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  1. Because of the new keyword 'Hover' that lets them have the option to Strafe rather than just move forward or reverse.
  2. Fun fact for the TIE Echelon is that it was going to be in Episode 9, it was concept art that had been approved before the change in directors. Though who knows, maybe it will get thrown into a background scene or the like, the Starspeeder 1000 from Star Tours made its way into TFA.
  3. Hyena Bombers are at the Blockade of Christophis which is during the first year of the Clone Wars, so either it is there from the start or is introduced shortly into the war, like not too long after Anakin is knighted. As for the Droid tri-fighter, it is a bit messier. An unsourced answer is on the wiki is 21 BBY on the Legends page, it is listed to appear in a number of books though which take place during 22 BBY, and its first chronological appearance on screen is in an episode that takes place during 20 BBY, so take your pick.
  4. The Eta-2 first shows up as a prototype in 21 BBY in a Clone Wars comic, but the first actual appearance is in 19 BBY so I'd guess it might have a limited early run in 20 BBY if needed but the Jedi definitely have a choice between the Delta 7/7B and it during the last year of the war. Looking through the wiki they don't really ever entirely replace the V-19 Torrents entirely as they see use past the war when Thrawn is discovered. So its not so much a switch over, with some of the ships just being used together throughout the war. As for the ARC-170 you have two choices you can go with 21 BBY since that is when we first see it in the Clone Wars show, or go by the Legends Essential Guide to Warfare which states it was introduced in 22 BBY. Ditto for the Clone Z-95 as we first see it in the show in 20 BBY during the Umbara arc while the Legends Official Fact File puts it as being introduced in 21 BBY. V-Wings are very late war and don't show up til 19 BBY both in Legends and Canon. I can only recommend looking up stuff on Wookiepedia, and either going by the stated year introduced or the first appearance of the vehicle. Or you could use those dates as the point at which the vehicle was widespread in the military and have them show up a little earlier, 6 months maybe, in select units as they have started outfitting ships with the new equipment either by favoring ships that have gotten back to drydock or are resupplying giving them the excuse to get newer equipment or having some stuff sent to units that might need it for a mission like how they delivered the Carrion Spike to get past Admiral Trench's blockade.
  5. Card contents for the CR-90 and C-ROC: Conversion kit card contents:
  6. With it being the same cost as the Proton Bombs I just can't really justify using Bomblet, it might occasionally spike more damage but the guaranteed Crit is worth far more than maybe doing 2 damage or 2 crit or in my case wasting a charge and doing nothing to my opponent's ships.
  7. Just 25%? I've used it a couple times and each time I dropped a bomb on my target through a number of games I only got double blanks normally. Even when I had gotten my opponent to into a nice spot to be hit by 2 I did a grand total of 1 damage to 1 of his ships out of the two that were in popping range of them.
  8. BX Commando Droid is in the Chronicle of the Gatekeeper adventure book. The lack of the Homing Spider Droid and SPHA-T are a bit frustrating, since that would help complete the main units of the Battle of Geonosis.
  9. I'm pretty okay with it. I like Fel, I like Thrawn, I like Mara Jade. I love lots of the Legends characters who were well known and did lots of cool stuff. Its not like new canon will do anything different, it will just be changing the who, the Rebels crew was rather involved with a whole bunch of stuff and got to meet a whole bunch of important character. They will no doubt do the same with Rey, instead of Luke bringing the Jedi back she will with Leia or Poe likely to make the New New Republic.
  10. I think they were pretty equal pilots, they fly in sync a couple times in the book if I remember correctly. I'm guessing that they might try to release squadron packs for new characters but have the option out there maybe for card packs to let 1st edition players buy the cards in those packs without having to buy the squadron pack itself. I imagine that they would do something for the Empire like Ace Pilots or the like for 2 or 3 ships in the pack and something similar for the Rebels like a Blue Squadron/Heroes of Scarif pack and finally add K2 to the game. And I mean, Soontier is probably one of the most important legends characters, being one of the best pilots in the empire, a member of rogue squadron, was cloned by Thrawn, joined the Chiss Ascendancy, and has a legacy that led to his son marrying Jaina Solo and creating a new Empire that lasted for a decent bit. He has some fairly long reaching effects.
  11. You could always just run an RZ-1 A-Wing when using him, but using the RZ-2's dial and stats and say that his A-Wing was one of those modified during the war or between the OT and ST. Unless your opponent is really strict about it they should be okay with you using the different model. Can't wait for Ciena Ree to actually be added to the game as a pilot, but I'd just really hope she is Int 5, mostly so she'd have the same Int as Thane.
