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  1. I created and sell these. Nice compact solution that stores your sleeved deck, tokens and (20) dice in a nice slim case. You can pack plenty in a backpack and pull out the deck/dice and you are rolling... https://www.etsy.com/listing/584005398/star-wars-destiny-tournament-box
  2. Isn't this cards special primarily used for keeping your opponent in check? If you roll out first with a special, he is not going to want to roll out his vehicle as you will be able to discard it out of play?
  3. So DJ's ability states So is the only way you get his ability to trigger is by you playing a card that specifically has the wording "remove" a die or dice? I've been told that me playing Vandalize will not trigger it if the player rolled in the support/upgrade and I vandalized it (thus removing it) because the game state / mechanics removed the die, not me. What about playing "Doubt"? If my opponent can not resolve the die, it is removed (which came from my card being played). Just trying to see the limitations of DJ's ability.
  4. On the subject of Plot cards, in a match are they shown face up for all to see before rolling for BF or do they appear after the BF is chosen?
  5. If you click on Find Events on the Gen Con site and either search by company using Fantasy Flight Games or search using Star Wars Destiny as the search term. Then click on the event and it will display if it is sponsored by FFG.
  6. Awesome! Hopefully I can just retool my existing decks to add a few key cards / strategies...
  7. Hey I'm just wondering the timing of how the release of WotF affects the official Holocrons? I'm due to play in an FFG sponsored Trilogies tourney at Gen Con 2018 on August 4th. So what is going to be the available releases to pull from. Of course I have already made out my possible Trilogies decks using latest Legacies, 2 Player starter and Rivals draft. So will this change to WotF, 2 Player start and Rivals draft? If the later is the case, I will need to scurry around after the release to try to get some WotF product and key cards...
  8. I still love playing and tweeking my first deck that I played in tournament at GenCon 50 this year. Got a lot of, whoa, never seen that build before. Its my versions of a "Three Amigos" deck based around Death Trooper, Death Trooper, Death Trooper. It throws a lot of damage consistently and if you can pull of an Endless Ranks (or two), it is really disheartening to play against. Also pair it with Wingman and Training and you can be a real killer. Your basic aggro deck for SWD. It's the deck I use to teach new players into the game basics and not get bogged down with the meta. I've been trying to get a build going for my "Three Little Pigs" deck that is based around 3 Gamorrean Guards. Villian, yellow, built in guardian on each and a starting life total of 33. Its fun and clearly a kitchen table deck built around melee. Both decks are fun, but I love the red aggro!!
  9. I have not had any problems or surface defects while using the plastic containers. I transport (6) of these containers to work and back in my messenger bag with no ill effects so far. I've heard of other people having issues while playing, but maybe it was just a bad batch. So far so good! Keeping my fingers crossed...
  10. Its nice to see some of the solutions that people have come up with. I also decided to be more of a collector of sorts also, that's why I decided to go with the side loading leather binders. A different color for each release, all cards in order and on display so I can trade quickly. I was previously a heavy MTG player and have SO many of those cardboard boxes around, still filled with my jewels! If you have another cool solution, post the details!
  11. Like many others, I have also decided to use the photo storage boxes. I use the larger one that is made for 5x7 photos. Stores tons of dice. I use zippered side loading leather binders (cards don't fall out!) to store each release in its own album. 480 spots and I've fit 10+ in each card area. I've started to store some of the new 2-player cards in the back of my EAW binder. All cards are stored in numerical order. I've created my own tourney / deck boxes that I actually sell (pm me) and am very happy with them. My main ones are based on the 5x7 photo boxes that have a space for tokens and I also have one that is based on the 4x6 photo box for just deck and dice. Very organized and can fit nicely into a messenger bag for transport.
  12. Ok, makes sense. I ended up bringing him back to life the following round by cashing in my Endless Ranks. You could hear my opponents jaw hit the top of the table.
  13. An instance came up where my Magnaguard had (6) damage and was dealt (2) more to bring his damage total on him to (8), which would have defeated him at the end of the round. I had equipped an Ancient Lightsaber previously on him, so could I use its action to heal (2) of the damage off, put the Ancient Lightsaber at the bottom of my deck, and my Magnaguard would still be alive at the end of the round because it now was sitting at (6) health by the time the end of round came up? Just wondering. I didn't play that option though because I didn't know if it was valid or not. Instead I played "The Price of Failure" to really kill him so I could ready my loaded up "Seventh Sister" again using the ID-9 trick.
  14. They sell all kinds of them at my location in Illinois. It is sold as a bundle. In-store only for this configuration, not available online like at Amazon or on their Home Depot site. Maybe my store just has extra stock. If it is being discontinued, I will stop in and grab some more as they make a very nice storage solution and they travel well!
  15. So if I play a weapon with ambush on Sabine, does the ambush happen before or after I activate Sabine? So do I: 1) Play my weapon with ambush on Sabine, use the ambush to do another action and then activate Sabine? 2) Play my weapon with ambush on Sabine, activate here (thus rolling in dice) and then do another action (possibly resolving things I just rolled in)? Thanks!
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