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  1. I need to remember this thread the next time I recruit for a game on roll20. I'm full up on new players at moment. Check out my Black Crusade game in the Jericho Reach, I made the campaign public so hopefully you can see it. https://app.roll20.net/campaigns/details/343258/black-crusade-libera-te-tutemet
  2. I'm thinking it would be an interesting thing to have happen in my game. I'm not at all clear on how to represent such a thing mechanically for player use. Thoughts? I know that False-men and Schismaticals are in the old Creatures Anathema book. One of my unaligned PCs is basically an arch heretek and just reached 100 Infamy but has ~17 corruption, I was thinking of letting him ditch is full conversion body for the ship instead of waiting for him to build up the necessary corruption to become a Daemon Prince.
  3. Outer Reach made me wonder how easy it would be for them to acquire live Astartes host bodies. Nobody in the group has any way of learning the Necron language. But if they did, they have access to an archaeotech organ cloning facility and could produce an endless supply of progeneroids to create new C/SM. I don't know if the Necrons would ever bother learning the Gothic languages...well maybe this Trazyn fellow might. Who knows. Right now, I'm thinking of going ahead and having them get raided by a Necron harvester, and depending on how that goes maybe an offer could be made. Probably not, considering that most of the group is well on their way to becoming Daemon Princes, and they want to crush the Achilus Crusade with their Demiurg and Tau allies.
  4. I have the Navigator steer the ship in the warp, and the ship's master pilot it during combat/in realspace. As far as narration goes, the Navigator is sequestered in his Empyrum Ocularium where he links with the ship using a MIU interface and physical controls. He basically takes the helm during the trip. This is what I use as far as rules: https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/1121603/house-rule-navigate-warp#post-1126826 I: Determining Duration of Passage: Make a Navigate (Warp) skill test. The Navigate (Warp) test gains a bonus or penalty from the quality of star charts the Navigator has access to; no charts inflict a -20 penalty to the roll, standard charts for the region or route provide no bonus, while Good star charts usually illuminate on warp route or a single star cluster and provide a +10 bonus to Navigation tests made within it. Best quality star charts provide a +20 bonus to a single region or route. The Pax Imperialis had one Good quality (+10) star chart detailing the Warp lane that links Karlack to Calisi to Alphos to Hethgard to Eleusis to Castobel, and second Best quality (+20) chart depicting the route between Castobel and Xylan. The Navigator may attempt to perform a Ritual of Prognostication to gain a number of re-rolls equal to the degrees of success on either a Hard (-20) Willpower test or a Challenging (+0) Forbidden Lore (Daemonology) test, a Challenging (+0) Scholastic Lore (Occult) test, or a Challenging (+0) Psyniscience test. Many Navis Houses teach specialized Clan Rituals that provide a +10 bonus to the Ritual of Prognostication. However successful rituals tend to Corrupt the ritualist (who gains 1d5 Corruption points minus the Degrees of Success on the Ritual), while failed rituals risk invoking the Contempt of the Warp see table 6-6 on page 227 of Black Crusade. II: Locating of the Astronomican: When a vessel Translates into the warp, a Navigator must gauge the strength of the Astronomican, to judge just how far and in what direction he is from Terra so that he may then plot a course. To do this, he makes an Ordinary (+10) Awareness Test. For every degree of success achieved, add +10 to any Navigation (Warp) skill tests for this voyage, whilst for every degree of failure a –10 modifier is imposed. III: Charting the Course: Once the Navigator has a point of reference, he must then use his extraordinary perceptions to determine any turbulence, strange phenomena, or storms laying in wait in the Empyrean that will affect the passage of the vessel as it travels. This is another Ordinary (+10) Perception test, whose results are kept secret by the GM. Success means that if there is any significant warp disturbance along the route then the Navigator has likely detected it, failure means that he has not. In either case, should the Navigator fail this roll, he will be ignorant of any dangers that lay ahead. IV: Steering the Vessel: With the Astronomican located and the local state of the warp gauged, the Navigator now makes his Navigation roll to determine both the accuracy of his voyage and travel time. This is a Navigation (Warp) skill test modified by the Navigator’s perception of the Astronomican. Off Course: If a Navigator fails his Navigation (Warp) test and rolls a 9 on either dice, he is thrown off course, the vessel will appear in the wrong system or part of space (as determined by the GM). V: Leaving the Warp: Once the Navigator’s destination has been reached, he must make a Hard (–20) Perception test to determine the accuracy of his entrance point in real space, which in general terms the Navigator can perceive from the warp in a shadowy and indistinct fashion. Succeeding at this test means that the vessel exits the warp were the Navigator intended. A failure means that the ship exits off target.
