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  1. Animewarsdude

    VCX100 ship stand and turret marker

    I'm just trying to offer a solution someone came up with. It isn't perfect, and honestly outside of etsy or someone creating a standin until the Ghost is rereleased this is a workaround most can accomplish.
  2. Animewarsdude

    VCX100 ship stand and turret marker

    It can work, its just a little fiddly but so is the ghost's special stand in my opinion. If you are worried about it tipping over you always have the option to adding some weight to the base's underside to even it out.
  3. Animewarsdude

    VCX100 ship stand and turret marker

    I think I saw someone use an epic stand for the Decimator and rested the arc indicator on that, so if you have one you can try to do that.
  4. Animewarsdude

    X-Wing devs AMA on 2.0

    Its from a little while ago, but thought some people might going through it.
  5. Animewarsdude

    Missiles on YT-1300

    At least it is action dependent for the ordnance or to rotate the arc so there is more maneuvering that the other player can do as opposed to 1.0 where they just had to deal with the 360 arc and needed upgrades pretty much to try and counter it.
  6. Animewarsdude

    Missiles on YT-1300

    That should be right, I think you are only allowed to fire torps and missiles out the front.
  7. Animewarsdude

    Not enough YT-2000 threads

    I think if we see an alt painted Firespray it will likely be Jango's version of the Slave 1, either to add more pilots to the ship for Scum or adding the ship to the CIS faction to give them more recognizable large base ships.
  8. Animewarsdude

    My tie fighters are tilted

    My Escape craft is fine but 3 of my new X-wings are all off by a good 30 degrees, anyone know a good way to remove the peg so I can correct it?
  9. Animewarsdude

    Not enough YT-2000 threads

    I'm pretty sure that it showed up in the Thrawn comic series or the like in background shots but they also showed stuff like the Ebon Hawk so I don't think any of the ships were treated as canon there.
  10. Animewarsdude

    Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    This now available miniature seems to very dauntless.
  11. Animewarsdude

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    @melminiatures As an idea for 2.0, how about more size accurate turrets for the Y-wings?
  12. Animewarsdude

    Scum Han - Debris Clouds for Days

    Han: *Drops cargo* Jabba: "What was that?" Han: "Nothing, nothing. Everything is fine up here, how are you?" May the forces of antioc be victorious.
  13. Animewarsdude

    Future of 1.0?

    What a shame, I heard that shop was closed by Imperial Exterminators over an infestation of Kiliks. Must have been a bad infestation cause the whole shop is gone now.
  14. Animewarsdude

    Not enough YT-2000 threads

    Scum, it is the catch all and would mean that we could fly the Azameen family together and would have one protagonist from each of the X-Wing games in each of the three OT factions.
  15. Animewarsdude

    The force is real!!

    My nightmares?