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  1. Hello, My friend and I are trying to figure out something. We are in a discussion about the rules but since neither of us actually own the game (the other persone who owns the game is currently on vacation), can you tell me exactly what's printed in the Revealed Cylon Player location called "Caprica" ? I'm talking about the box that allows you to draw 2 crisis cards, choose one, and play it against the humans. Thanks in advance !
  2. Right. The expansion is what must have confused people over the months. Thanks !
  3. These ships are called decoys, by the way.
  4. Hey there, With our usual BSG board game group, we've always considered that the main batteries on Galactica can only shoot at basestars. But a few weeks ago, one of our players pointed out that nothing says Galactica can only shoot at basestars....that the rules don't seem to forbid Galactica from shooting at a raider or even a heavy raider. So, how must the rules be interpreted regarding this ? Please help.
  5. Hello, we were simply wondering if Helo draws a crisis card or not on his 1st turn..... anyone know ? And is this covered in the rules somewhere ? Thanks.
  6. Hello, a situation happened during our last game. Ok first, there was already a basestar on the game board. Then we got a Crisis card that required us to place TWO new basestars on the board, one in each of 2 space zones. Since there are only 2 basestars that can be in the game at any time, we could only place ONE basestar. But we couldn't decide in which space zone to place it ! Some players wanted the current player to decide, some said it should be random, someone even suggested a different solution (can't remember what). So, .... what's the correct solution ? I didn't find anything in the rules that covers this. Please reply !
  7. Hi, this is something that has been puzzling us: Can the person who plays Chief Tyrol wait until all cards in a skill check have been revealed and totalled, AND THEN use his Blind Devotion ability ? From the words on his character card, you would think that NO, he can't do that, but the FAQ document says this: Q: Can Chief Tyrol use his “Blind Devotion” ability on a skill check affected by an “Investigative Committee” Skill card? A: Yes. He could even wait until all cards have been added (faceup) to the skill check and then decide to use his ability. So, which one is it ? Can he or can't he ? And is it only applicable during an Investigative Committee ? Thanks for your replies.
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