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  1. This makes so much more sense, I played this quest the other week and when Dagnir's Hoard just appeared off the encounter deck with its 7 threat I was super confused. After re-reading the rules insert and card several times I kind of just shrugged and was like ok sure seems a bit gnarly for a normal non-nightmare encounter card but sure. Never saw throat of the mountain but yeah I just played as though Dagnir's Hoard was a normal reveal from the encounter deck. Luckily It was late game so the 7 threat meant more or less nothing but had it appeared early game that could have been awful. Will have to remember to include these two locations in the caves deck next time. Well spotted!!
  2. Played a tense game of Nightmare Drowned Ruins last night, thought I might lose from threat but managed to pull out a victory in the end. Had two copies of Guardian of the Golden King engaged with my combat deck at the end and because the first player's deck was empty they were invulnerable to damage!! Luckily I was only a turn away from potential victory. There are some REALLY nasty treacheries in the Nightmare version of this quest! Corrupted Flora is potentially the worst! Also made some minor deck changes to both my decks. Have been using proxies of the new Warrior Sword as well as Swift and Strong. Swift and Strong can be banana's strong in the right situations and it gives one **** of an offensive combat boost.
  3. Good strategies for those: Repeatable healing can negate grievous wound and the other condition can be avoided by never chump blocking in this quest. Condition removal is a good alternative as well.
  4. I've always found the best tactic in normal Journey in the Dark (nightmare stops this strategy entirely) is to win before the Balrog ever even appears. Make sure you cancel any copies of Fool of a Took that appear even if you have to use Ho! Tom Bombadil!
  5. Full spoilers for these three Nightmare packs: https://warriorsofthewestblog.wordpress.com/2018/09/24/nightmare-dreamchaser-cycle-spoilers/
  6. Nightmare Spoilers for the second half of the Dream Chaser cycle: https://warriorsofthewestblog.wordpress.com/2018/09/24/nightmare-dreamchaser-cycle-spoilers/
  7. THE GREY HAVENS AND DREAMCHASER CYCLE Voyage Across Belegaer The road west to the Grey Havens was as peaceful and uneventful as the company of adventurers could have hoped. The horrers they faced in the dread realm were far behind them, and with spring blooming, they were free to enjoy their travels for the first time in what seemed like ages. It wasn't long before they passed the Tower Hills, and arrived at the gates of the Havens. They were greeted warmly by Cirdan the Shipwright, the Master of The Grey Havens, leading a group of Elves, "Thank you for all responding to my letter so quickly. Allow me to welcome you to Mithlond, the last port of the Elves east of the great sea of Belegaer," he said to the heroes with a smile. The wisdom of ages past shone in Cirdan's eyes. "Follow me, and I shall bring you to our meeting chambers. There, you shall discover the reason why you have traveled many leagues from Rivendell." Eage to assist in whatever manner they could, the company followed the Elves through the gates and were escorted to a tall white tower overlooking the Gulf of Lune. Elegant Elven ships were docked in the harbors, tall and white with the star of Earendil shining upon their sails. They were as much works of art as they were sailing vessels, beautiful examples of the exceptional craftsmanship of the Elves. Strangely there were also two Gondorian vessels docked in the port, the White Tree of Gondor emblazoned upon their sails. The tower's circular meeting chamber was beautifully decorated. Open arched windows facing the west allowed for a steady breeze of sea-wind that kept the company cool as they waited. Soon after their arrival, a wiry middle-aged man entered the room. He had long black hair, a thinning beard and a high cheekbones. "This is Lord Calphon of Dol Amroth," Cirdan introduced the man, "and he has come a long way by sea to seek our assistance. "Lord Calphon stood and smiled, shaking their hands one by one. His eyes were equal parts relief and worry. ONGOING PROJECT
  8. First one is The Oath and the second is Caves of Nibum-Dum or something like that. First one is super easy and similar to Passage through Mirkwood. Second one is similar to the Khazad-Dum quests and Cave Torch makes a cool return! You have to attack a location (Cracked Pillar) in order to knock it over and pass a chasm and pursue a band of Goblins. Second quest is a bit tougher and can pose somewhat of a challenge. Most of the encounter cards contained within both quests (they each have their own encounter set and share a third) are cards that we already actually have in the game but they come from all different quests mainly the first two cycles but with some weird other additions, (I believe one card is actually from Nightmare Battle of Five Armies!!) and then there are a handful of original encounter cards (mainly those that are key to beating the quest such as specific locations or boss enemies). The full art on the encounter cards is really nice especially the locations and I sort of wish that all encounter cards were like this, the quests themselves aren't that special although the second is certainly pretty neat. Can certainly see myself revisiting the second quest but would only play the first again in order to teach someone the game, similar to Passage through Mirkwood and Journey Along the Anduin from the Core Set really.
