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  1. On a 3 agl ship, how often is a free evade action going to be more useful than just the default force effect to change an eyeball. Yeah, the evade can change a blank, but that’s only useful if you rolled a blank and zero eyeballs, otherwise it’s the same end result. And with the default effect you can save the force point if you don’t need it. Unless purple actions can be done during combat, which doesn’t seem likely for coordinate.
  2. Well, there’s an entire thread devoted to discussing them.
  3. But there is an instance of the RESISTANCE flying one, in that Poe comic with the ramshackle squad.
  4. I think they said they weren’t redoing the existing aces packs, and that was in response to questions about the alt paint scheme minis from those packs.
  5. Wait, I thought we were talking about Arcs here. ?
  6. I think it was less them scraping the bottom of the barrel and more that they REALLY wanted to produce a TIE with that paint scheme.
  7. The article mentions taking “experimental cloaking device”
  8. They certainly could do that. Don’t know if they will.
  9. Not related to card mechanics, but a Jar Jar funny I posted a few years ago
  10. Yeah, I definitely see that Palp is a dual card, I’m just not sure that the back is Sidious because we see him separate, although it might be because it makes no sense to be able to put both in a squad on different ships, like I said at the top of the page.
  11. But they are 2 separate cards? i mean, that would explain having both of them, but it clearly shows them as different cards in the spread.
  12. They are limiting that specific “pilot”, same as Luke Skywalker has a single dot next to his name means you can only have 1 of him, but lots of x-wings.
  13. He said, the Resistance ships. Hes saying , since the arc is more a republic ship and was never actually seen being used by rebels, that it also should have been separated out and just been a republic ship. Dont know if I agree with that, but that’s what he was saying.
  14. Wookieepedia also says they were used to repair ships during the war. So that may be a function as well.
  15. So, you can have chancellor palpatine and Darth sideous in the same squad? That doesn’t seem right, especially if they are on different ships.
  16. That’s covered by the “limited” dot next to names.
  17. Everything. I’ve got like 14 TIEs, 6 interceptors, 8 x-wings, 4 Falcons (how did that happen?), etc.... Because I bought several of one product, and then they released another product with the same ship but new cards, etc..., etc... ONE of whatever I buy. That’s it.
  18. I learned my lesson a while ago and will only get 1 of each new thing.
  19. I see 3 dots on one of the vulture droids. The far left one.
  20. Oh good. Just what we need. A THIRD thread about this.
  21. Something like this is most likely. Remember, the upcoming product page occasionally shows things as updated without actually changing any data too.
  22. To be fair, the captain of a hopelessly damaged ship ordering the crew to abandon ship and then ramming an enemy ship to take the bad guys out with them and give the heroes a chance is a pretty common trope in sci-fi.
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