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  1. 3 hours ago, WAC47 said:

    Are current (aka canon) storytellers bound by content included in FFG’s games? No. 

    Which is NOT what this board was saying (about the raider) when the raider came out. We were told at the time of the buyout that anything that came out after the “legends split” was canon, and people took that to mean FFGs creation of the raider made it canon then and there. I had not seen anything official since that suggested otherwise, though  I have seen fans assume otherwise. There is always talk about whether FFG even CAN reintroduce old legends material anymore, because doing so would re-canonize it. Now, maybe I missed something, but if that article is correct (and people could be right, it may well not be, it might just be wookieepedia applying labels), but if it is correct, that changes all those conversations. If the game itself is considered legends, then there really isn’t any impediment to FFG adding the TIE Avenger, or Mara Jade, or the Wild Card, or Skipray Blastboats. Sure, they are still going to prioritize new, canon stuff, but Disney “shouldn’t” have a problem with a legends source doing stuff with legends material. 

  2. My point is that if the game as a whole is considered legends, then there is less impediment to releasing old legends designs. Sure, they are going to prioritize new stuff that happens to be canon, but if they game itself is considered legends then there is no concern that adding a legends character or ship to the game canonized it. When the raider was first created, there was an assumption, and a lot of talk, about how it being in the game made it canon because it was after the buyout, but this indicates that isn’t the case. 

  3. Another thread caused me to look up the Raider corvette on wookieepedia and I found this


    The corvette class was originally created by Fantasy Flight Gamesto fill a gap in their Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game, which is now classified as legends.


    I had not heard before that the entire game is considered legends (though it makes a bit of sense). Has some implications for what can be included in the game in the future. 




  4. 1 hour ago, hargleblarg said:

    Especially given the literally unique nature of the game being a fundamental draw, if people have access to play whatever deck they want on a third-party platform, there's less incentive to purchase multiple random decks.

    Probably this. The whole concept of “unique” games is such that they would want to be very careful how any digital implementation is, well, implemented. From the announcement at GenCon, they very much don’t want it to be treated like a regular CCG, so they probably want to make sure that any digital version is going to be as unique as the physical version. 

  5. 37 minutes ago, Darth Meanie said:

    Many times I have advocated for releases that are for casual play only, that are "banned" from Standard.  This allows player to have fun within the IP ("because Star Wars") and keeps it from "messing up" Standard.

    Of course, then people whine that everything needs to be usable for Standard, and so then nothing goofy fun can every be had for the game.

    Which is why I said a different way of organizing content for scenarios, rather than whole new mechanical content. It would be a lot easier for tournament players to ignore a pamphlet of scenario rules, or things like quick build cards, than whole 3xpansions that “look like” they could be used in tournaments, but actually can’t. 

  6. 7 hours ago, RedHotDice said:

    But that would be the same as unique? So a single "dot" could have handlet that.

    I guess it means only one of these upgrades per ship - which would be interesting as you could field multiple and really get a swarm effect - if so, it must be expensive

    Tac relay is the type of upgrade, not the name of that particular upgrade. The prevailing theory is that “solitary” means only one of that class of upgrade per squad. It would be like saying “only 1 crew per squad” not “only one perceptive copilot per squad”, which would be covered by dots. 

  7. 47 minutes ago, BrotherFett said:

     Not sure if it's been mentioned, but it would be cool if the buzz droid tokens could stack with one another kind of like cluster mines. Creating a screen of them would be sweet!

    That was my first thought when I saw the token, but if that were it they would have included more than 1 of them. 

  8. 16 minutes ago, JJ48 said:

    The thing is, though, if I'm playing scenarios or campaigns, I can already fly a Lambda as a Rebel or an X-Wing as Imperial.  Adding new products to do that wouldn't really allow such players to do anything new and would reduce the faction identity of Standard games, so why do that?



    Adding cross faction ships that are cross faction in the same way as regular faction ships are ID’d doesn’t work because all that is really doing is altering the baseline. What we need is a totally different way of organizing ships (and maybe upgrades?) that works for scenario play. That way tournament players can simply ignore this aspect, and scenario players have an “official” means of defining squad limitations that is not bound to what works for competitive formats. Quick build cards might be an answer, but I feel such a system needs more. I just don’t know what. 

  9. 13 minutes ago, SpiderMana said:

    There could still be a condition card. The lack of condition token could be because the buzz droid token stays on (behind) the ship :D

    But why? What does that accomplish that a regular token doesn’t? If someone gets to close to the rear end they transfer? If so, why only the back and not the front or sides, wouldn’t a regular condition token and a rule saying it transfers at range 0 be more in keeping with the rules? What if your dropping a device, your bombs go further because you have buzz droids eating your ship?

