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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Ambaryerno in Coulda Woulda Shoulda: If YOU Had Control Of The Sequel Trilogy   
    Breaking down my own version of The Force Awakens in detail.
    The movie begins with the Republic and Empire at relative peace, the latter having largely withdrawn into isolation. Though both sides maintain a tense watch on their borders, there have been no noteworthy incidents, but also only minimal interchange between the two powers. The Republic maintains most of its defense fleet along the Imperial border, with only token defense forces elsewhere.
    Rey is an orphan, growing up on a backwater world at the edge of the Republic. Once the site of a major battle between the Republic and Imperial Remnant, most of what is left is the wreckage dotting the grasslands and forests. Notably, this is NOT a desert world, though the areas around where some of the larger ships crashed is devastated and only slowly being reclaimed. There's a token military presence of a single fighter wing under the command of Commander Poe Dameron, a talented pilot, but a bit of a hothead who is too invaluable to let go, but too insubordinate to give an important posting, so was more or less exiled by General Wedge Antilles, head of New Republic Starfighter Command. They're equipped with late-model T-65Js (considering F-15s are still the backbone of the USAF after 30 years of service, there's no reason why the T-65 wouldn't still be in service).
    While the Republic has grown complacent, deep in the outermost fringes of the galaxy a new power has been growing over the decades following the end of the Galactic Civil War. The First Order, founded by hardline Imperialists who refused to accept the peace treaty and broke away from the Imperial Remnant, has been secretly marshaling its forces in the depths of the Outer Rim. Supreme Leader Snoke, from his flagship, the Super Star Destroyer Supremacy, (I'd use the Eclipse-class from the old EU as the inspiration) has determined the time is right to reclaim the Empire for themselves, and dispatches General Hux to begin a long-planned assault on the Republic. Their first target is the defense post where Poe's fighter wing is stationed. Choosing not to release their full strength immediately, Hux commits a small force of two Star Destroyers with their consorts and drop ships.
    A furious dogfight breaks out as Poe's vastly outnumbered fighters scramble to repel the assault. They put up stiff resistance and manage to inflict heavy losses on the First Order fighters and maul one of the Star Destroyers, but are ultimately wiped out. Poe himself is shot down in a desperate effort to draw swarms of TIE fighters off the rest of his people in hopes some can escape to warn the Republic. His fighter is crippled, but he manages to down all of his pursusers. Unfortunately, the effort is wasted; his fighter wing is annihilated, and Poe crash-lands on Rey's home world. With the Republic military presence in the system destroyed, Hux begins landing his troops. The Stormtroopers, under command of the brutally efficient Phasma, overwhelm the meager militia forces that make up the planet's surface defenders, though one trooper, FN-2187, panics under fire.
    Rey, having witnessed the dogfight in the air above, and hearing the surface battle, emerges from hiding after the chaos dies down. By chance she stumbles across a downed Republic X-wing, whose wounded pilot is alive, but unconscious. It's Poe Dameron. She manages to drag him out of the fighter before its fuel tanks explode, and hides him in her home. His astromech, BB-8, follows her. Meanwhile, Kylo Ren, leader of the Knights of Ren, disembarks his shuttle to take command of the situation on the ground. Phasma confirms that none of the local defenders managed to send an alert to the Republic. However the commander of the First Order fighter attack acknowledges when confronted that one Republic starfighter is unaccounted for; it broke away during the engagement, and the fighters which followed have not checked in, and are presumed destroyed. Kylo Ren orders a search be made of the surface nearby for evidence of the fighter's fate.
    While the First Order conducts its search, Rey tends to the badly wounded Poe. He's half-conscious and delirious, but is able to communicate the urgency of getting a message to the Republic about the assault. Rey warns him the best thing for him is to hide until he's stronger, and that the planet doesn't have a transmitter strong enough to reach the Core Worlds, anyway. For the next several days Rey continues hiding Poe and tending his injuries, while First Order troops swarm the local area, interrogating the residents. FN-2187 is a member of one such squad, and grows increasingly disillusioned at the ruthless tactics. Eventually the wreckage of Poe's X-wing is discovered, and FN-2187's squad is sent to Rey's home nearby. When the troopers arrive she hides Poe and BB-8 as best she can, and denies anyone is there. When the troops try to force entry she picks up her staff to fend them off, but they're too many and she's forced to the ground. One of the troopers is about to shoot her, when FN-2187 makes a decision, and fires on his own comrades first. FN offers to get them to a ship, if they promise to take him with them. Rey is bewildered and unwilling to trust him, but Poe, recovered enough to get back onto his feet, is willing to take FN-2187's mutiny at face value and agrees. Rey, however, is reluctant to leave her home.
