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    JJFDVORAK reacted to HolySorcerer in A New Type of TIE?   
    Get out.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to SabineKey in A New Type of TIE?   
    I actually don’t think it’s that bad looking. I don’t think it will win any beauty awards, but it looks alright to me.
    In the lore, it has multiple load outs, specializing in cannons or torps and missiles. Combine with that likely a front arc and mobile arc, and medium base size. It has potential to be a gunship unlike anything in the Imperial arsenal to date. The closest is the Gunboat with its two different configurations, but there is enough potential difference to keep them from being too similar. 
    There are other ships that can fill the medium base to large base itch, but none quite fulfill the same role as the Blastboat and most fall into the “heavy dropship” archetype rather than a dedicated Starfighter. Also most of the other opinions I have seen brought up are just as or worse good looking as the Blastboat in my opinion. I did find one ship that I thought was better looking, but it is way more obscure than even the Blastboat.
    There is other consideration for me such as the ship’s association with characters I like, such as Mara Jade. Admittedly, her recorded interaction with one was after the left the Empire, but at this point I’ll take anything that has a chance for Mara to be on board.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to That Blasted Samophlange in A New Type of TIE?   
    Rather have the TIE Brute.   It has a droid brain AND a pilot.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Darth Meanie in A New Type of TIE?   
    Um, yeah??
    It's probably one of the first "new" ships to make an appearance in the EU in Zahn's 1990s triology.  It featured in WEG sourcebooks.
    And I for one like how it looks.
    Not that special--Scum has the IG droids.
    And even lumping IG into "droid ships," the TIE/D would give droid ships to 3 of 7 factions.  It hardly wrecks it for the CiS.
    Yeah, I'm with you there.  On the other hand, if you don't like balls and panels, maybe you're collecting the wrong faction??
    AND, people are always pissing and moaning about duplicating "design space."  This is 100% new design space for the Empire.
    I mean, all things considered, I got about what I expected--the usual SW "no way."
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Sasajak in A New Type of TIE?   
    I’m not, I love the Imperial TIE line.  Long may the kitbashing continue.  If you don’t like it pick one of the other 6 factions and don’t buy shares in Sienar.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to SabineKey in A New Type of TIE?   
    For new TIE with a new role, I’m in the TIE Heavy camp. I could see it filling the role that use to be filled by the SF, plus a cannon slot. 
    For Empire as a whole, I’ll also throw in with the Blastboat. Like the Gunboat, it’s got potential for multiple configurations to provide a versatility of roles while also filling the whole in the Imperial Fleet left by the Firespray’s absence (though that absence pretty much extends to much of 1.0). 
    As for the TIE Automated...maybe? I need to see how the CIS droid starfighters work on the table before really speculating on its application for the Empire.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Hawkstrike in A New Type of TIE?   
    Heavy TIE from Solo. Give it ordnance and cannon slots.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Darth Meanie in A New Type of TIE?   
    True; thus this a a droid fighter (as a "class") trumped up as a TIE, and thus "different" than another TIE/var.
    And I agree that a Skipray would be a FAR BETTER option.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Darth Meanie in A New Type of TIE?   
    That's my point.  The mechanic exists, we just need a model.  It would give the Imperial Faction something they don't have at all in the moment.
    Why?  It's Dark EMPIRE.  Evil Imperial scientists coming up with the same thing with an Imperial aesthetic.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Rakaydos in A New Type of TIE?   
    It's literally the same thing, but canon. If Dark Empire was remade, it would be a Mining Guild operation producing Vulture droids.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Jehan Menasis in A New Type of TIE?   
    Possibly, but I guess non-canon material will be treated as a secondary source, at most.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Darth Meanie in A New Type of TIE?   
    What TIE fighter could FFG produce that has it's own unique role/style?
    How 'bout the TIE/D Automated??
    The mechanics for droid fighters now exist. . .

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    JJFDVORAK reacted to AllWingsStandyingBy in Happy Friday - How to Fix the E-Wing   
    That, or FFG is no better at balancing the game than they were in 2.0.  I mean, it's not like Rebel Y-Wings are doing well... they are one of the worst performing ships according to the tourney data.  Meanwhile, TIE Phantoms, TIE Punishers, and the HWK are some of the most powerful ships in the game right now.

