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  1. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    Well...I guess that is why we haven't seen Bane in Rebels...
  2. Would this have been more interesting?

    Question is how they would bring Mara back in this 'revised' era. Does she come back as Luke's wife? Does she come back as a Lando of sorts with her running Talon Karrde's group or a similar group? Or, does she remain as part of a loyalist empire, sort of deal where they are the people that believe in the stability and order that the Empire brought? Also, in this adjusted era have it where the Empire continues the fight with the Rebellion for more than a year, say 5 or 6 with an adapted form of the Thrawn trilogy taking place near the end of that and leading to the peace agreement between the Empire and New Republic. Then you could even have some members in the FO saying stuff like "If only Thrawn was still here we would have won!" It would likely allow for a quick scene to help allude to the time difference between the OT and ST, just some off hand comment from a FO officer or the like. Then of course after the ST trilogy, have Filoni and Zahn come together to direct/write an animated Thrawn trilogy made either by Pixar, Disney studios, or Lucasfilm animation. And of course that would open the door for other animated Star Wars works which would allow for films to be set inbetween OT episodes if they so liked.
  3. Would this have been more interesting?

    Exactly, even could show some FDR/Churchill like meeting between the New Republic's Councillor and the Imperial Remnant's emperor. It would at least likely shock some people and create the feeling of mistrust that they are still using an emperor, or it could have someone like Mas Ameda as the emperor which would just show how far the Empire had come since the fall of Palpatine.
  4. So, we all know that the Sequel Trilogy has more or less set it up that the universe has collapsed into a repeat of the OT with a small band of rebels against a large empire. There have been plenty of threads about how bad/good TLJ was, but instead of trying to focus on that film how about what have been a better set up for the ST era? I personally would think it would have been interesting to see the galaxy split into the New Republic, Imperial Remnant and Independent Systems. Set that all up in the crawl since obviously people are against the idea of that being set up in the film directly seeing how well people liked the politics in the prequels, but it lets for fun possibilities with there being a tension between the NW and the IR, and a civil war with the IR where those that are with the FO fight against those that find those people nuts or dangerous. It even opens the doors for Leia wanting to intervene and help destroy the FO with the NR just keeping back to either respect the treaty or because they feel it isn't that dangerous for them to not be involved, which would naturally bite them in the butt if the FO somehow won and could use what they took from the war to then attack a relatively weak NR. It also opens up the doors for Leia's group fighting alongside Imperials which would show how the galaxy had changed and been a bit like how the Klingons were enemies to the Federation in TOS but became allies by TNG. Oh and no Starkiller base, so that we don't jump straight into OT era again. As for the main three characters, Leia as a general/admiral makes fair sense, especially considering her parentage and how people might react to that. Have Han instead of a penniless smuggler avoiding her be one of the ones standing at her side helping support her and doing what he felt right. Luke naturally working with them, and if he really needed to be out of the picture for the first film to not take focus from them maybe have it where he is on Ach-to or some planet trying to find out about Snoke or the like if he is supposed to be some ancient dark side being or the like. Oh, and of course, Lando he could be leading a cell or division of Leia's group or is running some complex that the characters end up at some point. As for the new cast, Poe probably kept the same minus the copious amount of comedy, and possibly kept more in a secondary character role like Wedge or Ackbar, or if he needed more attention maybe something like a Han, Chewie due with him and Finn? Finn as an idea isn't really that bad of an idea so not much changed. Rey, I will say has an amazing intro scene in TFA, but she needs an arc and training so likely Luke in a mentor role to her though more Obi-wan/Yoda, than being pissy hermit man. Kylo as a villain is fine too really, a bit whiny but is a good 'try to do vader but not quite' type villain, though instead of having him kill all of Luke's students maybe have it where the NR is using the jedi as agents much like how the old republic did but Kylo and the Knights of Ren go in and are systematically hunting them down to make the NR a weaker target once they turn their sights to them. Hux, treat him like Piett and make him actually competent. Phasma, treat her like an actual threat and like Veers. Really, the ST suffers from too many characters and trying to play them up but really should perhaps have had some of these characters more as background ones and have a tighter focus on your core cast like how the OT did and the PT did as well, sure you have Mace and stuff there but clearly you have 3 - 5 main characters of focus. So, what do people think of these ideas? Some good? Some craptastic fanfiction work that shouldn't see the light of day? What are other people's ideas on the setting for the ST era and how it should have been treated in your mind?
  5. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    I know he mentioned at one point that Sabine is partially based on his wife, or at least how she changes her hair every so often so that might play into it too.
  6. Scum Sheathipede-Shuttle

