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  1. I did enjoy that. Thanks!
  2. Double post
  3. Ok, so a few people have mentioned it, but I don't know what it's about. Did FFG announce a Fallout miniatures game?
  4. Um, if you give a ship Outrider and Tractor Beam, how does it do damage at all? Or is it just to lower your opponent's agility so your other ships can kill it easier? But if that's the case, then the Outrider becomes almost half of your list that cannot deal damage from shooting. Is that a good idea? I don't think so.
  5. This is my greatest xwing wish!
  6. This is a great idea. I usually just wonder how the Empire Bar B Q'd the Lars' but I really don't care. Sure it's sad for Luke, but they already established that he and his uncle don't really get along, and he's pretty much instantly over it, so a little love for the Lars' would be a good thing. They already have the actors to play them from Episode 3. It could really work.
  7. The whole "I haven't gone by Obi Wan since before you were born" is a crock anyway. One more lie he told Luke. He never went by anything at all except Obi Wan until he was a wanted fugitive from the two most powerful people in the Galaxy. Then he went by no name or whatever some local called him and somehow it turned into Ben. In a stand alone movie, just have him be called whatever, or better yet, have a scene where he is asked his name and he makes up Ben on the spot(he did use Ben once during the clone wars when he was undercover in the republic prison as Rako Hardeen)
  8. I used to only ever use one. Then I started using 2 for aces and 1 still for generics. That way I could easily tell them apart while playing. Lately I've been using more generics so I usually put one or two on 1 base and the other 1 or 2 on two bases. I also always put my blue target lock in the slot on my base so it's ready to go and just assign the red one as needed, so usually that requires 2 pegs. Once my buddy flew 8 Z95s in a tournament and put them on 1-8 pegs respectively instead of using base numbers. It was hilarious!
  9. Thanks for the info.
  10. Was there a change to Biggs regarding TL weapons? Or did I dream that?
  11. Exactly. People always say the Hwk-290 is to small, myself included. Then I went back and watched all the cutscenes from JK, and I realized that the size is almost spot on. Also after watching those cutscenes, my real issue with the HWK-290 is that if flys like a brick. In those cutscenes, it flys really good.
  12. This idea is great. I would just change the wording to If there are 2 or more other friendly ships in range 1-2, you may roll 1 additional attack dice. If you do, after modifying your attack dice, you must immediately cancel out an attack dice of your choice. This way you could spend your Focus, TL, or other dice mod(Howlrunner, Gunner, etc) to get the most and best hit/Crit numbers before cancelling one. Or maybe I'm not reading it right and it already works that way.
  13. This app would be horrible for my family life. I'm already glued to my phone way more than I should be and this would only make that situation worse. That said, I would love this! It should definitely happen.
  14. If I'm being honest, my favorite ship to see across from me is a kitted out Bwing. It usually is almost a third or more of my opponents list and I can almost always kill it in a round of shooting and usually not loose a ship. I fly swarmy Empire lists and I can usually eat Bwings alive.
  15. I totally agree with this. I like the prequels, and most of the clone wars era ships, but the one Obi-Wan flies in Ep. 2 is ridiculous. The updated version from the clone wars cartoon that puts the droid in front of the cockpit makes so more sense and I hope we get that version if we ever get a Clone Wars version of the game.