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  1. Can you highlight and copy/paste text from the PDF? - Yes I don't care if there is a cap to how much (for example, many Kindle files allows this but only so many words at a time), I just want to be able to copy small amounts. For example, if we are going to visit Togarini for the first time, I would like to be able to prep adventure sheets with the introductory paragraph giving a brief description of it. Things like that. - No cap, at least in my pdf's. Also, does the PDF have bookmarks for the chapters? Tables? - The bookmarks are a mess in some of them. Ex: In Those Who Walked Among Us has 9 random bookmarks. - And others have good bookmarks, like Prometheum Exxet.
  2. Shut up and take my money! - Philip J. Fry
  3. Hi again This is a question for the number crunchers out there. As a new gm to Anima I'm trying to figure out at what scores an ability (Primary/Secondary) becomes low, average and high based on lv (lvls 1, 5, 10 and 15). From Primary abilities, I am after Attack, Block, Dodge. The reason is knowing this will make it easier for me to guide my players in their char making, and it makes it easier for me when building encounters. So, is there anyone out there that can take a shot at this?
  4. Thanks Elric! Will update on what we go with and how things turns out
  5. VoidCabbage and Prinnygod: Thanks for the help and pointers! Yes please! Together with my players we can decide on what to use
  6. Does anyone have a homemade divine class and/or system they could share? I'm starting a campaign next week, and suddenly realized I need a class for characters channeling divine powers I'm new to Anima, and have read that I could use Elan among other things. But hoping someone here could help me out with more
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