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  1. I'm not arguing that the CIS doesn't have more options, just that both have limited options for their commanders/operatives comparatively. FO would have I think Kylo Ren, Phasma, General Hux, Commander Pyre (Resistance), Agent Tierny (Resistance), Archex/Cardinal (Books), Pryde (TRoS), Agent Terex (Comics), Gideon Hask (Battlefront 2), various Knights of Ren, Commander Malarus (comics), and Bazine Netal (TFA). Those are most of the options I can think of so like 12+ options to fit into Commander and Operative slots.
  2. The ST, and its reception has caused the brand to lose value with much of the merchandise just not selling well at all. Hasbro specifically called it out the Star Wars line as not doing well. As for everything going on we have Squadrons (post OT), Fallen Order 2 (in between PT and OT), the Cassian Andor series (in between PT and OT) the Obi-Wan series (in between PT and OT), Mandalorian (post OT), Marvel comics (OT via Star Wars, Vader, and Aphra), another comic studio doing Clone Wars comics, and various books set during the PT or OT. Then we have rumored stuff like an Ahsoka show, a Rebels sequel, Clone Wars spin off, etc which are all again very focused on secure Star Wars markets that make money. Considering that Clone Wars' final season was one of the most watched things this year I'd expect to see more stuff set there and/or focused on Ahsoka. To be fair High Republic isn't aimed at just younger audiences, last I checked anyways, it will just be a setting explored in various books and comics that tie into each other. And of course if it does well they might try to spin them off into films or do films set in that era. The Wookiepedia entry on the Resistance's forces make note of how their pilots had to take up arms so it would make sense that they would do a Resistance pilot set and then if you are doing that might as well focus on the Black Squadron pilots since they would make pretty good unique heavy weapons minis. Scum is likely the most secure next faction I'd figure, there is plenty in the past they could pull from via the PT and OT and between Mandalorian's success and that they specifically called out bringing stuff from that show into the game it would make sense they do something with Scum. It would also likely be the best faction to play with the idea of Sub-factions, and the devs have talked a bit about doing stuff with Sub-factions for a while. Janna I guess would make sense, I guess one interesting thing they could do with her would be to give you the option of running her as a standard trooper or as a cavalry based commander, sort of similar to what they did for their Rune Wars commanders game. Lando I am a little less sold on, since he didn't really do much other than arrow a guy and come with the large fleet at the end, but if they needed another character/wanted to include characters like Admiral Ackbar for Rebels I guess it would make sense. On the plus side if we got him we'd get Lando with his cool Bespin cane. Zorii if she was inthe game would likely be Resistance, and I guess if they really wanted they could toss Babu Frik in as a counterpart mini that gives her Repair. Corps units are hard, like Resistance has it REALLY hard with them. The Rebels at least have the films giving standout moment to the troops that make them pop to mind, Rebel Troopers (Battle of Endor), Fleet Troopers (Battle aboard the Tantive IV), Rebel Veterans (Battle of Hoth) whereas the Resistance will be leaning hard on basically Battlefront 2. The Resistance Defenders unit was my reference to those seen on the Battle of Crait, I doubt they would by themselves get the Repair ability though, likely something defense focused. Company 77/First Order defectors is a less standout unit that sort of just melds into the Orbak riders/Resistance forces attacking the Star Destroyer. Resistance Jungle Troopers would still suffer from the same issues as Company 77, the Resistance just really doesn't have units that get that one big 'scene' to make them pop unlike the variety of Clone variants, Stormtroopers, or Rebels. I honestly feel if we got the Resistance it would very much be a redux of Rebel type stuff, maybe they go more glass cannon for their generic troopers, and would focus heavily on their commanders and operatives to do most of the heavy lifting. Maybe they just have some cheap commander options that are mostly situated in the 90 to 115 range while Rey is their only real big hitter. I guess they could do Inferno squadron, or I guess squad since it is only like 3-4 people by the time of TFA. Not sure about the spies, that seems more like the sort of thing that you'd get out of an operative like BB-8 or CB-23. Ideally FFG would want to put out units that anyone can go 'Oh I remember that thing! They were cool, I want to play them!' Pretty sure the Colossus Cell, would maybe just fit into a corps unit, they aren't really all that trained. I figure it would mostly just be a mix of the pirates/pilots. I think the artillary gun would be too big and I'm not sure how an expensive heavy emplacement might go since it would be deployed and not able to move. I figure it would get a good bit of range but it might be something that is too expensive or run into the same type issues the Rebel emplacement gun had until they fixed its range to make it better. The Resistance turret looks to be the same as the Rebel one so that would just be a reprint mostly with new trooper sculpts. I thought about listing the speeder actually in my original post but considering I think it is just something in the background I'm not sure it would really stand out that much, but I guess if they wanted to put out another sort of X-34 type thing where they up gun it and have it do a similar role it could do that. The Skimmers would not be my first choice but if Scum is added and gets the Desert Skiff it would be in line with that. And the emplacement is likely too big for a Heavy, granted clone Wars vehicles will be big too but it still suffers from being a locked emplacement I feel. Resistance has lots of issues keeping it from being launched as its own thing, but I guess maybe something they could do would be to make the Resistance as a sub-faction for Rebels, and have it where they can basically take generic units from Rebels and then they mix that with a few Resistance specific units and new commanders and operatives? I think the FO has a better chance of being introduced, and that is just due to them having more armor types that can be slotted in for various units but they suffer the same issue as the CIS in having not really that many commander/operative options.