    Unfortunately, they don't have long to debate. The blaster fire has drawn the attention of other troopers, who are now swarming towards Rey's home. FN, redubbed Finn after Poe's distaste with his serial number, is given a change of clothes so he can ditch his armor, and he leads them in a cat-and-mouse chase through Rey's hometown, pursued by more Stormtroopers. However Finn takes advantage of his knowledge of First Order tactics to guide them safely through the patrols to the local spaceport, little more than an open landing pad in the middle of a field. However they're spotted when they are forced to break from cover, and a firefight breaks out as the three scramble for the first ship they can find. Rey leads them to an old, broken-down YT-1300 owned by her boss, Unkar Plett. Poe hops in the pilot's seat while Rey, who is familiar with Plett's modifications, having assisted him with working on the ship in her free time, joins him in the copilot's station. Together they get the old freighter moving, and blast away from the landing pad. However the unauthorized launch grabs the attention of the First Order, and TIE fighters are dispatched to force them back down. Rey directs Poe to a large swatch of wasteland where a large number of wrecked ships crashed, while Finn mans the top turret (seriously, it's stupid Finn would take the BOTTOM turret when Rey was hugging the deck). The escape from this point is similar to the original film, only with Poe at the pilot's station while Ray assists (the two could bicker about who flies the ship, with Rey noting she is trained as a pilot herself).
    Working together, the trio manage to escape, and Poe evades the First Order blockade, jumps to hyperspace against Rey's objections. She repeats her insistence on going home, but Poe warns her it would be suicide. Finn, arriving from the turret, concurs. Poe presses him on what's going on, and Finn begins to tell him about the First Order. However their stolen freighter shudders suddenly, and an alarm sounds as it drops out of hyperspace, and power fails throughout the ship. Rey angrily swears about Unkar Plett installing a faulty hyperdrive compressor, and that she warned him about it but he refused to listen. The trio scrambles to get main power restored, when the ship is caught in a tractor beam.
    The next scene plays out more or less like the original film, as it's a good way to bring Han and Chewie into the film. The main difference now is Poe's presence ("General Solo!" "I'm RETIRED!") and rather than the map to Luke Skywalker, the race is to warn the Republic about the First Order's assault before they can strike again. Additionally, rather than pirates, it's a First Order scout that boards Han's ship. Also, no rathtars (seriously, I'm getting tired of the gratuitous CGI monsters ever since they decided to "update" the sarlaac). And well, I LOVED the moment of the Falcon jumping to hyperspace inside the hangar of Han's ship. Upon escaping from the First Order patrol, Han sets course for the smuggler outpost at Takodana; there's a communications post there that could reach the main sector fleet base in the Hosnian System (the Falcon's comm system lacks the range) and with the First Order in pursuit Han doubts the Falcon could reach it in time.
    Meanwhile, Snoke berates Kylo Ren over the escape of the Falcon. Hux takes advantage to ingratiate himself with Snoke to announce the fleet is ready for a full assault, and proposes attacking the fleet anchorage in the Hosnian System to knock out a substantial part of the Republic's fleet before they can be mobilized. Snoke agrees to his plan, and dispatches Kylo Ren to continue the pursuit of the Falcon, as he's intrigued by the girl, Rey, who throughout the film thus far has demonstrated subtle hints of Force-sensitivity (particularly moments where she seems to sense things before they happen. IE perhaps Rey feels the arrival of the First Order scout before it actually docks with Han's new ship).
