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  1. On Reddit others were giving away their codes and someone else would post that they used it an it works. So assuming both weren't lying it seems the code is not tied to a person. In both cases I tried within 3 minutes and wasn't the choice one. Would love to get my hands on a code been trying this past day like crazy!!!
  2. For anyone of you who got a code and would like to trade something for it PM me. Just trying to complete my collection is all
  3. Possible, they got a long track record but considering how took them list long to post Regional rewards, they may be running a bit slow on the updates
  4. and now its gone, gone gone Your not alone, I'm from the days when Falcons and B-Wings were the new hotness, and always embraced every new wave/direction, but whether its normal fatigue or not its losing it appeal. I feel no connection to ships I've never/barely heard of or FA ships that are based on the old conceptional art that are just milked to appeal old & new. I'd be so glad it they just did a few waves of nothing but repaints either singles or aces/vets style, I dont need OT ships to be unstoppable just more appealing and more options/fixes to resurge interest
  5. no I think he means the dualsided ship cards, only were 2, Han/Boba & Luke/Darth they were like 6x3" IIRC
  6. Hooths tooth, Core set and colored pegs are also on sale
  7. This might interest you...it was my take above for the battle above DS trench
  8. Haven't bought last wave at all, will likely wait for sales and even then buy 1/3-1/2 of what I used to. I know everyone's side is different but it dropped the ball for me
  9. Does anyone else get this strang feeling that this is the "Special edition" errata
  10. I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of netlister's voices suddenly cried out in terror....
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