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  1. Where is the First Order?

    Its all good, I've only read the first few issues so I didn't know if they had flash backs or something filling out earlier bits.
  2. Han Solo Red or White Defense Die?

    I'm pretty sure someone on here asked Alex Davy and he said that the promo card was misprinted with the red defense die, so that means he should have a white defense die. But hey, we will know for certain the next time we get an article or when we get the expansion.
  3. Commanders 2nd Generation - No Pierce Immunity

    Can I ask they just thread the needle and give us 3 or 4 heads to choose from? Possibly small Rebels spoiler: Classic Kanan, Helmet Kanan, Blind Kanan, and Final Kanan. No, no! C-3PO as the commander of that release! God, I hate those stupid things, but darn that is really meme worthy. I demand that we not just get the Grand Inquisitor but an Inquisitor Spec Ops unit with all of the Brothers and sisters!
  4. C-3PO, Commander?

    Oh I'd love R2 in the game, especially if they added other Astromechs too *cough* R4 and R5 *cough* Maybe if they make Pilots it can be an additional or Heavy unit upgrade for them? The generic Astromechs I mean.
  5. Where is the First Order?

    Yea, the whole battle with the Gungans was meant to draw as many forces away from the city as possible. A large field where they could be seen forming up probably was the best way to draw the Federation's attention so that the smaller attack on the palace could play out. I don't think we need new core sets, just follow Rune Wars' example with their sort of faction pack expansions with the Elves and the like. I think the Darth Vader comics take place after Rebels, since the queen he fights is just an egg in Rebels.
  6. C-3PO, Commander?

    Okay, partially a joke but it could work for a 'Ewok' Release with a Core Ewok unit alongside their Ewok Deity 3PO having command cards that really only buff the teddy bear army. Just imagine running a horse of Ewoks with pointy sticks into your opponent's forces while a Speed 1 3PO waddles behind them. Gives people the chance to repaint him to 0-0-0 from the Darth Vader comics if they want a more evil looking one to play this out. Though, it would be nice if they included an upgrade that added 3PO to a Rebel commander, sort of like a Heavy Unit Upgrade but just helps buff the Commander's health or the like.
  7. Snowtrooper possible variant paint scheme

    So the Cobra legion? At least if you lose a match you can curse the rebels in Cobra Commander's voice.
  8. Scout Troopers Painted

    I primed the troopers in white, and the bikes in black. Then after the primer dried I painted the entire scout trooper miniature in white base coat too, and painted the bike in the brown color before going in and adding other details.
  9. Missing stuff

    It sounds like the free AT-RT handles are missing in a lot of core sets. I know my two were missing them, thankfully FFG/Asmodee sent replacements real quick.
  10. Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge

    yea, I know they have 'issues' hitting capacity on their parks on a fairly regular basis so they are getting lots of people in there despite the steep increase in prices and some less than great practices (Charging you for parking your car at the their resorts now). Pandora still is an odd edition to Animal Kingdom, but it was a pretty land and the Flight of Passage Ride is amazing to put to it simply. And considering the line can get to 3 to 4 hours long it seems most agree with that sentiment. That said, I'm not a huge fan of some of the classic rides they have been getting rid of lately, and question the theming of some of the rides being added to lands especially Guardians of the Galaxy. That and continuing to get rid of rides that can chew through people quickly like omnimover rides infavor for rides that have much lower capacity. It isn't a bad thing to do unique rides with lower capacity, but it really balloons the wait times. Or the push for only creating IP based rides rather than original ones, granted that is more likely due to it being hard to get ride sponsorship from companies and them going with the safest possible ride that people will know and go to the park to see.
  11. Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge

    I personally have to wonder if at some point they might end up retheming the rides to the OT era if the ST era stays as divisive. I know they would want to make the place as inclusive as possible to attract fans, but at the same point the Yeti effect on Everest has been broken for years so who knows.
  12. Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge

    Disneyland and Disney World in the same year, with some version of it planned to come to Disneyland Paris in a smaller form and to Tokyo Disney Resort based off the rumors of a Tokyo Disney Air park being made to join the already existing Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. The second video is from Disneyland, they are further along in development and it matches up with it bordering the Rivers of America whereas WDW's version will be boarding Toy Story Land, and the area where the Muppet Vision 3D is located.
  13. Painting stormtroopers...

    I have to say, I actually didn't mind painting my batch of 4 squads. To me it felt more tedius painting the 9 stormies in IA's coreset than this one's though that likely had to do with how I staggered them so I wasn't painting the same sculpt again and again.
  14. TIE Conjoined

    Probably because they want to target younger audiences, ones who will be less likely to be critical and will want to have the new toys bought, see the movies, and want to go to the Disney parks to check out Star Wars Land/Batuu. Granted, if the toy sales of TLJ are anything to go by it seems that Star Wars isn't really as strong a force to draw children in aside from some of the older/classic characters. I have to wonder, if maybe MCU films are sort of the new hotness for kids nowdays, that rather than waving around laser swords they want to imagine being Iron Man or Captain America instead.
  15. AWD's Painting Thread

    Latest update, finished up my AT-RTs. One painted up in Rebel colors while the other is mid paint job from the Imperial paint job, the idea being that it and its rider defected recently. And here is Luke, he looks a little rough this up close but looks perfectly fine on the tabletop. I might touch his face up a little more before I'm happy with him though.