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  1. Thanks for the advice! I didn't think circumstantial bonusses for commanding my own crew could give me that much bonus, we never had that situation this far because we havent been in a ship fight yet and did everything else ourselves. I think its a great idea to use his knowledge and skills to offset his social awkwardness. That's how real life often works too: If you are really good at what you do, people tend to be a bit more forgiving towards your otherwise socially unacceptable behaviour. Being a convicted criminal still is a difficult thing to ignore though, even though I have paid for my transgressions already Regardless if I find a way to clear my name eventually, it obviously still puts me at the disadvantage of having to prove my worth to each new highly social crowd, but that comes with playing such a character. The basic thing I take away from this is this: I still can be of value in such situations, I just might not be the best person for it obviously
  2. We are completely new to RT and intended to play a few sessions to get an idea. It turns out to be fun. Instead of starting a new campaign, we are continuing the current one. I got fellowship 23 AND -10 in formal situations... Hindsight, it was a bad idea. We are doing a lot of social and formal situations, and that's actually what I prefer too, but we seemed to need a combat guy How to improve though? I don't have to be THE most social around, I just want to be useful in social gatherings and with investigating information trails and the like. Boosting fellowship with XP is obvious, though I'm not sure if I can do my role well enough if I pay too much XP on fellowship. What other options do I have? what kind of Gear? I intend to do a lot of favors for people, so they might be more understanding towards my unsocial way of talking I could use some help with any way to get this guy fit in, be it (in part) through gear, or RP advice. The other players are a missionary, navigator, explorator. The rogue trader is an NPC who is never around. He gave us a ship and directs us through missions. So far these missions have shown that he is a lazy guy and we are the ones to clean up his mess.
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