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  1. Is it confirmed that battlemage is going to be Warrior -> Mage? I thought it would be the other way around, aka mage archetype hero picking warrior. If so, as the guy stuck playing as Overlord I can't say I'm looking forward to facing berseker/skirmisher Lysa or other deadly combination I'm sure is coming. If it's going to be warrior -> mage, I dread the tought of Alys or Orkell as a mage.
  2. When you look at the story of MoB and tainted mechanic I guess it stands to reason that we didn't get rumor cards Even though it sucks a bit. On another note: is it just me or did the quality of minis actually improve with this expansion? Maybe it happened with some H&M pack (I don't have any of those yet, but I'll be getting two of those next week) but as far as I can tell it's different plastic then usual and boy, did the level of detail go up! Bone horrors are just wickedly awesome!
  3. Maybe it's my ignorance (I haven't played IA or currently avaible Descent co-op modules), but I'd say alternating turn order is something that's needed in this new game mode. If not, you could automate heroes actions as well: If there are no monsters: 1) Search adjacent search token 2) Advance towards closest search token 3) advance towards closest door 4) if it's first action of this hero turn and all heroes are as close to the door as possible, open the door and discover new tile If there are monsters use the algorithm best suited for your class to kill as many as you can (it would be easy to write but maybe a bit too time consuming and I can't spend too much time now Honestly, every OL player knows this pain of heroes just waltzing in and slaughtering whole monster group (or even two!) before even first activation. To make sure those monsters even do something such change is needed. The big question is, how will reinforcements work. If it's not more excessive then in Mists of Bilehall, I doubt we'll get situations when we have 3-4 monster groups at the same time very often. And since it's one activation per hero/monster per round, you can easily have 2-3 heroes going one after another (if there are 4 heroes and 2 groups it goes 1st hero, 1st monster group, 2nd hero, 2nd monster group, 3rd hero, 4th hero). Have some faith. Also remember that it's very easy to add campaign specific rules that change the game completly. Even if first RtL camapign is medicore/weak because of those mechanics, future camapigns can remedy that.
  4. Please stick to the topic of this thread before it gets closed because of an unrelated debate. Whitewing, I do know what an opportunity cost is but I fail to see how it is uniquely Rune Plate's restriction. That can be said about any sort of purchase, be it other items or skills. This sort of 'restriction' applies to every other armor you've praised as 'better' then Rune Plate and you know it.
  5. Whenever there are two or more effects that happen at the same time (like in your example, start of turn), the active player decides the order in which they are resolved. Had it not been for the quest rule Whitewing mentioned, your friends would have been right. However, the more specific (as in, limited) a rule is, the higher priority it has, so your intuition was correct. The question is far from meaningless, since there are plenty of situations where you get 2+ events at the same time (especially if you play with a plot deck).
  6. Once again I would like to draw attention from the Rune Plate discusson (since everyone already has their opinion on that, and they won't change) and more on to the intention of this thread (badly presented in the opening poster, but still) - stopping the power creep. My intention with this topic is to rely the message to FFG that in a game like Descent power creep of cards (ALL cards now that I think about it) is not needed like in LCG. All expansions will sell nicely not because they have oh-my-god-super-powerful item/relic/monster/OL-card or whatever, but because they'll give new options, new scenarios and campaigns to play, in short variety. Whenever we get a game element that is significantly superior, an element we can always choose to pick, variety of choices will suffer. In the long run, the fun & enjoyment from the game for all players will suffer. To stress again: the Rune Plate is not such a card. When I said 'broken' I did indeed mean an item that is not balanced when you compare it to it's alternatives, not 'game-breaking-winner-deciding'. It is however a precedence - the best armor for certain heroes in act I which means it's not a chance - it's a choice if you pick it up or not - and it's a 'do we buy rune plate' not 'do we buy any act I armor before act II' because rune plate is so good that you would be stupid to buy any other armor over it. Contrary to what some here say, Rune Plate doesn NOT have ANY restrictions - it works better in certain situations but there are NO penalties for using it (unlike 90% of the armor avaible in the game). What's next, an act I melee weapon that rolls red/red, red/yellow, or red/green? I don't want to see more of such items, of best-in-slot weapons/armors for other heroes/trinkets that are act I shop item cards. It works two ways however. I also don't want to see act I monsters with act II stats. I don't want to see monsters so ridicullously powerful that they are always picked whenever they can be choosen as an open group, no matter the map/vicotry conditions. I don't want to see lvl 1 and 2 overlord cards that do what some lvl 3 OL cards do, but better. I don't want to see lieutenants/agents that decimate entire hero parties on their own in one-two turns. TL;DR - no power creep, more focus on variety and new mechanics FFG. Descent products will sell like crazy without power creep, at least that's what interests me here and I belive I'm not alone on this among Descent players.