  12. Is the DC-17m, the Clone Commando gun that can switch modes, in the book?
  13. What NPCs are stated out in the back of the book?
  14. Looks like Wave 4 is almost here, except for those lucky Aussies who are enjoying some threat builds right now, so seems like a good time to delve back into the pilots of our new ships. Lets start with the one with the least known pilots, the Resistance Transport. Cova Nell, she is from TFA she served as the pilot of Leia's Reistance Transport to Takodana and back to D'Qar. Following the destruction of Starkiller Base and the Evacuation of D'Qar she'd be one of the pilots of the U-55 Orbital Loadlifters that fled the Raddus for Crait, with Pamich Nerro Goode serving as her copilot with Leia and Poe being among the passengers on her ship. She is presumed to be one of the few Resistance members to survive and make their way onto the Falcon. Pammich Nerro Goode, she is from TFA where she was a background character who was present for the briefing and execution of the attack on Starkiller Base. After fleeing D'Qar she'd be one of those that sided with Poe Dameron against Holdo, though would end up co-piloting a U-55 Orbital Loadlifter afterwards with Cova Nell when the plan was revealed with Leia and Poe being among those she helped ferry down to Crait. She'd end up joining Poe, Finn, and Rose in the attack on the First Order walkers during the Battle of Crait where she'd be shot down. Nodin Chavdri, he is from from TLJ. He served the Resistance as a shuttle and transport pilot, and was one of those that sided with Poe against Holdo while they fled the First Order, though he'd end up being among those that were stunned by Holdo after she caused a distraction and stunned those holding her at blaster point. He'd join Poe, Finn, and Rose and attack the First Order walkers during the Battle of Crait where he'd be shot down in the process. BB-8, he is from TFA and serves as the droid protagonist of the Sequel Trilogy films. BB-8 was originally a New Republic droid and was assigned to Poe while he was part of Rapier Squadron, but when Poe joined the Resistance the little droid would join him as well. The droid would then accompany Poe on just about every mission, most often serving as Poe's astromech droid for his T-70 Black One, as well as Poe's astromech when Poe flew missions with Black Squadron with BB-8 often acting as the leader to the astromechs whenever anything happened. During this period BB-8 would become infatuated with Ivee a R-series astromech that helped repair Poe's Black One, though BB-8 was hit hard when she sacrificed herself to save her pilot, Jess Pava's life. Sometime relatively near the Battle of Starkiller base BB-8 would be assigned to a new member of the Resistance the former New Republic starfighter, self proclaimed ace, Kazuda Xiono or Kaz to help the new Resistance pilot as an agent and spy on the Collosus for any First Order activity. BB-8 would do his best to help the clumsy and very out of his element young man to the best of his ability and on occasion get to serve as Poe's astromech again when Poe showed up to have Kaz join him on a mission or two. Eventually BB-8 would rejoin Poe before his mission to Jakku with his temporary astromech CB-23 serving as Kaz's new aid and astromech. BB-8 would join Poe to Jakku, but during the fight would escape with the map to Luke Skywalker, meet Rey, and be saddened when Finn told him that Poe had died in the crash back onto the planet. The three would escape from the world after a battle with two TIE/fo fighters and BB-8 would give up the Resistance base's location after some pleading from Finn. The group would then encounter Han Solo and Chewbacca and would ultimately go to Takodana where they'd be attacked and afterwards much to the droid's delight he'd be reunited with Poe. BB-8 would then serve as Poe's astromech both during the Battle of Starkiller Base as well as the Evacuation of D'Qar where the droid would have to repair the weapon systems. After fleeing the world, Kylo Ren would destroy the hangar's starfighters, preventing him and Poe from saving the day so instead he'd join Finn and Rose on their mission to find the Master Codebreaker and to infiltrate the Supremacy. Due to the others screwing up, and someone treating him like a slot machine, the droid would go and rescue the two shooting coins as bullets at the police forces, before going with DJ to steal a ship that the others could board and escape from the world with. During the mission on the Supremacy the others would get captured, though the droid would end up hijacking a First Order AT-ST and help free them before they fled to Crait, where he'd again reunite with Poe and ultimately make it to the Falcon escaping with the rest of the Resistance. Rose Tico, she is from TLJ where she served as a protagonist alongside Finn. As a child, she and world of Hays Minor were forced mine resources to fuel to the First Order's war machine, only for the First Order to turn around and bombard the planet with the same weapons that they had forced the inhabitants to mine. With everything she knew destroyed she and her sister would go on to join the Resistance. She served as a mechanic aboard the Raddus, while her sister served as a gunner as part