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  1. I have mind over matter and some other good cards. But the defeat was so quick, I had no chance to draw any of them. Also I am indebted so I start the game with only 3 resources. But we are having fun and that's what really matters. But I think it's sure we will replay the campaign afterward.
  2. Oh I just wanted to share my misfortune. Surely my deck is not optimal and I think our first problem is that we have no guardian in our group. In this play I was just unlucky with the mythos cards. First mythos phase, I drew an Irish mob guy which took me two actions to evade. With third action, I checked the card underneath a location discovering a nightgaunt which hit me for 1 dmg & 1 horror and dropped me in the central location. Of course there was a servant of many mouth there and I had no action left. So end of the turn, I took 2 additional damages. Second mythos phase, I drew kidnapped which hit me again for 2 damages. So I was down to one health at the end of the second mythos phase. But the show will goes on
  3. I have the feeling we are the worst investigators around. We are playing the Dunwich Legacy campaign. We failed all scenarios except the House Always Win which we partially succeded. Yesterday, we played Blood on the Altar. I was playing Rex and through unfortunate turn of events, I was forced to resign at the turn 3 of the game. It was resignation or elimination by physical damages. Two mythos phases and I was done! Well Dunwich citizen can continue whatever they are doing, because the remaining investigators had to resign also. Don't count on us to save any one The only positive thing that happened is that identified a strange solution, I have no clue what it will do but I hope that it will make my visit to Dunwich useful.
  4. I thought the same and then I decided that I will try to teach the game to my 8 year old daughter, so I ordered the core set as I assume that it will be easier to start with.
  5. Oui c'est tout à fait pré-commandable chez plusieurs boutiques. Par exemple j'ai commandé le mien chez ludiworld.com. Il faut bien faire attention à commander la version française.
  6. Oh Man I thought that it was still played for the ante.
  7. I don't know about replayability of the scenario, it's too early to tell. But there are books and movie that we enjoy watching and reading several time. It could be the case for those scenarios.
  8. I think this is the point where we have a different understanding. My understanding is that you have some replayability in the box thanks to having different scenarios, character and I suppose random drawing mechanism of cards in the box. So of course the mystery will not be as high as your first game but there is still fun and adventures to be enjoyed. So I think that the only logical choice if you like the game is to play again with your own box. I do not think the intent is for people to buy several boxes. If you are right and the replay value is low, except by purchasing another box then I totally agree with you but that's is not what the impression I had of what has been revealed so far. They named the game Discovery, Lands Unknown is a subtitle. I suppose that we will have other games like Discovery: creatures unknown or who knows what. But Discovery is part of the gimmick. I can agree that it is a way to sell their game but why not. If they have enough components to create a huge box that would cost $600 and contain all the different terrains, characters, scenarios, objects..., I would not be interested in buying that, I would name that game Overwhelmed: what do I do with all this. If the box at $60 gives you 10% of all the components but it enjoyable, I can live with the gimmick. It is quite implausible that I would play the game so much that having a big box will all the components would be worth it.
  9. That's what I think also, the game mechanic, the scenario, the challenge level... all those points are critical to having a good game. Then surviving on an island or stuck on a desert, I understand that one of the two triggers more your imagination than the other but I think both fits the survival genre.
  10. Actually there are 6 different environment, and two per box. There are 36 characters, 12 per box.
  11. The preview article was quite clear on this point: "Every copy of the game comes with multiple scenarios, so like many of the components found in Discover, you never know what quests you will find in your adventure!"
  12. I fail to understand why people would say that they would enjoy the game if it's an arctic survival but would be disappointed if it's a desert one. Are some people really that specific in their taste when purchasing a game?
  13. I agreed with you on the topic about Keyforge but I disagree now about Discover Lands unknown. Knowing what is in the box would ruin the surprise. You know that it's a game of survival, you will know what are the main mechanics from the review but you do not know what you will face exactly. That's the spirit of the game. While Keyforge is made to be competitive and to push you towards purchasing new decks, this one is a one off purchase. You buy one box and that's it. It's much more close to a gift wrap than a loot box.
  14. I imagine that Corey Konieczka has approached FFG with his idea of a survival game and had plenty of ideas for different types to terrain, characters, problems to solve and who knows what. FFG had just set-up for Keyforge a way to print "unique games" and that they had already solved all the technical issues for random printing, so they pitched to the game designer what they could do. I can imagine that immediately Konieczka found the idea attractive, at least I would if I had designed a survival game where discovery is an important aspect of the game. I suppose there are 4 different types of terrain (as illustrated by the box), may be a dozen different characters and quite a few different quests. Then you mix and match this and you got an adventure that will be a bit different than the next guy. You can say that it will be your adventure and not the same adventure as your neighbour. I have seen quite a few post by people complaining that they will not be able to have a complete collection of the different components of this game. That's true but if it is a major problem for you, I think it's would be a good opportunity to think about your need to have a complete collection.
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