  9. Just to add to my thoughts, I have confirmed with others that have the CE that their playmats are exactly the same as mine and this is how they are meant to look. FFG were clearly going for an old faded map look which is totally fair enough. I admit that I was perhaps expecting a little too much but I definitely stand by my opinion that the playmat is actually pretty meh. If anyone has a different playmat or alt art hero they want to trade for the CE playmat I am certainly interested!!
  10. Elrond for sure... Don't see myself ever not using him.. amazing stats that allow him to fill more or less any role if need be (even attacker thanks to his Noldor trait) and then his abilities... the resource smoothing via being able to pay for an ally from any sphere is just ridiculously good and I think his healing boost might be even better. My favourite thing about it is that it boots healing from any card source not just player cards so scenarios that provide healing effects via encounter cards also get boosted. An encounter card that allows you to heal up to 4 damage total but from any characters suddenly has the potential to heal up to 8 damage, an encounter side quest that allows you to heal 1 damage off each character in play once cleared suddenly lets you heal 2 damage off every character etc. Then there is Vilya....
  11. Psychorocka and Gelatinous Cube are one and the same! Just to make things even more confusing I am also BrockSampson on discord
  12. Just got my copy yesterday! Going to share my very honest thoughts about the Collectors Edition and everything contained within. I hate to say anything negative about it or this game in general as I absolutely love LOTR LCG but I just want to be honest and realistic and the majority of what I have to say is positive anyway. So first of all the DCG. Played it for hours last night and have played the first four quests, there are certainly aspects I am not that enthused or excited by but it was definitely fun and looking better than I thought it would. It is a very different game but with the same overall concept and framework as the physical card game. To me personally the DCG will never come even close to the physical card game but it was certainly a lot cooler than I expected and the way you need to plan out your turns and what order you will do everything in results in quite a bit of strategic play. Some of the voice work and artwork (the vast majority of which is from the physical card game (perhaps it all is and I am just not recognising certain pieces)) that has gone into this is really impressive and certainly makes you feel like you are in middle earth! Happily surprised by the DCG thus far and will probably play it from time to time depending on how it progresses but it will never dethrone the original. There are certainly not many player cards at the moment and as we can only play solo thus far you cannot really build a more combat oriented deck without any healing and hope to have much luck, all understandable as this is only early access at the moment and I am sure they will continue to improve the game until official release. The current scoring system is just weird and certain hero combinations or deck styles seemingly lock you out of ever being able to get a perfect score which is rather silly. I get there has to be a scoring or points system to unlock further cards etc but it is all quite odd especially considering the official scoring system for the physical card game has more or less been ignored and denounced by the majority of the community. Next up are those four hero art pieces. I was never really that excited by these and only Arwen is an art piece that I genuinely really like - not a big fan of the core Aragorn or Gimli art. Much prefer Tactigorn or Strider (lore) and Sands of Harad or alt art Gimli. Had these been prints of lets say Galadriel, Elrond, Spirit Glorfindel and Arwen instead I would be losing it for them and they would be amongst the most exciting items in the box! I get that they chose who they did though as they are the core set heroes in the new DCG, they just happen to be art pieces I don't care much about. These are still really nice though and are a nice addition to the overall product. No idea what I am going to do with them though! Next we have the One Ring replica. I already have a much nicer version of the one ring that is pretty identical to how it looks in the movies with the full script all the way around the inside and outside and the deep gold colouring and I use this as my first player token so this new Ring is not as useful or special to me as it will be to many others. That being said I think it is another really cool addition and it is honestly much nicer than I thought it would be. Considering the overall cost of the CE and the various inclusions this could never be something too nice or fancy so I think it is really good quality and impressive for something that is merely an inclusion in the box and not the core focus. Not really sure what I am going to do with this either but I will probably just put it on display in my Tolkien section of