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    “Inspiration” yeah https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lNdb03Hw18M
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    Which has nothing at all to do with Star Wars. Seriously though. The flight path system is already HEAVILY abstract. It aims to capture the dramatic feel of Star Wars combat, not be a simulation of how that combat is depicted in the films, much less of real world physics. As such, I don’t see a need to modify the rules much at all. Create a few new types of obstacles and use different mat and you’re good. Anything else seems like change just for changes sake. Now, adding in ground forces....
  3. The classic trek series and the refit from films 1-3. Then it was self destructed in 3 and they introduced the “A” at the very tail end of 4, which was an entirely new ship. That’s what the “A” was meant to indicate. Interestingly, while the refit was nominally the same ship, I have always heard that the refit was so extensive, they designated it as a new ship class. So the classic series enterprise was a constitution class and the film version an Enterprise class, despite being the same ship, technically. Perhaps they should have designated it the Thesius class.
  4. I think he meant the classic series enterprise and the refit done for TMP and just mixed up the “A” designation.
  5. Having way over purchased 1st ed core sets, I want to avoid multiple of 2nd like the plague. Already have more damage dice than I can use More x-wings and tie fighters than I need acrylic templates and tokens 2 damage decks from getting the promo deck i mean, why on earth would I buy a second core set.
  6. I haven’t really been following this thread, just jumped in and read the last page on a lark, but what about a 3 die missile that takes 2 charges to fire and regens the charge, so it can fire every other round? Would encourage hit and fade attacks, which is something the a-wing is supposed to be good at.
  7. Well, I just loaded those 2 pictures into photoshop and played around with them a bit. Bizarrely, when I scale them so that the droid and cockpit are the same size, the REBEL version is just a little bit longer.
  8. Forgottenlore

    U-Wings in 2.0

    The couple games I played against them, that ability to rotate on the stop is surprisingly effective. I’d kill for that ability on a lambda.
  9. Yeah, I agree. I did just look them both up on wookieepedia though, and it does list a length difference. 16 meters for the ones from ANH and 23 something for the republic ones.
  10. There is apparently some references to it having extended engine cowlings, making it longer that the stripped down ones in ANH. I think that’s where he’s coming from.
  11. I haven’t, but them I’m not using ordnance much. If its a real issue, I imaging custom lock tokens would help emphasize that the token next to your target is YOURS.
  12. Don’t mince words zeoinx, tell us what you really think.
  13. I'm just using a bunch of old, 1st ed buildings and counting them as apartment buildings for now. Don't get the tactical depth, but at least it looks good.
  14. Should be good, if you have like minded opponents. The big draw of the game for me is the spectacle, having a full city set up just looks so cool.
  15. I found them super easy to assemble. Painting them, that’s another issue. Got a game in tonight, really came down to the wire. His Gorgy was at 2 HT, my Def-X at 1. I tried to run away so that I could finish him off with my units but he swatted a g-tank into my face. Game Over. I am so so looking forward to getting more than just apartment buildings to smash.
  16. Did you get these off ebayor some such? Kinda sounds like some sort of custom/3rd party flight stand.
  17. You can just use regular large pegs. The medium ships use the same pegs as the large ships, so an adaptor was only needed for the small ships that became medium, the large ships that became medium can still use the same pegs they used to.
  18. No, lambdas were very much used as combat ships. That’s where the term buzzsaw came from. They were difficult to fly and not forgiving of mistakes but they could definitely be used. for example, a quote from a thread in early 2014 from this thread As for engine upgrade, you’re right, that was necessary. But then the lambda only had a single turn, and it was red. Batwings have 3 turns, one of which is white, so it can actually turn as well as a lambda with engine upgrade could. Here is SableGryphon's 2 articles on flying the lambda. (not to say the specifics are at all relevant anymore, but just pointing out the Lambda, even with it's crappy dial, could be a viable combat ship. Now the upsilon might not be as good as the lambda was back then, but to dismiss it out of hand based solely on the dial, which is far better than the lambda's was, is not enough of a reason.
  19. Again.... Lambdas were considered among the stronger ships for a good while, before power creep got the better of them.
  20. Does no one remember the old threads from wave 3 about dogfighting with a lambda? Albino space cows? Buzzsaw configurations?
  21. Yeah, not so much. 9 hours ago, literally the first response to one of the threads announcing the article Of course, everyone else in the thread was saying the ship is good, so....
  22. I’m not as fond of the Armada dice, but I like what they’ve done with Imperial Assault and Legion (and the RPGs) where the dice have surges that can trigger special effects as well as raw successes. Tractor, ion, jamming, and so on could all be effects triggered off enough surges if the attack hit. Ordnance could spend surges for increased damage, so they may or may not hit, but do more damage if they do. Upgrade and pilot abilities could trigger off surges and so on.
  23. I have a bunch, but I haven’t actually used them. Are you putting them on the top of the starfield, or flipping the mat over and placing them on the underide? I would think the neoprene would hold them a lot better than the printed coating. Alternately, maybe a sheet of felt would provide enough grip?
  24. I can never remember which it is. I’m just pleased I remembered the first name.
  25. I believe they said they tried it when developing 2nd edition and felt it didn’t add enough to be worth it. It would've probably opened up a lot of design space, but it also would’ve required a total reworking of the game to get it right.
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