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  1. Page 17 is probably why it doesn't have the extra language: it's part of the core rules now, so no need to state it on every card.
  2. Sort of. I don't think having 12 ships on the board is a good idea (games would be way too slow), but conversely making pilots pay a lot more for higher skill would improve things dramatically. Each point of PS shouldn't simply cost 1 squad point (with another 2 PS for 1 point if you're willing to take VI), and then usually come with a better pilot ability as well.
  3. Remember when aces were the best/worst thing in the game? Pepperidge Farm remembers...
  4. That's actually a pretty cool looking ship.
  5. You're making me miss flying triple aces, @blade_mercurial...
  6. I think "during the activation phase" is far too ambiguous. Before any ships move? After any ships move? In the middle of my opponent performing an action? "When you become the active ship" (for the beginning of L'ulo's "turn") or "At the end of your activation" (after her turn) should do it.
  7. My main advice for any interceptor is "when in doubt, bug out". If you think you'll end up in an unfavorable situation, don't do it. You have the speed and maneuverability for hit-and-run tactics. I also like "figure out where your opponent wants you to be, and don't go there," and this applies more broadly to most ships. For Jax in particular, look for opportunities to make your opponent think twice: sure, having Jax at Range 1 is great, but if your opponent knows that's where Jax wants to be, they can set a trap or counter-fly. So baiting with Jax, even if it doesn't directly utilize his ability, should always be an option.
  8. Do what the cards say, not what they don't say.
  9. Not a huge fan of the color scheme here, but what did you use to make it a Vaksai?
  10. Not if you're flying the right bro-bots!
  11. The Summer of '15 was a dark time for our wallets.
  12. Hunting bounty is stressful business. Kath Scarlet (50) Slave I Expertise Rebel Captive Thermal Detonators Extra Munitions Long-Range Scanners 2x Bounty Hunter (35) Tactician
  13. I feel like there are already other examples of things happening inside windows, but they escape me at the moment.
  14. We're WAY past due for everything-is-half-MoV. IMO, Kylo/the Silencer costs the perfect amount, give or take however much you penalize large ships for being easier targets and more difficult to move. Two shields and Evade, not to mention a couple upgrade options, is nothing to sneeze at.
  15. Like the title. You throw interceptions in your last game every time before you retire?