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  1. There was apparently an official interview somewhere that answered the Nebula problem (I had the same question): between Thanos and Maw's genius and wizardry they were able to create their own Pym Particles. Which implies they'd be able to get up to all kinds of trouble and spawn any number of alternate timelines. If we take the Ancient One saying she couldn't see beyond her own death as something that would apply to Strange, too, that would mean a) he was only able to view the real timeline because he was unsnapped (meaning, aside from it being a movie where of course the good guys win, as soon as Strange got dusted we would have known he - and in theory everyone else - was coming back), and b) the 14,000,000,604 other possible outcomes he views may actually be alternate timelines in which he survives the snap (and since the snap is 50/50 there would be at least 28,000,001,210 total timelines).
  2. ObiWonka

    Arc Dodge 101

    That's my other saying, "Figure out where your opponent wants you to be and don't go there." This can largely apply to the game as a whole, though, not just aces.
  3. ObiWonka

    Arc Dodge 101

    ****. Start over. I want to use that.
  4. ObiWonka

    Arc Dodge 101

    It's me, the guy you're looking for. Also, I should listen to my own advice more.
  5. If FFG's April Fool's joke had been a "dog"-fighting* game. *
  6. What is this, "The Starwarts Holiday Special"? IDK, Hawkeye brought like 12 arrows and that worked out OK. What the **** did you just make me look at with my own eyes...
  7. Won't anyone think of poor Moralo?
  8. The second it was spoiled I knew you wouldn't be able to resist. I apologize for not recognizing sooner you were unwilling to participate in the conversation the rest of us were having. Your turn.
  9. But you can admit it, which is more than a lot of people can say. Your position wasn't impossible to understand, but it was wrong. I hope that doesn't make Buzz Droids any less exciting for you; like I said, I expected them to be up your alley!
  10. If they're on the back, you can still overlap them with a reverse maneuver. Otherwise they fall off. Interestingly, this can introduce counter-play against Tugs and Sheaths, where you place relocate Buzz's to the back to discourage them from backing up next turn.
  11. Only when you move and they were already hanging on the back for dear life.
  12. They don't, though. If they're on the front, you can relocate them to the front again, providing there's room. And Barrel Rolling absolutely does free you, since you move without overlapping the token, meaning it does not get to relocate. It's an incredibly well-designed card, both mechanically and flavor-fully (hence why I linked to the clip from the movie...) I would have thought you, if anyone, would see that.
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