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    JJFDVORAK reacted to DeathStarEngineer in Razorcrest from The Mandalorian high detail 3D-printed model   
    I absolutely love the new ship from The Mandalorian! Who else is loving the Razorcrest?
    I think it's the most interesting ship design so far from the new era of Star Wars films...it's definitely jumped up into my favorite ship designs of all time.

    I simply had to build a 3D model of the Razorcrest for X-wing miniatures games!

    The guns are particularly interesting and intricate in the Razorcrest design, and I tried to pack as much detail as possible into an X-wing miniatures scale 3D model, for the guns in particular and everywhere on the model.

    Building the panel lines into the model takes a fair bit of time, but I think makes the model look so much better, particularly when painted and given a wash.
    Here are the Shapeways links for 3D prints--this model is significantly larger than the small-base ships, so Shapeways charges a good bit to 3D print, but I think the model will look imposing on the table:
    I might be able to get access to a high detail resin 3D printer myself, and make a bit more economic prints still at the fine detail level...if you're at all interested in that, please direct message me or email me at:
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to KCDodger in The Last Jedi Appreciation Thread! (Oddly contains RoS spoilers???)   
    The others are right. Your only goal is to make it worse for absolutely everyone.

    Stop replying to me.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to FTS Gecko in The Last Jedi Appreciation Thread! (Oddly contains RoS spoilers???)   
    Won?  Victory?  What on Earth are you talking about?
    You think this shambles was a win for anyone?
    You think this was some sort of competition?
    There are no winners from this.  No one wanted to see bad Star Wars movies.  No one wanted to see the OT cast return to the screen in this manner.  No one wanted to see a new generation of characters wasted in this manner.
    If you think someone has come out of this feeling like a winner, then you really haven't been paying attention.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Darth Meanie in The Last Jedi Appreciation Thread! (Oddly contains RoS spoilers???)   
    IMHO, all of the 3 ST movies are fine.  Not great, but fine.
    TFA lands the nostalgia and does what it needs to do: establish the characters and setting.
    TLJ is great character development, but "subverting expectations" is just a euphemism for "went completely off script."
    ROS does a good job of trying to tie everything together, but by now there are so many loose ends is just looks like an overflowing basket of ideas put together in such a way that it seems like Disney realized "oh ****, is it 2019 already?"
    So in the end, what sucks is the Trilogy.  Clearly no one bothered to create a cohesive storyline linking the trilogy, and (intentional or not) the ST now looks like a pissing match between 2 directors.
    I also agree with @McFoy that TLJ now feels like an extra piece that doesn't really fit.  We have JJs 2 part finale and RJs tale of Skywalker.  But this doesn't really work either, because none of these movies acts as a stand alone--all of them start and end with the expectation of something more.  Previously only ESB and AOTC end on a note that requires another movie.  You can still watch ANH and forget anything else ever existed, and even TPM can be watched as the 1-movie Liberation of Naboo.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Marinealver in The Last Jedi Appreciation Thread! (Oddly contains RoS spoilers???)   
    Yeah it is tough seeing all the franchise depart from their golden age into well beyond their prime. 
    Heck your name reminds me of a similar property.
     In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only retcon
    But yeah, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, there are so many properties that got ruined because in order to make profit, there has to be something new. But people want their nostalgia back so they just go to previously established franchises instead of making new ones, many of those already had a satisfying conclusion and to add more would just throw away the old franchise.
    As for new properties, well the demand simply outpaces the supply, so when the demand outpaces what can be produced things like Game of Thrones happen. Now that is nothing new with TV but back when episodes were only in time slots reruns and flashback filler episodes were used to fill in the slot, but with everything on demand that is just not possible.
    This is why when I see more hype, more marketing, a massive advertising budget *******, I often look the other way because simply the part of the market is not to make a good product but to convince others that it is a good product. The product that sells itself simply fails. 
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to ChahDresh in The Last Jedi Appreciation Thread! (Oddly contains RoS spoilers???)   