my bookshelves. Next we have the Two Player Starter Box. This is easily the main reason I bought the Collectors Edition and what I wanted to get my hands on most. The player decks are pretty decent and a wide variety of cards are included. As I am one of those weirdos who plays with the same decks all the time and I do not change my decks regularly like most players of this game; my thoughts on what actual cards are included and the decks themselves is going to be pretty useless information for others so I will skip this. I am essentially using a ton of the special art player cards in my two decks that use a ton of the same cards and I have already swapped these in and taken the normal art versions out. I specifically did not do this with several of the allies however such as Haldir, Orophin and Faramir. I actually don't really like the zoomed in art on these particular cards as you don't get the wonderful inclusion of the forest background and some of the closeups of their faces just aren't anywhere near as aesthetically pleasing as the original art piece in my opinion. Other close ups of faces like Gandalf and Naith Guide are really nice though and made the cut going into my decks. Pretty much all of the attachment and event cards look really nice with the zoomed in special art and it is only certain allies that I feel it doesn't work very well with. This is all going to come down to personal opinion in the end but overall I really love the new art style and am excited to now have a bunch of them in my decks. Even some of the x3 cards in my decks that now have special art cards have been changed to x2 special copies and x1 normal copies. This reminds me of MTG where you can have 4 copies of a card in your deck but can include say 2 copies from a particular cycle and 2 copies from another cycle giving you two different art pieces for the same card in the one deck! Let's go over the quests included in the Two Player Starter Box. I haven't actually played either quest just yet but I have gone through all the encounter cards (a few times!! that art!!!) so am somewhat familiar with them. First off the special art style is even nicer on the encounter cards than it is on the player cards!!! Locations and Quest Cards especially. I certainly don't wish that all player cards used this art style but I definitely wish that all encounter cards did! The first quest looks like a snooze fest and I have seen people say it is even easier than Passage Through Mirkwood, really not bothered by this fact as it is a somewhat introductory quest (if you were to buy this product instead of the core as an entry point to the game) for new players and this just means we have a new revenge or therapy quest to play after getting stomped into the ground multiple times by a really tough quest ? Also another good entry level quest for all those players trying to get their partners interested in the game as well!! The second quest looks pretty decent and reminds me of the Seventh Level for some reason. The Cave Torch coming back is also a nice touch! This quest looks like it will hopefully be one with quite a bit of replayability that we will actually want to come back to from time to time. Now one thing I am quite disappointed with however, and this is where we start to look at what I think are the negative aspects of the collectors edition, is that the vast majority of the encounter cards included in both of these quests are all old recycled encounter cards from previous quests..... not going to lie I think this is pretty dodgy and fairly slack. They are entirely new scenarios in an entirely new product and I cannot understand why they just recycled a ton of old encounter cards instead of making some new ones. I get that they probably had a very limited budget with the CE so just to be clear I am not talking about the art or even really the encounter card titles I am talking about the actual mechanics and stats being identical. I understand why they decided to reuse older art pieces but to not change the cards mechanically and to just leave them exactly as they are is just such a strange decision to me. I am worried that because of this rather than feeling like unique and interesting quests they are just going to seem like weird quests that have essentially taken a bunch of encounter cards from already existing quests and thrown them together. I am possibly being a bit harsh though and maybe when playing these quests the fact that most of the encounter cards are recycled does not factor in much and does not detract from the quest as much as I am currently thinking will be the case. Either way I am certainly very keen to try both new quests out and add them to my collection! The playmat is the final inclusion in the collectors edition and is certainly the part I am least happy with. The overall design of the playmat is fantastic but I feel like I either have a damaged or badly printed one or that I am not understanding a specific design choice at all. Essentially there are a TON of areas on my playmat that are really badly faded out. The majority of these spots is the actual