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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Hoarder of Garlic Bread in Upsilon DOA for second edition? Umm....   
    I will fly it for sure. But alas, I agree with you on all these points. Was hoping it would get the phantom treatment of nerfs so as to make affordable and thus viable. But...
    I can't remember if I cried, when I read about Snoke's pricey ride. Don't care who its gonna fly; it kept its 4th red die. So:
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to JJ48 in The Mandalorian [Star Wars TV series]   
    Honestly, out of all the possible approaches they could have gone with, this one probably interests me the least.  But, we'll reserve judgment until we see how things go.  I just hope "serious" means, "more like the films than like the cartoons" and not "dark and edgy".
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to JJ48 in Scoundrels and Bounty Hunters   
    Oh, sure.  Dozens of times.  No matter how often it happens, losing a loved clone never becomes any easier.
    I do seem to vaguely recall him, now that you mention it.  Still, it's easier to forget grief when you have a blaster in your hands and a job to do.  When you're in a long, lonely jump through hyperspace?  That's when it hits you.  Sometimes, it even gets so bad that you just want to end it all by committing spacercide (intentionally hypering through a star, black hole, or other massive object).  If I've seen it once I've seen it a hundred times.
  4. Haha
    JJFDVORAK reacted to JJ48 in Scoundrels and Bounty Hunters   
    Have you ever experienced the death of the original from which you were cloned?  It's not something you get over quickly.
    Sorry, my memory's not that great.  I don't remember Boba in the Clone Wars (assuming you're talking about the series).
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to JJ48 in Scoundrels and Bounty Hunters   
    Also, poor Boba probably still hadn't gotten over his "dad"'s death by that point, and was probably sobbing about not wanting to fly alone until it started getting really awkward, so Han didn't have much choice but to agree.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to JJ48 in Scoundrels and Bounty Hunters   
    So the takeaway here is, next time someone takes my lunch from the office fridge, I should encase them in carbonite?
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to CaptainJaguarShark in Scoundrels and Bounty Hunters   
    Han is known to have worked for Jabba at one point. Boba Fett is also known to have worked for Jabba. They were coworkers, basically.
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    JJFDVORAK got a reaction from SabineKey in The Star Wars Resistance Aces and should the be in this game or a new one?   
    I like the idea of the 6 ship box with minimal pilots and tons of upgrades. The issue I see with it though is that these six ships are all Resistance (I think) and FFG usually balances the releases so they would have to have a similar number of ships for at least the first order. But maybe not. Who knows. Also the "Rally Mode" is a fun idea and I would love to see it happen, but I don't think it will. We'll see. 
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    JJFDVORAK got a reaction from heychadwick in 1E HOAC specific.   
    I'm not sure this is true when it comes to fandom acronyms, and it's definitely not true for SW movie title acronyms.  TPM, AotC, RotS, RotJ, TFA, and TLJ, all include the "t" from"the". Also LotR(Lord of the Rings)  and TOS, TAS, and TNG(Star Trek: The Original Series, The Animated Series, and The Next Generation) all include the "t" from "the". I've always seen it as HotAC as well. It's not an issue at all but it is kind of interesting. 
  10. Thanks
    JJFDVORAK reacted to ficklegreendice in I don't like the new X-Wings   
    To make sfoil tokens, take those z-95 and xwing dial inserts found in the conversion kit
    Glue em together
    Sfoil tokens!
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Gilarius in I don't like the new X-Wings   
    I also prefer the 1.0 models, along with a token to indicate the s-foil position. It's not really a problem, I have plenty!
    I fixed my Saw's model, it was a bit scary since I hadn't done something like that before, but worked out ok.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to IndyPendant in I don't like the new X-Wings   
    There.  I said it.
    The open/closing gimmick doesn't work well.  The Saw's version doesn't even open and close properly, it's stuck in a sort of pathetic halfway mode, and in order to fix the problem I apparently have to dismantle it, carve it with a knife, then reassemble and glue it back together.  Yeah, that's a disaster just drooling for me to attempt it.  The 2.0 X-Wing opens and closes fine--but just picking the thing up to move it can cause the wingy bits to close wrong, and then it's stuck on a silly-looking tilt!
    I was happy with my non-moving X-Wings, dagnabbit!  They looked plenty cool enough on their own.  1.0 gameplay was totally borked, the X-Wing model wasn't.  Now it is.  I just can't enjoy flying these new loosely tilted or gummily misshapen messes.  Bah!
