal this law. The people who crafted and support this bill, and the others across like it across the nation, are our modern day Pharisees.
  12. In the Passage, the Vampires are relatively mindless and animalistic, much like a zombie with the standard Vampire traits (nocturnal, super strength, drink blood, etc.) ... except for the 12 original test subjects for the drug and whom are the original hosts of the virus. They still possess human intelligence as well as a telepathic connection to their respective broods.
  13. Justin Cronin is the author of a book called The Passage. It is book one of a trilogy that is set in the near future in an apocalyptic and post apocalyptic world that is overrun by vampire-like beings who are infected with a highly contagious virus. What begins as a project to develop a new immunity boosting drug based on a virus carried by an unnamed species of bat in South America, eventually becomes the virus that transforms the world into the undead. The Novel begins in 2014 and covers the fall of humanity and the struggle of colonies of humanity that have to attempt to live in a world that is filled with super-human beings who are continuously on the hunt for fresh blood. If you haven't read it, I would recommend it. It is dark, depressing, but GOOD. Similarly, the film Stake Land (It's on Netflix, go check it out) has a very similar premise, with the addition of Religious Fundamentalist Cults that believe the Vampires are the Lord's Will and drop Vampire "bombs" into human colonies in order to "convert" the unbelievers. I was thinking of adapting EotW Zombie Apocalypse to Vampire Apocalypse instead. The Lite rules of EotW would easily accommodate the creatures and fundamentalist would add an additional threat that the players as well. Any thoughts or recommendations from the community?
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