    @ForceSensitive I agree with your overall thesis about the movies, but I think you have misread some of it. For starters, it took a while for the OT to get as inclusive as you mention; the rebels we see at Yavin are exclusively white male humans with the exception of Chewie and Leia. Women in operations doesn't happen until Empire; Leia is the only woman who sees combat on the ground or in space. Aliens aren't in the ranks at all until RotJ; Chewie, you may remember, famously got frozen out of the medal ceremony after Yavin. Yes, it was good and valuable for the trilogies to eventually get there, but let's not overstate things.
    As for the sequels: aliens make up a significant part of the command staff and the pilot ranks, as do women. They suffer disproportionate losses in TLJ because there were many of them on the bridge, the seat of power, when the bridge was hit. There's professional respect between Holdo and the (male) captain who goes down with his ship. Rey doesn't want to hold hands with Finn while they're running because it's hard to run while holding hands with someone. (Try it.) Leia does lead with words, on several occasions. She stuns Poe because he was staging a mutiny. By military law, that carries the death penalty, but she stuns him. Why? Because she and Holdo are explicitly grooming him for leadership. Look to the end of the movie: when he starts to lead the survivors of the Resistance and they look to Leia, uncertainly, she says, "What are you looking at me for? Follow him!" He had to learn, had to fail, before he could be fit for leadership, and Leia and Holdo were willing to invest the effort to make that happen.
    The movies didn't change. The environment did. The audience did. We became hypersensitized to these things-- to our detriment.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to ForceSensitive in The Last Jedi Appreciation Thread! (Oddly contains RoS spoilers???)   
    Fine, I'll say it. What the sequels did right is show me that the Originals had it right all along and never even said it.
    The sequel trilogy did more to damage progress on the issues it tried to push then it did to help them. 
    In OT/PT, 'good' factions had equal treatment. Male, female, alien, whatever, just be good and your in the club. The princess will save the farm boy and the smuggler. The elected queen will be respected for her position, strong in leadership, and also bail your tuckus out of danger. And her co-senatator when she moves to the Senate will equally represent her worlds diversity. Even if your a slave Droid, good work can lead to your promotion and is rewarded. You are not, as you were created.
    Bad guys, like the evil Empire , are the ones who are misogynistic xenophobia twits. Those traits are for the scum underworld that sexually enslaves. For the separatist corporate overlords who don't think women can escape their arena.
    And for six movies that was the case. And then... Sequels happened.
    Now it's a fight. Now Holdo had an all female staff and stonewalls her male counterparts. Now the resistance is entirely human leadership and the alien is just a guest at the table. Now Rey doesn't want anyone to hold her hand even when there's an obvious danger cuz screw team work. Now it's not just impressive, it's surprising when she can fend off four attackers. Now Leia doesn't use her words to lead her people she just shoots them when they act up because they're just Cannon fodder fly boys. 
    And then in the chaos of it all, we the audience followed suit. We started declaring ourselves this, and them that. And we lost that old style anyone can be anything vibe. 
    We didn't build off the first six, we watched it get destroyed and called it art. The progress we had made was destroyed not by a bang, but by thunderous applause.
    There I said it. The sequels took us backwards. They weren't progressive, they were needlessly antagonistic and devisive. 
    If I were so lucky to have a daughter, I'd teach her to be That Princess, and That Elected Queen. But to never be That Admiral.
    My name is Dante, and I'm checking out for awhile. May the force of others be with you this holiday. Always.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to svelok in New Thrawn Trilogy 2020   
    Cover Not Final is a weird title
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Frimmel in What do Legends fans think now? What do you prefer compared to what we got on screen? SPOILERS FOR RoS   
    That isn't really moving the franchise forward though is it? That's just trying to hold the franchise in place in the OT era. 
    To move it forward they needed a very different film than The Force Awakens because all it tried to do was go backwards. And despite obviously wanting to go backwards they were quite unwilling to go backwards to the beginning of Episode 1 with a functioning Jedi Order and re-established Republic which would have at least been some form of forwards from Return of The Jedi. But they were too scared to go there. Too much prequel and politics and EU better put out of its misery. 
