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  1. Animewarsdude

    Canon ships from clone wars era

    Maybe a configuration that strips the crew, weapon's slot used for the side guns, and gives the ship a device slot with the ship gaining a device limited to only it that could drop one on an asteroid would be neat.
  2. Animewarsdude

    Canon ships from clone wars era

    I mean, I guess but it clearly a ship that isn't a formal part of the CIS. Of the two factions it could be added to Scum seems by far the stronger connection seeing how it was used throughout its history as a Mandalorian ship in Clone Wars and Rebels. I mean I can see them possibly giving it to the CIS if only due to the whole lacking a number of large ships but it would feel odd to put a ship iconic to Mandalorians in two different factions. I think that lends some credence to people liking the new mold and the fact that Y-Wings are from my experience fairly decent in Hyperspace. Its just when Scum has 6 ships available to them, or soon to be available to them, as 2.0 only releases whereas the Rebels have 3, Imperials 4, with both of those having 1 of those ships as tail end 1st edition expansions, Resistance with 2, FO with 1, and Republic and CIS with 3 I don't really think they need another immediate release. If this past wave was any indication, with the extra cards in the conversion kits, it seems like the Resistance Bomber, and the Upsilon and Tie Silencer will be part of Wave 4, giving both ST era factions 3 2.0 ship expansions, leaving enough room for them to add 3-5 more expansions, with 3 being able to bring the PT factions and Rebels to 4 2.0 ship releases.
  3. Animewarsdude

    Canon ships from clone wars era

    Death Watch sided with Dooku for like one arc and without any direct help and then went their own way to go after the Jedi and reclaim Mandalore. They do, and the HWK probably should get priority of the two just so Scum players could get the title without having to buy a separate conversion kit; however since the faction already has the most ship options off all the factions at the moment it would make sense to give someone else a release instead. Republic and CIS likely need 1 more ship minimum each to bump them up to 4 ships, the FO needs to get a 2.0 expansion for something other than the TIE/fo, and the Rebels will not have gotten a release since Wave 1 while Imps are getting one in Wave 3 and Scum has gotten at least 1 ship each wave.
  4. Animewarsdude

    Imps should get those 224th Armored Division

    I'd like them as a cheaper Corps option for the Empire based around them being thrown up forward to try and get to an objective with them only getting an ability triggered for being suppressed or losing a mini as they try to survive while their commanders are using them as expendable troops. And they really don't have much in the way of armor so I could also see them rolling white dice instead of red for defense, overall I think they have comparable armor to that of a Scout Trooper since the Mud Troopers mostly are just wearing a helmet, chest piece and a few bits of armor on their shoulders and upper arms.
  5. Animewarsdude

    Canon ships from clone wars era

    It definitely would have a forward arc with its forward mounted laser cannons and wing top composite beam weapons, a missile slot since it had concussion missile launchers, and might possibly have a weak rear gun shot since it had one of those too. Considering it had ordnance strapped to its wings that could be dropped or fired it could likely gain a device or another missile slot too. As for its guns having them as an upgrade would make sense as they didn't always have them loaded on the craft, in fact most times in the Clone Wars show they lacked them. I can see the LAAT/i being reasoned to that it is being attacked while in transit to drop off troops but the area is too hot to allow it to retreat so it has to join the fight and hope to break through once fighters have been cleared out a bit. The Cloud Cars on the otherhand are just straight Airspeeders, like the T-47. I wouldn't mind seeing either of them, but they are both very not space worthy or capable. Maybe FFG might announce a ground component that works with X-Wing, as it could allow for some Epic style material without having to build larger ship models and take the risk of them not selling well. I could see them downsizing it to Ghost size if they decided to add it, though at present I don't really think Scum needs anymore ships, let alone large ships. Sort of hoping that they get skipped next wave to try either release new stuff for the new four factions or use their slot(s) to help rerelease ships.
  6. Animewarsdude

    Canon ships from clone wars era

    I mean FFG can do what they want but it was never used for or by the CIS, just by the Mandalorians. It would make more sense for it to be used by Scum so you could fly it as part of a Mandalorian list with Fang Fighters or to fly it with Black Sun, Pike, etc... ships to theme a list to Maul's forces.
  7. Animewarsdude

    Canon ships from clone wars era

    Fair They had to fly from their carrier ship to the planet's surface, so they had to be able to be vacuum sealed so they can fly in space. I wouldn't imagine they would be amazingly maneuverable in space but they do have a ton of weapons to make up for it.
  8. Animewarsdude

    Canon ships from clone wars era

    Also pretty sure it was unarmed so that doesn't really help its case either. The LAAT/i I think works well enough and is as much, if not more, a combat ship than the U-Wing, they both served the same role of deploying troops into a hot zone. The LAAT/i just was better armed and able to hold more people at 30 a pop plus a speeder or AT-RT. Though, because of its size I doubt we will see it in Legion considering the new tank being added is like 9 meters long and the LAAT/i is a good 17 to 20+ feet long depending on the source.
  9. Animewarsdude