  7. It's right on the first page of the errata They don't use the word expand here, but the meaning is the same.
  8. Nice database, wasn't aware of it's existance before, thanks for the link. As for the traps: the ones that cost XP aren't worth getting because of Logan, this is true. However, base Tripwire and Pit trap are activated on movement, something everyone does. As such, it works wonders on those slow dwarves with low awareness. I'd definatelly keep them in. What to get rid of however? Posion Dart is underwhelming in this hero setup so no point in it indeed. Since you're moving into Act II you'll be getting more dice on your monsters so you might consider dropping Dark Might as well. As for other cards not to include in OL deck, it would be more quest specific. thought I wonder if maybe it's time to stop using Sole Purpose and invest in some of the more expensive threat cards. Trouble on the Road and making them roll on knowledge would be most optimal I think, stun right at the start is a very nasty thing, and you can count on 2 out of 3 of them failing that test. Since you might be getting in a bit of a deck bloat if you add trip wires and pitfall again, Always prepared might be a better way of countering it then Sole purpose and with it and Rush of Power your cycling power will be ridicullous. However, once need to be careful as to how much threat he/she actually spends during a single quest (or prior to it considering this plot deck) - you don't want to give heroes too much fortune tokens. I don't think you should be investing in ability to summon Zachereth before those two earlier mentioned unless you have ridicullous ammount of threat. Anytime OL places an agent you can be sure heroes will make it their priority target as to make you 'burn' the threat to regain the card to summon him again. He's a good debuffer, but once Grimson gets cleansing touch (which he'll likely pick soon), that utility will be gone in large part.
  9. It happened to me rromanello13 whenever I tried to log in with firefox. Then i've used chrome and got in with first attempt. So the solutin I'd say is: use different browser.
  10. Amoshias, sometimes 3 point abilities are extremly powerful because of how they combine with other skills. You make that point yourself, so I find it a bit weird that you neglect it in some cases here. You save stamina. That's for one. Second: 'occasionally'? You do realise most often then not quest objective is a race of sort. Race in which OL is given some monsters to stop heroes for a while. And this can negate it quite a bit. Without any cost. Fleet of foot is great, true, but it has several drawbacks. The most important one I'd say is that it triggers No rest for the wicked (in my opinion one of the greatest OL cards if used correctly, but seems to be underrated a bit here). However, don't get me started how Running Shot synergises with some scout hero abilities and heroic feats. Brrr, it gives me shivers to think of Logan using it with Bow of the Eclipse. A bit underwhelming especially after all those expansions and crazy skills we've seen. It's more of a 'make sure that bastard that rolls ridicullous ammount of defense dice dies with this attack(s)'. It doesn't exhaust so you can use it twice in turn to get that 6 pretty much certain damage. I'd say it is extremly useful if you're stuck with a really crappy weapon and can't seem to get proper bow, then it makes sure you aren't completly obselete. But then, you could just focus on search tokens and using Deadly sense, so I'll agree, this one is a bit underwhelming. But not useless. Champion is a bit specific as it's one of the few heroes that really wants to build up his cheaper skills before advancing to the more expensive ones. As you admit later on however, this is the one hardest hitting skills out there, so it has to cost 3 XP. The 'declare attack before you know you have a surge' isn't a problem since berseker has access to Weapon mastery which gives him a surge once per turn. The greatest appeal of it however is that OL will think twice before attacking you. If he focuses fire on you and doesn't manage to KO you (which can easily happen with bad dice rolls) then it'll hurt him a LOT. Not every skill within class has to synergise with each other. Some give you more options. The biggest advantage here is that you don't need an action: very often there are search tokens in quests that are 'on the path', so getting them without wasting actions IS great since you don't loose on the race. Again, remember that some scout heroes have hero abilities/heroic feats that allow a lot of movement, so it's not necessarily 'effectively the same' . Hell, by simply having 4 movement points you'll do better with a move action and this then by using Greed in 95% of cases. Don't underestimate range being Line of Sight. Also, you don't exhaust Radiant Light on use. If you use a 5 stamina hero and Ring of Power, you can use it twice, which is nowhere near piddling ammount of damage when small monsters are cocnerned. It's likely to kill whole group on it's own (it's direct damage, no defense die against it). As for Spiritspeaker's alternative: only once per turn and you have to pass an attribute test to use it. Extra attacks for 1 XP? Are you talking about familiar based classes? Because I can't recall any of those on top of my head other then that. As for Bushwack, remember you can attack during a move action (so move first that you see only your target, BAM, and go further on). It's on par with Quick Casting, you'll be limited in it's use (one because of figure placement, two because of the stamina useage). For the Overlord the best thing about knocking out hero is that heroes waste actions, so that he can get a heads up in the race majority of the quests are. This skill says: 'lol, nope you don't' AND improves healing mechanic of the class. A bit more on topic: Unstoppable IS powerful, but only for some heroes. You know, I wouldn't bother with it while playing Reynhart, which is the one I pick in these rare instances I'm not the OL. It's hard for me to judge really, I have no idea how the other skills of the skirmisher work so it's rather hard to say. The most important one is: does skirmisher have any skills that discourage OL from attacking him? If not, then it's a weakness OL has to exploit, making skirmisher obvious focus fire target. Using the intended hero for the class, Orkell, might help a bit, but with a simple brown defense die he'll be biting the dust a lot even with his heroic feat.