    En route to Takodana, Han, Chewie, and his four passengers relax. Rey helps tend to Poe's injuries, which were exacerbated by the flight from Rey's home, and the fight with the First Order troops aboard Han's freighter. Finn tells Han as much as he can about the First Order, and especially the enigmatic Kylo Ren. This leads to a conversation similar to Han and Rey's discussion about the Force in the film itself, with Han beginning to recognize from his experiences with Luke, Obi-Wan, and later Leia, that Rey may be Force-sensitive herself. Han remarks that as time passed he saw less and less of Luke, who began to focus most of his time on training the new generation of Jedi. He makes allusions to dissatisfaction from some of the students, who began to experiment with forbidden teachings from the Dark Side. Eventually this led a number of them to depart Luke's academy at the rebuilt Jedi Temple on Coruscant never to be seen again (unlike the original version, the Academy itself is NOT destroyed).
    The Falcon arrives at Maz's castle on Takodana. Much of this scene will play out as before; Now that Finn has told Han everything he can about the First Order he's looking to slip away on a clean ship to escape the fight that's coming, while Rey has her encounter with Maz and Luke's lightsaber, before rushing out. Poe makes his way for the communications post, (in place of the random Resistance agents) where he is able to raise Hosnian Prime and relay a warning to the fleet anchored there, which is then passed on to Fleet Command. Unfortunately, it arrives too late for the Hosnian System itself: Hux's entire fleet drops out of hyperspace and attacks in a devastating, Pearl Harbor-esque raid. The anchored fleet if virtually annihilated. Poe is on the line with the Hosnian communications station when the attack begins, and he rushes to warn Han...just in time for a small task force led by Kylo Ren to arrive. Poe and Maz arrange to send a distress call to the closest Republic outpost, while Han and Finn head after Rey.
    The Battle of Takodana largely plays out in the same way as in the original film, with Rey captured by Kylo Ren and Finn and Han unable to stop it. It's New Republic forces, the legendary Rogue Squadron flying sleek new E-wings, that arrive to drive out the First Order incursion. After the battle, Poe, Finn, Han, and Chewie are escorted to Coruscant, where Han has his tense reunion with Leia. Unlike the original version, he then asks for Luke to join them. We get our much-desired reunion of the Trio, as Han reveals he saw his and Leia's son, Ben, lead the First Order troops. We're also introduced to the Nucanon version of Mara Jade Skywalker, and we get a little exposition about how Luke's new Jedi Order differs from the Old Republic.
    Finn also returns Anakin Skywalker's lightsaber, to Luke's astonishment, but he tells Finn to hold onto it for him. Everyone is brought before a gathering of the entire Republic High Command — aging Admiral Ackbar, Wedge Antilles, and many other familiar faces who now hold senior leadership positions in the Republic — for a briefing on the First Order, while news of the destruction of the Hosnian Sector Fleet is relayed to the astonished officers. Finn suggests the First Order is likely to fortify the remnants of the Hosnian System as a forward base of operations, giving the Republic a brief window of opportunity to strike back before they can consolidate. Unfortunately, the Republic fleet is concentrated at the Imperial Border, and it may take weeks to muster the entire Starfleet for a concerted attack. Finn suggests that knocking out Hux's flagship may be sufficient to slow the Order's assault down, buying time for the rest of the Republic's forces to regroup. Finn also suspects Rey would most likely be taken there, and insists on rescuing her.
    A plan is put into place: Han, accompanied by Chewie, Luke, and Finn will lead a commando strike on the Hosnian System to rescue Rey, and shut down Hux's flagship's defenses. Luke also intends to confront his nephew. Once they're down, Republic fighter squadrons based on Coruscant , along with a handful of cruisers, including the venerable old Home One, which has remained in service as something of an honor guard for the Coruscant System, will launch an all-out attack against the flagship. Poe is placed in command of Rogue Squadron and given overall command of the fighter attack. As everyone loads up, Leia approaches Luke and Han, and asks them to bring Ben home. Luke and Han both express doubts, but Leia suggests Han might reach him as his father, where Luke failed as his uncle and teacher.
