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  1. I've been waiting for this TIE since wave 4 was announced. But I agree with the TLT-spam fatigue.
  2. Yes, I've faced it several times.
  3. It could be designed to act like Extra Munitions and Scavenging Crane for ordnance ships without the necessary slots.
  4. Wave 6: Scum & Villainy!
  5. Fickle you are right. So sorry! Anybody have Sabine repaints we can add to this thread? Do it fast! Post all Sabine repaints here plox! Here's a WIP i'm doing for a friend. Not a Y-wing unfortunately, but it is 2 Sabines and a Chopper.
  6. Me too, but I don't count it, lol.
  7. I think I remember Poe doing it when he entered Starkiller Base.
  8. Hey that's mine. I almost forgot about this contest.
  9. I feel this is the case with a number of ships and upgrades in the game. ... Until someone figures out the right use, then it's overpowered.
  10. Cool topic. Advanced Sensors, it can help an inexperienced player compensate for poor planning and maneuvering, or it can be devastating in the hands of a skilled player. It's sound cheep at 3 points, but since it mainly helps out in the Planning & Activation Phases, you'll probably be investing additional points into the ship's offense.
  11. Hey di*ks, you're being rude, and yes sexist. Lets not have any of this garbage springing up on the forums again. You're driving away some of the longest standing members of the forum, with the most experience in the game, and the most useful knowledge, with stuff like this (and where it's headed), what's left after that happens is nothing but useless posts and complaining about fixes and OP combos. Believe me it's already happened, and it's only recently been getting better again. And a couple of you in this thread are directly the cause of some of us leaving. I have no personal gripe with you, just please think a bit before you post. Stay on target.
  12. 1) Find a local game store and go there when you're looking for a challenge. Your friends that play once a month will never provide that, and cant really be expected to. 2) When you build lists for your friends give the solid, efficient squads that are relatively simple to use. Look at some Meta lists, especially ones from the early days of the game where there weren't so many pilots and upgrades. Then for yourself put together a fun but inefficient or unreliable list that you'd never run competitively. A "rube goldberg machine" list is a good starting point, they're fun collections of combos, that utterly fall apart if one piece is removed.
  13. It's a distraction from all that. I'm sure many of us are concerned with what's happening in the world right now, but we come here to take a break from it.
  14. Unusually for a soft scifi show, Farscape actually did this right IIRC. Off topic, I apologise. No, it is not possible to survive 5 minutes without permanent damage. It is not possible to survive 5 minutes of vacuum, full stop. Brain damage in humans sets in within a minute or two without oxygen, and permanent lung damage (coughing blood, scarring) occurs after 90 seconds of exposure and thereafter survival rates plummet. If you want the grisly details, look here. http://centaurisky.blogspot.com/2016/06/horrible-ways-to-die-in-space-1.html ugh, white text on black. Impossible to read that, one sentence in and my I have wavy lines all over my vision. Why do people do that? Might as well stare at a lightbulb. Because black text on white is literally staring into a light bulb. Namely all of the white. This is especially true in a dark room. This is a UX battle that's been waged since the dawn of computers. You're not going to solve it on an X-wing forum. Makes me almost miss those green crt monitors from when I was a kid.
  15. It is problematic because your quotes do not include the same verb. Manaroo assigns a blue token, The rules reference says when you acquire a new lock you must discard the old. As the Redline example shows, these are not identical processes. The rules reference should read "If a ship acquires or is assigned a new target lock..." You can argue about whether the intent is clear or not but a clarification was required. I'm glad that the ruling went the way it did but it should be communicated more widely in a more verifiable manner. Then don't look at the snipped version where I'm emphasizing those elements, look at the full version I posted earlier. Also "When a target lock is acquired, assign the blue target lock token to the ship performing the action (the locking ship), and assign the red target lock token on the target (the locked ship)." So assigning a TL is nested within the Acquire A Target Lock action. I don't know, it's early and I'm not seeing what you're seeing. To me the interaction is plainly clear. I'm more concerned about the FAQ turning into a 40k codex over the course of the next year or two.