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  1. ObiWonka

    New player getting into 2.0?

    Having run several demos of 2nd Edition, Luke in his Quick Build setup is going to be an absolute nightmare.
  2. ObiWonka

    A ship with an asymmetric firing arc?

    Why stop at white? Why not green? And why not extend the arc to a full 360 turret? And make it like 25 points, with 9 health behind 2 agility and a ton of upgrade options. And if that's not enough make sure the unique pilots have such degenerate abilities and combinations that it results in years of nerfs to other cards and plenty of negative play experiences for everyone. There, I think we've nailed it. Good job everyone. Go home early.
  3. ObiWonka

    Quick Build cards

    Quick build cards list like 3 ships on each card. So that'd be three different cards instead of one.
  4. This pretty much covers it, IMO. E-Wing I don't care much about unless there's a "non-stupid" canon version.
  5. Amazing stuff! Especially like the spider-fang and the detailing on the TIEs.
  6. ObiWonka

    New Escalation format

    Sounds like a fun format. Look forward to trying it out.
  7. ObiWonka

    Why is the k-turn all or nothing?

    A ship performing a k-turn isn't spinning*, so rotating it to some sort of angle would make the opposite of thematic sense. *even though I hear that's a good trick.
  8. ObiWonka

    Nothing About The Conversion Kits Upsets Me

    I don't think I ever enjoyed this song considering how ridiculously overplayed it was from day one. Needs a Pharrell Williams Happy 2.0 reboot ASAP.
  9. ObiWonka

    100 pt. Whisper

    AKA "dining in ****".
  10. ObiWonka

    The Xwing 1.2 Project!

    I don't know why I got quoted for this. I was just commenting on the fact that there are several other threads already like this and they just keep coming. I'm all for everyone finding their own "perfect balance" for 1st Edition, given FFG won't be doing it (and may or may not do so myself at some point).
  11. ObiWonka

    Afterburnes is this where the lie comes undone?

    That can't be right. There are way too many nudist colonies in Florida for that to be right. Source: lived in Florida for about 15 years.
  12. ObiWonka

    The Xwing 1.2 Project!

    I guess we just get a new one of these threads every time the previous one has fallen off the front page for a week or so?
  13. ObiWonka

    Alternate format: Mystery Match

    I've played this with upgrades face-down until used (pilots known at the start) and it was a blast. Would fly again.