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  1. @Refugeanoth Where did you get the model of the Rogue Shadow and what rules do you use?
  2. I started out only playing against my brother way back in Wave 1. We decided that I would fly Empire and he would fly Rebels, so that way we would have everything. He has since lost interest in the game, while I'm as diehard as ever. So about a year ago I bought his half of the collection from him and of course I collect all the Scum ships, so I have at least one of each expansion. (most of the small ships I have enough to fly a whole list of the generics) That being said, I only ever fly Empire and very occasionally I will fly Scum. I never fly the Rebel ships.
  3. I've been running this list and it is fun. Obsidian Squadron Pilot Obsidian Squadron Pilot Howlrunner w/Swarm Tactics Sigma Squadron Pilot w/Lightweight Frame Sigma Squadron Pilot w/Lightweight Frame I pretty much just use it as a Tie swarm that hits harder. It is pretty good, but it is definitely not top tier.
  4. It doesn't work that way. Even if you have the old card, you have to use the current version of the card per the FAQ/errata. Sorry.
  5. Another list that sort of fits the "heavy swarm" type is a list I ran at a tournament about 6 months ago that may need a second look in the post nerf world. Sienar Test Pilot with V1 title,guidance chips, and proton rockets x5 I did ok, even against triple uboats. It might work well now after the nerfs.
  6. Me too! By the end of the game, it'spretty ridiculous actually.
  7. A natural 4 agility ship will only increase the already over-abundant red dice power creep and would be the nail in the coffin for swarms(2 red dice ships) So I think it would be a really bad idea.
  8. Good job guys. Very well done Episode. I enjoyed it as much if not more than the 1st episode. I liked the inclusion of the Imperial Epic ships. And Bowlin is a true leader thinking of his squad over himself. Good character development and a compelling story. Can't wait for the next episode.
  9. Great Job! That was awesome.
  10. I also agree!
  11. Like others have said, shoot it. A lot! Swarms are good, but so are 3 die heavy hitter ships. Also if you are flying high agility ships with 3 attacks (Tie Interceptors, Starvipers, Protectorates, etc) if you can stay at Range 3, your 4 greens should out last his 1. Also when it comes to Oicunn, people generally play in a way to maximize his bumps instead of playing in a way that is the best move in a situation. If you can bait him and then once he commits, zoom by him, it will take him some time to come around because the Decimator has no k turn. Just my two cents.
  12. I wish the game designers would read this post. It shows the progression of the Xwing from a new vibrant and easy to pick up game to the "meta fuelled mess it is now and all the small "rule breaks" that took it there. This is exactly how I feel. If every new thing breaks more and more basic rules, how is that not power creep. As far as the "bloated" part goes, I'm not sure I totally agree. A game this popular is bound to get complex with more and more ships being released. The problem lies in each new ship being the best thing ever and invalidating older, more iconic ships. And let's not kid ourselves about iconic ships not being a major reason this game is as popular as it is. Yes, the gameplay is what gets people to buy into this game and make it huge, but it was the Star Wars ships that even made you look at it in the first place. If it had been the exact same game with little kittens and puppies on the bases, most people would have just walked away. Even with a different, popular IP the game would be no where near as big. (I'm looking at you Star Trek Attack Wing and the D&D version)FFG, I'm sure, realizes how important their management of the Star Wars license is. They need to keep it relevant to the current canon without making each wave better and better. I'm not saying it will be easy, but it will be in their best interest to make a balanced game that last for years to come. They are not on track to accomplish that goal.
  13. The problem with Vader will always be the one thing they can't fix with a title or mod. His dial. His dial(and that of any Tie advance) does not match his points cost. It is sub par for arc dodging and not great for jousting due to no 1 straight. If Vader could just cruise forward slowly with a 1 straight and shoot the crap out of someone with ATC all while focusing and evading, he would be great.
  14. After he made 3 great Star Wars movies and created the whole universe. And while the prequels are sub par, my biggest issue is the lack of continuity between them and the originals. They stories and universe building was still pretty good.
  15. These look great! Keep up the good work.