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  1. Was competitive for a while till the baby came along. I am excited and wondering how the 2.0 epic rules will be handled.
  2. 12 lambdas....two in front of the row of 10...a lot of people miss that.
  3. How many conversion kits do I need?
  4. yah it is .... and I love the jacket it is warm, and unzipped it looks like any other jacket....a 9/10....not 10 out of 10 because the cylinders on the side are hard to see at times.
  5. Handed this out to everyone at range 2 of me Though Leia (my wife) let us preformere red maneuver as a white so stress wasn't an issue
  6. As long as they had fun then that is all that matters. To do a game of the size with obstacles, objectives, etc... it would take a few days. My guess it that they were able to play and pack up in a day. How long did it take you guys to play from start to finish?
  7. This was the shot I was thinking about during set up. Granted I didn't put any tie interceptors out.
  8. All 77 as promised. It took a little while to find the time.
  9. I was there that weekend and I felt that the store was kind enough let us play. From a monetary/businesses sense they were basically shut down except for the x-wing players. I saw at least two family's with small kids walk in and turn around deterred by the large amount of people in the store (keep in mind it is a large store). I think that if the store was able to recuperate any money at all they deserve it. They had 3 TO's the 1st day and they all did a very good job of managing so many people. Check in and registration was done quickly and professionally.
  10. The answer will always be not enough. Currently I am 75 TIE Fighters (6 blue ones)...10 TIE FO's and a bunch of the rest. I need to update my photo and will soon .....here is one from 2 years ago. http://
  11. Same thing happened to me. The docking tubes broke the peg outlet of the Tie and the outlet broke into pieces. I think I'll just cut a peg bottom off and glue it to the bottom of the Tie. Should work. Same had a bomber and one blue tie in docking clamps to see how it looked. I got knocked over and broke the following, aft peg of the Gazant, broke bomber peg in two, and broke the base peg off the tie fighter. Thank goodness for super glue as it worked for all of them except the one peg broken in two.
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