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  1. That's highly situational and not real synergy.
  2. First, I like how the attacker in the TV-94 example could've just use the Calculate to convert the eye for the same result. Second, "Soulless One. While this Title upgrade synergizes with General Grievous's ability particularly well" is a funny statement considering they have nothing to do with one another. That said, I'm looking forward to this faction.
  3. ObiWonka

    What if FFG changed First Player to random?

    Exactly. Random or alternating initiative tests your skills far more. Also, the skill of actually flying your ships should count for far, far more than the "skill" of choosing a bid number.
  4. But... that's a Hydra from Magic: the Gathering...
  5. ObiWonka


    @Piscopas I might have to commission another repaint...
  6. I don't usually like mods too much, prefer straight repaints, but I do like the post-apocalyptic theme!
  7. ObiWonka

    Spending bomb charges outside of the System phase

    Fuzzy Flight Games.
  8. ObiWonka

    What if FFG changed First Player to random?

    I'd rather they have to play with their perfect information moves tied behind their back.
  9. ObiWonka

    Resistance Pilot cost evaluation

    You're projecting.
  10. ObiWonka

    Biohexacrypt codes???

    Squad Leader
  11. ObiWonka

    Resistance Spoilers!!!!

    Already working on it. Thanks for playing.
  12. ObiWonka

    Vulture swarm: Staying alive? Is it even viable?

    I zoomed in to 500% and gave up after "When a friendly ship at range X-Y..."
  13. ObiWonka

    Deadly Speed - Resistance A-Wing article

    Nope, this one's actually pretty easy. "Zari Bangel, Aerial Exhibitionist" Zari Bangel. Zari B. Angel. Zari, Blue Angel. Blue Angels: Aerial Exhibitionists.
  14. ObiWonka

    Jedi Livery

    There's definitely 10 in that picture. Although alternate "generic" paint jobs is why I said "at least" haha.
  15. ObiWonka


    Would help differentiate it from the Vulture, too.