    /rant off
  13. Haha
    JJFDVORAK reacted to Cuz05 in What is “Dark Side”   
    Are you thinking that she could pilot herself?
    Looking forward to the Leia expac. Comes with a diddy Leia model and a new 'tiny' base.
    No attack dice but can spend 1 force to cause First Order ships at range 1/2 to have second thoughts about firing missiles.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Bakura83 in 2.0 - all who are leaving   
    I’m sure 2.0 is great, I’m just not willing to spend any money on it.  I’m already investing in two other FFG products.  Plus I never really liked the competitive scene in xwing, so no reason to move over.
  15. Thanks
    JJFDVORAK reacted to Boom Owl in 4 Phantoms - YOU WILL cry because of them   
    ...can people stop panic overreacting everytime they see a list win for the first time?
    Itd be kinda cool if our community was known for thinking about the game a little tiny bit more throughly then just “REEEEEEEE I SAW A SHIP THAT DID WELL ONE TIME IT MUST BE UNDERCOSTED REEEEE”. 
    X-Wing is way more interesting than that right now. Maybe do some actual testing with this and report back in detail after 25-50 games with and against the list with varying opponents. 
    Its fine and often fun to speculate, but enough with all the sky is falling stuff. Extremely good players, like “worlds winners” tier players, dont even jump to conclusions this fast...
    Or you know carry on and just panic everytime someone loses to an I4 small base arc. 
  16. Haha
    JJFDVORAK reacted to TasteTheRainbow in FFG I'm a staunch defender when people say you're only in it for the $$   
    Oh nice. Which minis game is this good and cheap? I’ve been looking for it for about 35 years so far.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Hobbyist in New Article: flying in formation   
    I think that formations can be really fun to play (I mean, unless you're just K-turning and rolling dice...)because youhave to think about each ship individually and as part of a larger unit. Knowing when to break formation, and having to constantly adjust your strategy is a rewarding effort. 
    I usually have a mini swarm (of FO's) that come in formation, purposely cause a traffic jam, break up and knife fight. 
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Hawkstrike in Second Edition Lambda   
    Alabaster Void Bison ... now with butt guns!
    You should call that list the Ginsu, because it slices and dices.
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    JJFDVORAK got a reaction from Demon4x4 in First Look Trailer - Star Wars Resistance   
    I really think everyone needs to just calm down with the negative emotions at this point. I think that, unfortunately, TLJ was so bad and polarizing, that now the fans look for reasons to hate on Star Wars. Yes, TLJ was a dumpster fire, but since Disney took over, they have done an ok job. TFA was pretty good (even if it was a remake  of Episode 4) and Rogue One and Solo were solid, with good stories (even though we knew the endings-more for less) and decent amounts of fan service.  Rebels was pretty fun, even if it was weird and fell flat a few times.  Eventually if everyone keeps this negativity up, Disney will cut and run on Star Wars and we won't get anything new. Star Wars will be dead. So just enjoy something for once. Remember that Star Wars is for kids and families and that is ok. I watched the Resistance trailer and thought, "cool, a story about star fighter racing in the Star Wars Galaxy. I like those ring things they are obviously using as check points. I wonder if I could make half rings and make rules for my Xwing ships to race through."
    My point is everyone needs to just relax and enjoy Star Wars! That's why we are all here anyway, a love of Star Wars. So love it!
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to BlodVargarna in Wedge "The Destroyer of Fun" Antilles   
    And we’re going to make he Imperials pay for it. BUILD THE DIE! BUILD THE DIE!
  21. Haha
    JJFDVORAK reacted to Darth Meanie in Wedge "The Destroyer of Fun" Antilles   
    We're going to build a 9-sided die.  It's going to be beautiful.   Trust me. 
  22. Haha
    JJFDVORAK reacted to FTS Gecko in Wedge "The Destroyer of Fun" Antilles   
  23. Haha
    JJFDVORAK reacted to ficklegreendice in Wedge "The Destroyer of Fun" Antilles   
    sure we do
    just not 3/8 times...which is every time
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    JJFDVORAK got a reaction from FTS Gecko in First Look Trailer - Star Wars Resistance   
    Please make that topic. Make it a vote to see how this community views both films.
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    JJFDVORAK got a reaction from SabineKey in First Look Trailer - Star Wars Resistance   
    Please make that topic. Make it a vote to see how this community views both films.
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