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  1. Can't say I ever have luck with this style. The cards invariably fall out after a few times in and out of their sleeves when the binder is rested on its spine. Stoked for a top loading page that matches the standard size card page that we all know and love. I've never had a sleeved card (I don't do unsleeved) fall out with the side loading. They are pretty snug when the sheets are modified to only hold the mini cards.
  2. FYI, side loading mini storage sheets, for three ring binders. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Star-Wars-X-Wing-Miniatures-Upgrade-Mini-Card-Display-Storage-Pages-10-pack-/141741271432?hash=item2100702988 Not many in stock yet, but stock will go up over the next week or two.
  3. I have been making a version that side loads. They fit the mini cards very well (snug). I'm currently sold out, but will have more back on Ebay soon.
  4. Or just build a squad that can deal with the loss (or gain) of initiative.
  5. I like throwing an engine upgrade on the decimator. It's really fun to fly like an interceptor, especially against an HLC dash. If you fly just in circles, you're dead. You've got to be unpredictable with a 0 agility ship. If not, I'm going to block you and then focus down to kill. Sure, a 360 turret means you rarely have to worry about being able to shoot, but low agility and a large base means you really need to make sure no one else can shoot at you, which is where fancy flying comes in.
  6. Since the meta has so many turrets, this does help a lot. However, if turrets fall out of favor, then AT will be much less useful.
  7. There have been a few times I wish I had two lists because the faction I was playing was 100% represented (and the other was missing). But in the end, scouting is a losing proposition because most of a list is easy to hide by just having your cards face down on the table.
  8. Head to head you are absolutely correct. That being said, my hunch is that Decimator + Vader lists will be a flash in the pan and never be competitive in a tournament. I think it's simply going to come up against too many lists that can shred it way too quickly regardless of whether you pop Vader or not (and you will). The cheapest you can get into that particular setup is 48 points. If you opt for a named Decimator you will likely be pumping WAY more into it than that. Taking out 1 Interceptor with Autothrusters is one thing. Taking out multiple before meeting your demise is another, particularly if you pop Vader twice per attack sequence. I respectfully disagree. Vader+Moff JJ on Cap Kirk has been pretty nasty so far. One of the biggest issues with Yssane and Kirk is that you need to have at least 1 damage card for them to activate, meaning if you happen to lose all 4 shields, you can still end up taking 4+ hits before getting the chance to evade. Using Vader to strip off shields gives you a lot more control over those abilities. Ideally Vader can knock off your last shield and dish out 1 card by the 2nd round, but its still better to take 1 or 2 self-inflected hits than take 3-4 unshielded hits. You can then sac him as soon as a nasty crit pops up. This helps you get Ysanne and Kirk's abilities to activate quickly while giving you an extra upgrade to drop for JJ. I've found that Vader can ironically make Kirk a lot tankier. I'm highly skeptical of Vader Decimator lists. Even this one with Kirk. I'm not sold that the points you are putting into it are going to help you to be defensive enough to withstand a barrage of heavy fire. With Isard, Vader and Moff JJ on Kirk you are at 53. What else are you typically putting on him for an EPT? Are you using EI? Also what kind of support are you giving your Decimator? Again I'm skeptical but I've been wrong many times before. I agree. If I have a Fel/Whisper, the rest of my fleet is going to destroy Vader before he get close enough to get a crit on me.
  9. You can't really expect a better answer than that. I'm having the same issue, but am already planning on fixing it myself. Tolerance issues are always a problem. Sure, it's annoying, but it happens.
  10. Now, no more turning my crossfire off to play tie fighter. And no inverted colors. (The win95 version could work on Win7, but just barely.)
  11. Probably Armada, though I'll be waiting to see how the player base firms up. The cost is probably the biggest issue for me, but I do like capital ships...
  12. And then the rest of their ships wreck your M3-As at range 2.
  13. FYI for those in the US, coolstuffinc.com has Imperial Aces on sale for the next few days. http://www.coolstuffinc.com/p/196295
  14. I know there was a cool place called Epic Loot near Dayton/Beavercreek. I'm not sure if they do X Wing. If you feel like making the drive to Columbus, the Guard Tower is on the west side just off of I-70. Epic Loot is a great place to play with cool people. Right now they do 100 point tournaments on the first Saturdays of the month and escalation on the third Saturdays, both free and start at noon. Worth the drive for me. (I live near the 70/675 interchange)
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