    The final battle of the film plays out similarly to the original. Han uses a smuggler's trick to approach Hux's flagship through the wreckage of the Hosnian system, with Finn helping him land in an auxiliary docking bay that isn't closely monitored. Luke and Finn head to rescue Rey, with Han and Chewie sabotaging the flagship's power systems. Luke uses the Force to bluff their way past the ship's complement of Stormtroopers and to the brig, where Rey is freed and is awestruck to find herself in the presence of the Jedi Master. They head to regroup with Han and Chewie, arriving just in time to watch Han's fatal confrontation with his son. Luke is unable to prevent Ben from killing his own father in cold blood, and a firefight breaks out when the rest of the group is discovered. Chewie flies into a rage at Han's death, and triggers the explosives planted throughout the flagship's power core, rocking the vessel. Detecting the flagship's shields going down, the Republic fighters drop out of hyperspace. E-wings escort bombers like a modernized version of the Y-wing, which unleash a massive volley of proton torpedoes that hammer Hux's flagship. The flagship itself is BIG, perhaps half the length of Executor, and heavily armed. She's also surrounded by her consorts, which all begin flooding space with TIE fighters. Poe's fighters engage the fighter defenses while the bombers continue to hammer away.
    During the chaos, Rey and Finn get separated from Luke as the internal structure of Hux's ship collapses under the assault, and end up running directly into Kylo Ren. Much like the original version, Rey is incapacitated, and Finn attacks Kylo Ren with Anakin's lightsaber in a rage. He doesn't last long, however, and is soon badly wounded. Rey then manages to get hold of the lightsaber herself, and though she acquits herself better and even manages to wound Kylo, she, too, is disarmed. However before Kylo can finish her off Luke intercedes, igniting his green lightsaber, and trying one last time to reach his nephew. Kylo, however, is too far gone and attacks him in a rage. Luke retains his calm, and in spite of his age quickly proves to be more than a match for his nephew even when he is clearly holding back.
    The space battle continues to rage outside. Although flailing and with main power down, Hux's ship remains more than a match for the hastily-assembled Republic fleet, and losses mount. With time running out, Ackbar makes a desperate attempt to knock out the flagship; he orders his crew to abandon ship, and turns Home One on a collision course. Once all of the escape ships are clear, he activates the hyperdrive, smashing his aging flagship through Hux's ship (yes, I'm using this. And I'm doing it to give Ackbar the heroes end he deserved).
    On the flagship, Luke and Kylo's duel is interrupted as Home One rams through at lightspeed, separating the two combatants as debris clogs the corridors. He helps Rey carry the stricken Finn away, as they retrace their path through the ruined interior of the flagship, undisturbed by the crew fleeing for their own lives, and meet Chewie at the Falcon. They get aboard just in time as the flagship begins to come apart at the seams, and manage to punch clear. Outside, Poe and the remains of his fighter squadrons hammer the flagship with every torpedo they have left. The crippled ship careens out of control, and slams into the remains of the dockyard. The ensuing fireball helps cover the Republic forces as they retreat.
    The victorious Republic forces return to Coruscant, however the heavy losses incurred in the battle, particularly the deaths of the legendary Han Solo and Admiral Ackbar, dampens the celebration. Leia, Luke, and Chewie reunite, while Finn is taken to a medical station to recuperate. At the very end, Rey offers Luke back Anakin's lightsaber, but he closes her hand around it, wordlessly insisting she keep it to begin her training.
    So you can see I chose to work with a lot of the same basic plot elements as the actual film. IMO the main issues with The Force Awakens was how heavily it relied on bringing back plot points from the original Star Wars. This treatment keeps much of its own core plot intact, while removing many of those rehashed elements. I decided to better establish Poe's hot-headedness from TLJ by introducing him as basically sent on a punishment detail to an out of the way system where he's unlikely to do any real damage. The part where he crashes and Rey rescues him is inspired by the resistance fighters in Europe and the Pacific during WWII, who would help downed airmen return to base. I dropped the whole "rotating capital" foolishness, and made the Hosnian System instead into a major Sector Fleet base, while rather than the hunt for Luke Skywalker driving the first part of the plot, it's instead the First Order wanting to take the Republic by surprise, and not reveal themselves (in this case, the Republic doesn't even know they exist). Rey's demonstration of Force-sensitivity is also more subtle, here, with Luke doing most of the heavy lifting in the climax. I still want her to at least give Kylo Ren SOMETHING of a fight before she's overwhelmed, so I let her get a hit in, before Luke steps in.