  11. ... what? I'm sorry if I sounded rude, but two out of thee of these heroes have both poor awareness (2 and 1) and movement (3) and you don't use cards like Tripwire, Pit Trap to slow them down? Really, most of the quests are pretty much a race, and yes, while KOing them is a very effective way of preventing them from reaching their objective, there are other, more subtle ways as well. But a bit back on topic, let's see what are their 'weak' sides: - 2 out of 3 heroes have low awareness (1 and 2 respectively) - low lore (all of them have only 2 lore) - relatively slow - no hero with 5 speed, and two out of three have only 3 - I guess they rely heavily on spending fatigue on moving, and I don't see any sort of movement ability on Grisban just yet. And their strengths: - high hp pool (their lowest is 12) - high AoE damage (Radiant light and Whirlwind mainly) - high Strength score Ok. So let's think what those mean to us: - high level (2 and 3 that is) saboteur class overlord cards would be extremly potent, sadly there would be very little use in lvl 1 in the tree - with 4 and 5 strength dwarves would laught at web trap and Logan is immune to it's effect; as for explosive runes, while it would fry the dwarves nicely (direct damage so no helping it), most likely our thief would search/open while not being adjecent to the dwarves. besides, it's a little bit too late to change class this much, you're warlord/punisher and invest just in that I'd say - low knowledge tempts to use things that can Curse them, however once you start doing it Grimsom would most likely buy cleansing touch and rather easily take care of it. Still, if you can curse them do it as much as you can. It will limit Grimsom's ability to spam radiant light - consider getting No rest for the wicked from punisher class. It's just a guess, but I do belive the dwarves (especially Grimsom) use fatigue to move heavily, and since usually objectives are a race - it will help you a LOT. - as for the target of your attacks: Grimson->Logan->Grisban, that is if they are all equally 'exposed', but I guess Grisban is the only one who exposes himself Two questions: what does your plot deck do (I don't have that one), and what is Phoenix Pendant? I recall the name but I can't find it anywhere. And again, my apologizes if I soudned rude, that wasn't the intention.
  12. I beg a difference - usually only the mage can make full use of runeplate, but nowhere there is a restriction that only mages can equip it. But you know what? Non-mages can get a no-penalty black defense die from it quite easily. How? Why, by using Mana Weave, it is a rune after all. Nowhere does it state that it has to be a rune weapon, just that you need to have a rune equipped. But even without that, rune plate is much better choice then demonhide leather and scalemail even for less-then-4-knowledge-&-no-rune-equipped fellows. You could argue about scalemail and technically, it can give you better defense in that case, but considering restrictions and cost, I would say Rune Plate is better. But it's a moot point unless you play without full 4 set of heroes and it's not really the scenario we want to talk about (since it's far from balanced anyway). As for the 'look at all these armors that are better then Rune Plate' - I fully agree with the point you made. And that is: every class, hell, every specific hero has one specific armor that would be the best one for him. There is no doubt of that. The thing is, for most mages Rune Plate is this choice, and for others it's usually an act II armor - which is a bit silly if you ask me. I have no problem with Aurium Mail being in act I (it's a relic god **** it, it IS supposed to be powerful). But maybe I should clarify something, looking back I do think I haven't been clear in this thread, especially in the opening poster. The point I'm trying to make is that I am afraid of this trend where we will be getting more and more powerful and unbalanced items with each expansion. That with the expansion after Manor of Ravens half of the optimal, best-in-slot equipment for heroes will come from act I which would be simply plain wrong. I have no problems with some utility items from act I being used throught whole campaign. I do have a problem with non-relic act I weapons/armors having more raw power then act II equivalents. Extremly powerful items are great, but make sure they have proper gold balance for what they do and for what other similar items do. And that's all really.
  13. I thought they main idea was to give people who didn't have 1st edition (like me) chance to get all the goodies from it. It's near impossible to get it now after all and there is so much content that lots of folks are missing, including some basic/powerful monsters and heroes. To be honest, I wish the hero & monster collection focuses on bringing the old stuff back first. There is plenty of new stuff for 1st edition veterans coming out anyway.
  14. Hey, you don't need to tell me that. Hell, I've stated in this very thread I'd be more happy with it if it were an act II card that costed 200 or possibly more.
  15. You know, it's FFG, seeing the ammount of content they released and announced for Descent, it's pretty obvious it's a really good cash cow. It's inevitable really, we'll see loads of stuff. Myself, I'm glad, even thought the collectionist in me is crying rivers when I think of all the stuff I'm missing right now and it's just about to increase. The one thing I've mentioned in other thread that is more fitting here: I just fish lieutenant packs would be campaign specific, as in a 4 pack for SoN containing all of 'em and (preferably) with a better price for the content ratio. It's a little bit silly how those might rival the price of the expansion itself really.
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