    The memes about Star Wars fans having killed Star Wars are pretty funny to me. The attitude fans are being accused of with those pre-dates even the prequels and is quite apparent with the prequels. Folks can just rationalize it or ignore it easier because of some of the cinematic weaknesses of the movies. Fans weren't accused of killing Star Wars with their reflexive "prequels suck." They caved to that don't-want-anything-except-OT attitude at the outset of all this and now all they have is nothing but the OT. 
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Frimmel in What do Legends fans think now? What do you prefer compared to what we got on screen? SPOILERS FOR RoS   
    His high competency is what made Thrawn such a good bad guy. He isn't some bumbling idiot in either old or new canon. 
    I think that is one of the more fundamental structural issues with the new trilogy. The FO are kind of ridiculous. They turn them up to eleven at the start but then show them under command of petulant child Kylo. The things juxtapose quite poorly. They take all the venom out of Hux at the start of Last Jedi with the lazy "can you hear me now joke." 
    I maintain that the popularity of Rogue One is due largely to the last five minutes where we see Vader being highly competent. 
    One of the things I think Rebels did well is building up to the Empire as nasty. They didn't start with them burning Tarkintown in the first episode and right after show the leader of the raid throwing a tantrum. The series sometimes makes the Stormtroopers sort of Keystone Cops but usually resulting from the cleverness of the heroes. And the heroes do end up captured. And the troopers are usually some level of competent when the "real" villains like Vader, Tarkin, Pryce, or Thrawn are in charge who are typically shown as capable. 
    They brought The Emperor back as much because they hadn't any competent villains left after killing Snoke and making Kylo the fool with Luke's mind trick. 
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to nathanielb in What do Legends fans think now? What do you prefer compared to what we got on screen? SPOILERS FOR RoS   
    For me, the EU is all that there is. Was it perfect? Of course not; show me a licenced universe that is. It was, however, consistently better than disney, actually embraced the spirit of Star Wars, respected the original characters while creating many new ones who interacted with the old rather than replacing them and had a more logical internal continuity (yes I know that there were issues, but they made the effort to write bridging stories that fixed most of these issues and none were as head-scratchingly logic breaking as the reset that turned episode 7 into episode 4).
    In addition, Lucas may not have developed most of the EU story ideas but he vetted, authorised and controlled everything (the evidence for this far outweighs the single quote that said he didn't). It may not be the main story he envisioned but it was still very much his story and his universe.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Frimmel in What do Legends fans think now? What do you prefer compared to what we got on screen? SPOILERS FOR RoS   
    One of the things the EU did that I think the sequels are failing at is keep the tech in a 1977 fantasy sci-fi state. There is this idea that the tech in Star Wars is particularly futuristic. It is for 1977. But I get the idea they felt a need to try and make it advanced for 2015. 
    But this put them in a does-not -feel-like-Star Wars bind. The creators of the sequels not only do not want to obey frameworks they do not seem to get the framework that they had after six films and all the EU. They did not really get how much EU had seeped into where vocal fans like we have here were coming at their new canon from.
    So they made a muddle out of it in the films. 
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Frimmel in What do Legends fans think now? What do you prefer compared to what we got on screen? SPOILERS FOR RoS   
    They threw out the EU because JJ needed to throw out the rules. And instead of taking the EU and the prior films and establishing what the new sandbox was they just took the quick and easy path they thought everyone wanted and reset to Episode IV. But they didn't even put the work into that. They hand-waved a proper setup away because the audience doesn't care about politics. 
    What they should have done with all this EU stuff is sifted out what the new rules were going to be. Figured out how The Force was going to work. Figuring out how the tech was going to work. They didn't get a Michael and Denise Okuda to hold the whole thing together in those regards.
    They didn't bother with any structure for governing anything. 
    With just three films of the OT we don't need midichlorians. The story doesn't need to get too deep into who can or can not use The Force. We don't need to know a Grand Moff from a Moff from a Lord from a Regional Governor from a Princess from a Senator for three movies. But on your seventh film and your eight and your ninth and your tenth and your eleventh and TV shows and comics and novels and games there needs to be answers to these questions. The framework needs more details to hold it all together and keep the creators honest. But that demanded an honest creator in the first place. A creator who saw all that stuff as more than just tools to create shock or surprise. 