    I kind of imagine Kylo all but running for his life as the fight progresses, as sort of a reverse of Luke's confrontation with Vader in Empire. Kylo STARTS cocky and fueled by anger, but the longer the fight goes, and the more he acknowledges that Luke is in complete control, the more his composure breaks down, and the more he starts to panic.
    And yes, as I noted I took the hyperspace ramming from TLJ, and used it here with Ackbar. The simple fact is I needed SOME way to conceivably take down Hux's flagship, and starfighters just don't have the firepower. And if the Coruscant Sector Fleet is mostly ceremonial, it likely wouldn't have ships with sufficient firepower to take on a baby-Executor in a slugging match. It also lets Ackbar go out like a badass, rather than getting sucked into space like a chump.
    I'll need to do some thinking on how exactly to approach TLJ, as I imagine that would unfold quite a bit differently. For one, that is the film where I intend to get the Empire involved, and that will certainly shake some things up. Plus I have a much more proactive Luke.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Bad Idea Comics in Rules for 3d??   
    3D rules are typically overkill for starship combat games. There are some very detailed ones out there that handle it pretty well. Attack Vector Tactical terms were even used on the Battlestar Galactica show (I'm sure not directly because of the game, but the terms used made sense: "Roll 60 degrees to port" or something similar). AVT was designed by an astrophysicist, so it's as accurate as you can get. The same guy came up with an Honor Harrington system using a streamlined version of the rules - the Saginami Island Tactical Simulator. My favorite 3D system though was With Hostile Intent, created by a guy that does visual effects for movies. The system was ingenious and simple to use and he even created magnetic ship rotators that locked in position to change the angle of your ships.
    After reading through all of those rules I still never even bothered with them because 3D movement simply doesn't add enough to the game. Even realistic vectored movement doesn't add to space combat. It just makes movement more predictable. Star Wars rarely even depicts ships operating outside the same plane. Fighters may occasionally fly over or under a ship, but that movement doesn't really mean anything, other than ships don't block line of sight, which is already in the rules.
    So, yeah, that was a really long-winded way of saying what my first sentence said. LOL. 3D is not required, like most of this post. 😛
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Azrapse in Rules for 3d??   
    Not really. But you could make up your own. Like for example:
    Find 3 tokens that are the same from behind, but in front they have 3 different symbols. Treat each of them as [Up], [Down], and [-]. Let's call them the Z tokens. When setting your dial face down, also pick and place one of your Z tokens face down. When revealing your dial, reveal also your Z token. If it is Up or Down, and your maneuver was blue or white, increase the difficulty of your maneuver. Then add or remove one peg under your ship depending on if you revealed Up or Down. (If you revealed an Up or Down Z token and your dialed maneuver was red, don't add or remove pegs under your ship) You cannot have more than 5 pegs under your ship, or fewer than 1. When measuring range between attacker and defender, increase the measured range by the absolute difference in the amount of pegs the attacker and the defender have. For example, if the attacker has 1 peg, and the defender has 3 pegs, and the range ruler measures range 1, the final range is 1+|3-1| = 3. When dropping a bomb token, you must place on the bomb token a numeric die or other indicator that shows the height at which it was dropped (from 1 to 5), that matches the height of the bombing ship at the moment of it being dropped. Bombs affect objects that are up to 1 peg above or below their own height. When overlapping another ships base, you only lose your action if your ship is at the exact peg height as the other ship.
    Resolve the overlapping as usual, otherwise.
    Remember that ships at range 0 of another cannot declare the other ship as defender, but peg height difference adds to this measured range, so ships whose bases are touching aren't considered to be at range 0 of each other if they have different amounts of pegs under them. Special considerations:
    Some ships don't allow pegs under them. In particular, the Ghost, or any of the huge ships. Treat the huge ships as if they are always at peg height of 0. (They are like in the background of the battlefield).  Indicate the peg height of the Ghost with a numeric die on its base. Asteroids and debris are present at heights 0 to 5, simultaneously. Imagine they are like columns of rocks or junk, like this:
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    JJFDVORAK got a reaction from Darth Meanie in Ideas for factions that already exist but arent represented.   