  5. I've been running a game set in the Jericho Reach, and while the threat of Hive Fleet Dagon has been looming I actually have no experience with Tyranid bio-ships in Battle Fleet Gothic what did they do just rush you? I was thinking of using refluffing the Void Kraken stats given in the Koronus Beastiary. Do you think that is a good fit? Can anyone point me in the direction of the old Battle Fleet Gothic rules for Tyranids?
  6. For the past year I've been running a multi-game line campaign set in the Jericho Reach, we started with Only War, had a few sessions where they played the Storm Wardens that arrived to clear out a Tyranid infestation (in addition to their IG characters), broke a siege, defended a planet, fell to Chaos, turned traitor got sold out by their Commissar and imprisoned. Mutinied and took command of their prison barge (by that time I was had everyone convert over to Black Crusade). Now we've been playing Black Crusade for about 5 months and they are making to conquer a section of the Jericho Reach. They recent ran afoul of Necrons which gets me to my question. I decided to buy the Outer Reaches, and just finished reading it. Would it be possible to negotiate with the newcrons as if they could capture some C/SM for them to use as hosts for their Necron Lord? How would you go about doing this?
  7. I wrote this for use in Black Crusade but it seems topical. Enjoy. The Dreadaxe, a mysterious pterodactyl headed axe of bone that is a Daemon Weapon with a Willpower of 50 and a Binding Strength of 1. To master the Dreadaxe, Chudderson must make an Ordinary (+10) Willpower test opposed by the Willpower 45 of the Daemon of Malice bound inside the axe. If your character wishes, he may swear to destroy Chaos in all its forms or otherwise dedicate himself to the lesser Dark God of Malal and receive an additional +10 to the Willpower test. If the Daemonic Mastery test is successful, he gains full control over the Dreadaxe (full stats below) until such time as he is stunned or he suffers temporary Willpower damage, in either event he'd have to make another opposed Willpower test with modifiers. If at any point such a Daemonic Mastery Test is failed by the wielder, the daemon within the weapon may make a possession attack against its would-be master. If this succeeds, the wielder has succumbed and it is he who is the weapon’s slave until he can break free. The Dreadaxe Two-handed Melee, Damage 1d10+7, Pen 8, Fear (1), Proven (2), Sanctified (extra damage vs. Daemons), Soul Sucking (The first time you strike a foe each combat and that foe has more Corruption than you or if they are Daemons, or Chaos Spawn roll 2d5 if the total is greater than their WP bonus they die and you divide up their lowest characteristic by ten, with those points being used to advance any of your nine primary characteristics but never Infamy and the rest being absorbed by the Dreadaxe i.e. if the enemy had a WP of 30 you get a +3 advance to a characteristic of your choice and the Dreadaxe gains the remaining 27 points, please keep track of the points for every 100 you gain a +1d5 Infamy boost as long as you wield the Dreadaxe), Soul Thirster (any foe that is reduced to 0 wounds must make a Challenging +0 WP test or die when struck by the Dreadaxe, even if they haven't suffered any Critical Damage yet), Tearing (roll an extra die of damage so roll 2 keep 1), Unbalanced (–10 penalty to any Parry Skill Tests when wielding this weapon. Unbalanced weapons cannot be used to make Lightning Attacks), Unnaturally Persuasive (+2 automatic successes on any Fellowship based test made against another Heretic, stacks with Unnatural Fellowship but doesn't work on uncorrupted people), Vampiric (slain lifeforms restore 1d5 wounds to the wielder, i.e. kill a puppy to heal thyself), and Warp Weapon (ignore Armour and the AP generated from cover. Force fields and armour specially warded work normally against them). Furthermore you gain the Mark of Malal (see below). Legendary Weapon Each time you kill an Apostate, a Chaos Space Marine, or a Daemon Prince, with the Dreadaxe there is a cumulative 5% chance that it awakens further powers in the millennia old legendary weapon. Gifts of Malice Aberration: The heretic becomes a horrid hybrid of bird and insect, gaining the Unnatural Strength (+1) and Unnatural Toughness (+1) traits. The heretic must roll a d5 to see