    I think it's less about FFG using conservative costing approaches to drive people to use the better priced Wave 1 stuff, and more about just FFG basically still floundering around trying to get a handle of balancing X-Wing.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Punning Pundit in Happy Friday - How to Fix the E-Wing   
    You mean that it's the prettiest ship in all of Star Wars, and all other ships are ashamed to be on the table with it?
    I agree.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Magnus Grendel in Vulture swarm: Staying alive? Is it even viable?   
    Depends on the droid 'generation'. The early Trade Federation ones were pure drones (or near enough) whilst later ones built during the war had more self-awareness. I refer you to Clone Wars: Storm over Ryloth
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to FourDogsInaHorseSuit in 2.0 Core should have been Clone Wars   
    There should be one core set per era + a scum. Allowing players to start with whatever faction they want.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to player3137305 in 2.0 Core should have been Clone Wars   
    As the title says. The 2.0 Core set should have been a Clone Wars core set right from the beginning.
    FFG knew they had Clone Wars in the pipeline, they just decided to have old players buy an unnecessary 2.0 core set just for the damage deck. This would have been avoided entirely if the core set was made around Clone Wars ships. FFG has a knack for double dipping our wallets.
    Before anyone answers "nobody is forcing you to buy", I only want to say "you are correct". I haven't bough any 2.0 content and will not do so. I'm keeping 1.0 and spending my gaming dollar on other games. FFG just keeps giving me more reasons to go somewhere else.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Darth Meanie in Ramblings of a old X-Wing dinosaur who is stuck between 1.0 and 2.0   
    Depends on what kinda of player you are.  Like 2-point standard play with no upgrades?  Yeah, you're in heaven.
    Like Epic or did a lot of DIY inventing for 1.0??  You got the shaft.
    100% this for me.  I play all 3 factions, so a $200 bare minimum for conversion to play once a month is not worth it.  I also don't like that the game feels like it got smaller, rather than larger (less upgrades, less options, less pilots].
    Honestly, since I still like the game, I think my best option is to "not convert but continue."  With Republic and CiS next wave, I can start with 2.0 fresh with no retro-cost save a Core Set.  I might convert FO and Resistance because the kits are half as much, and the final movie and Resistance cartoon will add 2.0-only material to those factions.  But my Empire and Rebels will live on as 1.0 only.
    Nice double-entendre.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Darth Meanie in Ramblings of a old X-Wing dinosaur who is stuck between 1.0 and 2.0   
    I'm staying put.  I'm still just having too much fun with 1.0 to care, so there is no point in shoveling more money into the game simply to reboot.  I grabbed a 2.0 Fang for the repaint and a Y-Wing for the resculpt, but then I'm just going to toss the cardboard and use them in 1.0.  I'll do the same for Lando's Falcon, but it's currently out-of-stock because I didn't buy it the day it dropped--a first since 2013.
    Last night I put my Reaper on a medium stand because I could, and used the new dial, but the game was 1.0.  Didn't seem to make a bit of difference.  So yeah, stuck between 1.0 and 2.0 feels about right.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to gadwag in Jamming Beam change   
    Jamming beam maybe strips a green token or TL. Now, imagine a weapon which has a good chance of stripping a green token when you fire it, and which actually does damage when it hits. This mythical weapon I've described is every other weapon in the game (with the exception of tractor beam).
    If you're bringing jamming beam to strip target locks, consider the following: you need to shoot before your opponent, you need to hit, you can't jam from range 3 (ideal torp range), and worst of all you've spent your entire attack jamming, but your opponent can still shoot their primary weapon.
    Not true - the jam action is very powerful, particularly because it doesn't waste your attack. Jam actions are a great way to deny an enemy crucial dice mods (or prevent a torp from firing), keeping your ships alive longer or helping you kill them faster. At worst, jam is a 1:1 trade, giving up your action to remove the effects of an opponent's action. This is well worth it if your opponent needs their token more than you need dice mods (eg. a high hull ship jamming a fragile interceptor). If you've got the action economy to jam and still have dice mods (moldy crow, zuckuss, vermeil) then that's even better.