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to LTuser in What do Legends fans think now? What do you prefer compared to what we got on screen? SPOILERS FOR RoS   
    I liked the Vong, strange, as lots of folk HATED the NJO time frame (they killed Chewie by having to drop a MOON on him)...  Initially i thought the twins were ok, but eventually i hated them.
    My faves of the EU, were Thrawn, Palleon, and the X-wing novels!
    In the DE comics.  Which were IIRC not considered part OF the EU novels..
    So true.  One of the things LOTS of folk seemed to hate about the EU, was the glut of super-weapons..  Starkiller base certainly hit that mark!
    Heck, i felt that way after TFA.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to Cerebrawl in What do Legends fans think now? What do you prefer compared to what we got on screen? SPOILERS FOR RoS   
    Jacen Solo aka Darth Caedus, the original Kylo Ren.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to KCDodger in What do Legends fans think now? What do you prefer compared to what we got on screen? SPOILERS FOR RoS   
    Honestly, I don't know anymore.

    After Rise of Skywalker, I'm not sure it was worth purging the EU anymore.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to DR4CO in What do Legends fans think now? What do you prefer compared to what we got on screen? SPOILERS FOR RoS   
    It was (and I cannot believe I'm saying this, because those comics were awful) executed far better in the EU.
    I grew up with the EU and to this day am a big fan of it. But when Disney bought the franchise and wrote it off, I was not upset. The last two EU book series had been so badly handled that it didn't feel like Disney was killing the EU more than it felt like they were putting it out of its misery. Like they were putting down a beloved but now decrepit pet. And up until now, I felt that what we got on screen was a perfectly reasonable alternative.
    Now though...
    The Rise of Skywalker ranks among the very worst Star Wars stories I have ever seen. And having been a lifetime fan of the EU, I've seen some particularly bad ones. It is nothing more than JJ Abrams' fan fiction given a movie budget, complete with all the amateurish story construction and forced connections to the originals one would expect from the very worst fan fiction.
    I'm still not exactly sad they ended the EU, but I am sad that it died so they could force this garbage down our throats.
    Or maybe I should be thanking JJ and Disney for showing me how bad it can be and making me appreciate the good parts of the EU even more.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to ScummyRebel in Episode 9 expected viewership: A Poll   
    I don’t feel the film has gotten any better or any worse from the protracted debates. All it’s exposed to me is one monolith (the defenders) placing everyone who’s not one of them in the same camp and knocking over that scare crow. Just like in politics - and I am sick of seeing politics in fantasy land (intergalactic prequel politics notwithstanding - at least that’s fictional politics not politics about a movie). 
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to ForceSensitive in Episode 9 expected viewership: A Poll   
    Was a legit question. With your high praise I was open minded. I never said I didn't think there were some good things in the movie either, let's not take assumptions and all. I liked D.J.s character and story for instance. That was a good angle. But it wasn't enough to make up for the rest of it.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to ForceSensitive in Episode 9 expected viewership: A Poll   
    What makes it good? All the past two years of it did for me was make it worse 😕🤔 
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to GreenDragoon in Episode 9 expected viewership: A Poll   
    Actually yes. The constant debates have highlighted how well made TLJ actually was, and how baseless and hypocritical most of the criticism is.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to h0racio in Episode 9 expected viewership: A Poll   
    Already bought my ticket for the 19th! I'm expecting to be disappointed but at least I'll be amongst the first to be disappointed 😁
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to martini74 in Episode 9 expected viewership: A Poll   
    Well, in two years has I improved in any way?  No.  FFS, it even sucks as background noise.  Mary Sue got more mary sue.  Poe started wearing panties.  Some purple haired bimbo came in and took control.  It was horrible.  The space horse casino scene?  Not to even mention Leah effing mary Poppins.
    TLJ sucked.  Not a single good point.  I like Rogue One.  Solo was a.fun hiest/crime movie. 
    Tim wont give disney money first two weeks when it counts.
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    JJFDVORAK reacted to SomeDudeWhoMostlyLurks in Episode 9 expected viewership: A Poll   
    I think I'm just going to ignore this and wait until Disney finally gets enough of a clue to put Favreau and Filoni in charge of some big-screen projects.
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