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  1. I usually get games going on weekends looking for more players to play more often. Anyone in the New York area looking for a playgroup?
  2. Put the names of the houses in a hat and have everybody take turns picking a name that would make it fair an fun.
  3. Ok I understand 2 gold to Marshall a card into shadows the only thing I wanna clear up Is when bringing a card out of the shadows do you have to pay another 2 plus the character cost or just the character cost?
  4. Is anyone else hyped for the new chapter packs ? I can't wait
  5. Ohhhhh I see . Thanks just got into the game addicted already
  6. Ok from my understanding your only allowed to have one unique character in play but I've watched videos of tourneys and seen more than one unique character in play, do I have it wrong are you able to play multiple unique characters ?
  7. Still new to the game quick question about winter / summer . When you start the game is there a default season the game starts on or does the season come into play via an event ?
  8. I just got into it too , also just got netrunner awesome games and already addicted.
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