    One caveat for the jam action: watch out for enemies who can remove the jam token and then still get a target lock (or whatever token they need). Notable examples include Vader, Redline (who can just keep a spare lock on a rock for jam prevention) and coordinated ships.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Mattiasw in Make Epic 2.0 Great   
    Hi! I love Epic and have done som experiments. Epic game tends to take much time and suffers sometimes from the large battlefield. My concerns are mostly in making the game a bit faster and adding more strategic maneouvers found in larger battles. In my experimentations I have tried to take advantage of the possibilities in the large playarea. Trying to flank or surrounding the enemy is hard with standard rules. You can always read the big movement, no surprises. With rules adding speed in the initial phase would be great. We have had great fun with the rule ”Epic maneouver” explained below. It works. It really gives the line-up another dimension and it makes the game more interesting when you get the ships faster to the action. Also good is the ”timed planning” to have the players more alert/quick. Please try or just comment.
    Planning Phase
    ”Timed Planning”
    The length of planning phase is determined of the quickest player or team. When the first player or team declares ”set”, the timer goes of. 30 seconds left of planning if the remaining player or team got fewer ships on the mat. 60 seconds if the remaining player or team got more ships. All unassigned ships are assigned with a straight white speed two per default.
    This rule is great to have gamers more alert/quick.
    Activation phase
    "Epic Maneuver"
    An epic manoeuvre is an combined maneuver of three chosen maneuver templates. Epic manoeuvres resolves as the first thing of the activation phase for the first two rounds of play. Instead of the maneuver on dial, all small and large ships can use the Epic maneuver on round one and two. All players chooses to do an epic manoeuvre or not with the start of the player with initiative. The player then flips the dial or dials for the ship or ships the player wants to move. The face-up dials marks the ships waiting for the manoeuvre. It doesn’t matter what manoeuvre the dial is showing.
    To do a epic manoeuvre, name your three desired maneuvres by speed and bearing and pick them up. You must use three manouvers. Must be straights or banks, no turns. The sum of speeds must be equal to eight or more.
    No measuring of course. Place your templates in a chain and move your ship to the end of the last template. Assign that ship a weapons disabled token. Due to insane speed you get an evade token, and also therefore, you can’t do any actions.
    "Huge ship jump"
    A simple rule for adjusting a too defensive line-up or to give the huge ships a chance to catch up with the small and fast ones.
    If any enemy ships is further than range five, a huge ship may jump. To do so, name two straight manoeuvres by speed. Execute the manoeuvres as normal. The sum of speeds must be equal to six or more. Due to temporary exhausted energy levels, assign that ship a weapons disabled token.
    ”The epic commander”
    This rule I haven´t tried. The idea is to make more use of the huge ships and also make them a more prioritized target. And to get more low cost generics/squads in play to create a more cinematic feel to it.
    The epic commander coordinates the assault for example all generic pilots with PS 2 or lower and with a total cost of 20 or lower. As long as the Epic commander (the huge ship) is alive and kicking, the commander turn all blanks to focus.
    I don’t think the Huge ships need that much more of options or crew. Its busy as it is with all the stuff going on. I would like to see more inbuilt functions like this “Epic commander” rule. Different pilot skills could also work here.
    I really like the idea of replacing destroyed huge ships with a number of debris-clouds as someone mentioned above.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Darth Meanie in Make Epic 2.0 Great   
    Energy on smaller ships would be cool.
    More things like coordinate that mimic command.
    More docking and hangar bay capacity.
    Repair facilities for snub fighters.
    Boarding actions.
    A tractor beam that works to capture ships.
    Super huge ships like the nebulon.
    A non mobile space station.
    A zero move.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to pickirk01 in Make Epic 2.0 Great   
    Ya know, if they are revamping Huge ships, then maybe a way to turn a bit tighter too.  Expand their dials and revamp their maneuver templates.  I am not saying barrel rolling huge ships, but maybe an extra maneuver template with a one speed harder turn. 
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to XPav in 9 unique T-70s = "Hang-In there, kids"   
    In rebuttal, Poe Dameron is the best pilot in the galaxy.  
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    JJFDVORAK got a reaction from BCooper85 in Was anyone at Nordics at the weekend?   
    That's funny. I saw this post and thought "a guy I follow on IG went to Nordics" and "He won a Scum falcon too"  It was a this point I realized that it's you I follow on IG. ? I'm a bit slow sometimes.  
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