writing all over the map, half of a locations name will be printed clearly and the other half of the locations name is pixellated and faded out badly. There are also small bits of forest and mountain that are faded out but it is mainly the text that is affected. Pretty much any text on my playmat has at least one letter if not an entire word that has black missing from the letters or is badly faded and not legible. The entire point of a map to me is to have every location and landmark clearly labelled for reference, this playmat certainly does not achieve this as so many of the location names just cannot be read because the text is so faded, pixellated and/or partially missing! Now maybe I just got a copy of the playmat that is damaged or that didn't print properly, anyone who reads my wall of text if you could confirm this and let me know what yours looks like I would greatly appreciate it, but if this is not the case I am quite shocked by the quality of the playmat and will almost certainly not be using it as I cannot help but immediately notice all the glaring defects anytime I look at it. I may actually touch base with FFG and send them some photos and see if I can get a replacement if this is not how the playmat is meant to look. Finally I just want to talk about the large box itself. It was extremely wishful thinking but I was hoping the broken token insert for the original core box would maybe fit in the new Collectors Edition box but that certainly does not seem to be the case. The way the box has been made with the flaps on the inside and the handle and whatnot is honestly not that great for storage in my opinion. I will need to investigate further but at this point I honestly see myself simply throwing the box away as it just doesn't seem great for storage and is really not as special or nice as I was hoping either. For reference I have kept every deluxe box as they are just beautiful and such great quality (and texture!) and I do not even use them for storage just for display. The two player starter box on the other hand is really nice, the Gandalf/Glamdring imagery on the front is great and it has that same rough texture as the deluxe boxes, this is a keeper for sure. TL;DR: More or less everything included in the Collectors Edition is really neat and exceeded my expectations (especially the DCG!) except for a few aspects which are slightly disappointing; the majority of encounter cards for the new quests are completely recycled not just art wise but statwise and mechanically as well, and the playmat I received has faded and pixellated text all over and seems like it is either damaged or misprinted. Not sure if this is the quality of all these playmats or if mine is just a dud.
  13. In the past I have certainly been fairly vocal about my dislike for the Hobbit Boxes and most of the quests contained within. Some of the mechanics are overly fiddly or way too chance or luck based and overall it just doesn't compare to the rest of the game in my opinion. That being said I would never write an angry email full of curses to the developers because of this. The game was in its early days and they were still figuring out how it all works and how to create thematic yet mechanically sound quests. The art, player cards and theme in those boxes is incredible and even with their weird mechanics the quests are still great in their own way just nowhere near as good as the rest of the game. Besides we have the REAL Saga Campaign now which is incredible so why even play the hobbit boxes to begin with!! ? (not a serious statement!) This is just how I feel however as other players really enjoy these quests and don't think they do fall short at all. Also the Battle of Five Armies is actually one of my all time favourite quests as I feel like it is really well designed and very different to the rest of the Hobbit quests. I certainly don't think it is worthwhile or beneficial in any way to the game or community sending nasty emails to the developers because a quest from over five years ago is not as mechanically sound as it could be. They have certainly learned from some of the less popular earlier products considering how great the game currently is and how well received the last few Cycles, Deluxe boxes and Saga boxes have been. The developers for this game are far better than most, they are very hands on and in touch with the community and are constantly creating new products based off what the community is actively asking or hoping for.
  14. As I was already signed in on my Asmodee account it automatically filled in all my billing and shipping details so it had already put in the shipping cost from the get go. Pretty sure it still said estimated shipping cost when I put all my details in to be honest and I don't think it ever locked in a definite amount. I haven't been charged yet so I am guessing I'll get an update as to the final cost closer to them shipping the orders out perhaps? As far as the estimated price given the product was $99 USD and the shipping was roughly around the $50 USD mark. I'm from Australia and this is around $207 AUD roughly.
