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    Putting a Face to the Name: Pilots (Update: Wave 3 Republic)

    I think aside from new stuff for Wave 4, and the Sith Infiltrator, all I have left from extended is Ghost/Rebels stuff. Would people like me to give similar treatment with the pilots I have with upgrades like Astromechs/Crew/Gunners/Tactical Relays? Or should that even be a separate thread?
  2. Animewarsdude

    Putting a Face to the Name: Pilots (Update: Wave 3 Republic)

    You know, the funny thing is there are a fair number of entries for individual Vulture droids, each with their DFS-serial number, strangely enough FFG just happened to pick two series of numbers that didn't correspond with any of them. *shrugs*
  3. Animewarsdude

    Putting a Face to the Name: Pilots (Update: Wave 3 Republic)

    Here are the Delta 7 pilots. Anakin Skywalker, he is from the entire Star Wars saga. He was created for the original trilogy with the prequel trilogy and two Clone Wars series, among the rest of the Clone Wars multimedia project, helping flesh his post Vader character out. He was born to the slave Shmi Skywalker, and grew up as a slave on Tatooine until his encounter with Qui-Gon Jinn during the Naboo Crisis where Anakin would win his freedom through a wager the jedi had established, the boy going on to accidentally fly a N1 starfighter into a Trade Federation Droid Control ship and destroy it with a well place proton torpedo shot. After the crisis he'd go on to become Obi-Wan's padawan for the next ten years, going on many adventures. It was upon his second meeting with Padme Amidala, after being assigned to protect her by the council, that he became involved in the events leading up to the breakout of the Clone Wars, with him marrying her shortly after the start of the war. During the early days of the Clone Wars he was elevated from a padawan to a Jedi Knight, with him serving as the Jedi General of the 501st Legion. During the first year of the Clone Wars he was assigned Ahsoka Tano as his padawan with her serving as his unit's commander rather than Rex. Throughout the war Anakin often would fight alongside his former master and his padawan the three facing off against a variety of Separatist commanders, bounty hunters, and the occasional pirate, 'respected businessman' Hondo Ohnaka. As the war raged on he was faced with the damage it did, the losses he had to suffer, and the inefficiency of the order. There were two points that would ultimately send him down his path. The first was during the third year of the Clone Wars when Ahsoka was blamed for a bombing at the Jedi Temple, which resulted in her being expelled from the order and ultimately leaving the order and Anakin behind. In the final days he'd have his final showdown with Count Dooku while rescuing the Supreme Councilor from Separatist 'captivity', it was around this time that he began to see visions of Padme dying that further pushed him over the edge. While he initially gave the information to Mace Windu about Palpatine's true identity it was when Mace was intent on killing Palpatine, the only source that Anakin thought could prevent Padme's death, that he acted out resulting in the two killing Mace Windu. After this he takes on the moniker of Darth Vader, and in exchange for keeping Padme alive he leads the 501st to the Jedi Temple to wipe out all of the Jedi there during Order 66, afterwards he'd likewise go and execute the remaining Separatist leaders on Mustafar. On that lava planet he'd battle his former master, where he lacked the high ground and was so gravely injured that he needed all of his limbs replaced and a new suit to survive. The stinger was that he was led to believe by his new master that he killed his wife in his anger, and with nothing else he served his new master and the empire he helped create. Obi-Wan, he is from the Original and Prequel Star Wars films. Like most Jedi he was taken to the Jedi Temple shortly after his birth, and eventually he was assigned to Qui-Gon Jinn as the Jedi's padawan. During his studies with his master he'd spend a year on Mandalore, a year in which he helped protect Duchess Satine where the two fell in love, though unlike his eventual padawan he ended up leaving her and keeping to his oath to the order. During the Naboo Crisis he and his master went to mitigate matters with the Trade Federation, until they were full thrust into the matter and ended up helping the Naboo repel the invasion of their planet, with Qui-Gon Jinn and him fighting Palpatine's apprentice Darth Maul. During this battle his master was fatally wounded and despite not having the high ground Obi-Wan was able to slice Darth Maul in half and be the first Jedi in a millennia to strike down a Sith Lord. Following the battle, and keeping with his master's wishes he'd take Anakin Skywalker as his padawan. Ten years after the Naboo Crisis, while assigned with the task to protect Padme Amildala he'd pursue a mystery that led to his discovery of the Clone army that had been prepared for the Republic for the coming war and he'd be part of the events of the beginning of the war alongside his padawan, Padme, and a good deal of the Jedi order that went to rescue them. During the Clone Wars he'd lead the 212th attack battalion, with Commander Cody serving as his second in command. Throughout the war he'd often would fight alongside Anakin and Ahsoka the three facing off against a variety of Separatist commanders, bounty hunters, and the occasional