    Putting a Face to the Name: Pilots

    Legends (Before The Clone Wars CG show): Grievous, he is from ROTS and was the supreme commander of the droid army. He was originally born as a Kaleesh named Qymaen Jai Sheelal who learned tactics and battle fighting against the Huk. During the conflict he met a female Kaleesh swordmaster with the two getting close before she was killed by the Huk at which point he renamed himself Grievous and led his people to defeat the Huk, pushing them from their planet and then going to the Huk's homeworld and conquering it causing other of his race to see him as a demigod of sorts. It did not last as the Huk cried to the Republic and got the Jedi to come and remove the Kaleesh, sending them back to their world to starve. Grievous would take up work for the Banking Clan as an enforcer to try and help his people as best he could but the Huk attacked his homeworld again. Dooku seeing Grievous' skills wanted them for the coming Separatist war effort so a bomb was arranged on Grievous' ship critically wounding him with the CIS taking him and giving him his cybernetic body with the Republic being blamed as the source of the bomb. Grievous was then trained in light saber combat, and went on to wreck havoc on the Republic over the three years of the Clone Wars, killing many Jedi and taking their light sabers to add to his collection and overall being feared as a savage, merciless brute and tactical genius. He led the assault on Corsucant near the end of the Clone Wars where he personally went and captured Palpatine, cutting down his clone and Jedi escort but as he was about to make his way to his ship his chest was crushed by Mace Windu leading to his 'cough'. He'd capture Anakin and Obi-Wan during their attempt to free Palpatine but would end up having to escape from the ship when things began to turn against his favor retreating to Utapau. On Utapau he'd meet his end at Obi-Wan's hands. His body was collected by clone troopers and eventually was taken from the storehouse he was put in with his deceased organic bits being replaced and being turned into a droid that met an untimely fate to a number of spacers, ultimately his face mask would end up in Thrawn's possession. Canon: Grievous, he is from ROTS and was the supreme commander of the droid army. He was originally born as a Kaleesh warlord and due to an accident would require cybernetic parts, though the episode Grievous' Lair portrays the idea that he replacing parts of his body over time to become stronger. Once he was fully cybernetic he was trained by Count Dooku in lightsaber combat before becoming the supreme leader of the CIS' military, leading the front against the Galactic Republic. He was known for his hatred of the Jedi and killed several of them and taking their sabers as trophies over the course of the war. During the war he was involved with countless battles but most notably was the use of the Malevolence which plagued the Republic until it had been damaged by Anakin's efforts which led to its destruction, the attack on Kamino that ultimately ended in failure, the Battle of Dathomir that led to the slaughter of the Nightsisters, and his raid on Coruscant where his forces were able to capture Palpatine. He'd capture Anakin and Obi-Wan during their attempt to free Palpatine but would end up having to escape from the ship when things began to turn against his favor retreating to Utapau. On Utapau he'd meet his end at Obi-Wan's hands. Wat Tambor, he is from ATOC. He was a member of the CIS and the representative of the Techno Union. During the Clone Wars he was involved with a number of operations, the first being Ryloth where he was in charge of the occupation but due to his greed ended up not evacuating in time with his tactical droid leaving him behind to be captured by Mace Windu. The next standout one was of his work and interest in the captured Clone Trooper Echo who he had in a stasis chamber and was able to extract various bits of the clone's information which helped Trench during the battle of Anaxes. That was unit Clone Unit 99, also known as the Bad Batch, came in and rescued Echo. As the war raged on he and the rest of the council went to Utapau before being told to relocate to Mustafar where they would meet their end as Darth Vader cut them down. Captain Sear, he is from the Kanan comic series. He was a member of the CIS and obtained the layout of the Jedi Temple from Cad Bane with the intent of destroying it and killing the Jedi there using miniature explosives. While he tried to do this he was confronted by a padawan Kanan, or rather more accurately Caleb Dume, and his master Depa Billaba who were able to destroy the explosives before they could be used to hurt anyone. Cornered and refusing to be spared by the Jedi Sear jumped from the temple to his death. \ Not a pilot but figured I'd throw it in just cause. Haor Chall was the company responsible for creating the Vulture Droids, the Sheathipede-class shuttle, the Hailfire droid, and the landing craft used by the CIS and Trade Federation as seen in TPM.
  10. Animewarsdude

    prediction time 2019

    I mentioned it being Battlefront 2, EA, in an earlier post so I didn't keep stating it was that battlefront 2 with every post. And you are right, it is a pale imitation, but they do have it as a vehicle option on a number of maps.
  11. Animewarsdude

    Clone Wars Era Specialist Expansion options?

    Republic: Generic Clone Commander, likely in Phase 2 armor with abilities similar to what named Clone Commanders can do but to a lesser extent like we see with Leia/Veers and the generics. Clone Comms Trooper Pit Droid for their repair option since they won't want to confuse generic R2s and R2-D2 on the field. For their medical option they can either go with a combat version with a Clone Medic in armor or for a noncombatant they could do the FX-7 Medical droid which people remember from the original Battlefront games and helps tie into the Empire as they have the FX-6 medical droid. CIS: Tactical Droid, they were numerous and still leaves them the option to add a Super tactical droid as a standalone commander down the line like Kraken. B1 Battle Droid likely with a comm pack on his back, similar to how we see them in TPM. Repair could be one of three options, the 1st is a generic B1 with the idea of it being a pilot like seen in TPM or Engineer with a fusion cutter, the 2nd is a Buzz Droid, and the 3rd is if they wanted to go for an iconic design by going with the GNK droid provided they didn't want to do Scum since I'd imagine the GNK droid would end up being used there instead then. As for their medical option they'd likely get an EV series medical droid seeing as Grevious had one in an episode of the Clone Wars.
  12. Animewarsdude

    Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    The Old Republic faction continues to grow!
  13. Animewarsdude

    Skull Forge Stuff

    @Skullforge if I can suggest alt Rebel and Imperial officers, I think these two would be good alternatives. Regardless, am looking to see what new models you put up on Shapeways.
  14. Animewarsdude

    Unsung Heros.

    On the initial article you can see the same wording on the Imp astro and Medical droid, so the only question is if they were to give it capacity 1 instead of 2, which I hope they wouldn't.
  15. Animewarsdude

    Unsung Heros.

    Which is why I liked the idea of them giving you a male and female model, it would help make it standout. And no doubt it will be.