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  1. I agree. I would like to see the "crazed Imperial scientist" be a needed crew on a shuttle to even get access to the non standard Tie Droid. Maybe something where then Tie Droids get some bonus while in range 3 of the "Droid control shuttle" and they return to "basic programming" once they are out of range or the shuttle with the droid control scientist is dead. It makes them different from Vultures, but still a challenge to fly well. It also gives a clear strategy against them. A cheap swarm with a shuttle or decimator carrying the proper crew could be really fun.
  2. I would much rather have Director Krennic's shuttle over the Sentinel. It looks really cool, but different from current ships and there is options for game play. Maybe 2 red and 2 green with cannon slot and SLAM since it seemed very fast? A decent dial since it seemed pretty maneuverable? I don't know.
  3. I liked it way way more than Episode 8, as if that's hard!😁 But seriously, it was pretty good. Not great, but solid. Donald Glover as Lando was great and I loved all the nods to the EU Lando series. Alden was pretty good as Han as well, better than I expected. I was a little disappointed in the end when Han just gave the coaxium to Enfys(seemed out of character although I guess the alternative was dying so maybe not so out of character) Speaking of Enfys, a) she should have just been a pirate. We already have Rebels to show how the rebellion started, we didn't need her to be a rebel wannabe. And b) it would have been a nice touch if Enfys had been Tobias and Val's daughter. Val and Rico were cool characters who could have used more screen time. Have them die on Kessel or something. I really like Tobias. It sucked he has to die, although I agree with it. Overall, I really like the movie. It is another example that Disney can make good stories while set in the OT era, but when they try to make new era stuff, it sucks.
  4. You could take this even further and allow cross-faction factions. For example, I think that CorSec(Corellian Security) used Ties and Xwings. So make a CorSec Squadron card that allows a mix of the two and gives some advantages and some disadvantages so that they play different than their original iterations. It would be a cool way to get new color schemes for old ships(Coran Horn's Green Xwing) and new pilots that could fly in the new faction only or in the parent faction. It could be awesome!
  5. This is so true and really the only reason there are so many obscure ties out there.
  6. I also have 6 of these things off of Shapeways. I gave them a stat line of 2/3/4/0 but made them PS 0. I made them have to have a "Droid control tech" which was a crew option. I also gave them a title option that allowed them to lose the droid control tech requirement, but cost a few points. I really haven't thought about them in 2.0 terms though. Using calculate would be cool. I might revisit them. Great idea @Darth Meanie
  7. I have yet to make the jump to 2.0 and I play every week. At my FLGS we used to have between 12-20+ people every Wednesday night and I feel like that has really fallen off after 2.0. I notice there are now like only like 6 or 8 guys there post 2.0. Of those most are 1.0 players who converted and only 1 guy is new post 2.0. And 2 of the 8 or so are always me and my friend who also hasn't converted either. He doesn't plan to at all and I'm on the fence. I did buy the Lando Falcon, but that had more to do with my total enjoyment of Solo(Donald Glover killed it as Lando) than anything to do with 2.0. I wish there was an official backwards conversion kit to get 2.0 ships usable in 1.0. And by that I mean a free PDF. I think the main reason I haven't converted to 2.0 is just the money. It's not that I don't have the money, it's more that I feel annoyed at buying stuff I already own just for cardboard and cards. It's a real conundrum. Especially since the Clone Wars stuff looks awesome and is only available in 2.0. What to do?
  8. That's funny. I saw this post and thought "a guy I follow on IG went to Nordics" and "He won a Scum falcon too" It was a this point I realized that it's you I follow on IG. ? I'm a bit slow sometimes.
  9. Announce a new faction that comes out of Scum that is the equivalent of the First Order/Resistance coming out of the Empire/Rebels. Call it something like "Allies and Aliens" or "Planetary Governments" or something and make the Chiss ships, the Hapan ships, the Ssi-Ruuk droid ships, Corporate Sector Authority ships, etc and allow some Scum cross over. Then make "Squadron" cards that give certain benefits/restrictions for only taking certain ships in a list. This squadron card idea would also allow other factions to get their famous squadrons(Rogue Squadron, the 181st, etc) Having a "good guy scum faction" could also really open up design space.
  10. I like the idea of the 6 ship box with minimal pilots and tons of upgrades. The issue I see with it though is that these six ships are all Resistance (I think) and FFG usually balances the releases so they would have to have a similar number of ships for at least the first order. But maybe not. Who knows. Also the "Rally Mode" is a fun idea and I would love to see it happen, but I don't think it will. We'll see.

    1E HOAC specific.

    I'm not sure this is true when it comes to fandom acronyms, and it's definitely not true for SW movie title acronyms. TPM, AotC, RotS, RotJ, TFA, and TLJ, all include the "t" from"the". Also LotR(Lord of the Rings) and TOS, TAS, and TNG(Star Trek: The Original Series, The Animated Series, and The Next Generation) all include the "t" from "the". I've always seen it as HotAC as well. It's not an issue at all but it is kind of interesting.
  12. I had not heard that. That is a shame really. If you can't count on Oxford, who can you count on??
  13. Please make that topic. Make it a vote to see how this community views both films.
  14. Objectively- in a way that is not influenced by personal feelings or opinions. While, I don't necessarily disagree with FTS Gecko's sentiment, (I rather like Caravan of Courage and think TLJ is pretty sorry) I have to agree he's not being 100% objective (although it's super hard to ever be 100%) While he gives "points" of a more original story and better characterizations, those are just his opinions, even if many people share them, myself included. Also I'm not sure how "We've already screwed up literally"?
  15. You can't help what name your parents gave you. That's what you meant right??
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