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  1. As I said, there needs to be a new keyword added to the game, similar to "Limited" and "unique" that can limit the number of uses within a standard squad. such as Limited 2 (only two of this upgrade per 100 points).
  2. My reasoning for increasing the point limit is that I find you begin to run into diminishing returns when loading up a ship with upgrades. Enough focus fire will overcome most of the OP defensive combos, which allows swarms and mini swarms to return. Many of the nerfed upgrades and combos would've been less of an issue here. You'd have to implement the ship type limits from Escalation and add in something like the "limited" keyword, so that certain upgrades (TLT, Attanni, etc) could be limited to 2 or 3 per 150 points (or what ever).
  3. Funny, I remember a time when skill won games, not list building and luck of match ups. And what about all the players who bought into this game because the wanted to fly their favorite ships from Star Wars, now most of our collections are useless or liabilities in a list. People are flying ships they don't even know about just to have a chance of winning. Whenever I open up my collection now, I look at all the ships I was excited for and still love to see on the table, but I have to pass them by or loose the match. You lose if you play what you want to fly, and you lose when you win flying the ships you don't really want to fly (or buy, for some). No problem here, reassure yourself by calling me or anyone else with a similar opinion a whiner if it helps, and keep drinking the cool-aid.
  4. The game needs a major overhaul, and I doubt we'll see FFG do it anytime soon. I've been hashing out ideas in my local group for a v2.0, and they're been well received, some of us might try to expand on it. Honestly I think that the best you can hope for, trying to do something like that via these forums will be a nightmare, just look at where how scattered and augmentative the posts get for the custom card league, prequel-era vassal mod, and other homebrew. HotAC is one of the few that was successful and that was worked out in a local x-wing group long enough that when the rest of us saw it, it was already up to version 6. I think the easiest way for FFG to improve the busted state of X-wing now is to up the match to somewhere between 120 -150 (this should have several effects that I don't feel like typing up right now), and/or adopt Infinity's use of an official squad builder where FFG can adjust the cost of ships and upgrades as the game expands in order to regain and maintain balance. These only help tournament players,not kitchen tablers.
  5. I've been waiting for this TIE since wave 4 was announced. But I agree with the TLT-spam fatigue.
  6. Yes, I've faced it several times.
  7. It could be designed to act like Extra Munitions and Scavenging Crane for ordnance ships without the necessary slots.
  8. Fickle you are right. So sorry! Anybody have Sabine repaints we can add to this thread? Do it fast! Post all Sabine repaints here plox! Here's a WIP i'm doing for a friend. Not a Y-wing unfortunately, but it is 2 Sabines and a Chopper.
  9. Me too, but I don't count it, lol.
  10. I think I remember Poe doing it when he entered Starkiller Base.
  11. Hey that's mine. I almost forgot about this contest.
  12. I feel this is the case with a number of ships and upgrades in the game. ... Until someone figures out the right use, then it's overpowered.
  13. Cool topic. Advanced Sensors, it can help an inexperienced player compensate for poor planning and maneuvering, or it can be devastating in the hands of a skilled player. It's sound cheep at 3 points, but since it mainly helps out in the Planning & Activation Phases, you'll probably be investing additional points into the ship's offense.
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