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  1. Well, I looked into this, and I think the best one is the Ship's Confessor, at least in terms of what's best for the character I've come up with. But the thing is, I don't know how some one like that will be involved on missions. Right now my group is stuck on Port Wander. Long story short, some Imperial Navy officer and the Rogue Trader got into a disagreement, which ultimately resulted in our ship getting occupied by the Navy. The goal right now is to get off of Port Wander, but first, the Rogue Trader wants to find a way to profit off of the ship before the Navy relinquishes control. He has schemes in mind, but none of them could involve the missionary in any way, and pretty much everyone in the group is stumped as to how a missionary can do anything in this situation. Does anyone know how a missionary could be involved in a situation where he's not exploring and converting new planets in the Expanse?
  2. Hello again, In the campaign I'm playing in, my missionary character seems to have a tough time fitting in with the rest of the group, as it seems the missionary doesn't have a clear-cut role that the rest of the players do. We just haven't picked an exact reason as to why he's one of the top advisers of the Rogue Trader. One idea was him being the ship councilor/therapist, but that wouldn't fit with his Death World background. The best idea was him being the Rogue Trader's personal doctor or the chief medical officer on the ship. While this seems okay, I was wondering if there were any other roles a missionary could fulfill that would make him worthy of being amongst the Rogue Trader's posse? Also, are medikits reusable? Because they're found in the "drugs and consumables" section, and since everything in there is only meant to be used once, I was wondering if that was the case with medikits. And I can't imagine that medikits just have an infinite number of supplies stocked in them.
  3. This may seem like a weird question, but my character is a missionary and knowing this will give me a better idea as to how I can play him. Is he allowed to marry, or is he supposed to be celibate? I haven't found anything on the wikia that explicitly stated that members of the ecclisarchy couldn't marry, but I see the Adeptus Ministorum as a futuristic version of the Catholic church (in that there are rankings, like Ecclisarch/Pope, and they both start crusades). Catholics priests are supposed to be celibate, so I was wondering if that was the case with missionaries.
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