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  1. Yeah, draw 3 and pick the one that applies.
  2. That is totally cool looking!! Is there a set of rules to go with it posted somewhere?
  3. Persistent de buff to agility seems pretty powerful, what if it’s conditional in some way? You’re -1 agl if you dialed in a straight, or turn, or something?
  4. Either of those would be good, but I need to free up some points to fit them, that’s why I’m thinking of downgrading Soontir to Duchess.
  5. I’ve had crack shot and fire control system on him, but the crack shot hasn’t been worth it. Would like to put something to increase his survivability some, but don’t have the points. Rexler has juke and FCS, and Soontir Predator. Been thinking about swapping out Soontir for Duchess to free up some points.
  6. I’ve been running a list with rexler, marek, and Soontir. The combo of marek filtering for crits and then rexler flipping them back up is brutal. Popped a Firespray in a single round.
  7. Forgottenlore

    Moldy Crow

    No, I figure the moldy crow card will just be included in both.
  8. Forgottenlore

    Moldy Crow

    The ARC, Y-Wing, and Z95 releases thus far all indicate that they are going to do separate expansions for each faction when ships overlap. So there will be a Rebel HWK release and a different Scum HWK release, which may or may not be at the same time.
  9. Forgottenlore

    Moldy Crow

    It will most likely become available in the scum HWK pack and whatever method is then available for getting the cards without the models for that wave.
  10. If your talking about realism, yeah. But it makes a lot of sense when you’re developing a fictional world and need to provide readers/viewers that have no cultural grounding in the world points of reference. As much as we make fun of it, that’s why sci-fi is full of mono-climate planets, 2 dimensional alien societies, and so on.
  11. He doesn’t. He’s asking if it looks like it SHOULD have been. It’s been commented on before that the hwk has no Corellian design elements but does look similar to incom’s aesthetic, yet bizarrely it is identified as corellian. So he’s asking if you agree with that.
  12. So you're only thinking a few months ahead? I assume he intends to be playing for years, giving advice on what the current meta (such as it is) is, is not really going to help him decide what to play going forward.
  13. This is kinda interesting. What I’m kinda getting here is Empire is distinguished by its ships, while scum is distinguished by its pilots. There are exceptions, of course, (Soontir, fang fighter), and in x-wing they can’t be separated mechanically, but in general, for Empire you are looking at ships and the pilot ability is icing, for scum you are looking at pilot ability and the chassis is the icing. Now look at brown bomber’s post below yours Talking about scum, the emphasis is on the pilots, talking about Imps it is on the ships. With some stand out exceptions noted. That is really very thematic. Imps are faceless hordes with good tech, even when individuals, scum are a motley lot of talented individuals. So what is/should be rebels? Good upgrades would fir thematically, they customize their ships to get the best performance for the group, but that sounds dangerous for the game, runaway upgrades was a big problem in 1st.
  14. Which is NOT what this board was saying (about the raider) when the raider came out. We were told at the time of the buyout that anything that came out after the “legends split” was canon, and people took that to mean FFGs creation of the raider made it canon then and there. I had not seen anything official since that suggested otherwise, though I have seen fans assume otherwise. There is always talk about whether FFG even CAN reintroduce old legends material anymore, because doing so would re-canonize it. Now, maybe I missed something, but if that article is correct (and people could be right, it may well not be, it might just be wookieepedia applying labels), but if it is correct, that changes all those conversations. If the game itself is considered legends, then there really isn’t any impediment to FFG adding the TIE Avenger, or Mara Jade, or the Wild Card, or Skipray Blastboats. Sure, they are still going to prioritize new, canon stuff, but Disney “shouldn’t” have a problem with a legends source doing stuff with legends material.
  15. My point is that if the game as a whole is considered legends, then there is less impediment to releasing old legends designs. Sure, they are going to prioritize new stuff that happens to be canon, but if they game itself is considered legends then there is no concern that adding a legends character or ship to the game canonized it. When the raider was first created, there was an assumption, and a lot of talk, about how it being in the game made it canon because it was after the buyout, but this indicates that isn’t the case.
  16. Another thread caused me to look up the Raider corvette on wookieepedia and I found this I had not heard before that the entire game is considered legends (though it makes a bit of sense). Has some implications for what can be included in the game in the future.
  17. Probably this. The whole concept of “unique” games is such that they would want to be very careful how any digital implementation is, well, implemented. From the announcement at GenCon, they very much don’t want it to be treated like a regular CCG, so they probably want to make sure that any digital version is going to be as unique as the physical version.
  18. Which is why I said a different way of organizing content for scenarios, rather than whole new mechanical content. It would be a lot easier for tournament players to ignore a pamphlet of scenario rules, or things like quick build cards, than whole 3xpansions that “look like” they could be used in tournaments, but actually can’t.
  19. Tac relay is the type of upgrade, not the name of that particular upgrade. The prevailing theory is that “solitary” means only one of that class of upgrade per squad. It would be like saying “only 1 crew per squad” not “only one perceptive copilot per squad”, which would be covered by dots.
  20. The second 2 are way too big, but the consular is probably a given, if they ever get to it.
  21. That was my first thought when I saw the token, but if that were it they would have included more than 1 of them.
  22. THIS! Adding cross faction ships that are cross faction in the same way as regular faction ships are ID’d doesn’t work because all that is really doing is altering the baseline. What we need is a totally different way of organizing ships (and maybe upgrades?) that works for scenario play. That way tournament players can simply ignore this aspect, and scenario players have an “official” means of defining squad limitations that is not bound to what works for competitive formats. Quick build cards might be an answer, but I feel such a system needs more. I just don’t know what.
  23. But why? What does that accomplish that a regular token doesn’t? If someone gets to close to the rear end they transfer? If so, why only the back and not the front or sides, wouldn’t a regular condition token and a rule saying it transfers at range 0 be more in keeping with the rules? What if your dropping a device, your bombs go further because you have buzz droids eating your ship?
  24. It would also probably make flying them different than flying a tie swarm. Having a full on, proper swarm and a high end ship is probably going to be very different to an imperial ace + mini-swarm
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