pirate, 'respected businessman' Hondo Ohnaka. During the war he'd encounter Duchuss Satine oncemore, and would be very involved with the events leading up to the Mandalorian Civil War, especially as the former Sith Lord he thought he struck down had held engineer it to gain power and to hurt Obi-Wan as much as he possibly could. Despite the losses he suffered during the war he stayed true to the order and would intend to help end the Clone Wars by striking down General Grievous once and for all on Utapau, only for Order 66 to be enacted. He was one of few Jedi to survive the initial surprise attacks and would discover the truth with Master Yoda when they returned to the temple and changed the message to try and save those who did survive from walking into a trap. Despite how much it hurt him he went to face Anakin on Mustafar and ultimately won the battle severely wounding and scaring Anakin for life. With little other hope, Obi-Wan went into exile on Tatooine, the planet Anakin would likely never wish to return to, to watch over Anakin's son Luke from a distance in hopes of one day using the boy to strike down the Emperor and Vader, to create A New Hope for the galaxy. It was on this planet that he'd have his final showdown with Maul, assuring his dying foe that the emperor would one day fall. In the end, Obi-Wan would not be able to train Luke as much as he wished as he gave up his life to allow Luke to escape from the Death Star, though he'd continue to try and offer advice at times as a force ghost. Plo Koon, he was created for the Jedi Order scene in TPM though he wasn't really expanded upon until the CG Clone Wars show. He was a member of the Jedi Council all the way for many years, and was the one who first discovered Ahsoka, the two of them having a close bond after that point. He was present at Geonosis along with the rest of the council to rescue Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Padme Amidala. During the Clone Wars he'd command the 104th battalion otherwise known as the Wolfpack with Commander Wolffe as his second in command. During the first year of the Clone Wars his forces would encounter the Separatist ship the Malevolence which used its powerful ion weapons to disable his ships before wiping out the majority of his forces with only a few men and himself surviving the ordeal thanks to Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano. His forces would require the reminder of the first year of the Clone Wars to rebuild before he would later participate in a number of other battles. He'd notably be part of a number of missions such as when his forces rescued Anakin and Mace Windu from Boba Fett's failed attempt at revenge for his father, rescuing Ahsoka's people from the Zygerianns, and discovering Sifo-Dyas' lightsaber. Near the end of the Clone Wars he'd lead his battalion to victory on Cato Nemodia, where on a patrol he'd be shot down by his wingman Jag. Mace Windu, he was created for TPM. He was a renowned member of the Jed Order and one of its greatest champions and most respected leaders. He along with the rest of the council was against Anakin being instructed in their ways due to being too old, though after Qui-Gon's death they reversed their decision and Obi-Wan took the boy as his padawan, though Mace still doubted the boy would be able to commit himself to the order which established a distrust he'd have for Anakin for years to come. He was present at the Battle of Geonosis, while battling in the arena would strike down Boba's father Jango Fett and later in the battle he'd help lead Clone forces against the Separatist droids on the ground. During the Clone Wars he would share leadership of the 91st Recon Corps alongside Adi Gallia and Stass Allie with Commander Ponds. Mace would participate in the Battle of Ryloth, leading his forces and allying with Cham Syndulla against Wat Tambor ultimately leading to the capture of Wat Tambor. He was one of the members that was present at the Battle of Malastare and the Zillo Beast incident after the Republic had tested its new electron proton bomb. He'd later be the target of Boba Feet, along with a few other bounty hunters, so that Boba would be able to get revenge for his father's death. This incident would result in Commander Ponds being killed and Commander Neyo later replacing him, and Boba being taken into custody by Plo Koon on Florrum. As the war dragged on he'd be involved with a number of other events including searching for Maul, battling Mother Talzin while on a mission with Jar Jar Binks, leading a battle on Anaxes, and along with the rest of the council approving an attempted assassination of Count Dooku. Throughout the war one thing that Mace noticed was how the councilor had kept amassing more and more power to himself, with Mace becoming more and more suspicious of this behavior near the end of the clone wars. His suspicions were proven to be true when Anakin revealed the truth to him about Palpatine being Sith they had been looking for all along. Mace went to arrest Palpatine with Kit Fisto, Saesee Tiin, and Agen Kolar, though Palpatine between Palpatine being able to strike the other three down quickly and his power in politics and the courts Mace decided that Palpatine was too dangerous alive and decided to strike him down. Anakin had arrived to intervene and beg Mace to spare the man, in the hopes of saving Padme, but when Mace refused Anakin stepped in and alongside Palpatine they struck down the Jedi. Mace's actions had immediate repercussions