of the bomber Colbalt Hammer which was part of Colbalt Squadron. During the Evacuation from D'Qar her sister would die while destroying the First Order's Mandator IV Dreadnought. After the battle she'd meet Finn, and going along with Poe's suspicions of Holdo she'd travel to Canto Bight on Cantonica with Finn to try and find the Master Codebreaker only to end up in jail due to an obvious and poor choice to land. While imprisoned she and Finn would meet the DJ who said he could help them. After escaping she and Finn would cause a big mess but escape the planet to return to the Resistance fleet to try and sneak aboard the Supremacy, which when cornered they'd fail and due to bringing DJ along it would result in the First Order targeting the U-55 Loadlifters trying to escape from the First Order. With BB-8's help they'd escape from capture again and would steal a shuttle and go down to Crait to join up with the Resistance with her and Finn joining Poe on the attack on the First Order walkers. After being told to retreat she'd learn that Finn intended to sacrifice himself to attempt and destroy the Battering Ram Cannon so she came back, and crashed their two speeders to save him, resulting in her kissing him, passing out, and the base being breached. She'd be dragged all the way back by Finn with neither being shot by the First Order's troopers or walkers and she'd ultimately be brought aboard the Falcon still passed out. Finn or FN-2187, he is from TFA and the Sequel Trilogy serving as one of the main protagonists. When he was a child the First Order abducted him into the Stormtrooper program where he'd be trained from youth to serve the First Order. As a cadet he'd have to do some janitorial work though while in simulations with his squad he'd often he acknowledged for his kill counts and skill in battle. While on his first mission he'd end up not shooting an unarmed negotiator with his friend and squad mate "Slip" or FN-2003 covering for him and shooting his target. Despite this error Phasma would send him along with the rest of his squad to Jakku where Poe would kill "Slip" and Finn ended up not shooting the unarmed civilians. Afterwards, scared of the First Order he'd free Poe, and the two would flee the Star Destroyer though would end up getting shot down in the process. Finn would ultimately end up running into Rey and BB-8 with them fleeing Jakku after a fight with two TIE/fo fighters and would be found by Han Solo and deal with a couple gangs before going to Takodana. Finn knowing of both Starkiller Base and the Supremacy wanted to get as far from the First Order as he could, but when Takodana was attacked he'd face off against a former squadmate "Nines" or FN-2199 where he'd be called a Traitor. After the battle he'd go with the Resistance to rescue Rey and would reunite with Poe, before going off with Han Solo and Chewbacca to rescue Rey and turn off Starkiller Base's shield. They'd succeed after shoving Phasma into a garbage chute, and he'd face off against Kylo, only to be wounded in the process. A few days after his wound and some bacta treatment he'd awaken after the Evacuation of D'Qar. He'd then meet Rose when he had been attempting to flee the ship to avoid having Rey come back and end up battling with the First Order with Rose taizing him for his efforts. Ultimately the two would talk with Poe and be sent off on a mission with BB-8 to go on a mission to find the Master Codebreaker and sneak aboard the Supremacy to be able to let the Raddus escape. They'd fail to find or bring the Codebreaker but would bring DJ and were captured aboard the Supremacy where they were to be executed. Thanks to some timely suicide crashing/sacrificing done by Holdo they got out of that predicament and he was able to defeat/kill Phasma and escape the Supremacy using a stolen shuttle with Rose and BB-8 to join back up with the Resistance. To fend off the First Order he'd join Poe in the attack on the First Order walkers in a Ski Speeder, and at the end of the battle would attempt to crash into the Battering Ram Cannon before it fired, to sacrifice himself to attempt to destroy it only for Rose to crash into him to save him, with her kissing him as the Battering Ram fired and breached the Resistance base. He'd then proceed to drag the unconscious Rose all the way from near the Battering Ram and walkers back to the base without being attacked and would reunite with Rey and get aboard the Falcon with the unconscious Rose and escape the world. Vi Moradi, she is from the Phasma novel and served the Resistance as a spy under the code name Starling. She was captured by the First Order, specifically Cardinal who wanted all the information she had on Phasma with him offereing to release her afterwards. She gave him the information, including the fact that Phasma had assassinated Brendul Hux, and the means of how she did it. Carindal tried to bring the evidence to his superiors only to be defeated by his rival Phasma in a duel Vi Moradi would rescue him and flee the ship. She eventually would end up at Batuu where she'd urge Resistance Sympathizers to join the Resistance though would be forced into hiding due to the heightened presence of First Order Stormtroopers.
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