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  1. Hey @Gosric, do you have any of your other models printed and painted? I got some of them a while back and painted them. If you want I can post the pick on here?
  2. Which is why it's more annoying. Because they all sit in on the story group meetings and should have realized that the scene of a rebel ship crashing into a star destroyer/Interdictor was being duplicated. One of the two(most likely Rebels) should have done something else. Now if in season four, the crew discusses Sato's death with his nephew and Admiral Raddus is there, maybe it could be implied that Raddus got the tactic from Sato and that would be cool.
  3. Does it bother anyone else that the Rebels are so comfortable with just Kamikaze-ing their ships into Star Destroyers? I know it's always at the "most desperate" times, (Scarriff and now this episode) but still it seems like lazy writing. Also I totally agree with whoever it was above, about the Mandos and Ezra destroying/disabling the Interdictor with small arms fire. That was totally bogus. Sabine was even there! Give her a bomb and it makes way more sense!
  4. Cool. Thanks for the info.
  5. What date are the Scum submissions due by? And since I submitted my Atmospheric Assault Lander(link to my thread about it - ) for the Imperial submissions that are being voted on now, how many Scum ships can I enter? Is there a limit of two across the entire CCL or just within a faction?
  6. This ability is almost identical to one of the pilot abilities I am working on for my Scum entry into the CCL. The pilots names is "Local Champ" and his ability is to negate any EPTs and card text for any pilot that shoots him or he shoots at.
  7. I admit I haven't listened to your podcast, but everyone I've talked to and I'm guessing even to your own admission, is that you guys just talk about random stuff and not much of substance, but occasionally have great insight or nuggets of awesomeness. And a few of the guys that listen to you really like the chatter, so I'm not recommending changing your style, but maybe a small addition of a recap of the important stuff discussed at the end. That way your listeners who are less entertained by your randomness could skip ahead to your truth bombs and therefore you could help all your listeners get the most out of your podcast. Just an idea.
  8. Voting has gone live on the CCL Imperial entries. Here is the link to the voting announcement page. Click the link in the first post. My entry is labeled Atmospheric Lander and is the 6th entry - right after Star Courier (I think) Anyway, I hope you like my attemp at the Atmospheric Assault Lander and will give me a positive vote. Thanks.
  9. Yeah I have the exact opposite problem. I have an issue with just voting neutral. I'm an all or nothing kinda guy, so I either love it or hate it. I really have to step back and say to myself, "Is this really that bad or should I just vote neutral?" or "is it really good, or should I vote neutral?"
  10. Yeah she was kind of a big joke. My original card for her was a reflection of that and only gave stress to low PS generics,(she is only scarry if you are a schmuck)but I know low PS generics aren't used as much and that would really limit the card, so I made it the current version. Still worse for generics though.
  11. Duh. My bad. I will fix it on my end, but I already submitted it, but if I make it through the first round, I'll fix it in the actual CCL.
  12. I just updated Electromagnetic Thrust Vectoring Fins in the OP. Here'sthe new version. It is almost identical, except now instead of automatically happening at the start of the Combat phase, it happens after you perform an action. That way if you are stressed or bump or run over an obstacle, and lose your action, you can't rotate 90 degrees. Also it makes more sense now, because it could help you use Boarding Party and the delivery of troops is the reason the AAL had Electromagnetic Thrust Vectoring Fins in the first place.
  13. He is already a Grand Admiral. Ninja'd
  14. Also is either platform playable on a smartphone? Or is there any other way to play Xwing on a phone?
  15. Thank you for your wisdom.