  15. As much as this is really not the best of news it at least makes me feel a little better about spending so much money on international shipping to get the Limited Edition Collectors Bundle..... The main reason I ended up doing so was out of fear that the quests would not get released separately and it looks like that will indeed be the case. A little bit of a weird decision by FFG, everyone who plays with the cards is going to want those two quests and only a select amount of the community will actually ever have them... ? If there is anyone out there who wants all the digital content but not the physical aspect of the bundle I would very gladly sell the digital part of the bundle at a discounted rate or would swap it for some physical resources like alt art cards, playmats or whatever. I imagine most people would prefer the opposite and want the physical aspect and not the digital aspect though so certainly not expecting much interest!
  16. https://www.reddit.com/r/lotrlcg/comments/93zma0/gencon_alt_lorefindel/
  17. Finally managed to get the next part of my Nightmare Campaign up! Took forever but finally got there: https://warriorsofthewestblog.wordpress.com/2018/08/10/nightmare-review-helms-deep-nightmare-campaign-part-8/
  18. My decks have Gather Information and Send for Aid, I managed to clear gather info on my actual win but never saw send for aid. It was useful both to avoid Defense keyword snd the actual side quest effect, I quested unsuccessfully against it either once or twice and this led to threat gain instead of progress which was crazy helpful considering i was only 4 progress from defeat on stage 4. During one of my losses i tried to clear both side quests but failed utterly on the second and this really hurt, side quests are super helpful but you gotta be real careful or they can do more damage than good! Funny you mention Keep Watch as I specifically discuss how that would be a great side quest for Helms Deep, Delaying the Enemy (if you can actually clear it) couldbe amazing as well potentially taking out two Hosts of Isengard in the process! Should have my article up in the next day or two!
  19. More because I am stubborn and don't like to drastically change my decks than anything ?... I brought next to no location control or tech against the quest. This meant I was unable to strategically clear locations from staging or during other phases (I actually could have tried to do this with Legolas at times and wish I had perhaps done so or at least considered this option..) like you did to remove them from staging and to avoid their nasty when explored effects triggering at the worst time. Locations simply piled up for me and made threat in the staging area very high very quick. You also use followed in a very effective manner to reduce the threat of enemies and the staging area in general and the powerful readying from Merry allowed you to destroy foes with ease pretty early on. You really keep threat low in staging throughout the whole game compared to what I am used to when playing this quest! This time round I am playing Nightmare so it is obviously a little harder than the normal version but even still the most you really needed to quest for at any point was 25 (this was the total highest threat in staging in your game I believe) whereas I was facing similar levels of threat in staging pretty early on and it got far worse from there. Really liked the way your decks work to keep threat in staging low even against a quest like this one with all the additional reveals and whatnot. Honestly my strategy is fairly straight forward and I only beat the quest by the absolute skin of my teeth with 4 progress on Stage 4B. I do utilize player side quests to great effect however and also try to play the long game, more than willing to remove a counter from Defense of Helm's Deep due to Night Without End rather than revealing additional encounter cards for example. I also don't take Poisoned Counsels and start at Stage 2B which really ramps the difficulty up at the start but will make the rest of my campaign more manageable.
  20. Great read! I just beat Helm's Deep myself in my nightmare campaign so it was very interesting reading such a different approach and way to take on the scenario. Your potent counter attacks against foes and constant readying with Merry is very impressive!
  21. have listened to them all except episode 9, really great work, have enjoyed listening to them all a ton thus far. thought I would mention one thing quickly though, the "Get that dwarf" treachery from Trouble in Tharbad actually works a little differently. I thought it worked the same way at first but that seemed overly brutal, if Nalir is exhausted he can't even defend and would die immediately! I posted about it on the forums and someone explained how it really works, the treachery simply results in the chosen enemy declaring an attack against the player who controls Nalir not Nalir himself so you can block with any ready character to protect Nalir and keep him alive. If you take the attack undefended however you must place the damage on Nalir. This should hopefully make the quest a lot easier for you in the future!! here is the thread for reference:
  22. Might be worthwhile posting about the podcast on the lotr lcg reddit if you haven't already, I think there are quite a few players who read the reddit but dont come to the official forums.
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