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    Resistance & First Order ships in 2.0

    I vote for the troop transport from the opening of TFA for the First Order. They will need a small base turret ship now that they are losing the Tie Aggressor.

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Dicussion Thread!

    I hope not! I'm so over the whole Filloni wolf fetish.

    STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion Thread!

    Are you kidding? The Lord of the Rings movies are far and away better than the Hobbit movies. Like LotR is one of my favorite movie series, and The Hobbit movies are among my "most disappointed in" movies. Now if you are just talking about the books, then I 100% agree. The Hobbit is one of my favorite fantasy books and the LotRs are just ok. That's part of the reason I feel so disappointed in the Hobbit movies. They made many changes that took away from the characters and story and added a bunch of crap that was worthless to the story.

    Cloaking not competitive?

    Also, new Phantoms have to new cards with the new decloak mechanic in the expansion. So unless you happen to buy a set that has been on the shelf for two years, you'll have the new rules.

    Cloaking not competitive?

    Pre Decloak nerf, you would decide whether to decloak and which way to decloak when you revealed your dial. So if you put VI on Whisperer, you could see where all(most) of your enemies ships would be then choose a decloak option that, along with your chosen maneuver, would keep you out of firing arcs(or at least in as few as possible) Post Decloak nerf, you have to chose whether to decloak and which way to decloak at the start of the activation phase, so if you happen to guess wrong, and you end up decloaked in a kill box, your 40+ pt ship is screwed.(potentially) That, along with the prevalence of bombs and other auto-damage abilities, is why Phantoms are rarely seen anymore. To much risk. See above for more on the risk/reward situation.

    Cloaking not competitive?

    Or you could make it say something like "When you become the active ship during the combat phase, you may discard a cloak token. If you do, you roll one fewer dice the next time you shoot." Would allow your idea of the higher defense against higher PS, allow you to shoot (albeit not as many shots) and still allow ACD to trigger. Could be a great title.

    Cloaking not competitive?

    I disagree with banning ships on principle. People paid for those cards; they should be able to use them in some manner. And I didn't say high PS aces couldn't out position them. I said it would work the same way as the current nerf works, in effect. Currently, phantoms decloak, everyone lower ps than them moves, they move, then anyone higher PS moves. This system allows high PS aces to out position low PS Phantoms, but not high PS Phantoms. In your system, phantoms would all be low PS, but decloak the old way. So they would move and decloak on their(lower) ps and high PS aces could out position them if they could guess right and the phantom wasn't totally out of their firing arc. Either way, I think phantoms need a point cost reduction to be viable in a risk/reward system.

    Cloaking not competitive?

    Yeah, but that would have still allowed the ridiculousness that the pre nerf decloak was. Just dial in a 1 hard turn and then be three vastly different places depending on what the generic ships with lower pilot skill than you did. It would be the exact same as it is now against high PS aces, as you would move/decloak before they moved(assuming you lowered the Phantoms PS enough so that even with VI they would still be low.) And if you lowered their PS, you would still have to lower their points cost. But even that would have been preferable to the current nerf. My point about the points ()was that if they had lowered them, then the risk of guessing wrong and getting one shotted, might have been worth considering because the Phantom would have only be a little over a quarter of your list instead of just under a half of your list.

    Cloaking not competitive?

    Are you kidding? The Tie Phantom disappeared after the cloak/decloak nerf. While I actually like the mechanic better now, it is totally unforgiving. You decloak wrong and your 40+ pt ship can easily be gone in one shooting phase. It's a simple risk vs reward. The Tie Phantom is the ultimate glass cannon and it's not worth the risk. They should have reduced the points value of the Phantoms when they changed the cloak/decloak mechanic. If they dropped them by 5-10 points each, they might be worth the risk. Add all this to the bomb, TLTs, proliferation of PS10+, PWTs, etc, and it's a perfect storm for not seeing Phantoms. They are very fun to play, but they usually die spectacularly and that's not how you win tournaments.

    Del Rey Books Timeline for Solo A Star Wars Story

    I am fairly certain that I heard somewhere that Han will be shown at several different ages throughout the film. So it could be as the OP says and Del Ray puts their timeline at a certain point rather than a Range of dates.

    Canon Material still needed in X-wing

    Mining Guild Tie for Scum with cards to make ties better and work on all Ties, but work best on Empire Ties.

    Animated Battle Reports or just Games

    Thanks, this looks good. I'll have to watch it in full tomorrow. Thanks. I'll check it out. This is the one I was thinking of. How did you find it? Thanks!

    Animated Battle Reports or just Games

    Yeah, I've seen this and it is awesome.

    Animated Battle Reports or just Games

    Thanks for the info, but that's not really what I had in mind. I'm talking about a filmed game where someone has animated each shot, each ship explodes when destroyed, there are sound effects, etc. I've seen a few different ones, but now my YouTube searches come up with only battle reports from whatever regional just took place and I can't find the animated ones. Oh well, I'll keep looking.

    Animated Battle Reports or just Games

    At one point, there was a link on this forum to an animated game of Xwing with sound, special effects (lasers, explosions, etc) and it was pretty cool. The one I am thinking of was in French, I believe, with English subtitles, I think. Or maybe it was just made by a French person. I don't really remember the details, but I remember it was very good. I also have seen another one in the past that had a Decimator flying around and it was also very cool. Does anyone know of or have a link to any of this type of animated game? It would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.