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  1. I had a player who attacked a group of guys the night before and strolled up to their compound with a swagger in his step, instead of bluffing his way past he decided to strong arm his way in and 2 successful intimidates with some threat they opened fire from behind their secure positions and ran for the hills. I call it success because he got them to abandon their position and otherwise avoid a larger fight with the other 2 minion groups. 2 threat is all I used to trigger that ambush so 4 is definitely time to start a combat encounter early with a surprise round.
  2. I've had it argued to me that they are Knuckles thus they come in pairs. I don't agree and have ruled that for bonus damage you buy the second item, I will however be totally stealing the pants example in the future debates.
  3. I have a problem with that interpretation carrying weight for the reasons listed above but I'll number them here for clarification The weapon entry (and description) both says Vamblade and denotes singular in it's tone. This could perhaps be an oversight in one of the locations however Blast Knuckles & Vibroknucklers are listed in the same section and they are pluralized. The Special column notes the effect as Defensive 1. The description says “When used as a pair, writst blades gain the Sunder and Accurate 1 weapon qualities. (This applies even if they are not used with two weapon combat rules to gain and additional hit.)” Thus by deductive logic, if Vambalde were sold as a pair for the listed 500 credits they would have Accurate 1 and Sunder also listed in the Special column rather than as a note they gain that bonus in the weapon description. Balance. Some may rule that the various Knuckle items come in a pair for the listed cost but by balance that would be like saying I'm going to dual wield so here's 2 Vibroswords because I intend to dual wield them they should come as a pair. Dual wielding adds weapon damage & activated qualities to each strike thus from a balance perspective it does not make sense that for the cost of 2 advantage you get to increase your damage by weapon ammounts. If this was intended every ranged weapon would have the Auto Fire quality (or Double Fire would be an ability rather than full auto as the ability emulates) for the same effect as multiple hits.
  4. Reading over the Vamblade (listed as singular) description in Dangerous Covenants and having a player who uses them dual wielding I think I’ve made a mistake in our execution of the weapons thus far in game and the previous comment. First, it looks like 500 credits buys a single Vamblade based on the entry on the weapon list as singular so to wield a pair would cost 2 and provide 2 separate 1 HP weapons. Second, we had been using “simple flick of the wrist” to mean Incidental to draw the weapons but the more I read it and with Quick Draw even providing only a single weapon drawn for free I think that’s a piece of narrative to explain that unless a player is otherwise immobilized completely they should be able to activate the blades. Third, they are listed as having Sunder and Accurate 1 qualities when wielded as a pair and we’d been applying Accurate to each Vamblade when dual wielding but if that were the case it would be more likely that the description would read “When used as a pair, each wrist blade gains the Sunder and Accurate 1 weapon qualities.” Or rather that the pair gains Accurate 2 quality. Summary: Dual wielding Vamblades costs 1,000 credits, has 2 separate 1 HP items which can be modded and the combined weapon qualities would be Defensive 2, Accurate 1, & Sunder. Thoughts?
  5. For searching for surveillance equipment I'd use in order: Skullduggery Stealth Computers Perception Knowledge Underworld Mechanics
  6. I bet we'll see some rules about how players and GMs can spend Destiny Points to do more things RAW. Like using Coercion with Brawn (a suggested but not explicitly explained process in the Core book).
  7. When I give a your move situation often the PCs will discuss thoroughly the situation until one (or more) decide to shoot first. It is odd when presenting them with a situation of armed and belligerent drunks to have them not knock them out or insult them but rather to knock back some beers and take their keys. I love my party sometimes.
  8. If your player has 1s in all their stats their options for improvement are 1) Start over. 2) Buy Implants for 10k credits. 3) Buy into multiple talent trees for Dedication at 75-150 XP per tree. 4) Come up with something specific for them because starting over doesn't work for one or both of you. I suggest #1 because 2 & 3 are absurd when they have 1s across the board and #4 sounds either unbalanced or very time consuming.
