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  1. The legends entry on wookieepedia does say that ”In the early stages of the New Order, new V-wing models were commissioned. The new models of the V-wing star fighter were repainted with a black stripe. These craft featured Imperial livery and lacked an astromech droid.“ The canon entry doesn't however, although the canon entry is virtually empty.
  2. Do You Own Huge Ships Already? Yes. 7 of them, I think. If you count a proxy Serenity Did You Play Epic in 1.0, or Were They Dustables? Played a few times, wanted to play more but couldn’t find opponents. Do You Plan to Play Huge Ships in 2.0 (in Standard/Huge/Epic battles)? Yes. In standard it will depend on how they implement things. Do You Plan To Play Epic Missions? We’ll see how they implement.  What is Your Biggest Draw to Epic 2.0? More players
  3. For tournaments it has to be the official PP buildings from the current release. For casual games, lots of people are using the buildings from the original game. The new ones are much nicer sculpts though.
  4. Forgottenlore


    Is that a challenge?
  5. It’s actually 3000 suncrushers connected Voltron-like
  6. Ah. Is that even a hologram? I always assumed that was just a regular viewscreen.
  7. Good to know. I’m out of town right now, but I’ll try and come in February some time.
  8. Been out to east once, I understand x-wing is on Wednesday’s there, yes? The original store on the west side is closer to me though. Truth is though that I haven’t managed to get in the habit of going to the local game stores down here since I moved. I’m always too tired to go out in the evenings. I’m trying to change that, though.
  9. You’re the only one objecting to his use of (an entirely spot on) analogy from the previous century.
  10. I live in Columbus, so I think I’ll probably attend.
  11. Yes, I believe so. Quite some time ago, actually.
  12. I am assuming this is an "Elect Player" agenda, and the elected player gets the card to hang onto until they use it? If so, I would say yes, the player holding the card can use it to benefit themselves. The "different player" is different to the one activating the system. It essentially short circuits a single player's attempt to invade a rival's system. And unless it says something about returning the command token, it will prevent the attacking player from invading that system for the rest of the round. Use remaining influence. Yes, you have to fight. (especially if it is your first time at fight club) If there are no opposing ground forces then it counts as an invasion, but not a ground combat. The ground combat never occurs, and if it never occurs you can't win it.
  13. Wording was that all the current tac relay cards will be solitary. My question was about a hypothetical non-solitary card of that type. Being able to be taken (in multiples, potentially) alongside a solitary
  14. Technically, they could introduce a non-solitary tactical relay upgrade and you would then be able to include 1 solitary and multiple non-solitary TR upgrades in one list, yes?
  15. And yet those decisions have been very popular overall. So YOU may not like where 2.0 is and is heading, but that is very VERY different from the game not being "stable" which is what you initially said that started this side discussion.
  16. That would be a SHORT pilot. 1.5 meters is less than 5’ tall. Typical human is more like 1.8 meters.
  17. I'm the other way around. I have loved the defender from the first moment I saw it, but the gunboat HAS grown on me a bit. I'd still rather all small imperial ships be TIE variants (but good ones, there are a bunch of REALLY stupid looking ones out there), but that ship has sailed.
  18. For small fighters, yeah. Larges are a different class and so have different rules.
  19. There was no BSG in 1980, just the 1979 season. Nope, nothing more was done after the first season, la la la la la Oh yeah, the show was famous for using stock footage. At the time it was the most expensive TV show ever, One million per episode, they had to do everything they could to save money. They are supposed to be. No idea how Ares intends to do that though, but they have said repeatedly that they are. Somewhat more on topic, just ordered the core set for the game. I doubt I will actually ever play it, but I've always wanted some decent BSG toys.
  20. I like to think that they changed the Cylon IL (Imperius Leader) series like Lucifer into the human forms. Saves on the makeup and prosthetics budget. I just think we should have seen the centurions more. Yeah, they were there, but never as prominently or as numerously as they should have been. Of course, some decent scripts and/or 1 or 2 likeable characters would have been nice as well.
  21. They’re getting there. Ares has explicitly said they are doing ships from both the new and the real shows.
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