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  1. Oh, it wasn't my imagination, then? Yay! xD
  2. This has some interesting points. I've basically stopped playing, myself, since I have no one to play with IRL, and I just don't feel motivated to use OCTGN for some reason. It's a shame. I do enjoy the game, but...I don't know.
  3. Kind of what I like to try to do with mono-Jedi and have been hoping for since the beginning of the game. Cool!
  4. Following the logic of Life Creates It in the upcoming big expansion, it should apply to the objectives as well, yes.
  5. There are so many neat new Jedi sets clamoring for a one-of in my deck as possible replacements of Heroes and Legends that I'm really not sure what to do.
  6. That's very interesting. I love the Lightsaber and enhancement especially.
  7. New Yoda makes me super happy. I'm having both Yodas in my Jedi deck since I don't want to give up Counterstroke. Two core and one new.
  8. I like that! I also like how Infiltration works in a way similar to Stolen Plans but is, like, a kazillion times better. I'm not so good with my EU, so I'll have to Wiki that guy, but I do like the set. x3
  9. Both of the last posts are really good interpretations.
  10. From now on, Leia's deck does exactly what she says.
  11. I used to be very Vaderish in Magic, even though I was and am a terrible player. Since I've started SW and LotR, I've become a Luke. I just enjoy the flavor of the IP and how it's reflected in the cards. I still want to get better, though. I keep my red lightsaber in my sock drawer, just in case.
  12. He captures LS objectives into the DS victory pile. Seems about right.
  13. Sandwich bags in the Core Set box for me. Not pretty, but it gets the job done. xD
  14. This article was really cool. Good, solid basic tips. Very much appreciated.
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