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  1. For names I use; http://aux5.com/images/7/77/Star_Wars_-_Game_of_the_Name.pdf For planets I look at the galaxy map in the book and then wookieepedia. I find a planet whose name and location I like and then look it up on wookiepedia to see its history, if any. Many planets on that map just have a cool name and no history, which is perfect. And you can then show your players where their planet is located on the galaxy map which is a nice for immersion, planning travel, etc. Depending on your campaign setting, the Force & Destiny beginners box set adventure would fit the adventure you described with some minor tweaks. Since you mentioned you're coming out of GM retirement, having a printed adventure may ease your burden. You can even combine the printed adventures to form a sort of campaign. I have ran 'Lessons from the Past' followed by 'Hidden Depths' and then followed by the Beginner's Box set adventure. My players enjoyed it but liked the box set adventure the most. Imho, I'd hold off on the betrayal since it's your first game with this new group. Nothing wrong building some trust with your new players, and instead slow playing and foreshadowing the betrayal over time. If you can first establish the traitor as a good friend or loved NPC over time, then the actual betrayal will be even more hard felt.
  2. Anyone know of any printed adventures that take place on the Death Star? Any system for either Death Star is fine, just looking to see if there is anything out there.
  3. Actually, would it be silly to flip a dark destiny point, reveal the nemesis, do the fear check, and if a Despair is rolled then trigger the Obligation?
  4. Maybe this is the way to go. And yes, this is a case of major character background stuff coming up. For example, a nemesis NPC that a character has a 10 Obligation of Betrayal towards is showing up in person for the first time since the betrayal. I envision a scene sort of like when Han first saw Darth Vader sitting at the head of the table on Cloud City. Now, do I trigger the obligation at the beginning of that session or at the moment the PC first sees their nemesis in game? I'm thinking at the precise moment the PC sees the nemesis during the game is more dramatic. I'll flip a dark destiny point, reveal the nemesis, and trigger the obligation. Something like that? Maybe a fear check would be in order too? In hindsight, maybe it's more fair to flip a dark destiny point, reveal the nemesis, and do the fear check.
  5. The characters in our campaign are about to encounter something major from their pasts. This made me wonder if a GM can automatically trigger Obligation when something like this occurs. Or for that matter, can a GM automatically also trigger Duty and/or Morality as well if it would fit the story and make for an epic situation? I figured maybe a GM could flip a dark destiny point maybe for Obligation, maybe one for each character triggered? If so, then I'm at a loss what to do for Duty and Morality. Maybe for these rare, epic showdowns I could allow them to roll for their Duty and/or Morality again? But if this is a defining moment for the character and/or the culmination of a 2 year campaign IRL, I feel it make sense that they would all trigger. Idk. Any thoughts?
  6. Does anyone know has to best handle a group wanting to increase the stats and/or skills of their NPC droids? Do you as a GM just narratively increase the skills of a droid NPC as your plot dictates to keep the droids useful? Are their rules for bumping up the skills of a droid? Such as, spending credits can improve their programming? Thanks in advance!
  7. Question... Can a silhouette 4 ship use a tractor beam against a silhouette 5 or larger vessel? Thanks in advance!
  8. One quick separate question concerning IR... A player recently asked me if he could heal his own character's strain via using the IR talent. I'm assuming this isn't allowed under the rules. Correct?
  9. Thank you for the feedback! Per my #7, I'm now trying to understand how Boba Fett could've used his jet pack in Episode VI: RotJ under these rules to jump from Jabba's sail barge onto the skiff. After all, my players and I all saw the movie. And my players will want to do the same thing. Is there something I'm missing? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is Boba Fett could've done this all in one turn; 1. Boba Fett standing on top of Jabba's sail barge activates his jet pack with the Accelerate maneuver, going from speed 0 to 1. 2. Boba Fett then conducts his jump over to the cargo skiff with the Fly/Drive maneuver. But, this could be an action using a skill roll if the GM determined it was a dangerous or tricky attempt depending on the situation; i.e. in the middle of combat, could miss the skiff and fall into the pit, trying to land on the slanted surface of the cargo skiff, etc. So this could be an action. 3. Then Boba Fett uses the Decelerate maneuver to deactivate his jet pack. In total, Fett used two maneuvers and one action in this example, and Boba suffers two personal strain and his jet pack suffers two system strain. Does this scenario sound right?
  10. Hi guys. I'm preparing for a session and want to make sure I understand this issue. Is this correct? 1. If a pilot spends one maneuver to accelerate his ship, and then spends another maneuver to Fly/Drive his ship, his ship suffers two system strain. 2. The same pilot above then fires his ship's weapons in the same turn, the pilot suffers two personal strain and the ship suffers two more system strain. 3. In the same round as above, a separate turret gunner fires the ship's turret weapon, the ship suffers another two system strain. 4. In the same round as above, the copilot attempts the angle the deflector shields maneuver and the ship suffers another two system strain. 5. In the same round / turn, the copilot then attempts an Astrogation roll as an action to plot a jump. Neither the ship nor copilot suffer any strain. 6. At the end of the same turn, the ship's engineer attempts the damage control action to restore some system strain. Attempting this does not cause any kind of strain. Separately, a player of mine has a jet pack. Is this correct? 7. User activates jet pack and goes from speed 0 to 1 as a maneuver. The user then uses Fly/Drive as a maneuver or action to move. The user then decelerates from speed 1 to 0 and lands as a maneuver. All in the same round / turn. In total, the user suffers two personal strain and his jet pack suffers four system strain. Correct? Thanks in advance!
  11. I've dealt with this issue as a GM and tried all sorts of different solutions. The best advice I can give is to discuss it with your group. And, if possible, discuss during a session zero. Work together to find a solution that best fits your own group.
  12. I think you nailed it. I always explain to my players that I run cooperative games. I'm also overly cautious about never doing anything to directly or indirectly instill inter-party conflict. Set expectations up front and often.
  13. Has FFG produced stats for the Mandalorian heavy blaster pistol from Knights of the Old Republic? It's a great looking pistol that my players and I would like to use in our games. I see it's called both a Mandalorian or Smuggler heavy blaster pistol. Never played KOTOR myself.
  14. Greetings. Does anyone know if a Spintir planet sheet exists? I'm guessing if it does it may be fan made. I'm running Mountaintop Rescue and assuming my PC's will stick around Spintir after the adventure. A planet sheet would be really nice to give my players. Thanks in advance!
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