  3. I'm fairly certain it was said in the video that they were originally going to do ST factions but ended up instead choosing to do the PT ones instead. That said I think LFL has no plans to do anything with the ST anytime soon, all of their announced projects are OT focused, pre or post the films, or PT focused with a big bit of focus going to launching the High Republic. It was likely a good call for FFG since if those factions wouldn't be getting any Comics, Video Games, Film, Show, etc projects to add to them they don't really have all that much they could get. Sure they'd get enough to fill a decent initial list but not much else. I think the below is about all I could think for them and at that point they'd be completely tapped out. Resistance: Commanders: - Poe Dameron - Finn - Rose Tico - Generic Commander - General Leia Operatives: - Rey, Scavenger - Rey, Jedi - BB-8 - C-3PO - Han Solo, Aged Smuggler - Chewbacca - Luke, Hero Reborn/Apparition (TLJ) - Kaz + CB-23 (Resistance) - Vi Moradi (Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, Phasma book) Corps: - Resistance Troopers (TFA/TRoS + Battlefront 2) - Resistance Defenders (TLJ) Special Forces: - Resistance Pilots/Black Squadron (Resistance/Poe Dameron comic, Special Forces + Unique unit similar to Inferno Squad/Clan Wren) - Resistance Jet Troopers (Battlefront 2) - Wookie Warriors (Rebel repeat) Support: - Orbak Riders (TRoS) Heavy: - V-4X-D Ski Speeder (TLJ) - Stolen FO AT-ST (Battlefront 2)
  4. I'd love to see another 4 release month, but we will see. Heck, if FFG goes and announces a good bit of stuff at Gencon for Legion, past just Anakin/Maul and new SF, that would be a decently positive sign.
  5. I think they have been trying to move more towards both factions getting something at the same time rather than just plusing one faction one month and then another the next. I mean with everything going on I expect to see the AT-RT and STAAPs slip back a month, though if it doesn't then I'd be more than happy if we were able to get another release this year ontop of Anakin and Maul + the new SFs.
  6. I figure the melee Special Forces would be after Anakin and Maul, since they would be lining up with the Palpatine and Chewie expansions, after that would likely be the Specialists. Then again they might slot an OT expansion after the second Special Forces units too. So I figure: July - Padme, Cad Bane August - ARC Troopers, Droid Commandos September - Inferno Squad, Mandalorians October - AT-RT, STAPs November - Anakin, Darth Maul December - Second Republic/CIS Special Forces January - Republic/CIS Specialists or an OT expansion I figure that FFG will announce everything that will be released for the rest of this year. I do wonder if we will get any news about the Mandalorian stuff they mentioned? Maybe they will announce character upgrade packs? Like an expansion that features named personal and heavy weapon options that could be used to fill out groups, Cara Dune for Mandalorian content or maybe the rest of the Rogue One group.
  7. For starters FFG did have stuff planned out for the last three years, before all this covid stuff, when they talked about it earlier this year, and we are now a good 3+ months behind schedule. Any Mandalorian/Scum stuff might as well be pushed down the line. Heck I could see them either making mention of a new faction to be released mid/late next year or just push that down the line further until next year's Gencon as an announcement. Though I guess there is the chance they just make Dyn Jarren a unit that could be taken by anyone, though I'd hope they wouldn't. Very much so, especially seeing as from what has been announced so far it looks like there isn't any push to flesh out the ST, nor what could be added to them unit wise to make them stand out more. Rather it seems like LFL will be focusing on the new High Republic era fairly actively and everything else announced, planned, and rumored seem to focus around the OT mainly, before or afterwards, or the PT. The OT will be getting Fallen Order 2, the Cassian show, Obi-Wan, and the Mandalorian to pull stuff from, and if the rumor about a Rebels sequel is true then that gives them even more stuff to pull from that period shortly after Endor. And the PT era is getting a comic series last I checked and rumors of a Clone Wars spinoff show, not surprising considering how well the last season did on Disney+.