    You could take this even further and allow cross-faction factions. For example, I think that CorSec(Corellian Security) used Ties and Xwings. So make a CorSec Squadron card that allows a mix of the two and gives some advantages and some disadvantages so that they play different than their original iterations. It would be a cool way to get new color schemes for old ships(Coran Horn's Green Xwing) and new pilots that could fly in the new faction only or in the parent faction. It could be awesome!
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    JJFDVORAK got a reaction from EVIL INC in Ideas for factions that already exist but arent represented.   
    You could take this even further and allow cross-faction factions. For example, I think that CorSec(Corellian Security) used Ties and Xwings. So make a CorSec Squadron card that allows a mix of the two and gives some advantages and some disadvantages so that they play different than their original iterations. It would be a cool way to get new color schemes for old ships(Coran Horn's Green Xwing) and new pilots that could fly in the new faction only or in the parent faction. It could be awesome!
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Hiemfire in Ideas for factions that already exist but arent represented.   
    Mandalorian designs in Scum: Lancer, Fang, Scyk and Kimogila. Most likely Mandalorian themed list: Boba, + 2 Fangs (one named, one generic or 2 named or generic depending on upgrades taken).
    Black Sun design in Scum: Lancer (was a co-op design with the Mandalorians) and Kihraxz… Mull that one, though the Z-95 is painted as a Black Sun, not an issue, they were very common.
    Hutts: No designs of their own in 2.0 (C-ROC has a heavy Ubrikkan aesthetic to its body mods). Used what ever they could buy when the need arose (Legends wise Mandal Motors was a primary supplier, thus the Huttish theme of the Scyk and Kimogila paint scheme in game).
    Pirates: Kath's Binarye have the Marauder Firespray and Z-95. Drea Renthal is in but heck if I know what her crew ran...
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to CapitanGuinea in Ideas for factions that already exist but arent represented.   
    To paint a miniature is an acquired pleasure. To me it is quite a meditation art, that relax myself as no other can. But to many of my fellows it is hard duty, and they can put themselves on it. So they give their model to me to paint, for a nice cash to earn and I am more relaxed and with some bucks in my wallet to buy more miniature to paint. u.u all in all it is a win-win situation, to me.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Darth Meanie in Ideas for factions that already exist but arent represented.   
    This.  Squadrons and Cartels and Pirate Gangs all need to be a thing, both from a fluff standpoint and from a "listbuilding around a theme" game mechanic.
    One of the strong selling points of this game is that the ships come painted.  Sure, a lot of folks redo them, but I think most people don't and like it that way.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to CaptainJaguarShark in Ideas for factions that already exist but arent represented.   
    I think Scum should stay as one faction, but having an "Crime Org" card or something like that which encourages playing pilots which are part of that organization would be really cool.
    We'd just about need to use the points list to also categorize what pilots, crew, and gunners are considered part of what organizations and then give benefits based on that.
    So if you take a Hutt Cartel org card, your Cartel Executioners might be able to roll an extra attack die or something if an enemy ship is in a friendly Hutt Cartel ship's bullseye arc.
    The same concept could be expanded to Squadrons for other major factions.
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    JJFDVORAK got a reaction from Odanan in A New Type of TIE?   
    This is so true and really the only reason there are so many obscure ties out there. 
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Jehan Menasis in A New Type of TIE?   
    Far more interesting than the myriad of TIE/I-don't-know-how-else-I'm-gonna-chop-bend-twist-the-panels-to-prove-I'm-a-cool-comic-illustrator.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to JJ48 in A New Type of TIE?   
    Well, their mining technique is pretty efficient, but now they need to figure out how to process the ore and separate out the various materials.  Maybe we start by building a planet-sized sieve...
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to player3010587 in A New Type of TIE?   
    I hate that this post got made.
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    JJFDVORAK got a reaction from Darth Meanie in A New Type of TIE?   
    I also have 6 of these things off of Shapeways. I gave them a stat line of 2/3/4/0 but made them PS 0. I made them have to have a "Droid control  tech" which was a crew option. I also gave them a title option that allowed them  to lose the droid control tech requirement, but  cost a few points. I really haven't thought about them in 2.0 terms though. Using calculate would be cool. I might revisit them. Great idea @Darth Meanie
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to EVIL INC in A New Type of TIE?   
