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  1. You can also find them on Youtube, they are a fair bit of fun to listen to and would recommend them. Not everyone comes back to reprise their character but if I remember correctly Mark Hamil does, it had been a little while since I listened to them all.
  2. Sorry, just never got around to fixing the card. I'm just glad someone was able to find the IG-88 card with Photobucket doing what they did.
  3. To be fair the Republic called the Clone Wars that (aside from some newer material where they've called it Clone War) so maybe in that universe Wars and War are exchangable so long as the battle takes place on more than just one planet.
  4. I think you mean poetry, since if you meant pottery I'm just imagining a mandalorian in armor sitting their making some 'warrior' bowels.
  5. Has anyone tried this with just adding lowering the pegs or using tokens to show the level everything is on and had any positive or negative results from the added complication?
  6. I think the bigger worry is his acting ability considering he couldn't do improv with the other directors apparently and has needed acting coaches to come to set to help him out. I hope the film is good but it seems the film has been a nightmare behind the scenes.
  7. Shield regen by itself might be bad, look at how mad people used to be about Corran and his shenanigans with that. But if they were to do it maybe something like the power allocation from the video games? You can gain 1 shield token but must either taken ion token, or a weapons disabled token/reduce attack by 1 die this round. You can perform a boost action but must lose a shield token or take a weapons disabled token/reduce attack by 1 die this round. You can reroll 1/2 dice this turn but must lose a shield token or take an ion token. Make it an active choice the player has to make, you gain an innate boon at a cost.
  8. I'm not really a fan of the separate pilot and ship cards, but if they were to do that maybe have it where you have them double sided so you get a crew and pilot card in one, the side used just determines the price and ability used, so like how we have dual cards but one side is the pilot ability while the other has the crew icon and the ability for that. Extra points if they have it where the pilot's ability can sort of slot down on the ship card to help reduce clutter. I'm pro secondary dice for heavier weapons, but I think going past 3 sets of dice might get a little cumbersome for the game. Another possible idea is that ships have unique abilities open to them, so basically how some of the title cards are sort of considered auto-include like the Tie Advanced Prototype's one. Preferably the abilities just helps make the ship more distinct and are in general simple and to the point abilities or actions.
  9. I've heard he made the Ewoks since he thought they would be marketable and that he wanted to have a toy for his daughter. And I've also heard that they changed it because he wanted a native people beat the technologically superior group but since we see Chewie being space faring and assumably wookies as well it went a little bit against that vision so they switched Ewoks for Wookies.
  10. Just as a fan name to make it fit more in line with Rebel ships does T-Wing or L-Wing work better? Or, is this something that no one cares about?
  11. So the reverse Tie Defender or the Nascar fighter then?
  12. It would be beyond huge, since that ship is around the size of an ISD last I remember, so maybe for Armada but that would just be the ISD in X-wing debate from years ago.
  13. As great as that would be I think casual audiences would want to know why there were some random blue skinned people showing up who haven't really been mentioned before that point. I think Chiss stuff will probably be mostly covered in stuff that isn't the movies unless Thrawn gets his own movie. And, just to be honest I'd so much more love to see a Thrawn movie than a Han Solo, Obi-wan, Boba Fett spinoff film.