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  1. I like the idea of increasing the mod limit by 1 (including Royal Guard allowing Interceptors 3, etc).
  2. How pretentious.
  3. Aye, let's get on with X-Wing 2.0 already.
  4. This has nothing to do with ego*. And it wasn't mocking, either. It was a comparison between a humorous scene in a movie, and another character who most people know by their title rather than their first name. Pretty straightforward. You know what makes a joke not funny? Explaining it. If you didn't see that movie or didn't find the scene or comparison funny, that's perfectly fine. Always playing the defensive ******* card when it is in fact you who are being a troll, is not. *Except maybe yours, because you're always on a mission to prove you don't find other people funny when they are to themselves and many others. "You are very smart."
  5. Or some people like humor. We know you're not one of them. Yet you have to remind us every post. Lucky us.
  6. Who the **** is Gial?
  7. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.
  8. I take it you mean you only get +1 Attack in arc and +1 Defense against out-of-arc shots? Otherwise losing the defense bonus out-of-arc only strengthens turrets (albeit only primary ones).
  9. 1) Absolutely. I'm pretty sure 200 points is all that's necessary. 2) You'll have to explain to me why this would be necessary. I assume something to do with #6. 3) May be worth it, may not be, but I'm intrigued by the idea of "wide" (small base length, large base width) for K-Wing type ships and "long" (small width, large length) for U-Wing types. 4) Actually not a fan of this one. I think blocking and precision eyeballing of maneuvers are important to X-Wing, things that adjustable tools would seem to mitigate. Though to be fair I have zero experience with Armada. 5) Interesting idea. Rear to front/rear sounds nice, but also a bit more fiddly. Perhaps just adjusting the speed of maneuvers available to large ships or using a different set of templates would do the trick. 6) As with #2, you'll have to give me more detail on this. It doesn't seem necessary to me (though large base Boost could use adjustment). 7) I'm surprised games haven't moved more in this direction already. I'm curious how you see it being useful to X-Wing, outside of scenarios or solo play. 8) Different dice for Torpedoes and Missiles I could see (maybe even Cannons, etc.). 9) This I really don't want. The simplicity of one attack roll, one defense roll, hits, and crits works for me. 10) I'm not as appalled by primary weapon turrets as some people are (they add variety), though at the same time I can see where being able to shoot anyone who can shoot you can be a bit 'boring'. 11) Hard no. You'll either end up with pilots that are so good on one ship they may as well have been attached to that ship anyway, or way too many fiddly rules about who can fly what and at what price. 12) On the fence on this until I see something more concrete. I take it the basic premise is "get an additional action of some kind by taking a penalty of some kind." 13) Yes, 100% on board with alternating initiative. I'd much rather see lists built to their full point potential and players and pilots having to re/act differently each round than bidding that's sometimes useless, sometimes make-or-break. 14) We already have Evade tokens, Reinforce, etc. Again, simplicity works for me.* 15) There is no word to describe my loathing for some of the things FFG considers "Titles". *In fact, anything that deviates too far from the relative simplicity of X-Wing would put me off a "2.0" altogether.
  10. If you do go Ion Cannon/FCS, don't forget one of the B's can take B-Wing/E2 and "Chopper" for the last point! Also (since it hasn't been listed yet), if the B's systems aren't otherwise occupied, don't leave your Collision Detectors at home.
  11. Of those listed, I think I like Intel/Ops the best. Intel lets you use anybody including itself as a decent blocker, and Ops helps stack tokens (especially nice when the Shuttle's own pea-shooter hands out a token before the Interceptors attack).
  12. It does make some thematic sense, but I'd much rather fly in a world where you more often than not get a great pilot ability and mediocre pilot skill, or great pilot skill and a mediocre ability. Best-of-both just means that most of our pilot cards never see serious competitive use.
  13. I disagree. I want Soontir to be playable again, not the Palpatine-influenced nightmare he was for a time.
  14. Just let ships spend Evade tokens and be done with it. It would mostly affect reveal bombs, since you can often drop Action bombs on top of enemies before they've have their actions. And if someone's spending their Evades against your bombs, then they're not spending them against your attacks. I'm liking X-Wing 2.0 more and more.
  15. Soontir Fel + Autothrusters + Experimental Interface + Debris Dodger? 33 Points if we're lucky, Focus, potentially 2 Evades from EPT, even a third as your normal action. (Now all we need is a rules errata that lets you spend Evade tokens vs Bombs...)