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  1. Which is relevant for getting GOOD at those games, but not for actually learning the rules.
  2. Yes, but Armada is a much more complex system. If someone can learn Armada well enough to know what they are doing, learning how to play x-wing should take all of 5 minutes.
  3. Been thinking about this. Fighters can easily avoid the big capital ships because the big ships don’t maneuver very fast and the fighters have lots of time to react to whatever they do. In other words, the fighters can see the big ships maneuvers before committing to their own. What if epic had 2 planning phases. Huge ships set their dials, and then REVEALED them, but don’t yet move. Then the fighters set their dials. Then in the activation phase, fighters move as normal, and only after that do the huge ships execute their maneuver. So, when you are planning your moves, you know what the enemy capital ships are going to do in advance. Getting rammed is still possible, but it’s going to be either REALLY bad positioning, or a deliberate choice.
  4. He’s not trying to explain himself. He’s trying to get you to explain yourself because your post made no sense, and I agree with him.
  5. When was Vader in a defender?
  6. That sounds like it is just begging to be massively imbalanced and broken.
  7. When is it due to be released? Really wish it was closer to x-wing scale so I could cross play them.
  8. Considering prior to x-wing most miniature games were played on 4x4 or bigger, x-wing has already done this.
  9. Bah! If you’re going to shrink it, you gotta do a proper job of it. X-Wing travel edition - uses Armada fighter figures on tiny bases to play on a, what, 8” playing field. Everything magnetized so it doesn’t shift around.
  10. Depends on how much development was still needed. Remember, when they announced it at GenCon it was widely speculated that they were announcing it earlier than they intended because of the new season of Clone Wars that had been announced by LFL a week earlier. It’s conceivable that the “more information in November” was referring to when they originally planned to announce CW era stuff and what we’re going to get in a few weeks is a big announcement article. Or not, and we’ll be playing with CW ships by Christmas. Who knows.
  11. As far as I know, the idea that wave 3 is going to be CW era stuff is pure supposition on the fan’s part, based (I think) on a comment that we would get “more information about the CW era stuff” in November.
  12. I never said they did. I was just pointing out that they aren’t getting their free evade in any round they use advanced sensors. Which, in my opinion, makes AS a terrible choice on them. I haven’t had any difficulty not being blocked when playing them.
  13. “We’ve got to go back” .... ”Chewie, just do it” ”Chewie, slow down and get under him, Lando, go open the top hatch”
  14. I suspect that we’ll see some sort of cardboard only pack to let people with with the relevant models play the factions, but also, either in the initial release or later, the expansion packs for those ships will have new paint jobs, or even sculpts if warranted, encouraging people who want to play the factions to get more models, even if they don’t “have” to.
  15. Not if they’re using advanced sensors.
  16. Sounds like they are tarot card size like the Armada ship cards. There are sleeves for that size, the ones from FFG are in orange packaging.
  17. Which is a case of gameplay beating fluff, not the other way around like was being said.
  18. Not sure why you guys are claiming the crew option doesn’t fit fluff-wise, since in the fluff it DOES have a second crew. If anything, the gameplay beats fluff argument could be used to explain it NOT getting a crew slot. Note, I make no comment on whether it should or shouldn’t, or whether it’s undercosted for the game, just that the background does make it a 2 person fighter.
  19. The first order using TIE Interceptors as their default fighter, with the SF version being a 2-seater variant of the defender, and the republic flying a good looking redesign of the e-wing. NOT having the force sensitive main character being a dirt poor nobody from a desert planet.
  20. Hm, must be thinking of something else.
  21. Remember everyone, the Resistance is supposed to be the faction of super aces, and Poe is certainly supposed to be the most super of them.
  22. I thought they removed that restriction, since PTL is no longer a thing.
  23. Wow black one is confusingly worded. Not that they had a choice given what they were trying to do, but that’s a lot going on on that card.
  24. Exactly. And the c-roc is a bit longer because of the nose, but is built on the same chassis.
  25. From the StarWars.com databank for the Broken Horn https://www.starwars.com/databank/broken-horn
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