as Palpatine got just what he desired and used it as evidence to brand the Jedi as traitors and transition the Republic into the Empire. Saesee Tiin, he was created for the Jedi Order scene in TPM. In Legends, he was one of the best pilots in the Jedi Order rivaling even Anakin Skywalker, as well as that he was the main flight instructor for Jedi younglings teaching them the basics of starfighter piloting and along with Adi Gallia tested the Delta 7 Jedi Starfighter and made a few adjustments to it before they were introduced to the order to serve as their main personal craft. In canon, he has been mostly a background invidiaul who was member of the Jedi Council, was present at Geonosis with the rest of the council, and was one of those that went with Mace Windu to arrest Palpatine, with him being one of the first slain in the fight. Luminara Unduli, she was created for ATOC. Before the Clone Wars she took on Barris Offee as her padawn, her people having a tradition of only taking on members of their own race as padawans. She was present at Geonosis along with her apprentice and the council to help rescue Anakin and the others. During the Clone Wars she'd lead the 41st Elite Corps with Barris and Commander Gree. Her forces attempted to transport the captured Nute Gunray, only for him to escape with the help of a traitor and Ventress. Her forces would later participate in the Second Battle of Geonosis as well as the Battle of Kashyyyk. In Legends, she was killed by being blown apart by a Juggernaut Tank's cannons, though in canon she was instead taken captive and executed at the spire with the Empire using the rumor of her being alive to try and lure more Jedi to the prison to in turn kill them when they attempted to rescue her just as they attempted to do to Kanan and Ezra. Barris Offee, she was created for ATOC. She was present at Geonosis along with her master to help rescue Anakin. During the Clone Wars she would often fight alongside her master in battle, though she often preferred reading texts instead of being in the middle of combat. During the Second Battle of Geonosis she'd perform a mission alongside Ahsoka Tano, the two of them forming a fast friendship they'd maintain for the majority of the Clone Wars. As the war raged on, she like many other Jedi were disillusioned by the war though she more so was disillusioned with the council and the Jedi serving as warriors and generals instead of protectors, feeling they lost their way, which spurred her into action by bombing the Jedi Temple and framed her friend Ahsoka with the deed. Thanks to Anakin she was captured and confessed to her crimes, preventing Ahsoka from being falsely convicted. She was taken into custody and likely was executed shortly after the Republic became the Empire. Ahsoka Tano, she was created for the CG Clone Wars show. She was originally found by Master Plo Koon, whom she shared a close bond with, before being taken to the Jedi Temple. During the Clone Wars she was assigned to Anakin Skywalker as his padawan by Master Yoda. While they started out on rough footing the two were able to rescue Jabba the Hutt's son, with the two coming to trust each other more and more with each mission they accomplished together. She learned much from her master, and at times too much as when she lead Blue Squadron at the Battle of Ryloth her recklessness ended up getting the majority of her squadron killed. During the war she learned quickly and was able to earn victories without her master at Geonosis and prove her leadership by leading the padawans kidnapped by the Trandosians, for Most Dangerous Game style hunting, into fighting back. When her people were enslaved by the Zygerians she helped free them along with her master, Obi-Wan, and Plo Koon among others. During the war she also formed a close bond with the son of the Onderan Senator, Lux Bonteri, whom when she started to advise the Onderon rebels she started to have feelings for him those they were put aside when he became closer with Stella Gerrera. Near the end of the war she'd end up being framed by her friend Barris for a bombing at the Jedi Temple and ultimately was expelled from the order and when offered the chance to rejoin she turned it down and left it and her former master behind. She alongside Captain Rex would participate in the Siege of Mandalore, though as Order 66 was enacted her efforts there became in vain and she was forced to retreat alongside Rex with the two faking their deaths. She'd part ways with Rex and would go try to keep to the shadows avoiding the empire using the name Ashla and working a mechanic but ended up helping establish some small rebel groups when she saw people suffering that ended up attracting the empire's attention in the form of an inquisitor. She struck down the inquisitor and purified the two kyber crystals in the double sided saber which she used for her new white twin sabers. During this she had made contact with R2-D2 and Bail Organa and would take on the role of Fulcrum. Later when assisting Phoenix Squad she'd have a run in with Vader as he in his Tie Advanced wiped out the majority of the small Rebel fleet by himself. She would have a final showdown with Vader on Malachor where she was presumed killed in action, though due to Ezra messing with the time continuum she was able to survive and would show up on Lothal some time after the Battle of Endor to go and try and find Ezra with Sabine.
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    4x Aethersprite Brainstorm

