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  1. The main complaints are against EA, I think the dev team probably did the best they could and EA just wanted to push the loot box system because you know it gives them even more money then if they made you pay for a season pass or DLC, seeing how there are people who will be willing to gamble on them to get stuff. It is really skeevy, and I despise the who CCG element of it, especially since you have to pay $60 to just get the game. F2P mechanics shouldn't be added to a retail game like this.
  2. Following Sequel trilogy logic maybe it is a CR180?
  3. No it is a a HMP droid gunship, they are first seen in ROTS during the attack on Kashyyyk , and showed up in the original Battlefront 2 long before they ended up in Clone Wars. And the Shadowcaster concept was meant for the season 6 (I think) story that would later become Dark Disciple.
  4. Well....I guess that would let me do something with those xenomorph miniatures I bought to paint...
  5. Crates give you better weapons, better star cards, and credits that can be spent on getting heroes before anyone else. Being able to get an advantage by doling out cash sounds very much like Pay to Win, or a model that is very much more focused on a F2P setup rather than a game you have to drop 60 bucks on. I heard they reduced the campaign's credit payout, did they reduce the basic game's payout too? Because uh, getting less than 300 credits a match is just even more insane. Oh, and if the loot crates are so horrible just wait, since apparently they are releasing a $20 - $30 starter pack to get weapons and star cards too, you know because that is so what you need to get started. "Oh yes, I only paid $60 for this game, to be prepared I might as well spend another $20 - $30 so I start off on the right foot." Seriously, I'm going to be happy once EA's license for Star Wars games come up and we hopefully can get a game without their management trying to squeeze every penny out that they can. And for those saying that it is okay to just play 40 hours to Unlock 1 hero just remember how crazy that is as most games, as Ralgon mentioned top out at that. That is like having to go and beat a game every single time you want something that was advertised in the commercials and a basic given in the past games. I know that the credit cost has been reduced but that is just an insane time investment and them going "You can get it sooner, just give me your money" is really skeevy.
  6. Unlocking stuff is fine, I have no issue doing that with Smash Bros, but they have made it a tad crazy with low payout per game, and offering loot boxes to get their money to unlock the stuff. It just sort of feels much more like a F2P model where you need to grind to get that content rather than you know paying to get a game to get basic and notable characters to play in the game. And if you don't pay money then you are starting at a disadvantage, by not getting heroes and by not getting the star cards which make you stronger and harder to kill in the very matches where people have to put up with that disparity, since you know if you are saving up credits for heroes then you aren't spending those credits on loot crates instead.
  7. Battlefront 2 (original) was able to give you the characters for free at the start, and lets be honest the only reason they have the heroes pay walled is not to give you an actual sense of achievement but to force as many people who might be willing to fork over cash to get them early via the loot boxes. You know since Loot boxes and micro transactions are where all the real money is nowdays, sadly. And because the loot boxes are being used to give people the materials to get heroes early, and to get superior star cards to give people who buy them an advantage in the game does create a feeling of Pay to win. If you focus on getting heroes then you don't get credits to spend on loot boxes, and really it is a bit of a mess. What would have been better would to have been to keep the heroes free but you know have it where the costumes were in loot boxes. Sure that can be aggravating but it doesn't start some people off at an advantage in the game because they were willing to just drop more cash in the game rather than earn it with skill. They already plan skins since Kylo and Rey are getting them for their Last Jedi appearance, offering the characters alt costumes like Luke in rebel pilot gear, bespin luke, etc... or even Han's appearance from the story mode would have been plenty easy and probably creates more satisfaction getting them then forcing people into doing a grind, a grind that forces multiplayer, since doing arcade after a while will make you have to wait a period before you can get more credits via that method, and isn't based on skill or contribution but rather the time spent in the match. Preferably they wouldn't use loot boxes, or really any video games, since you know when I drop down the cost for the game I want to be able to play the game without having to go through the whole CCG mess which is why I stopped playing card games.
  8. According to the Rebels Recon Hera is a better pilot than uh PS 9 I guess for her too?
  9. Well from what I've heard the bigger issue is the credit system to get the funds to get the heroes because you are paid by time and not by effort/achievement. You can be MVP and get less credits than if you did nothing and just helped stale the game out longer than you need to. I think 13 mins came out to be like 335 credits. So yea take that and try to calculate how long it takes to get the credits needed to unlock a hero.
  10. The astromech that the pilot had sort of gave it away, you know that 'great' episode everyone loved called Iron Squadron.
  11. Enjoyable episode, and appreciate the fact they were using individual rebel pilots rather than just faceless goons like they did in season 2. Though while it is a bit petty I kind of dislike how they used the Ghost's nose and turret guns for the sound effect of the X-wing firing, it just sounds really out of place just like how I hate hearing TFA's falcon's guns being used during the OT in games and the like. To me the sounds are rather iconic and while I don't need them to be exact it feels just as out of place to me as using BB-8s, or Chopper's astromech sounds for R2.
  12. I wouldn't mind if they kept it pure scum with Maul, Pre Vizsla, and Bo Katan. I also wouldn't mind if they instead wanted it to be a pure unqiue ship like the ARC-170 with Gar Saxon as an Imperial pilot, Ezra as a rebel pilot, and Maul and mostly likely Bo Katan as pilots for Scum.
  13. So long as they have someone patch the dialogue up here and there to make it sound like something a person might say, or at the very least have a director that who can direct people. Lucas is a good idea man, but he sort of sucks when it comes to trying to direct people and create dialogue himself. Based off the Han Solo issues, and granted this is just speculation on my part, but I figure that Rian Johnson and J.J. Abrams are both sort of yes men, who would be more willing to bow towards LFL if they want to push certain things. Like I said, I could be wrong, but I figure Disney and LFL will want to make Star Wars as marketable and relatable to the masses as possible and people who are willing to play ball and do as they say are more favorable than those that might try to do their own thing. Now, whether this is a good or bad thing we don't know, but hopefully it will be good. Well Disney is not working with Netflix to make any new shows post 2018, so I figure all of Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney will end up on the streaming service, which is a good deal more promising than what CBS all access has going for it. The New trilogy is very welcome in my mind, I don't want spinoffs for Han Solo and Obi-Wan and every other possibly character, I much rather see new stories and exploring that area.
  14. And this is nothing new for the game too, when it first came out the delay between the core and Wave 1 killed some momentum, then the large drought between wave 1 and wave 2 with no news aside from the announcement killed more of it. This has repeated time after time, communities for the game being dwindled down and surviving usually thanks to those of us who love the game.
  15. List of rebel vehicles that could be used: