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  1. Question... Can a silhouette 4 ship use a tractor beam against a silhouette 5 or larger vessel? Thanks in advance!
  2. One quick separate question concerning IR... A player recently asked me if he could heal his own character's strain via using the IR talent. I'm assuming this isn't allowed under the rules. Correct?
  3. Thank you for the feedback! Per my #7, I'm now trying to understand how Boba Fett could've used his jet pack in Episode VI: RotJ under these rules to jump from Jabba's sail barge onto the skiff. After all, my players and I all saw the movie. And my players will want to do the same thing. Is there something I'm missing? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is Boba Fett could've done this all in one turn; 1. Boba Fett standing on top of Jabba's sail barge activates his jet pack with the Accelerate maneuver, going from speed 0 to 1. 2. Boba Fett then conducts his jump over to the cargo skiff with the Fly/Drive maneuver. But, this could be an action using a skill roll if the GM determined it was a dangerous or tricky attempt depending on the situation; i.e. in the middle of combat, could miss the skiff and fall into the pit, trying to land on the slanted surface of the cargo skiff, etc. So this could be an action. 3. Then Boba Fett uses the Decelerate maneuver to deactivate his jet pack. In total, Fett used two maneuvers and one action in this example, and Boba suffers two personal strain and his jet pack suffers two system strain. Does this scenario sound right?
  4. Hi guys. I'm preparing for a session and want to make sure I understand this issue. Is this correct? 1. If a pilot spends one maneuver to accelerate his ship, and then spends another maneuver to Fly/Drive his ship, his ship suffers two system strain. 2. The same pilot above then fires his ship's weapons in the same turn, the pilot suffers two personal strain and the ship suffers two more system strain. 3. In the same round as above, a separate turret gunner fires the ship's turret weapon, the ship suffers another two system strain. 4. In the same round as above, the copilot attempts the angle the deflector shields maneuver and the ship suffers another two system strain. 5. In the same round / turn, the copilot then attempts an Astrogation roll as an action to plot a jump. Neither the ship nor copilot suffer any strain. 6. At the end of the same turn, the ship's engineer attempts the damage control action to restore some system strain. Attempting this does not cause any kind of strain. Separately, a player of mine has a jet pack. Is this correct? 7. User activates jet pack and goes from speed 0 to 1 as a maneuver. The user then uses Fly/Drive as a maneuver or action to move. The user then decelerates from speed 1 to 0 and lands as a maneuver. All in the same round / turn. In total, the user suffers two personal strain and his jet pack suffers four system strain. Correct? Thanks in advance!
  5. I've dealt with this issue as a GM and tried all sorts of different solutions. The best advice I can give is to discuss it with your group. And, if possible, discuss during a session zero. Work together to find a solution that best fits your own group.
  6. I think you nailed it. I always explain to my players that I run cooperative games. I'm also overly cautious about never doing anything to directly or indirectly instill inter-party conflict. Set expectations up front and often.
  7. Has FFG produced stats for the Mandalorian heavy blaster pistol from Knights of the Old Republic? It's a great looking pistol that my players and I would like to use in our games. I see it's called both a Mandalorian or Smuggler heavy blaster pistol. Never played KOTOR myself.
  8. Greetings. Does anyone know if a Spintir planet sheet exists? I'm guessing if it does it may be fan made. I'm running Mountaintop Rescue and assuming my PC's will stick around Spintir after the adventure. A planet sheet would be really nice to give my players. Thanks in advance!
  9. Does anyone know of any printed adventure modules that involve Hoth or the Battle of Hoth? This can be for any system. I'm basically looking for something to save me from creating something from scratch. My group is heading there and I'd like them to participate in events there in at least some minor way. Thanks in advance!
  10. Greetings. Does anyone know of any printed adventure modules or one-shots that involve Hoth and/or the Battle of Hoth? My group will probably head there at some point. And it would be great for them to participate in some minor way. This will be a godsend saving me from creating something from scratch. Thanks in advance! -Jay
  11. These are beautiful. Do you know if one of these planet data sheets exists for Kwenn Space Station? I thought I once saw a fan made version for KSS out there but I can't locate it. Have you seen it?
  12. I'd also suggest giving your smuggler a big enough ship so everyone can participate in space combat if the situation arises; a dorsal gunner, a ventral gunner, a pilot, a co-pilot, an engineer, etc. Maybe also consider a NPC partner for the smuggler, like a droid. At your session zero, I suggest getting as much info from your players as possible; what do each of their characters hate, what does each of their characters love, and why does each of their characters stay together? Your players will probably come up with multiple ideas they think is cool, and all of this could help you. Just soak it all in.
  13. Hi guys, I was wondering if FFG produced a one page breakdown of the planet Eriadu? We often get one page presentations of various planets in the core rulebooks, sourcebooks, etc. complete with the picture of a planet and some history. I was hoping there may be one of Eriadu in a book. Does anyone know if there is one of Eriadu? And if so what book it is located in? This would be great to have to run the 'Lessons of the Past' adventure. Thanks!
  14. A sort of hybrid solution we use is to have the player create a new character at starter level, but then double the character's XP rewards until he is caught up to everyone else. Nothing wrong with just allowing the player start the new character at the same level either. Do what works best for you and your group at the time.
  15. To add to all the great advice you're getting so far... don't forget to grab up the free stuff as well! Be sure to download the three free adventures from FFG that continue the beginner boxed sets. Apart from those three free adventures, you can search the webs and find other free adventures as well. Other than that, I've found the GM kits and screens handy so maybe get one of them depending on what setting you run. And check this out... Compiled Resource List
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