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  1. Actually playing my first tournament and first games against people in November 2013. Flying a true Obsidian Swarm; Howlruuner, Nightbeast, Winged Gundark, and 4 Obsidian Pilots. Won my first 2 games, not using formation flying. Then given advice to fly in formation to optimism Howlrunner's ability, which resulted in landing on rocks a couple of times and introduced me to the the devestation of Vader Assault Missles. Another proud moment was tabling a 4b list with a 7 TIE swarm. Best moments though, meeting the people that have become my friends over the years, which has become a tight group of people.
  2. Bran needing help, I hope it's one of my favorite book characters that hasn't appeared yet.
  3. TheBlueMax


    Same for reds too. Set hard 3 left then switch hard 3 right than navigator to hard 2 right. Even works while you are stressed.
  4. As for what happened when the temple exploded, I believe Vader shielded Ahsoka from the blast that's way she walks away unhurt and Vader is limping. Starting her down the dark path, but Palpatine catches wind that Vader may have an apprentice and kills. Creating more anomosity between the Emperorr and Vader.
  5. I'm surprised no one has likened Ahsoka's reverse grip to a side handle baton, or in Chinese a Tonfu. I've always thought that's the technique she was going for.
  6. Oh thank god someone else said it. I mean, we're not forgetting that these inquisitors are disciples of Sith ways, right? They may not exactly be Sith themselves but they are still disciples of such ways. That is why they have these things. I was thinking the exact same thing, terror weapon and messy.
  7. I really love Latts. I've used him quite a bit lately, because I too hate auto thrusters. They were the one thing that confounded me to 2 5th place SC finishes. This is probably standard advice but I think you would benefit from EU more the counter measures. My next use with Latts will be K4 Dengar 4-lom Glitterstim EU I tried 2 YVs without EU and a G1 in our last causal 3 round tourny and went 1-2. However I did get to live the dream and send the emperor out the airlock and tractor beamed Soontir on a rock. But overall once I was outmaneuvered I was done for.
  8. Nice auto correct. Focus token.
  9. What's this for? It's so I can do expose and have a ffg cousin token, or to take another action if needed.
  10. I usually fly my swarms archaicly. I once killed an all 4 b list without loosing a tie.
  11. Lately I have not had the interest to build competitive lists, but we are having a 3 round escalation tourny and I want to fly the new TIEs. First List Round 1 Youngster+Expose=19 Scourge+PTL=20 Mauler Mithel+PTL=20 Total=59 Round 2 add Backstabber+experimental interface=19 Academy Pilot=12 Total=90 Round 3 Nightbeast=15 Chaser=14 Total 119 Alternate for round 2 or 3 could be Howlrunner=18 Academy Pilot=12 Total 30 Second List Youngster+Expose=19 Academy Pilot=12 Academy Pilot=12 Mauler Mitherl=17 Total=60 Round 2 Scourge=17 Academy Pilot=12 Total89 Round 3 Howlrunner=18 Academy Pilot=12 Total 119 Alternate for round 3 Nightbeast=15 Backstabber=16 Total would be 120 Personally I prefer the first list. Do others prefer 7 ties or 8 ties?
  12. That's crazy funny and disturbing at the same time.
  13. Before I start I want to say there are rules in the Rules Reference that appear to allow "Genius Bombing." When did that become a thing? As PaulTiberius has pointed out RAW "To choose a maneuver, the player rotates the faceplate of the ship's maneuver dial until the window shows only the desired maneuver." How can you argue against this point, it's RAW. In two places in the Rules Reference there is mention, with slightly different wording, to when an ability instructs you to do a maneuver. First on Page 4, fourth bullet point under 3.Perform Action: " When an ability instructs a ship to to execute a specific maneuver, it resolves only the "Execute Maneuver" step. Second on page 13 first bullet point under Maneuver. It reads "When an ability instructs a ship to execute a specific maneuver, it resolves only the "Execute Maneuver" step of the Activation phase." Obviously this would apply to something like DareDevil. From this rule it appears when an ability instructs a maneuver to be made it follows all the steps of the Activation phase. One could argue "what about the perform action step." Both cards that I know that allow additional maneuvers are cards that are actions themselves so that the perform action step would be skipped. Alas, don't take every thing you read as RAW, some interpretation is required. Example Page 4 second bullet point under 3. Perform Action "If both players have ships with the same pilot skill value, the player with initiative activities all of his ships first." We simply know that is not the case; it omits saying "all of his ships at that pilot skill value first." At this point in time I'm neither for(was) or against the "Genius Bombing." If it's not for Frank's email there is valid explanation allowing Bombing before Slamming.
  14. I did try the maneuvering fins paired with navigator, very Imp Boba esc, just to one side. Just set the dial to hard 3 and you can do any maneuver on the same side. It did help me when a B-wing barrel rolled to try and block me. Might still switch to EU in the future though.
  15. Punisher can do this, albeit with regular boost.
  16. The actual rules text on the SLAM reference card and the rules text on the bomb cards. Daredevil's here in case anyone wanted to argue that executing a maneuver means revealing a dial. " Also, because your SLAM counts as a full maneuver, it allows you to drop your Proton Bombs in the middle of your activation, right before you execute your SLAM." from this article: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/6/29/slam-and-bomb/ The whole crux of the argument. Maybe the card was wrong not the article. Maybe there was going to be additional info who knows?
  17. Bossk, HLC, K4 and calculation hits like a truck, but it's still really easy to get behind it. Maybe it was my bad luck 2 of 3 games I played with it pulled the all hard turns are red card. Boba was my other ship. First game Deathrain ioned Boba onto a debris field and died, but before that happened Boba Ioned DeathRain off the board. Then Vader and Juno just got behind Bossk and it was game over. Other loss was not so bad Bossk died first.
  18. I'm baffled by this statement. Can you enlighten me to some other alternative reference that FFG made about how Slam works, other than the misleading article? I'm not concerned about third party fansites; they're not the ones making the rules.
  19. Not every one knew this. Sorry not every one is a forum warrior with multiple 1000 plus post accounts. I didn't know FFG screws up their articles all the time. I never saw the Slam reference card until last week. --OK this part is ignorant, must have seen it with the article, but didn't think much of it because what the article says. But seriously why doesn't FFG correct their articles either before publishing it or after. Once the mistake has been discovered they need to fix it.
  20. No you don't. You just need to look at the maneuver reference that comes with every ship and that is supposed to "be available for any player to look at at any time." The reference card for Slam does say "choose and execute a maneuver on the ship's dial." Does that not imply picking up the dial?
  21. The whole reason I, and I will assume others were excited for the K-wing was the ability to drop bombs mid flight. If the article proves wrong it will be a big let down from FFG, and I will say false advertising.
  22. Also I said I don't like but, can live with it, because I play by the rules.
  23. I know it doesn't really solve the bounce issue but its a start and other s can provide more insight.
  24. Its easy for squadrons, just use the current rule. If you are concerned about bouncing ships, I would move the the ship that has the lower printed hull value back one straight. If that caused the moved ship to hit another ship each take another damage. Kinda like a slam attack in warmahordes.
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