    More like Saesee Tiin's triple date.
  5. Animewarsdude

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    So, who wants to proxy the Tauntauns as these guys? Except these speeder bike riders know how to use their brakes and better yet with the free pivot are Tokyo Drifting all over the place!
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    Wave 3's cards and points are up in the Builder

    Official List building is 2 to 8 ships.
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    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    I very much like consistency so it mostly just bugs me. And all the jumps from orbit to my knowledge are something very new being introduced if TFA and Rogue One before this point, both of which were treated as rare or dangerous actions rather than just some norm. It also doesn't help that they mention the gravity well and how they need to get out of it before they could jump, but they were still clearly within not only the planet's orbit but in the atmosphere itself. That is very fair considering that Kaz was able to hit Vonreg in the opening when Vonreg was distracted by Poe and this time he was able to shoot and kill Vonreg while the FO pilot was distracted trying to shoot down Yeager. I think it would have helped if they established more of a rivalry, since Kaz fights him what all of 4 times throughout the season? Once in the pilot in his T-85, once in a red T-70 when they went to the one abandoned facility where he spent most of it fleeing, and twice in the Fireball when he went to go and investigate with Poe on that one mission in which I think it was Poe who helped make Vonreg withdraw and the final time being this episode. Outside of that I think Kaz might have seen/interacted with Vonreg one other time when the character was at the Colossus. Without any real build up for the villain his death didn't really have any impact, Vult Skeriss from Rebels worked better in a similar role in Rebels before he was killed by Hera in the final season.
  8. Animewarsdude

    Polish Aethersprite spoiler

    FFG hasn't released points early aside from the first wave, Wave 2 released 'early' for us since it came out in the UK early. I do wish they'd go ahead and show us threat builds to at least give a general idea, since that could help show how many of a ship you might want to get out the gate for people planning to preorder.
  9. Animewarsdude

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    Concept art time Some various Pirate models The Colossus, seems it was always intended to be a ship during the scripting phase, and they included hints to it throughout the season including some lights being noticeable from under the water. The final shape and design of the ship though wasn't finished/decided upon until the season finale. It was also made to fly vertically to have it stand out from Star Destroyers since they are both wedge shaped.
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    Putting a Face to the Name: Pilots (Update: Wave 3 Republic)

    With more pilots revealed I think it has been well over time to do some more of these, so lets start with the ARC-170. Commander Wolffe, he is from Clone Wars where he served as the commander of the Wolf Pack. He and his Jedi General were first tasked with investigating mysterious attacks on Republic fleets which turned out to be the Malevolence which used its powerful ion super weapon to disable the Jedi's forces causing them to abandon ship in escape pods. Thanks to Plo Koon, Wolffe, Boost and Sinker both survived the incident, and the droid's attempt to crack their pod open, long enough to be rescued by Anakin Skywalker in the Twilight. Sometime after that incident, once Plo Koon's forces had been replenished, he fought alongside Anakin again though would end up losing his eye to Assajj Ventress when she struck him with her blade, he'd go on to have his eye replaced with a cybernetic one. Throughout the war he'd participate or command a variety of battles a few of which were rescue missions like Felucia where he commanded the space forces while Plo Koon led an extraction for Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka and their remaining forces as well as when he and his troops helped rescue Anakin and Mace Windu from Boba Fett's attack on Windu's life. During the Clone Wars he also participated in a few other notable events, the mercy mission to Aleen which saw him having to deal with C-3PO annoying him endlessly, helping rescue the Togruta colonists which had been enslaved by the Zygerrians, he was the once to stun and capture Ahsoka Tano after she was expelled from the Jedi Order and accused of the deed, and was there when Plo Koon discovered the lightsaber of Sifo-Dyas. Near the end of the Clone Wars he removed his control chip, which prevented him from being forced to enact Order 66 and he ultimately went on to live with Rex and Gregor, who had done the same, on Seelos where the lived quietly during the Empire's reign until the Kannan, Ezra, Zeb, and Sabine came to seek them out. While they were there it was revealed that not only did Wolffe hide transmissions from Ahsoka meant for Rex but also that he had tipped the Empire off that Jedi were there, all in the hopes to keep his brothers safe from Imperial retribution. He went on to help fight off the Imperial forces sent to Seelos, and made use of one of the AT-AT's as a new home that he and Gregor lived in until the Liberation of Lothal where they assisted the Spectres and in the end they both lost their lives. Sinker, he is from Clone Wars and was part of Plo Koon's forces the Wolf Pack. During the Clone Wars he was often near his Jedi General often leading to dangerous battles and adventures. When Plo Koon's forces encountered the Malevolence he along with Wolffe and Boost were in the same escape pod as their general and as such were one of the few pods that ended up surviving the Separatist's tactic to crack the pods open. He later participated in a battle on Felucia where Ahsoka was captured by a Trandosian hunter, Lo-Taren, and was tasked to search the surrounding area to find her after the battle. Later in the war he would be part of the forces sent to Aleen to provide aid and would be art of the forces sent to help rescue the Togruta colonists that had been enslaved by the Zygerrians. Jag, he is from ROTS where he flew with Plo Koon during the Battle of Cato Neimodia. During the battle he flew as Plo Koon's wingman and when Order 66 was given he was the one to shoot down his Jedi General. Next should I do the Delta-7 or the Sith Infiltrator?
  11. Animewarsdude