how many of his body parts change, roll on table 9-3 to determine the body locations (even rolls make the body part more avian/bird-like or more insectile on an odd roll). When his head changes, he also gains the Fear (1) trait but may have difficulty wearing helmets. Daemonic Name Daemonic Weapon: The character may generate a Daemon Weapon bound with the essence of a Beast of Malal. The daemon weapon counts as Sanctified against the forces of Chaos. Deathsight: One of the character's eyes falls out revealing a dark empty void. Henceforth, superimposed over everything he sees are the hundreds of possible deaths of anything or anyone he looks at for more than a moment. As a Full Action, character can make a challenging +0 Willpower test to deal damage equal to his corruption bonus to anyone he stares at within point blank range with a Penetration of 6. If he does so, he gains 1 Corruption point. Head of Malal: The character grows a second head, the head is argumentative and contrary to whatever position the character adopts, he gains +1d5 Intelligence, +2d5 Perception, and the Paranoia talent but suffers a -10 penalty to Conceal and Stealth tests as the second head has a tendency to spout off at inopportune times. Magnificent Horns Mark of Malal: The character gains the Betrayer talent and the Unnatural Agility (+2) trait Daemonic Warmount: Malal bestows an undying daemonic warmount on the Heretic which he can summon forth from the Warp as a full action, if the Warmount is ever destroyed, the Heretic loses 2d5 Infamy points and receives a replacement mount eleven days later minus a number of days equal to the Infamy lost. The Warmount has the Regeneration trait equal to the heretics current Infamy bonus, the Daemonic trait, and shares the Incorporeal trait with its rider. Renegade Flesh: The Heretics skin becomes pale and hairless, and he can extend his meat from his bones to entangle or suffocate a single target within point blank range. Increase his Agility by 10. The Heretic gains a +20 bonus on Climb Tests and grappling attacks. Double-Cross: Each of the weapons you own gains the Proven quality at a level equal to your Corruption bonus when used against a creature with more Corruption that you, when used against one of your allies, or when used against you. Pseudo Daemonhood; Malal: gains a pair of additional limbs that each end in a single huge scythe like claw (1d10+Sb, Felling, Razor Sharp, Pen = Fb) Chart done. 01-10: Aberration 11-20: Daemonic Name 21-30: Daemonic Weapon 31-35: Deathsight 36-50: Head of Malal 51-56: Magnificent Horns 57-70: Mark of Malal 71-80: Daemonic Warmount 81-88: Renegade Flesh 89-96: Double-Cross 97+: Pseudo Daemonhood
  8. I'm currently running an Only War campaign set in the Achilus Crusade/Eastern Fringe. The players created a Forge World siege regiment called the CCXXIII Turanshush. The squad was inserted onto the irradiated cursed world of Vanity which the Imperium needs to capture and secure to insure strategic control of the Cellebos Warzone. The PCs were supposed to destroy one or more orbital defense guns, to allow the fleet to bombard the Archenemy into dust but first secure a landing zone and insure that their supply line was protected.
  9. Besides the Tyranids and Tau obviously, I was reading the Achilus Assault and it of handedly mentions that the Iron Pit of Samech has established trade with several Xenos races in the Eastern Fringe. I'm having trouble figuring out what races those are. Help?
  10. Um. Just make it run off of Tech Use, if you don't have Tech Use you take a -20 penalty then you can get a Weapon Maintence Kit (see page 183 of the Inquisitor's Handbook, in the section for Warzones). "Most commonly designed around the ubiquitous lasgun, each kit includes items such as blessed oils and lubricants, swabbing cloths, cleaning gels, weapon-specific tools and spare parts such as a spare stock and barrel. As standard, these kits are calibrated to Calixis-patterns..." Not going to tryp out the whole thing. Essentially have it work like a Medi-kit or what have you in that it gives you a +20 bonus to maintain your weapons or negates the penalty from trying to maintain your weapon without being trained in Tech-Use. Problem solved.
  11. I can't find a key? Are they what type of planet or what alignment the planet has?
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