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  1. pages and pages of cloud car racing rules in Jewel of Yavin adventure
  2. Some of these talents are "Active". (Pressure Point, Martial Grace, Talk the Talk...) How many "Actions" does a player get in one round?
  3. Not so far wrong, since Washington is actually two states You know that saying about "If there is a bright spot to the universe, this is the place...". I usually just say, "It's a good place to be from." Anyway, it's good to know people are still gaming there.
  4. I think we can all agree that it is BETTER than a blind navigator with cybernetic eyes, though.
  5. Carrion-Spat Fried Steak - or Steak Sauce (Seriously, you don't want to understand the inner workings of that brain.) "WareWolf" is the best of them. "Sentinel 621" was my favorite... a stolen Imperial Sentinel that the GM yanked after only 3 days as soon as they realized how hot it was.
  6. Scoundrels was wierd to me. I just walked away about 90% of the way through. It is a caper book, and after the 49th major plot twist in the same scam...
  7. My FaD character is a cunning Mirialan Padawan in an Episode 2 campaign. Growing up in the Jedi Temple, he has little knowledge of the Mirialan culture and ways of thought. Mirialan Jedi masters found his 'flexibility' of thought and lack of interest for the 'fate' concepts of the force... disturbing. Luckily he was (finally) paired with a cunning Gossam master and began to came into his own as a Shadow. Though I just had Mace Windu tell me and the other Padawans in our party that we were all screw-ups and unlikely to ever become Knights. Since I'm 105 XP from FR2, I guess I'll have to believe him... for now. Consulars and Guardians seem to have little understanding and respect for the odd little talents that make up a Sentinel. Hmmph.
  8. Early on, with misdirect, you have to get creative to use it to (for example) walk by guards, etc. You often just don't have the light side points toget to a big group. If you could affect a minion group all together like one rival, then prison breaks and so on become child's play.
  9. If you are playing with 5 people in a maybe noisy space many of the players probably can't hear clearly what you are trying to convey anyway, and are themselves thinking ahead waiting to get a word in edgewise, and missing important information for that and other reasons. Just be aware of this and don't get frustrated if the players first reaction is to reach for a weapon or some other direct response. In a worst case sometimes it seems like the player can act directly now, or they could ask a question, get half an answer with a hint and 30 minutes later it's their turn to ask the follow-up question. I generally try to take notes and write up the adventure's high points later for people to review. Usually half of it is full of blanks and question marks, because I'm following along half a paragraph behind missing more information for that reason too. Sometimes I'm amazed we catch any clues.
  10. I don't know... because the players haven't had 20+ years of training and thought? The more a player would argue, the more conflict the character should get because obviously it's a hot button for them, hehe. My Jedi tried to get conflict recently by lightsabering innocents who were forced into attacking the party by a dark side force user...I just kept missing my attack rolls. (Three times? Against clumsy force zombies? Now I'm wondering if I should get strain for being incompetent ! )
  11. We did the song passing thing, and it was a lot of fun. Some group already took the Benny Hill theme, so I'll just list my own characters best theme song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKnZg4bBfZ0 Within Temptation - Lost I based events in my characters past springboarding off of that band's entire catalog... luckily they have a lot of great songs!
  12. I particularly liked getting caught in a trap, and the trapper joking that were my character strong in the force, I'd be able get out easily. Only to find that due to the particular characteristics of the trap, my Knight Level FaD character was still 10 XP from being able to defeat the trap... in several different ways! (Formidable Discipline roll to defeat overwhelming emotions of embarrassment and despair! )
  13. Your players might want to pay a pittance and buy some stim packs. Then use them during combat when needed to keep them from exceeding their wound threshold and passing out. My first character made it through a dozen fights before losing consciousness. Of course, doing so means when you do go down, it hurts. it also means you pick up a lot of scars. (My character's torso looks like a target range, with over a dozen scars from blaster burns. As his grandfather mentioned once, "It is permissible to dodge occasionally. You don't have to catch them all!")
  14. I like to know what is in a fast draw holster, what is on my back under a poncho, what is in the backpack buried-in-the-bottom-that-will-take-12-maneuvers-to-dig-out-after-removing-the-poncho, and so on. Let them carry their 15 encumbrance, but don't let them carry all of it in their left hand ready to use.
  15. Just remember: It is not a 'purse'. It's a Surveyor's Bag!
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