  8. I mean I guess they could instead go with Temple Guard or the like, the Republic just lacks a real solid melee attack unit outside of Jedi and the Clone Assassins that were featured back in the ROTS video game. The Republic definitely will have plenty of commanders and operatives with all the Jedi and Clone characters so it will be interesting to see how they try to deal with that. I figure that the Clone commander won't have mechanical differences in how you build them but just a cosmetic you have a few options on how to built them. Maybe legs with kamas, or a chest with a pauldron, etc, etc.
  9. I figure for the commander we get a Clone Commander, it would be neat if the pack included some of the features the devs have talked about customizing characters in the pack. To make it so you could really make the Clone Commander stand out/unique. As for Jedi Padawan/Knight they could use them to make a melee based unit to come out opposite of the Magna Guards, with the idea being to make a single model, possibly 2 model, unit to make them stand out more. That said I expect they'd be watered down a bit.
  10. If we follow the release schedule from the OT factions then we only have another SF unit after Maul and Anakin and then would get out generic commanders. So provided we don't get another OT expansion the schedule should hopefully be: July: Padme and Cad Bane August: ARC Troopers and BX Droid Commandos September: AT-RT, STAPs, Inferno Squad, and Mandalorians October: Anakin, and Maul November: Republic and CIS 2nd SF units, likely generic Jedi and Magna Guards December: Republic and Separatist Specialists Legion really isn't all that big combat wise, like its mostly a few squads and a hero in a skirmish. I figure that Scum would allow for some design options with sub-factions like Hutt Cartel, Black Sun, Zahn Consortium, Pyke Syndicate, etc. I'd hope they'd just keep Boba and Bossk like they did in X-Wing 1.0 so they still can use them but the Bounty Hunters have new versions used for Scum. On the plus side that would in turn give Imperial players 3 new command cards.
  11. I think that Galactic Marines are a possibility but I think we are more likely to see Cold Assault Clones next, since they could be an in-between Phase 1s and Phase 2s in terms of cost at 56 points to the P2's 60.
  12. That is fair, it could have been lost a bit in the reply chain when not going back through my earlier posts so its all good. And that is my thought for the unit, though we haven't seen a crossover like it before. If they are only 52 points that would be a bit interesting especially with Scout Troopers being 8 more points than the ISF unit. I guess there is also the chance that the ISF unit could be the cheap option while the Inferno Squad one has better keywords and options with Del Meeko and Gideon having 2 health per model which would make them stand out compared to the base unit. I could also see Inferno Squad being like a Strike Team where you need to either take Del Meeko or Gideon as the Heavy Weapon option which adds a 38 cost to the base cost of Inferno Squad. I know that T21 art is from time ago and they even made card sleeves with them which are out of print. If you go to Deviantart you can find a number of the artists that FFG does, I know there is alot on there so you might be able to find it there.
  13. Bo-Katan leads house Kryse in Rebels, the whole Mandalorian focus for these units mostly come from the first two episodes of season 4 of Rebels. The only issue with Kanan being a commander is he never really lead Rebel forces and was generally against it by and large whereas Ezra actually had a position in the Rebellion and led missions as the commander in those missions, at most I think Kanan only led the one relief mission when Hera was busy testing the B-Wing prototype.
  14. That is why I said we haven't seen a crossover like 'this', with a corps and SF unit having the same weapon, otherwise I wouldn't have originally brought up the possible idea of the T-21 possibly meaning that the individual cost of each Imperial Special Forces miniature in the unit costing 13 points. If you are referring to Clan Wren not making sense with them fighting alongside the Mandalorian Resistance, we see them do just that in Rebels as they all rally under Bo-Katan's banner as Mandalore to fight back against the Empire. If you instead mean the Rebellion they have a tie to Sabine who is in the Rebellion and also they do participate in the Battle of Attolan from season 3 of Rebels aiding the Rebels. As for why the other Spectures are not being represented as heavy upgrades it is likely because they will all be commander and operative options in the game likely with Hera and Ezra being commanders while Kanan and Zeb are operatives while Chopper will either be a counterpart to Hera or a detachment operative for her similar to K2 is for Cassian.
  15. It will be interesting to see if it results in everything being pushed back or if we get a large release at one time with Vital Assets, AAT, Iden, Cassian, ARCs, BX Commando Droids, Padme, and Cad Bane. Regardless I don't see product releasing before June if not July with how things are going.
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