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  1. Oh, FFG won't stop a game that isn't even related to that let alone one that is due to the hate the film gets. If FFG finds that sales aren't going well for that content I'd imagine they'd likely just not focus tons more releases around it and keep general appeal for the product line. As for Armada I think it just is suffering from the same stuff that IA did with Legion, the game is similar in concept to X-Wing in that it is a space battle Star Wars mini game so they likely don't want to take away attention from their new product. I hope we will see something at Gencon for Armada but if not then I guess the next best guess would be sometime in September after X-Wing 2.0 drops or in October.
  2. Transformers: Dark of the Moon - 1.123 Billion Transformers: Age of Extinction - 1.104 Billion Also, just to be that guy TLJ - 1.332 Billion Box offices sales are not synonymous with a good film, or how well fans of it receive it. TPM had a take of 1.027 Billion which when adjusted for inflation made more money than TLJ, and TPM was not very well received. Not going to turn this, or I hope we don't, into a TLJ hate/defense thread but I think we can all agree that TLJ was a divisive film.
  3. Animewarsdude

    TIE/ln article is up

    Backstabber to me is the saddest since now we cannot recreate the Trench Run completely now that Vader lost one of his wingmen. I understand they want new canon pilots but I looked up Seyn Marana and all I know about her is that she is dead. Getting Iden and the rest of Inferno Squad from BF2 (EA) in the game is fine and likely returning the favor since the Raider was featured but Vader should have both his wingmen. Hopefully when they add more Tie and X-Wing pilots, likely in some Epic conversion set or expansion, we will see Backstabber return.
  4. Animewarsdude

    Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    Imperial landing forces at the ready! Good work as always Mel. If the Sentinel Shuttles were sized up to be in scale with Armada's Lambda then it would be perfect!
  5. Animewarsdude

    Tallie Lintra speculation: I6 Ace or I5 Support?

    I mean... Also, proof T-47 can go into space, when do we get it for X-Wing? Triple tragedy really. Wasn't in the initial expansion, wasn't in Saw's Rebels, wasn't in the Rebel conversion kit. I'm just looking forward to when the U-Wing is rereleased so that we can get K2 and Laren Joma BA U-Wing Support Mama. Also, would just make since to have Bistan be able to be put on the ship he was firing on from Rogue One. Who dat?
  6. Animewarsdude

    Revelations from Thrawn #6

    Don't forget the classic Heavy Dreadnought design rather than the canon Imperial Support Vessel one, that said, I wouldn't expect too much since it was likely whatever the artist wanted to add within reason. I do hope we see the YT-2000 in time though.
  7. Animewarsdude

    Let's predict X-Wing 2.0 Wave 2!

    What do we know? Well the Devs have said that the ST era conversion sets will be in Wave 2, so I imagine we will get those and likely 2 expansions for them to follow the mold of the other factions in wave 1. The question though is if they will do a ST era core set with Poe's X-Wing this time featuring 'Flappy-Tech' or if they will try to push it the fancy X-wing into the conversion set along with the FO getting something in theirs to help bump up the price of those conversion sets. As for the other factions I imagine that they either get lowballed to have 1 new expansion or they will get 2 rereleased expansions. At present, not counting the conversion sets, we have it where the Rebels and Imperials have 2 ship options while Scum has 3. Moving forward I'd love to see PT era factions, however, I suspect they might not want to expand the line that much at this point since it splits their market a bit. Besides, Wave 2 is clearly going to be pushing hard for ST stuff, and Gencon next year might be used to drum up excitement for releases tied to the show or Episode 9 rather than taking away any attention away from the big event film. If we are to see Clone Wars stuff, I think the earliest we'd see it would be the year after episode 9, of course I'd love to be proved wrong here.
  8. Animewarsdude

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Dicussion Thread!

    And then when someone goes to confront him his human mask drops and we learn he was a wolf the entire time! Filoni: "Howl did you figure it out?" P.S. No, I'm not sorry, Mwahaha!
  9. Animewarsdude

    Hey Mel, you out there?

    Also, if you want to suggest stuff or marvel at Mel's stuff we have a thread for it too.
  10. Animewarsdude

    MG-100 Starfortess for 2.0

    Which just tells me that his attack stat should instead be equal to the number of hull the other ship has.
  11. Animewarsdude

    MG-100 Starfortess for 2.0

    I can only imagine it was due to LFL giving early concept work to FFG to do their sculpt. The Silencer has a similar issue with its rear being different, it being far too big, and I think missing the missiles on its wings. Granted since Rian Johnson has admitted to having ILM change the model of the Silencer to more match the toy, since he liked the missile gimmick, I wouldn't be surprised if he came in last second telling the people doing the CG work to change the models at which point FFG was likely already done with their molds or the like. Still, I can only hope that moving forward FFG won't be pushing to have X-Wing related stuff pushed forward for the movies so that we get more accurate representations. Besides, if they dumped that load onto Destiny even if there was an error of sorts its more abstract so could likely not really end up mattering too much.
  12. Animewarsdude

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Dicussion Thread!

    They are exceptionally well trained.
  13. Animewarsdude

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Dicussion Thread!

    You ever wonder if he keeps a wolf pack in his office, all of which are wearing Wolf Pack clone trooper helmets made for them?
  14. Animewarsdude

    MG-100 Starfortess for 2.0

    Actually, that bit about dropping a probe droid is pretty interesting. I wonder if that will be a device added after some time, maybe it lets you ping target locks off it, or maybe it interacts with ships that you attack within range of it. Hmmmm, looking forward to new and interesting device options.
  15. Animewarsdude

    The Return of VADER!

    Aww, I wanted to see some Rebels pump a shot gun and fire only for a Royal Guard to jump out and spin his staff deflecting the shot.