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  1. I have a bunch, but I haven’t actually used them. Are you putting them on the top of the starfield, or flipping the mat over and placing them on the underide? I would think the neoprene would hold them a lot better than the printed coating. Alternately, maybe a sheet of felt would provide enough grip?
  2. I can never remember which it is. I’m just pleased I remembered the first name.
  3. I believe they said they tried it when developing 2nd edition and felt it didn’t add enough to be worth it. It would've probably opened up a lot of design space, but it also would’ve required a total reworking of the game to get it right.
  4. Jedi Master Baytes Elan Slimebagano
  5. I thought the exact same thing.
  6. I hate to be all negative and killjoy-y, but I feel compelled to remind people that most EPTs in the beginning of 1st were't great either, and generics were king. So much so that part of the power creep started because people complained about never being able to be competitive with the iconic, named pilots.
  7. And all the scum exclusive players with tug boats loose their minds because “they HAVE to buy resistance stuff to get the cards...”
  8. Forgottenlore

    TiE Brute

    Where was that stated?
  9. At least make it so that a heavily ironed ship doesn’t move fast.
  10. Are you kidding? Palpatines backstory was easily the best thing about the prequels.
  11. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/283954-the-mandalorian-star-wars-tv-series/?page=4&tab=comments#comment-3493313
  12. Um... no. Just me wishing that the 1300 in the prequels had been all smooth and shiny so that it made it look like Han’s modifications had been way more extensive than anyone thought.
  13. I see what you’re talking about, but that could also just be something reflecting off the helmet.
  14. Yes, I know. Hence the “but” in my statement.
  15. Um.... Never played any of those video games and have never read the X-Wing books. Did like the Thrawn books though. I’d already been a rabid SW fan for more than 15 years before I read them.
  16. “Luke, take reds 2 & 3, hold up here and wait for my signal to start your run” thats the only only real problem with Luke’s participation in the battle, that he was given point on the final attack run.
  17. I actually liked Rose as a character. The film itself, and its use of her, has issues, but I liked the character.
  18. I’d be down with a Republic (Stock) 1300. I always thought Lucas should have put a 1300 in the prequels, but make IT all smooth and chromed when brand new, just to really emphasize just how much modification had been done to the falcon.
  19. I’m very much getting a spaghetti western/man with no name kind of vibe from that description. While I still think this obsession some fans have for a cool costume is ridiculous, I do think that going back to old westerns as inspiration would be a good choice for this.
  20. I’m surprised. There is no way they can possibly satisfy the rabid mandalorian fanboys out there.
  21. So when you said this, You meant in lists that had both, so that ... Sai can help whisper turtle up and keep Sloan alive longer?
  22. Why Sai? I'm not seeing any particular synergy between sloan and coordinating.
  23. Thanks. YASB is definitely the best squad builder.
  24. Also consider that this is a dramatic series set in the Star Wars universe. There is no way the main characters signature crafts are going to be limited to one planet.
  25. What noticed is that the art has her holding her gun level as in combat, while the miniature looks more like she is about to execute a prone prisoner/incompetent lackey.
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