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  1. I'm curious about the future of Star Wars: Outer Rim. Is there ANY chance of an expansion for the game?
  2. Used Aragorn and Beravor first. There didn't seem to be any real synergy there. Like I said. Got creamed. Went with Legolas and Aragorn and doing fine. There are times the inspiration is tight but if I store up as much as possible and when I go for something go big it usually works out. That Keen Eyes with Legolas can work wonders. I would like to try three adding Gimli to the mix. Could be interesting with the other two and Guardian.
  3. Well. I love Arkham Horror the Card Game (And LOTR LCG) and have been playing it like crazy for months. Best game ever. And then this one came along. Definitely my favorite game. Ever. I play on an 8" tablet and it works great. First game I got creamed. Really creamed. Then started over with different characters and its been absolutely fantastic. I find it difficult, but not too much so. I freely admit I'm not a great gamer but I'm having a blast. I haven't had it off my gaming table since it arrived and can't count the hours sleep I've lost playing into the wee hours of the morning. I think my Arkham is on hold for a bit.
  4. Would love to do this but the wife wasn't real happy with a $100 game to begin with and everything I've seen so far is pretty expensive.
  5. I agree with you on this one. I did read above that they will FAQ it but it just seems/feels wrong. Bad ruling IMHO. Bad.
  6. I would seriously buy this. Dog Gone it.
  7. I'm incredibly confused on how this scenario works. I know there are 3 Act decks. If choose one to start with do I have to stick with it and then proceed to another or switch between them. And if the later is true if I start with the A/B and move to Act 2 do the other two decks have Act 1 removed or Just play everything in the order you wish to. Sorry if this isn't clear but that is how confused I am.
  8. I'm just starting The Forgotten Age and I'm afraid I don't understand the neutral card Backpack. You play it and search the top 6 cards and then items or supplies go "face down" under the card. Are they randomly played or are they face down so other players don't see them.
  9. Let's see. . . 2019 - 1956. 9-6=3. Oops. Can't do the rest. 201-195. Just kidding. They taught math in those days. I'm 63. Got started with pen & paper RPG's in 1979 while in the service. Drifted over to mostly computer war gaming though loved Baldur''s Gate and other of the like. I just love the old Battlefront games (computer). Still play them to this day. Did the Magic: The Gathering thing for several years till I went broke buying packs but stuck with computer and other CCG's for years and then Arkham Horror came along. Sold all the cards, (and mini's from war gaming) Jumped on board the Lord of the Rings LCG in 2013. Loved it so much I backed up and bought everything from 2011 to present. My games now are AH: LCG. Elder Sign, LotR, AH: Board game, Mansions of Madness 1st and 2nd editions and for some reason i can't figure out, Firefly. Anyway. Have AH:LCG set up for the first scenario of The Forgotten Age. The Circle Undone came in about a week ago so now I'll have to blaze through TFA, because Circle looks really interesting to me. Let's see . . . 2019 - 1956. Yeah 63.
  10. I just got in from work and my package arrived today. I've been looking forward to this release. I feel like a kid let loose in a candy store.
  11. I think this is pretty spot on . And pretty darn funny too. I'm not sold on the new game yet. That $100.00 price tag had my wife wondering if I was choking on something. I have, except for some promotional stuff since I can't get to the "Con's", everything LotR LCG that has been released. I worry this could be the beginning of the end for LotR LCG. (I don't need anyone going off on me for my thoughts so save any bashing you may want to do for someone more pessimistic). I feel for all the folks that want to obtain the older products - but you do have to wonder when some items have been at the printer for like a year and a half. On the flip side a huge number of items are now on the boat that were not last week. A lot of stuff that was probably harder(?) to reprint than other items. Also,a lot of FFG's time has been spent on new product recently that perhaps slows down the reprint process in some way I'm not able to fathom. Not sure about that but its a thought. Hopefully its catch-up time for all the LotR reprints. I have my fingers crossed for all the people that wish to pick up the older material. (And for me to continue with the game). There is some great stuff in the older releases. Regardless of how this reads I'm thinking positive thoughts for the reprint of the older material.
  12. Like I said before. This is INSANELY good. Not so much for Rex.
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