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  1. 2 hours ago, Matanui3 said:

    Honestly, I hope they remove the whole “if a huge ship touches you, you die” thing in favor of actually being aware of your surroundings like squadrons in Armada.

    Something I suggested a few months ago was keeping the insta kill ramming, but separate out the planning phase for huge ships. So a round would go

    Huge ship planning

    reveal huge ship dials, but they don’t move yet

    normal ship planning

    normal ship movement

    huge ship movement


    It would probably slow things down too much, but would capture the idea that it’s pretty easy to predict where a huge ship is going to be, but still allow for devastating rams if the fighter pilot mis judged positioning.


    doesnt look like that’s what they did though.

  2. 1 hour ago, ClassicalMoser said:

    I have kind of a hard time believing that either a) they have a whole separate dial to represent the numbers 1 and 0, or b) energy or shields can go above 20.

    They definitely represent two separate things. 19 shields?! That's madness.

    The thing is, if the tracker was meant to track separate values for fore and aft sections, it would be labeled as such, there would be icons indicating which number was which, and it would be formatted with the numbers front and back, not side to side.  With the way the tracker is currently designed, I’d have an easier time believing it tracked shields and energy for port and starboard sections than fore and aft.

  3. 27 minutes ago, wildcrdj said:

    Do we have any idea if the sculpts are exactly the same for the huge ships? I'm tempted to just pick up a Raider + Conversion Kit (also ~$100) instead of waiting for the eventual Raider rerelease. 

    I’m sure the sculpts will be the same, bit the c-roc, at least, looks like a new paint job. Or so I thought.


  4. 2 hours ago, thespaceinvader said:

    Correct, there's no reason to assume you couldn't move within the water.

    Heck, I'm pretty sure that things that float, would still "float" towards the surface of the water, because floating is a function of relative density and pressure, not gravity.


    I think?

    Floating is because of density and pressure, but the pressure is caused by gravity. So I don’t think float-y things would move toward a surface, but once there they probably wouldn’t easily get engulfed again. The only reason all the water would stay together is because of the surface tension (gravity from the mass of the water itself should be negligible)


    BTW, sorry all for the off topic-ness, but it’s an interesting thought experiment. 

  5. 19 hours ago, FTS Gecko said:

    Answering this question is possibly the only reason to watch the film Passengers...

    Not sure they got it right though. I think you could still swim to the “surface” in the giant bubble, you just couldn’t actually leave the water entirely. So no serious risk of drowning.

    I think.


  6. Hmmm. That’s a tricky one. My first inclination is that it’s essentially a 3rd agenda and so he would get to vote on the older law, but I could certainly see an argument for it being a subset of the miscount voting.

    There is also a question of whether anyone can play riders on the new vote. If they can, then the one player should also be able to vote on it (and potentially play a rider on that one as well), but if the new vote is considered a subset of the miscount agenda, then I would say no one can play riders on it.


    ok, talking it through like that, I definitely come down on the side of it being a whole new vote. We’ve had other situations where a rider was basically a free benefit, so that doesn’t worry me, and keeping it as a 3rd vote is simpler.

  7. On 6/10/2019 at 6:09 PM, theRevBob said:

    I just hate that I have been playing TI3 with 8 players for years and now TI4 has only 6 players.
    Could really use components for 8 and more exploration tiles for larger set up.

    Shouldn’t be too difficult to add hoc something until an 8 player expansion comes out. It’s not like they introduced a bunch of new units, you can just use the old units for 2 players. The old hexes will leave a bit of a gap on the board, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Hardest thing would be creating 2 new tech decks, but since they don’t need to be randomized or hidden or anything, a scanner and printer should sort that.

  8. 43 minutes ago, JJ48 said:

    despite having hundreds of similar-sized ships encircling the planet

    I have the impression that after the initial conquest most of the fleet withdrew and there was just the one control ship at that point.

    Doesn't change your fundamental point, but still...

  9. It’s no different that Tony and Peter hugging, Quill and Gamora, Carol going “hi, Peter Parker”, Wong “you want MORE?”, assorted monologue-ing.

    I just rewatched the film again, and the girls don’t even pause, really. Carol takes the glove and they all start moving toward the goal while more woman join up.

    Whole lot of discussion for absolutely nothing. If there had been a dramatic moment when Cap, IM, Thor, T’Challa, Spidey, Bucky, Sam, et.al. had a money shot it wouldn’t even warrant a comment. Oh, wait, there is, in this movie and the previous ones.

  10. 25 minutes ago, stuffedskullcat said:

    The Rule of Eleven; my simian intellect just can't grok it.

    I understand the theory, I just don’t see the point as it only works if the opponent sets up 90* to the board edge at exactly range 1. Deploy rotated a few degrees and it’s useless.


    Same with people who claim you can gain useful information from the ID marked on the back of my v.1 dials. If you’re wasting brainpower trying to figure out how my dial is oriented relative to the text I wrote on the back, that’s brainpower you’re not using to actually play the game.

  11. Let’s see, to not be lost watching endgame, I’d say you need to have seen

    iron man 1

    captain America 1

    avengers 1

    winter soldier

    Civil War

    guardians 1

    infinity war

    The after credits scene from ant man and the wasp

    doctor strange wouldn’t be out of line, but not super necessary

    be aware of the existence of captain marvel, but you don’t really need to have seen her film. (It’s really good though)


    that should cover the most things

  12. As far as the oscars, I think what is really deserved is some sort of special achievement award. Yeah, the movie Endgame on it’s own isn’t really an Oscar flick, but it’s the culmination of 22 (solid) films that all connected. Endgame doesn’t deserve an Oscar, but the MCU does.

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