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  1. Which part? I'm afraid my comments came off in a way I didn't mean. If it sways things, on a day when we're not playing Arkham Horror we tend to play Elder Sign with Gates, but on a day with Arkham or Eldritch Horror then we play Elder Sign with Unseen Forces. I fully intend to keep supporting this product line and enjoy the expansion. I'm sure any worrisome comments were heard by FFG during testing.
  2. One of my initial complaints was that this expansion took your core set, and kept a small amount of its content. After playing for a while I wouldn't want a core set that was replaced with the mechanics of SoA. I'd much rather they decide to release expansion packs that alternate their content between something like Unseen Forces, and then a pack like Streets of Arkham. Specifically, I'm already itching for a Shores of Innsmouth expansion. I'd much rather they keep this core set, and then depending on what you want out of your experience you can choose the expansion path you go down. There were times that left me frustrated at the end of a SoA game, getting stuck in Other Worlds because of event cards and gates popping up, and sometimes I don't want that when I play Elder Sign. Unseen Forces lets me avoid that if I want to mix things up.
  3. It feels and plays like a very different game. It depends a lot, I think, on what it is you want to be doing in a game. There's still lots of dice rolling so if that's the mechanic you want driving the game then you're fine. You're going to see a wild change in difficulty, but not an impossible one. If narrative is what you're into then it does change quite a bit with the new cards. It feels almost like a soft reboot in a way.
  4. I can attest to Julia's comment about it not being light. Coming in to this with a carefree attitude like you would base Elder Sign is going to end your game rather quickly.
  5. There is nothing more annoying than people being in the same neighborhood for a few turns and keep getting "A monster appears!" because you've been shuffling the location deck. A truly awful way to experience as much as you can during the course of the game.
  6. Thinking along those lines then would you want a whole new core set, or an expansion along the size of Unseen Forces that also happened to have the cards with that story and mechanic? I'd think the dice would stay the same as well as most of the items so a whole new core set might not be necessary. You'd just be getting a thick stack of cards that would replace(not mix) the core set.
  7. In terms of expanding the museum or expanding beyond the museum then I'd like to see expansions beyond the museum but in a thematic sense. I'd be very interested in seeing an expansion like "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" using material from that region. You're stuck in that neighborhood, but there's all kinds of cards that can both reference locations like(like the refinery or Esoteric Order), and then you'd have the more event based cards(things related to the Innsmouth Look, or a card about "Something In The Water"). They could add a mechanic to expansions like this, Julia even specifically mentioned the DOR track, so that it's new content in a form you're used but also with this new threat to deal with that's just in this expansion. With the price point of the small box expansions then it seems reasonable to do something like that and it not be much of an investment for that added material. Some might say then why not play Arkham, but Arkham is an open-ended blend of ideas and story from the core game to adding in all eight expansions. A small box like I describe would represent the closest thing to a more linear story but with the quicker play time, and the easier introduction to new gamers to Arkham Files games compared to playing Arkham.
  8. What Julia said about not being afraid to use items is important. So many items toss extra die into your pool that it's worth using them on peril/lore heavy adventures just to be safe. There's bound to be an adventure popping up that'll restock your items instead of having to spend trophies at the entrance.
  9. Not to make requests or anything, but as I've recently acquired the base game I'm looking at the expansions now. Can someone that has both and gets some play time in with Foul Play let me know which of the two expansions I should start with?
  10. I've watched Tragic's videos before, in particular his Arkham Horror w/Dark Pharaoh play through. Tragic does good videos but he does make a lot of mistakes. To his credit, he has dyslexia I believe(he addressed it in the comments of one of his videos) and he does address issues at the beginning of the video. I think if you watch a full play through of his you'd get the gist since you'd see the game being played and pick up on his mistakes. I think it helps to see someone making these mistakes since it might be common ones a new player might come across as well.
  11. Can someone, preferably without quoting the rules, explain activating vipers to me? I've read and tried to find some examples of people doing this step but I feel like I'm not getting something. It seems like as your action you can activate a viper, but I also feel like I'm reading the rules tell me I can activate as many vipers as are on the board. I doubt that I can move some vipers, attack with others, as many times as I want. I believe the one rule even states they can be activated as many times as you want. Doesn't that mean I can just keep on attacking something? Not to sound rude about asking to not be quoted at, but I feel like I need a person explain this to me. By all means quote away if that does indeed help instead.
  12. I agree that cost might be the bigger issue here as people don't seem to be able to balance multiple LCG's, and I doubt anyone with the base game would be able to integrate it at all with an LCG core set. I would be bummed out having to invest in this new game just to get more experience out of a game I already own. I think it's been mentioned before, but maybe in a different forum/thread, Print on Demand expansions might not work since the quality of the components would make them known to other players. It'd be nice to be able to get a new team or two from a PoD expansion, but then if you were to receive star players from the expansion it might tip off other players you have one of these cards based on it's appearence. Honestly though, I think if it's just a whole new team it would be worth it and people might buy them. No extra mechanics or anything but new teams throughout the year might be a really good idea. The friends I recently introduced to the game really like it but were immediately asking if there were expansions with different teams. That seems to be something that people universally want.
  13. It's also useful to play the game solo I think the first time so that if you do play with people you've already seen how things work and interact with each other. In that regard it's useful to play by yourself now and then anyway as a refresher depending on how often you and a group would be playing. My friends and I only play once a month at best so now and then if I'm stuck working at home I'll pull it out and run through at least a few turns to keep everything fresh. Solo play also turns down the length of time depending on the investigators. I've played solo games using four investigators that took 60-90 minutes. You could conceivably do all your laundry on a lazy Sunday and play a game of Arkham by yourself.
  14. So I had the game group over again and finally got everyone involved to play through a few rounds of Elder Sign. I think I'm single-handedly scoring converts away from the TV and into the world of Arkham since anything Arkham Files has so far been the bigger hits with the group. Now that the intro stuff is out of the way, we're moving on to Unseen Forces next get together. Of course I'll be testing it out with my wife long before then anyway.
  15. I've seen posts about this before on various boards. Integrating AH, Mansions, and Elder Sign into one huge game. Mansions I still don't see, but has anyone done anything in terms of integrating the adventure deck into Arkham encounters? I could potentially see using this for the Miskatonic neighborhood since there's no museum location. With the right adventure deck cards I could see it being a challenge to go to some of those spots. Haven't done it myself, but would be interested if others have to get some ideas or pointers.
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