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    The hotel certainly seems to be themed to the Resistance far more than the FO. I know it is true that you can buy appropriate clothes for both factions and earn reputation and the like but looking at the concept art it rather looks rather Resistance focused.
  12. Animewarsdude

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    I'm fairly certain it won't be part of the rides. Rise of the Resistance has you in the Intersystem transport which is captured by the FO and then you are in a little transport for the rest of the ride up to the point where it takes you into an escape pod to drop you back down to the planet. Flight of Millennium Falcon will take place aboard the Falcon obviously and maybe could have a cameo of it showing up at somepoint but likely doubt it. The hotel could work as being it, though it could just be a generic Resistance ship too. I know one of the big points about Batuu is supposedly they worked out its history during the Clone Wars up through to the ST, likely so they could modify the land as needed in the future, though I don't expect it to be rethemed from the ST anytime soon. I mean the original Star Tours was meant to be able to be changed around regularly and only was once they redid the whole ride, pre-show, queue, etc rather than just the ride itself. Besides these rides won't have sponsors and Disney had a habit of not wanting to spend tons on a ride that works, RIP original EPCOT Center.
  13. Animewarsdude

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    Part of me wants to think it won't but then again they do have that Star Wars hotel they are building...
  14. Animewarsdude

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    Sort of, I think what we've seen so far is that he can take advantage of his surroundings to a good extent. Him surviving that one explosion by hiding in/on an asteroid, and again here he uses the cover of the station to hide his approach. I know he does a few other things with them just none come to mind right away. Really hoping that when FFG add him as a pilot his ability is something that deals with obstacles in some shape or form. It certainly sets her up well to be a compelling character/villain, and to have a good dynamic with Tierny. Really hoping to see her, Tam, to be a series long villain rather than them just having her be one for a season and then get saved/redeemed by Kaz. I think the Fireball and T-85 are shoes ins for the Resistance. I think there might be a very good chance that we don't see the other racer ships though, what with them all being one off crafts with only one known pilot. I wonder if they will end up keeping their ships moving forward or if they might end up getting T-70s or the like when they formally join the Resistance. FO Interceptor is another shoe in, its what one of four ship options with the other three all being one form of shuttle or another (Troop Carrier, Xi Shuttle, and TIE Echelon). I do wonder if it will keep the red paint scheme, part of me really hopes that we see the FO Interceptor in standard colors for season 2 for the FFG model, mostly because it stands out as odd compared to the other mainline fighters. Pirate Uglies I'm not sure if they will get the model treatment, the faction is already rather large and they are competing with PT era ships, and anything else introduced in episode 9. Weird as it is with the end of the season there might be a case for them ending up being used by the Resistance, or the uglies might be left behind to let the Pirates turned Resistance/ally use ships more normally used by that faction. Just another reason to look forward to season 2 news I guess.
  15. Animewarsdude

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    I know you are joking, but they at least had the reason to miss considering they wanted to let them get away and track the Falcon back to the Rebel base. ROTJ on the other hand...