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  1. 16 minutes ago, cond1024 said:

    1- Agenda card: Minister of Peace-

    I am assuming this is an "Elect Player" agenda, and the elected player gets the card to hang onto until they use it? If so, I would say yes, the player holding the card can use it to benefit themselves. The "different player" is different to the one activating the system. It essentially short circuits a single player's attempt to invade a rival's system. And unless it says something about returning the command token, it will prevent the attacking player from invading that system for the rest of the round.


    19 minutes ago, cond1024 said:

    2- Agenda card: Miscount Disclosed

    Use remaining influence.


    20 minutes ago, cond1024 said:

    Dacxive animators

    Yes, you have to fight. (especially if it is your first time at fight club)

    If there are no opposing ground forces then it counts as an invasion, but not a ground combat. The ground combat never occurs, and if it never occurs you can't win it.


  2. 2 hours ago, Hiemfire said:

    Wording implies every Tac Relay will be a solitary Tac Relay. 

    Wording was that all the current tac relay cards will be solitary. My question was about a hypothetical non-solitary card of that type. 


    2 hours ago, Forgottenlore said:

    they could introduce a non-solitary tactical relay upgrade


    Being able to be taken (in multiples, potentially) alongside a solitary

  3. 1 hour ago, HolySorcerer said:

    Splitting off the two sequel factions was "meh", but adding two brand new factions before all the existing content has been re-released does not give me hope for the faction that I want to play.

    And yet those decisions have been very popular overall. So YOU may not like where 2.0 is and is heading, but that is very VERY different from the game not being "stable" which is what you initially said that started this side discussion.

  4. 13 hours ago, Koing907 said:

    I think the Gunboat is one of the few EU ships that looks Empire-ey without being a TIE knockoff. It's got a design similarity to the Lambda shuttle, and so fits in next to it as a heavy fighter chassis from the same designers.

    Most of the TIE variants look pretty goofy to me. The Defender has grown on me since FFG made it for the game, but up until then it was the TIE with a bunch of extra panels stuck to it, and ridiculous OP stats from the TIE Fighter game. Really FFG have saved a lot of the EU designs, in my opinion.

    I'm the other way around. I have loved the defender from the first moment I saw it, but the gunboat HAS grown on me a bit. I'd still rather all small imperial ships be TIE variants (but good ones, there are a bunch of REALLY stupid looking ones out there), but that ship has sailed.

  5. 30 minutes ago, Koing907 said:

    So do you not like the Lambda shuttle? Or the Decimator? Only TIES for the Empire in the X-Wing miniatures scale?

    For small fighters, yeah. Larges are a different class and so have different rules.

  6. 1 hour ago, Marinealver said:

    Well, still it was no where near as bad as 1980 BSG.

    There was no BSG in 1980, just the 1979 season.

    Nope, nothing more was done after the first season, la la la la la


    1 hour ago, Marinealver said:

    Also all the classic BSSG space battles are on a single shot reel.

    Oh yeah, the show was famous for using stock footage. At the time it was the most expensive TV show ever, One million per episode, they had to do everything they could to save money.


    1 hour ago, Marinealver said:

    I will pick up the game if Battlestars/Basestars are added.

    They are supposed to be. No idea how Ares intends to do that though, but they have said repeatedly that they are.


    Somewhat more on topic, just ordered the core set for the game. I doubt I will actually ever play it, but I've always wanted some decent BSG toys.

  7. 26 minutes ago, Marinealver said:

    However they didn't have human look alike cylons. It is funny we didn't see anymore of this gem in the new series.

    I like to think that they changed the Cylon IL (Imperius Leader) series like Lucifer into the human forms. Saves on the makeup and prosthetics budget. I just think we should have seen the centurions more. Yeah, they were there, but never as prominently or as numerously as they should have been. 


    Of course, some decent scripts and/or 1 or 2 likeable characters would have been nice as well. 

  8. 6 hours ago, Hiemfire said:


    Wasn't "The Mandalorian" supposed to be set post destruction of the second Deathstar? Not saying Starwings couldn't/shouldn't show up, just that the canon timeframe for both Iggy's destruction and the introduction of the gunboat don't exist yet that I'm aware of.

    Yes, the mandalorian is set a few years after Endor. 

  9. I agree with you that an early elimination can be an issue (although remarkably hard to actually do), however, I do think that addressing it needs a light touch, especially in a game like this. Even in games that can't eliminate a player, it is still possible to put a player in such a bad spot that they have no chance of winning. That can be even worse for the player than being outright eliminated. "Yeah, by round 2 it is clear you are definitely going to loose, but you can't go do something else, you have to stay here and continue to play for the next 4 hours anyway." Also not ideal.


