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  1. What kind of books do we expect to get in the future for Edge of the Empire? The career sourcebooks are all finished up. More adventures? More settings? Something new? Or...dare I say it...nothing at all? Is EotE finished?
  2. In a galaxy with millions of inhabited worlds, millions of sentient species, and quadrillions of beings, I would certainly think it would never fully be at peace. Ever. *Turns on the news* *Watches real world headlines* Why is that so hard to fathom, again?
  3. Top Ten Movie/New Canon Species: 1.) Devaronian 2.) Bith 3.) Pantoran 4.) Ishi Tib 5.) Chagrian 6.) Shistavanen 7.) Dug 8.) Umbaran 9.) Iktotchi 10.) Ubese Top Five EU Species: 1.) Cathar 2.) Selkath 3.) Farghul 4.) Zeltron 5.) Squib
  4. You did nothing wrong. No need to apologize to anyone and you didn't deserve getting falsely accused of something and publicly berated about it. However, I'd argue that apologies are most definitely owed to you.
  5. You should apologize to the other user. You don't get a free pass for being a keyboard "hero" and wantonly accusing someone of aiding and abetting criminal activity with zero evidence. I realize you get to hide behind your nickname and avatar because this is the internet, but that's ridiculous of you at the highest level. To HappyDaze: I stand corrected on that one point, but the larger issue concerning the charge that Sturn leveled stands.
  6. I know. But there are a lot of other facts that Sturn either overlooked or ignored. Copyright infringement and theft are not the same thing. The product was available for free, ergo the person in question did not cause any direct financial harm to FFG. Knowledge of an occurrence of potential crime is not even close to the same thing as being an accessory to it (i.e. aiding and abetting). Any 1L law student knows that. The only proof of the alleged crime is second-hand information from a poster about an individual who remains anonymous to everyone. That means there is no proof. Sturn is being ridiculously melodramatic and needs to be rebuffed.
  7. He obviously wasn't JUST saying he had knowledge of a crime. It was a pretty obvious pointer about how you could go get something that the intellectual property owner did not yet want us to have (or this thread wouldn't exist). Now I will move along. I will refer you to HappyDaze's post above.
  8. I was halfway expecting this book to introduce Sullustan to EotE and then have Devaronian as well. I like that the Falleen (the second EU species behind Chiss that has been introduced) were put in this book, but both Gotal and Quarren are strange choices...
  9. Correct. And claiming another forum member is an accessory to a crime based on a forum post is...ludicrous. Knowledge of a potential crime is not the same as complicity or aiding in it.
  10. To be clear, you mean he stole it, right? Yup To be clear, you know that's illegal, immoral, and probably not something you should post about on the victim's forum, right? Starco, the right thing to do at this point would be to go edit your post and thus remove any suggestion to others of committing a crime. Accessory. Oh good grief, hyperbole much? You have no proof that he was an accessory or even that his friend actually has the PDF downloaded. You have a random forum post.
  11. Tried to last night but it said you couldn't receive PM's.
  12. You know, I would exclaim about that poor cat being abused like that … but s/he was the one who grabbed the octopus with his/her mouth, and so … I … can’t. But that poor … that poor … Aw, crap. That cat totally got what s/he deserved. I just hope that it wasn’t too traumatized, and that the octopus also wasn’t too traumatized. Hah. Cats are heinous animals. I watched it over and over again and couldn't stop laughing.
  13. Does this strike no one else as HILARIOUS?!? I mean it's kinda like the Ithorian bellow ability--just sorta came out of nowhere. But yes, that is awesome.
  14. Might as well give you all three: Faleen: Stats: 1,2,2,2,2,3 W.T.: 10 + Brawn S.T.: 12 + Will Starting XP: 90 Special Abilities: Start with one rank of Charm, can't train above rank 2 during creation Pheromones: once per check as an incidental, may suffer 2 strain to upgrade a Charm, Deception or Negotiation check against a sentient being within short range once. No effect on targets with breath masks or without respiratory systems. Gotal: Stats: 2,2,2,3,2,1 W.T.: 9 + Brawn S.T.: 8 + Will Starting XP: 100 Special Abilities: Start with one rank of Perception, can't train above rank 2 during creation Energy Sensitivity: Once per encounter as a maneuver, A Gotal can sense the presence and emotional state of all living things within short range of themselves. Quarren: Stats: 2,2,1,2,3,2 W.T.: 10 + Brawn S.T.: 8 + Will Starting XP: 95 Special Abilities: Start with one rank of Negotiation, can't train above rank 2 during creation Amphibious: Can breath under water and never suffer movement penalties for traveling through water. Ink Spray: Once per encounter, spend 2 strain to add 1 black die to the combat check of a character within short range. If under water add 3 black dice to the check. Interesting...the Gotal stats leave a lot to be desired. Those threshold numbers are low!!
  15. So I do a quick spew from my first read and now someone is being nitpicky? I listed the STARSHIPS the Gunboat, Customs frigate, and VT-49 are under "Star Fighters and Patrol Boats" Everything else but the Capital ships are Freighters and Transports Sil 3, speed 4, Handling -2. one shield fore and aft, 3 armor. HT 12 SS 8 Class 3 Hyperdrive no backup Short senor range 2 Hardpoints 2 Medium laser cannons 2 Ion cannons 2 concussion missile launchers Yea i knew it was somewhere else, thank you. The fortune one looks interesting, kind of like Qui-gon using force on the chance die Dude, chill out. I wasn't being nitpicky. I legitimately thought it was listed under freighters. Appreciate the info though.
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