  9. I think for the book to be balanced and integrate with the other 2 it won't be set in the days of the Republic or in the as yet nebulous cannon of post Return of the Jedi new Republic era. Also unless the book is specifically racist against droids not every class can be a force user. I'd go so far as to suppose that only one of the 6 expected classes is a true force user with Force rating talents unless they go with a 3rd universal Force user class and just blow everyone away with the Force Power sections and Lightsaber rules. It is called Force and Destiny right? Gotta have some love for the non-Force users. Jedi Doctor, Jedi Technician, Jedi Brawler, Jedi Gunner, Jedi Navigator sounds all pretty lame don't ya think?
  10. They had better make a book for Technicians. I need some more information on scavenging and building t hings to work with. Also seems real one sided to not have a book for each of the classes. Hired Gun was good but Explorer was so meh not even Astrogation or Overland travel encounter examples/rules to work with.
  11. Per RAW. 1200+5000+1200+200+250 = 7850 credits The Geonoshan Blaster Rifle from Long Arm of the Hutt was 1500 credits however. Also the cost of the Mechanics checks to perform the modifications to the Marksman Barrel don't have a cost in the book.
  12. Everyone understands Wookie. The Gand has lungs so he speaks Basic. Toydarians speak Huttese so he can translate if he chooses to and needed.
  13. I was going to rule (for an as yet untested upcoming encounter) that any personal scale damage which exceeds the Armor of a vehicle deals at least 1 Hull, if it can crit it down it can deal damage. I find it hard to believe all of the missile launchers I've seen fired at Vehicles in Clone Wars were all criticals so I'm inclined to round up since there are a finite number of missiles available.
  14. Well...using Influence is an action as is Scathing Tirade until you upgrade it to Supreme so for the most part that's a moot point to try and do both in the same turn. When you have the option of Supreme Scathing Tirade versus Influence it's going to take a lot of Force Rating for me ever think that Influence would be better in most situations. Best case scenario, Force Rating 3 Influence would score 6 pips for 12 strain for 255 XP (at Engaged) by focusing solely on the Influence power and Force Rating progression.
  15. Archaeologist Chiss Force Sensitive on a series of holocron quests while everyone is grabbing for credits and civilization. For a non-biased choice belonging to someone other than my beloved I'm loving both the Wookie who owes a Life Debt to a Trandoshan and wants to bury Wookie pelts on Kashyyyk under imperial blockade and the pair of smugglers who joined in trying to get their ship out of impound because that's some very entertaining interactions between the two.
  16. "When making a Coercion, Charm, Deception, Leadership, or Negotiation check, the Force user may roll an Influence Power check as part of his dice pool. He may spend [Force] to gain [success] or [Advantage] (user's choice) on the check." "The character may take the Scathing Tirade action; making an Average Coercion check. For each [success], one enemy within short range suffers one strain. The character can also spend [Advantage] for every [Advantage] spent, one target already affected suffers 1 additional strain." Sounds like adding a Force die to the roll to me. Spend them Destiny points!
  17. Not all parties treat their ship as a permanent fixture. Some make a habit of buying/borrowing/stealing ship after ship and leaving the last one behind (often as a burning wreck). Similarly I would say not all parties treat the ships as disposable either. It's a spectrum, if the party treats the ships as paper cups or never has one of their own they shouldn't be able to have the time to properly Tinker a whole ship in the first place. IMHO.
  18. The options selected on the chart with the exception of recovering/suffering strain are intended to be taken only once which was discussed on an Order 66 podcast however you will note that per RAW only those options state "this option may be selected more than once." As for the Boost die for a single advantage, I have nixed that from the session I run and I convinced the party of the power involved by providing the example of "what if each enemy gave the next one in line a boost for a single advantage?" However I do allow for 2 advantage to give Boost die to different PCs. I will say however that finding ways to spend single Threat/Advantage is difficult unless I want to have minions suffer damage for their single Threats so "Whatever works best" and "Does it make sense" should be the mantra to follow.
  19. It seems like a bit much but if the GM thinks it's fair by all means. Of course you can never get that hard point back unless you "lose" your ship and I imagine the party can't likely afford a replacement.