    I was talking thematically. The way that would make the most sense with the movies. We are getting loads of ties and such that are brand spanking new. Of course, I would totally have your back in asking disney to release more and more movies with new stuff.
    overall, I see the whole mythos as being a whole "world" in which the empire and rebellion are only a small part. Entire systems under corporations or under the thumbs or tyrants.Possibly places that have only vaguely heard of the empire as being parts of far away histories that kids get bored reading in school. So, no, I wasnt referring to janky single ships.They could expand on the mining ties, or work on matching ships for them that work together as units in such a way that it would be hard to be tied together with a different organization. It should not HAVE to be always empire rebellion.
    BUT.... ifyouare looking purely at ties, the mining guilds could be a start. A better start with be first order. Not a lot out for them anyway so would be a good way to help beef them up faster and "break new ground" by getting the jump on it before disney. Possibly some new ones for first order having "empire versions" that cost a little less and slightly less effective dials/rules as at that point in time they were experimental prototypes that have been perfected by the time of the first order.
    To me a good storyline is just as important a factor as the pure mechanics of a game on a table top.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to impspy in A New Type of TIE?   
    Yeah the Empire already has a cheap swarm option (TIE/LN); no need for another one.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to JJ48 in A New Type of TIE?   
    Shouldn't it have Calculate, not Focus?
    Yes, because the faction that already has three times as many eras to draw from as any other faction--and which already has the jankiest, most unique abilities--really needs to have even more stuff just for it.
    Personally, I know I'm in the minority here, but I'd prefer the Experimental TIEs (with a control ship) over TIE/Droids.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Npmartian in A New Type of TIE?   
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to BVRCH in A New Type of TIE?   
    I'm still waiting for this.

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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Darth Meanie in A New Type of TIE?   
    Well, at least with the advent of the Vulture, I know what a droid ship should do in the game:

    And there are always fine DIY options:

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    JJFDVORAK reacted to LTuser in A New Type of TIE?   
    True, the Defender, alpha wing (gunboat) are also from the EU and the computer games.  So i don't know why others from the EU/games couldn't come in..
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Suriel in A New Type of TIE?   
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Hippie Moosen in A New Type of TIE?   
    I've liked the look of the Tie Automated since the first Rouge Squadron game on the N64. Honestly not sure why so many people seem down on the idea of adding them to X-wing. we have non-canon EU stuff in the game right now, so that is a pretty flimsy argument IMO. As far as people not liking it visually, well that's all subjective so again no real argument to be had there. As far as design space, these would not be stepping on any other factions toes. It's no secret that droids on Scum are pretty solid, and the Rebels even dabble in droid's a bit as well. To the people saying this somehow reduces the specialness of the CIS faction, it's just one ship. The CIS will probably wind up with minimum 4 droid only ships, this is just one. The Separatists are THE droid pilot faction, with multiple platforms not flown by meat-bags, so I fail to see how this steps on their toes. A tie Automated could be a different way to do a tie swarm, possibly a 3/2/3 stat line to make it hit harder and die faster as opposed to a tie/ln, and maybe we'd see an imperial crew that synergizes with calc tokens to fly with them as a result. If I flew Imperials, seeing this thing show up in a future wave would make me pretty excited.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to SabineKey in A New Type of TIE?   
    The Deathseeds might work as a Rebel or Scum ship. But it also fits in to the “Ugly” archetype of a mismatch of ship parts put together. My quick read of the wookieepedia article does say they were standardized in manufacturing, but still I’m not sure how well that would be received. I also don’t know what it brings new gameplay wise. I’m not against it, but i’m not particularly for it either.
    The Preybird, on the other hand, I’m all for. I love the idea of a waning Empire having to adopt new ships as old resources were cut off. I’m a little worried it could turn out to be a k-Fighter in a different skin, but there could be room for some way to distinguish it for Imperial service. Oh, according to the wookieepedia article, it has a Gunner. That could be the edge it needs.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to GuacCousteau in A New Type of TIE?   
    Doesn't happen often, but it's always interesting to read someone be objectively wrong. 
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