    I've been impressed with how Sentinels of the Multiverse handles the issue. Players can still be eliminated, but once they are they are given other decisions they can make (based on the character they were playing) and still contribute to the game (though its a co-op game, so that means something different). Translated to a game like TI, I would be looking at something to represent an eliminated race's continued existence, just not on a grand military/political level. Something like directing partisan insurgents, or taking espionage actions, or influencing trade or technology or something. Once truly "eliminated", they have no real chance of winning, but they can still influence galactic events in ways that small groups might.

    No idea how to implement such a thing in TI, but if I were to tackle such a project, that is the direction I would start looking in.

  10. I don’t care in the slightest about “organized play”, so I haven’t been paying any attention to the hyperspace format, but the impression I got was that it was a limited format designed to put veterans who converted large collections and new players just buying 2.0 packs on the same competitive footing, so as to not scare away new players, and that it would be gradually expanded as more packs are updated to 2.0 until there isn’t really much of a difference between hyperspace and standard. 

  11. Good topic. A few thoughts. 


    Part of it is that those partitions were introduced with the game. Magic always had colors, most wargames begin with particular factions, etc..., so the player base conceptualizes the game as having those divisions, while the partitioning they push back against is divisions that are added later, they break to framework of how the game is “supposed” to be in the players mind, and so they reject it. Whereas adding a new partition at the same level as existing ones, like adding a new faction, is just expanding the game, not dividing it. 


    The other thought i had was how, if continued long enough, creates increasing levels of partitioning. In your Warmahordes example, you have the primary partitions of faction, and then a secondary partition of theme within the faction, allowing PP to introduce a new unit to the Legion of Dawn more easily because there is less competition in the LoD for particular roles. Great. If things proceed long enough, even that space starts to become more crowded and they need to create tertiary partitions because even the theme levels have become so crowded. In 40k this can be seen in space marine armies, which are technically part of the imperium, but needed to be their own faction. Then they needed specific chapters of space marines to be separate factions. Then each of those needed specific theme within the chapter. And so on. 


    Privateer recently relaunched their old game monsterpocalypse. The original game had 6 “agendas”, each of which initially had 1, later 2 “factions” in it that people could play. With the relaunch they have trimmed that down to only 2 agendas and all the monsters and units are divided up among those two, with the factions being more theme style forces. If the game continues to grow, I fully expect them to, sooner or later, reorganize things and reinstate the original agendas. 

  12. 11 hours ago, Marinealver said:

    did they take out some factions? There were 12, 6 in the first 3 waves and then a new 6 in the later waves.


    They took out some agendas. Originally there were 6 agendas, each with 2 of those twelve factions. Now there are only 2 agendas, each of which will (probably) get 6 of the original 12 factions. 

    So far the original 6 factions have 1-2 monsters and 10 units each, organized into the 2 agendas. Like Sithborg has said, they have announced releases for 4 of the second 6 factions for next year, and it is assumed the other 2 are coming, but only monsters and the faction building for those 6 factions have been mentioned, there is no word yet on any units for the second 6 factions. 


    PP seem to really be trying to push the idea that you choose an agenda (protectors or destroyers) to play, not a single faction (Cthul, shadow sun, Ubercorp), so it may be a while before we get units specific to those later factions. 

  13. 3 hours ago, Marinealver said:

    So Uber Corp is the "invaders" 

    Destroyers. And Tritons are Protectors

    In the new game (so far) there are just Protectors and Destroyers, each with several factions, and Ubercorp is a destroyer, presumably the idea is strip mine and exploit with no concern for consequences. 

    And yeah, that threw a lot of people for a loop. 

  14. 10 hours ago, T70 Driver said:

    That is unless the newer miniature has a better paint scheme such as the white solar panels that are on the TIE/FO and TIE/SF. 


    14 minutes ago, Captain Lackwit said:

    Give me one reason they would diverge from the source material.

    Since we have seen a picture (presumably) of the new miniature, white panels seem VEEERY unlikely. 

  15. We don’t know for sure. The most likely scenario (very likely) is that some ships will include new content that is not in the conversion kits. However, FFG has said that there will be a method (whatever that means) for people to get such new cards without needing to rebuy plastic ship we already own. Most people are assuming that means some sort of “mini conversion kit” being released with any wave that has such new content, but that’s just a guess. Whether or not you believe FFG will truly make good on that promise, or if they mean “you’ll be able to get that card as a tournament prize a year after it was included in an expansion” is open for debate. 

  16. 31 minutes ago, nitrobenz said:

    Has no one else noticed the base under the silencer is much smaller than those under the other TIEs?

    That’s because the image of the entire ship is shrunk down a bit. The current silencer model is actually quite big so they reduced the picture a tad when they replaced the image of the new model with the old one. 

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