  10. Might be interesting if the palpatine side can flip to Sidious, but the Sidious side has a separatist limitation. So you could equip palpatine to a republic ship and reveal him later, or equip the Sidious side face up to a separatist ship at start. Not sure how that would be worded. 


    The thing is, I’m not sure anyone who even knew “Darth Sidious” existed survived (other than Anakin, yoda, and obi-wan, of course). After the separatist leaders were all killed I figure “Darth Sidious” became unknown. It certainly seems that no one in the Empire knew that the Emperor could use the force. 

  11. You’re making my point for me. He wanted a war and used it to progress the galaxy to a point that he could declare himself emperor. Like I said, he probably weighted things to go the way they did, but if greivious and the droid armies had been more effective, or the Jedi and clones less so, he could have made it work. 

    The point is that he only interacted with the republic as palpatine, and he only interacted with the separatists as Sidious.

  12. 29 minutes ago, ryfterek said:

    To those saying Sidious would obviously fit CIS better - I beg you pardon? At what point of the Clone Wars did Sheev actually act in favour of CIS? The Confederation has always been merely a puppet at his command but nothing else.

    The same can be said about him and the Republic. As Chancellor Palpatine he controlled the Republic, as Darth Sidious, through his apprentice, he controlled the Separatists. Remember, the leadership of the CIS knew about "Lord Sidious", and that he was Dooku's master. While he probably weighted his schemes for the republic to win, I think he would have been perfectly happy if it had gone the other way. His goal was the conflict itself, he almost certainly used his position to provide intelligence or strategic planning to the CIS in order to draw the war out until he was ready.

    Certainly no one in the Republic knew who "Darth Sidious" was, or worked with him in that capacity, while no one on the separatist side knew that the sith Lord they were taking orders from was a member of the Republic.

  13. 3 hours ago, SpiderMana said:

    You can   l i t e r a l l y   read at the bottom of the Chancellor Palpatine card, “[During ???] Phase, you may [flip] this card.”

    And you can l i t e r a l l y see an entirely separate card named Sidious. 

    Why is it so hard to understand that they are showing us 2 separate pieces of cardboard. 


    The possibilities

    Palpatine and Sidious are different cards, with palpatine flipping to some other effect. This is what the picture shows, but makes no sense thematically

    Palpatine and Sidious are the front and back of the same card, and FFG included 2 copies in the spread to tease us, but only 1 copy will come in the expansion. Possible, but they have never done anything like that before. Previous flip cards have only shown 1 side in the spread, and the mechanic was called out in the article text, with pictures of the two sides individually. 

    Palpatine and Sidious are the front and back of the same card, and 2 copies are being included in the expansion. This makes even less sense, as surely they are both unique. 

  14. Yeah, I was just getting ready to say the same thing. 

    The only significant difference between the imperial and “regular” versions is the imperial one extends the “wings” back to the engine pods. Other than that they basically look the same. The c-roc on the other hand completely changes the nose, adds a vertical tail, more engines. You really have to pick up the 2 models and compare them to realize they are actually basically the same ship. 

  15. 21 minutes ago, Hiemfire said:

    I hate saying this, but they did an article on the MGT a month or so ago:


    There is some info in it but only the basics.

    That was only an announcement article though. If you look at the tag lines for their articles, they seem to make a distinction between announcements and previews, and generally speaking each individual ship gets a preview article. 

    Could be different this time though, as the announcement articles are usually for multiple products, like the clone wars one the other day, and not for an individual booster. 


    We’ll find out sometime in the next week or two. 

  16. They’ve been dropping articles pretty fast this past week or so, that is usually an indication that a release is imminent and they need to get the “preview” articles posted before the product actually releases, so I wouldn’t be surprised if stuff showed up this weekend, especially if a mining guild tie preview shows up tomorrow (Thursday). 

  17. 2 minutes ago, RedHotDice said:

    And there is still a cap of 8 ships maximum in 2.0 right?

    Not that I know of, but tournament rules could be different. 

    Ive certainly been assuming that these will either be fieldable in bigger numbers, or have some gimmick that keeps them alive longer. They are able to share calculate tokens, so no matter which one you shoot at, it will probably have modded defense at least. 

  18. 1 hour ago, gadwag said:

    I haven't seen too much discussion of grappling struts on here yet, and they look like a pretty interesting mechanic. Clearing stress and parking on rocks is powerful, but it's balanced by the fact that the only way to leave the rock is a 2fwd.

    Has anyone got any sneaky plans for how they will use grappling struts?

    I think vultures in general are just going to be so different to fly that nobody really knows what to do with them yet, and the grappling struts are only going to multiply that. The whole ship is so unlike anything else in the game. 

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