    Don't like the added bit(s) to it? I imagine it will be part of the next wave based off timing unless FFG doesn't want 3 YT-1300 models out there.
  7. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    At least they showed her trying to learn it, I am much more willing to accept that she practiced a lot more off screen or the like but the main thing is they showed her learning it. Just imagine how many people would complain about filler if the devoted more than one episode to it. Sure, they could have had her practicing in the background or the like but I'll accept that more than someone who just learned about something and then picked it up at an Olympic level without any real practice. Ditto, maybe, just maybe had they given the episode some stakes with her mother or brother, if not both, dying they could have given her character something to play with to grow and change but it was rather meh as it was presented. And there wasn't any real investment in the background manadlorians with no name so the 'shock' was pretty weak. Just imagine how much of a tone setter it would have been for the season if they had it in there. And yea, Sabine should have been older, more along the lines of say Wedge's age so that she would have spent a good bit of time at the academy to help explain all the imperial secrets and the like she knows. Granted they didn't so they could possibly do some romance with Ezra, but that was a bit weird with how it all played out and came off more like a kid trying to woo someone older and not into them. But now she is sort of in the big sister role I guess, and well isn't it just very Star Wars to have a possible romance become a sibling relationship?
  8. Possible spoiler for next rebel release

    It felt like every single time something important happened they would pop their helmets off, especially Iden Versio, so that you could see the main character's reaction to stuff. Like, every single time, only to put the helmet back on and then continue on. I mean I get on a fundamental level why they do it but an in universe logic reason escapes me.
  9. Possible spoiler for next rebel release

    Repeat post
  10. Possible spoiler for next rebel release

    Repeat post
  11. Possible spoiler for next rebel release

    Well, that hairdo is a helmet of sorts, right? It would be nice to see a FFG model of that version of Leia but yea, not the best one for a battlefield. Only if they can keep their helmets on, it was sort of a annoying that they kept taking their helmets off in the game whenever they needed to speak. I mean I know why, since you have actors and you want to capitalize on that and see their reactions but it doesn't change the fact I find it silly that in films and games they keep taking their helmets off, instead of you know keeping them on to protect that thing their brain rides in.
  12. Solo Falcon. Seriously why has no one said anything?

    Too bad we see the Steller Envoy, the Falcon's original name, in ROTS, though I wouldn't be surprised if they just retcon that to being another YT-`1300 the same way they retconed the Tantive IV from ROTS so that it was actually the Sundered Heart due to it looking different.
  13. More like "LUKE SKYWALKER, HAN SOLO, and LEIA ORGANA ARE DEAD, A NEW GENERATION STEPS UP TO TAKE THEIR PLACE..." Now, forget your old heroes and go buy the new one's toys, now! I really feel this new trilogy so far has been so very much mishandled, I wish they had just taken out an extra year or so to plan out where they wanted it to go and to give the original characters better send offs then you know killing them off, most of the time in an unsatisfying way, not to mention basically wiping away their happy endings and development. But I would have also loved it if they had you know not reset this to the OT with a small band of rebels versus a large empire, would have been interesting if they had the FO getting bigger over the films with the Resistance, or a better named Spec Ops group, going around and trying to prevent them from taking over.
  14. R2 and 3PO

    I bought a couple for that too but it feels really weird to have them be so small compared to the R2 units, I'm really holding out hope that FFG might make models for them at some point.
  15. R2 and 3PO

    Great to know I wasn't the only one, I ended up buying like 10 or so of the R2 sets and painted them all up with different paint jobs, I was going for having one that could be used for each astromech upgrade for X-wing for some cross play down the line. If only they would release pilots, and more importantly R4s and R5s for IA.