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  1. Are these little shorts all there is going to be of this, or is it getting stitched together as the full movies?
  2. Since we have seen a picture (presumably) of the new miniature, white panels seem VEEERY unlikely.
  3. We don’t know for sure. The most likely scenario (very likely) is that some ships will include new content that is not in the conversion kits. However, FFG has said that there will be a method (whatever that means) for people to get such new cards without needing to rebuy plastic ship we already own. Most people are assuming that means some sort of “mini conversion kit” being released with any wave that has such new content, but that’s just a guess. Whether or not you believe FFG will truly make good on that promise, or if they mean “you’ll be able to get that card as a tournament prize a year after it was included in an expansion” is open for debate.
  4. I love Mara as a character, but I detest every picture I’ve seen of her. It seems as if no one drawing her has ever actually READ the description of her in the books.
  5. That’s because the image of the entire ship is shrunk down a bit. The current silencer model is actually quite big so they reduced the picture a tad when they replaced the image of the new model with the old one.
  6. Everything in the conversion kits is eventually going to get included in stand alone expansions. If you have a big budget and wanted to get a big collection quickly it might be worth hunting up 1.0 expansions and buying a kit, but otherwise you can just stick with the already released 2.0 kits and ignore everything from 1.0, eventually you will be able to get everything that way. It may just take a couple years.
  7. Have these droids perchance fractured into different... dynasties?
  8. Yeah, they’ll finish up whatever is currently going on and then ax them as contracts allow.
  9. Oh yeah, I didn’t even remember punisher was its own series. Not that I know, but probably will be.
  10. Disappointing, but not at all surprising with Disney’s streaming service coming up. Will likely hear about Jessica jones soon.
  11. I think it is less that the large ship guns are tiny and more that the x-wings guns are enormous. Compare with a bunch of the other fighters, the tie fighter guns have to be tiny to fit in the ball, the a-wings are kinda big compar3d to the ship itself, but the ship is tiny. The b-wings are kinda in between. The turrets on the y-wing and tie aggressor. E-wings are kinda big, but as a successor to the x that fits, same with the Z but the other way around. Not as familiar with the scum ships, so can’t say. Then there is the outrider, which everyone comments about having a MASSIVE gun (ie same size as the X’s)
  12. Indeed. I’d be all for a return of the shuttle configuration.
  13. I’ve played formula de. Really liked it, seemed a bit random but there was still plenty of strategizing, along with a fair amount of risk management. Getting a bunch of different tracks for it definitely seemed necessary though, just playing on the same boards a bunch would probably get old. Am not familiar with the other one.
  14. You aren’t converting pilots, you are converting ships. As more ships get full full updates to 2.0 they will get more pilots. We have been told that there will be a way to buy those cards without buying extra miniatures, but so far we don’t know what that is going to look like.
  15. See, consistency for me would be if you gained a force token by performing the action. Red action, gain a stress token; purple action, gain a force token. Except that seems like it would either be very over powered, or totally useless.
  16. Exactly. By needing to spend the force just to do the action, you are paying for the action twice. Whereas if you can spend the force to perform the action as a bonus action, that feels like spending a resource to gain a second action, instead of gaining a stress to gain a second action, which feels more appropriate. Actually, now that I think about it, being able to spend a force to discard a stress would be a great ability for Jedi.
  17. If you have to spend a force to use the action at all, it has to come with additional effects, consuming both your action and a force point would be ridiculously costly for just a basic action effect. Now, admittedly, it does look like Sidious provides extra effects when you use his purple coordinate, so maybe.
  18. They’re old, 1st ed cards, so it’s PS on a 1-10 scale, not the new initiative on a 1-6 scale
  19. So did most people who actually went and saw it.
  20. I feel like you need a lambda with a Santa crewto go with them
  21. If a force using crew is equipped to the ship with a mundane pilot it gains force tokens.
  22. Given that the purple stuff is the same, I doubt it. I also find it interesting how deliberately covered up the restrictions box is.
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