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  1. Thanks guys, its not so much as I am trying to kill him, me and him are acolytes and I am trying to find a way I wouldnt fall unconcious from touching him. (TB of 5 helps but its a 1d5 for touching him) A) Because he threatens too do it B) I had to save his life a few times and touching him was not good for my char, we're stranded on a planet in the warp, so much chaos its crazy, also so he doesn't eff with my powers, thanks for all the feedback.
  2. If a psyker used a power like Biomanyc's: Cellular Control; too become immune to fatigue, would a blank make that power turn off by coming near? If so, is there anyway I can prevent this?
  3. Ok, well thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it, hopefully he'll let me but who knows, we are trying to survive on (and get off of) a death world that might make him pity me
  4. I believe that, in addition to those it (at x2) doubles your willpower bonus or at (x3) triples it, and that can be very useful for Psy Ratings. **People say that it shouldn't but it doesn't state that it wont effect that unlike the U.C. Agility says it doesnt help speed.** (EDIT) What he Col. said!
  5. It may not "SUPPOSED" to be but is it possible?
  6. As the title suggests, I am looking for how I would get Unnatural Willpower, without a dark pact or Ascension. Does anybody know of any way that is possible?
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