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  1. This whole argument about why did the Empire not give it's Ace Pilots access to the best available fighters is a waste of time. The only reason we ever even had the Tie Defender was as a baddie in a video game from the EU. It was cool and well loved. Then Disney wiped that. And in order to get us fans to buy into their new cannon, they started picking out choice bits and putting them back in. So now we get Thrawn, the Defender, Jacen Solo(aka Kylo Ren), etc. It's a blatant cash grab. Disney knows that all us fans of the saga like these classic EU ideas and will pay to see them again in new material. So they shoehorn them in. So now we have Awings and Bwings and Tie Interceptors and Tie Defenders before Yavin. There is no reason for in universe discussion. It's all about getting fans to swallow the rehashed stuff for the new cannon. It's a nostalgia grab plain and simple. It's much less risky than being original and trying new things. See Episode 7 for the ultimate example of getting the masses to love "new" things by "mirroring"(copying exactly) beloved ideas from the OT.
  2. I agree with other posters that this episode was mediocre at best. When my six year old is saying stuff is kinda lame, (and he thought the helisabers were cool) it is an issue.
  3. At least you can find them. I haven't even been able to find any SW micromachine stuff anywhere near me.
  4. That's true. And the forum is so good at their job. Hopefully the game designers are not.
  5. Just kidding, I sort of agree with you. I think the leaked nerf was real and then when it was leaked, FFG was like "That's not even true! We'll show you" and postponed or cancelled the nerf.
  6. You're under thinking it!
  7. Tie Predator? Seriously?! The rest of the list is fine, but the Tie Predator is the worst of the worst in a sea of bad EU Tie designs. Just look at it!
  8. I totally agree about Sabine's Masterpiece. No reason a paint job makes a ship so much better. As far as Captured Tie goes, I don't like it because A) it is only a trick one faction (Rebels) can do and they all should be able to "steal a ship and blend in with the enemy" especially Scum, and B) it only really hurts low PS generics that already struggle more than other ships.
  9. This would be the best possible scenario, but I am pretty sure they will steal a Tie Defender.
  10. This is true, but only because it's the cheapest ship that can take Palpatine. If you take away Palp, it would never be played.
  11. This is exactly how I feel about it. If we got Sabine's Tie and it was a cheap but utterly worse version of the Imperial version, I'm fine with that. But it's not. It can take crew. It can not be shot at until it shoots. It has Pilots with great abilities. Etc, Etc, Etc. Give us a Imperial Xwing that somehow fixes all the Rebel Xwing's shortcomings and has great Pilot abilities and then see how the Rebel players feel.
  12. You forgot to put Major Stridan as pre #1 aka the best!
  13. Yeah, I don't really get this whole thread. Miniatures/table top games never market their products. It just isn't done because it would be a total waste of money. It's to much of a niche market.