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  1. My favorite Omega Ace build is really a build around his ability. It is Omega Ace with Swarm Leader and 2 low level Ties or Tie/FOs and Major Stridan with Hux. If you time it right, both Ties will have evade tokens and in arc of Omega Ace's target and Omega Ace will be in range 1 of his target and be able to TL. General Hux will pass out 3 focuses(one to Omega Ace of course) and Major Stridan will allow it from anywhere within range 3. Then Omega Ace will attack his target with 2(attack value)+1(Range 1 Bonus)+2(Swarm Leader)dice for 5 attack dice. He will spend his TL and Hux's Focus for 5 crits. If you really played it good, one of your Ties will have blocked the target and it will have no defensive tokens. 5 crits can ruin anyone's day.
  2. My two PS7 faves are Whisperer and Omega Ace! Honorable Mentions are Maarek Stele and Old Teroch.
  3. I agree that this is the most likely answer. But I disagree about his ship being a huge ship. Hopefully it is a large ship, not a huge ship.
  4. http://www.starwars.com/databank/patrol-transport They are capable of space flight as they are shown in a hanger on a space station in Rebels season 4. I think they are very cool and I think we will see them in the game eventually as an Imperial version of the Wookie Gunship.
  5. Yeah, it's starting to feel like a "Droids in the Desert" or whatever arc and that's not a good thing.
  6. This is a good point. She's only an ace in the Ghost. She has some good moves in the alphabet ships, but is at her best in her own ship.
  7. Ok, I think this is the best post I've ever read on this forum. I agree with the whole "Disney only using females as the main heros of Star Wars" thing. Strong female characters are an absolutely necessary, but throw my six year old son a bone once in a while in any one of the new stuff. My best friend's daughter is loving the girls though, so I'm not really complaining, but every other story seems fair. And I know we(read males) already got Han, Luke, Lando, etc., but the kids want to be new characters. My son does play as Cassian sometimes, but he even mentioned how all the girls are the "leaders" so young boys do notice. I also agree with the hope for a Firefly/Rebels parallel and after the first few episodes, I felt like they might take it there, but alas, it has just turned into the "Sabine is awesome" show where our heros face no real challenges and there is never a real sense of loss or even danger. The Empire is portrayed as bumbling idiots who are only there to be blown up and this season, at least, only there to be disarmed/stunned/not killed in some other fashion, but still neutralized. The main characters face no issues. Even Sabine's family was spared. If I ever have to be in a war, I hope it is as easy as it is for our heros. And I agree about Exo-Sqaud. It was a great show and had legit struggles for the main characters. Great post.
  8. Back to Rebels....
  9. Just run the core set. Luke Skywalker vs 2 tie fighters. Don't worry about lists or points or any upgrades at first. Just teach the basic points of the game. Give them whichever side they like, but I recommend letting them be the ties because when the inevitably pick the wrong maneuver (and they will) it makes it a little bit better if one of your ships can still do something instead of your only ship pointing off in the wrong direction with nothing to shoot at. Then you play as straight forward as possible. Don't set up any traps or try to arc dodge. Just let them get the feel for the flow of the game. Once you've played that initial game, if they are liking it and want to try it again, play a bigger game and introduce more. Maybe a turret in the Millennium Falcon (iconic ship) and an Imperial Ace in Darth Vader (iconic villain) and then progress from there.
  10. I actually would like a boarding mechanic(at least for Epic) and the ship for the job is the Atmospheric Assault Lander!
  11. Rule of Cool on the hyperspace jump through the hanger, but I do agree, it was unnecessary. And the way the lizard Captain was handled was ridiculous, and not for the way you are saying, but just for the Rebels being unable to keep him contained. They let him sound the alarm, then Zeb(who is 10 times stronger) lets him get away and Ezra has to clothes line him. Then they can't keep him quite, while they are talking to the other Mining Guild guys, and then he escapes. Ridiculous for our heros. Yeah, Ezra has been alot more reserved about randomly killing troopers and stuff, but the way he handles the lizard Captain is silly. They all go way to easy on him and they almost pay dearly for it. But you are right, early season 3 Ezra would have force pushed him into the fire!
  12. Yeah, but the Gunboat is shielded and has slam shenanigans. It's a totally different ship than a typical cheap cannon carrier, like a scyk. I thought it literally had a ball turret on the cg model like the tank transport does?
  13. Yeah, it shouldn't be able to carry Palpatine. Also I think it should be a hybrid Imperial Wookie Gunship and sn Imperial Bwing. The Empire doesn't have a cheap cannon carrier. I know the Imperial Patrol Transport has a turret not a cannon, we just got the Aggressor. A cheap cannon carrier could be cool. Like a bwing or Syck. Also it should have a 3 attack but only 1 defense the more I think about it. Maybe 5-8 Hull, with no shields.
  14. This is true, but that doesn't mean it's a good name.
  15. I like it, and I think your stat line is solid (might give it a few more hull as I'd imagine it's more armored than a Tie Bomber, but that could go either way, but I'm not sure it should have all those upgrade slots. Definitely not a system slot and only one crew slot. And the dial is absurd! And the name sucks! "Lothal Enforcer"? That's terrible. I would call it an "Imperial Security Gunship" with a generic pilot something like, "Security Agency Pilot" or "ISB Pilot" or "Security Taskforce Pilot". Nothing with an actual planet's name on it because they are used all over the galaxy. Yup