  20. Things missing from my campaigns in order of stealing from previously mentioned. The Force – Excluding Sense Defense. Item Modification – Weapons, armor, ships. With a Gadgeteer and Outlaw Tech in both campaigns you’d think someone would have modded something by now. Cybernetic Implants - My PCs goal but always short on credits. The Rebellion – Some characters are clearly intended to be Rebel agents but the Rebellion hasn't been involved or even nudging the campaign direction. Core Worlds – Never been outside the Tatooine sector in 10 sessions over 2 campaigns. Capital Ships – Never been on one, fought one, run from one. Star Destroyers on long range sensors are just set dressing. Stealth – No sneaking, no stealing, no ambushing even with stealth focused characters it either isn't possible, fails miserably, or doesn't occur to the PC at the time. Obligation Removal - No one has managed to remove any of their Obligations yet, but soon I hope one of my PCs will get there.
  21. There already is a strain stimpack by function as Lesai (p185) for 500 Credits at Rarity 9 restricted that recovers all of a character's strain. Strain is an easily managed resource so I've got no problem limiting to Politico, Cool/Discipline after combat, Advantages & 1 Medicine check per encounter anymore and prepare to shell out 500 credits a pop. It also goes without saying that enemies should be dealing Strain damage when it's narratively appropriate not just to pick on a Wookie because they have 9 strain and 20 wounds is too hard to deal with.
  22. In the campaign I run one of my players (my significant other admittedly) is playing an Archaeologist Force Sensitive and we've decided that over her travels she found an ancient lightsaber badly damaged and pre-dating the color coding (re: Clone Wars Mandalorian Lightsaber) we stated it out as a Vibrosword and it has an infinite number of HP for customization. The goal is to invest in all the applicable modifications and track the total cost spend on the weapon, once she reaches 10k investment we'll be holding a quest into something probably very Imperial or Sith controlled to finally get it into a real lightsaber (removing all the other modifications). Otherwise sure, roll a 5 difficulty on a Black Market check and have 10k ready to drop on a single character ignoring enemy soak in melee range, not too strong it doesn't even beat a 3 armor vehicle. I mean if it was would there be a talent in Heavy to give breach 1 for a Triumph? If the BBEG's only defense is soak there's probably a problem with the character.
  23. Just the one. The one who agrees most of the time for my logic also has the most fervent responses when he disagrees or feels that something is amiss. Not really no. I've taken it upon myself to mantra some GM commandments to hold myself to and I intend to paraphrase my previous post about narrative results not success versus failure exclusively or even in some cases where failure is impossible, you cannot miss a stationary target at short range that isn't an active combatant.
  24. I would understand that too but no one asked why making the check just arguing against the mere implication that I would defame to ask for a check. I phrased it as "to see how successful you are" so the d20 mindset probably said "I should auto succeed!" but then it got ridiculous. PC: Well instead of rolling I'm just going to keep shooting. Me: Ok well then you keep shooting and blaster bolts fly everywhere in ricochet as you shoot constantly for 2 minutes, does that sound better than rolling a check? Preemptive Edit: Note in my reply to the constant shooting I don't say, take damage, blow up something on the ship just that constantly shooting at a floor would make blaster bolts ricochet just like bullets.
  25. Heavy Blaster Pistols & Padded Armor. No Stimpacks. No pocket change. Encumbrance 4 for 1250 credits. @ 25%-75% value = 312-936 credits Divided 5 ways = 62.5-187.5 credits per player Meals 5-15 credits per day if ration packs only (10-50 per meal otherwise) Lodging 50 credits Ship repairs at 500 credits per hull trauma Docking fees 50-150 credits per day Refueling 500 credits per refuel Stimpacks 25 credits per character per encounter Now you add in augments and item power ups usually requiring 1000 credit investments to begin with and the cost total stays down. Imagine if you have to pay bail for a PC or bribe an official or Bounty Hunter to look the other way. And don't forget to add that awkward look when a player comes up and pulls out 4 suits of armor covered in blood and blaster bolts out of a backpack.
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