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  1. I think we just needed an outlet for all this. Things have been kinda static for a while.
  2. I think vultures in general are just going to be so different to fly that nobody really knows what to do with them yet, and the grappling struts are only going to multiply that. The whole ship is so unlike anything else in the game.
  3. Also a really annoying trait, but I try to ignore threads about “the meta” because I don’t care, whereas I’m actually interested in epic play.
  4. Depends how they do it. The problem with the IG-2000 was that the ability was free. If the ship had been cheaper but the title to allow you to share abilities had cost points you might have seen individual aggressors. For a while now (in a few of their games) they have been experimenting with upgrades that interact with another ship that has the same upgrade. Armada has several, and the Synchronized Console upgrade in the republic ARC pack looks to be along the same lines. As long as each ship is getting charged points for whatever the effect is, it should be doable. A greater concern, I suspect is that such a mechanic would probably need to be balanced to a particular sized game, and would become more powerful as you scaled up. Two aggressors was powerful, 4 in epic was bonkers. So such a mechanic might limit the game’s ability to be played at different scales.
  5. FFG hasn’t gotten ANY scales wrong. If you want to complain about scale issues, at least place the responsibility where it actually belongs, on Lucasfilm. FFG is simply creating the sizes they are told are official. And while we’re at it, film models and sets are never consistent. Trying to calculate a “proper” size base on on screen images is nothing but a foolish exercise in frustration. Fictional things are however big the IP owner says they are, if an on screen depiction doesn’t match that, then the depiction is wrong (either on accident or deliberately because of some behind the scenes reasons). GuacCousteau’s approach is much better. Does the given size accommodate what’s supposed to be there? Do enough people fit, are corridors able to be tall enough, etc..?
  6. It actually reminded me a lot of star fleet battles at the time. For the same same experience today, check out Artemis Bridge Simulator.
  7. Yeah, that’s the vibe I get from it too.
  8. Not even close to being remotely similar to what I said. Standard is in a better place now than it has ever been. It is not difficult to play with huge ships using 2.0 rules and some house rules to cover the rough spots. Theoretically, the people who prefer epic are supposed to be (according to “conventional wisdom”) fine with house rules and tweaking things to make what they want work better. FFG has said they are going to redo epic. Now, whether you think they will do a good job with that, or muck it up, is a different question, but I don’t think it’s reasonable to assume that they outright lied and aren’t going to do something to update it. So, out of 6 years worth of content that needs updated, plus brand new content that still has to be developed, and a fringe mode of play that can still be played with minimal work, by people who are assumed to enjoy that kind of tweaking, I don’t think it is unreasonable to say people should be willing to wait more than 12 weeks for their particular favorite thing about the game to get updated.
  9. Just to make sure everyone is on the same page, the “regens a force point” idea is that “during your perform action step, you can do any of your actions like normal, but if you do “this” action, you get a force point back” while the free action idea is “you do an action as normal, and then can spend a force point to do “this” action, pseudo push the limit like” right?
  10. Until this thread I’d never even heard the name “soulless one”.
  11. I think you guys are worrying way too much about perceived technological differences. This is an abstract game, not a simulation (of a technologically glacial society). If the game needs the separatists to have a fighter comparable to the defender, it will.
  12. More a semi, really. A proper freighter should really be closer to a star destroyer in size. Freighters are BIG.
  13. As for the size of the HWK, I’ve accepted captain lackwits arguments, but I’ve said it before, the scenes from the original DF game still make it look a lot bigger to me. Doesn't matter though, video game visuals are THE ABSOLUTE WORST source to judge something’s size, the limitations of the medium require radical distortions, especially of interiors.
  14. As for the general “freighter” terminology in Star Wars, don’t assume the word means exactly the same as it does on earth, think of it more as “cargo hauler”. The HWK is a pickup, or maybe even an el Camino, the falcon is a utility van (souped up, with lots of bells and whistles taking up the “cargo space”), the gr-75s are u-hauls, above that you’ve still got 10-wheelers, semis, land trains, and actual ocean going freighters.
  15. Ah, there you are. I was starting to think I was going to have to tag you.
  16. Regenerating a force by doing something that helps seems broken, and contrary to 2nd’s design philosophy. The only thing that makes me think it might be the case is the symmetry, do a red action, gain this token, do a purple action, gain this other token.
  17. That is a huge amount of hassle though, and would slow the game down a LOT. Part of the immense appeal of the flight path system is how dead simple it is.
  18. That doesn’t work though because the ST factions match their original counterparts. Unless they change them, but the TIE/FO preview article still looked green
  19. Out of curiosity, how would you allocate them?
  20. Synchronized Console “After you perform an attack, you may choose a friendly ship at range 1, or a friendly ship with the synchronized console upgrade at range 1-3, and spend a lock you have on the defender. If you do, the friendly ship you chose may aquire a lock on the defender.” which, frankly, should have been the tie bomber or punisher’s ship ability.
  21. Can of cheap spray paint. Bases in virtually any color you want.
  22. See, I distinctly DON’T want non-tie fighters for the Empire, they define the look of the faction. I hate that the gunboat got made. Though I do agree we are running out of viable TIE variants. We aren’t there yet, but close.
  23. Except Darth Sidious is a WHOLE OTHER CARD. If they wanted to show that palpatine was a dual sided card with Sidious on the back they would have called it out in the article, not shown an extra card in the spread that isn’t included. Unless you think it comes with 2 copies of the Palpatine/Sidious flip card?
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