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  1. I've only ran a fully decked out Executor II for a few games but man is it a blast. One-shotting 3 small ships a round will never get old, just be careful if you've got the 2nd turn!
  2. I've played two 800 point games with it and absolutely dominated both games. Perhaps it only gets particularly gross when you get up to Executor II levels.
  3. I saw your Reddit post on this, please let us know when it's available to order from your shop. I need it now. Also, any other colors available? EDIT: Nevermind, saw it on your store. Ordered
  4. From how I read it, the die you swap on stays on until the next swap and so on... So, if you're first player and start with a blank die, you can swap it out for a better die that you don't need on an attack (extra accuracy, extra damage after a ship is destroyed). Essentially you can save overflow dice for later, it's a nifty card.
  5. This is the rumor, it's starting to feel more credible. If they appear in Ep 9 then we may be able to assume other sequel ships can appear in Armada as well; making a rebel huge ship the MC-85 and not the viscount. Wasn't something written somewhere that a few ISDs were still in service during the "sequel era"?
  6. This just has to be it, I don't understand any other theory. The "shot for shot" is likely just an expression and not intended as a reference to the exact rule.
  7. This probably goes without saying but have you tried Amazon? They have most of the expansions at pretty good prices. Want truly sold out packs? Walmart.com - I hate giving away my secrets but most people forget Walmart exists on the internet, I bought a Chimaera there last week and that thing has been sold out since the 70s. If you were looking to only buy from your FLGS then unfortunately I can't help you, cheers.
  8. Yeah, still shows preorder/processing for me. Extremely disappointed.
  9. Still no shipping info, **** you MM. They are as clumsy as they are stupid...
  10. Ugh, I hate madness and the "clique" of people that play X-wing there. The TO that runs the place seriously needs to be banned from FFG Organized Play.
  11. Guess I'm ordering from cool stuff from now on, way to drop the ball MM
  12. Anytime I teach a new player the game I use the X-Wing core set scenario: Luke vs two TIES. If you have the ships, I say do a 3v3, each player control either 2 ties or a pumped up x-wing. Maybe even 3 Lukes (remember, they're just learning, so you can ignore the "one Luke" rule to start). If you don't have the necessary ships/cards just use a small number of ships, atleast one for each player, that all add up in points. Good luck!
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