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  1. Likewise. I love the fact that not all the stories are about Anakin and company. That's one of the things I thought they got away from a bit in the later seasons.
  2. I don't think it is x-wing stuff, I think it is online retailers. There have been several instances of online stores putting 40k stuff up for pre-order based exclusively on rumors, and getting burned by it once or twice when the actual retail price ended up being higher than was rumored and they had to fulfill orders at a lower price than they would have.
  3. What do you mean by legit? They know they are going to be getting them eventually and they want people to order from them. If you pre order with them you'll get the figs as soon as MM gets them and can get them shipped to you, so yes it's legit, it not a scam, but they're not going to get them any faster than anyone else, and no one knows when that will be yet.
  4. I spotted it when I was sleeving all of my Twilight Imperium cards. Now THAT was a lot of sleeves. No, I'm afraid I don't. You could print out little card sized, colored rectangles and slip them in with the cards. Might be an issue at a tournament but I doubt anyone else would have a problem with that.
  5. I dont think it is a matter of the worse effect overrides a better effect, I think it is a case of a Damage Card overrides an effect from an upgrade. So you could swarm tactics vader but the damage card would reset the new pilot skill to 0, but targeting the same ship with multiple ST, I would expect them to take effect in the order they were used, so the last one used would stick. Look at it this way, take the damage card out of the picture for a minute and say you had vader and howlrunner both with ST and 2 academy TIEs. You use Howl to give one Tie PS 8 then discover that the other Tie is out of range Vader's ST and so he has to target the same Tie as Howl. Is that Academy Tie PS 8 or 9? I would expect 9 because you did Vader last. This is the same situation. The damage card only effects Vader, once that is taken into account you just have a ship with Swarm Tactics and PS0 and other ships with Swarm Tactics and PS4 and the order you use them determines the order they take effect.
  6. Just a note, after vader chooses a saber to be PS0, another saber could choose that same target and reset it's PS. You couldn't have the sabers override the damage card and give vader their PS for the turn, but you can fiddle with who you select so that, even though you have to select someone with vader, it ends up having no effect. (I think I'm right about this, you did say that the sabers have Swarm Tactics as well)
  7. I really didn't like the movie, but I thought the series was great. Unlike most everyone here though, I thought the first season was really good and that it went downhill after a couple of years.
  8. I've sleeved all of my cards, more as a way to distinguish them so the don't ever get mixed up with someone else's than for protection. As has been stated, the FFG sleeves in the yellow packaging fit the small cards for x-wing. And as a note, FFG games include on the back of the box a little note about what sleeves are needed for each game. It's a little blue box that says "Fantasy Flight Supply" and will have a couple of colored boxes that correspond to the package color of the sleeves you need. I believe each box has a number in it as well to indicate how many packages of sleeves are needed for the cards in that box.
  9. True, it isn't perfect, but the fact remains that the movement templates give you most of the mechanical advantages of playing on a grid, while making it feel free form.
  10. Really, with the way the movement templates work, the game is sort of already played on a grid of some sort, it's just the templates allow it to disappear from the users point of view.
  11. The best that I can hope for is that, while Disney and Abrams may toss the broad strokes of the (post Jedi) EU out entirely, the production designers and guys who actually do the work will find ways to slip some of the old characters and tech back in.
  12. According to latest reports, episode 7 is going to feature the original cast more heavily, as a sort of "passing the torch" type of thing before eps. 8&9 focus heavily on the next generation. What makes you think there are going to BE twins? This is exactly the area where Disneuy changing the continuity is going to have the biggest impact. For all we know, the Empire is still going strong 30 years later and the rebellion is back to being a rag-tag group on the verge of extinction, with no hint of anything resembling the New Republic.
  13. Yeah, lock down the board so no one can move and then roll one die a turn while your opponent leaves the table to watch another game because there is literally nothing they can do. Sounds like a blast /sarcasmI read that article and it immediately sounded like one of these concepts that is a good idea in a tournament but would suck all the fun right out of the game for both players.
  14. But R2 doesn't require an action or a specific maneuver to use, it just happens automatically every turn you don't have shields, so that is an extra point of damage every turn that the ship can take. Yeah, once you take some hull damage you start running the risk of getting stuck with criticals, but it is actually only a 37.5% chance, not 50%. I was pretty lukewarm on R2 to begin with as well, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that he really is good, yeah, you could get stuck with a nasty critical you wouldn't otherwise have gotten, but you can also get some of the not so bad crits, and more than half the time, not even that. Also, if all your damage cards are already face up there is no downside to the card either, kinda silver lining thing there.
  15. Guessing zero completely guarantees an evade result each attack, doesn't it? If you don't roll an evade threepio gives you one, if you do then you just rolled one. I'm uncertain how he works with a focus icon though, can you have threepio trigger first, giving you a free evade result, and then spend a focus token to turn an eye on the die to a second one?Regardless, combined with the falcon title, that can guarantee the first attack each turn has 2 hits cancelled
  16. Guys, just drop it. He has stated his case, we have rebutted, we are all now clear on what has been said, there is no point in further discussions and thread derailment about it.
  17. There, fixed that for you. In seriousness though, it always bothers me when a company uses the same universe, the same mechanics, makes them 100% cross compatible, but calls them different games. That always strikes me as just a money grab so they can sell 2 copies of the rules to people, even though I know that isn't really the case. However, FFG has done this several times already with RPGs. The 40k RPGs came out as seperate but compatible games and now I believe they are doing the same with the Star Wars: Age of... RPGs. So something similar for the miniatures game is not unlikely.
  18. I've never seen anyone screw up and try a red maneuver while stressed before, but I did have a game where the asteroids destroyed more points of ships than the 2 players combined.
  19. Those are the 3 large ships, whose packaging have space for a large rules inserts. The small ships, including what we see in wave 4, have rules cards. If they were going to do a rules insert then they wouldn't also be including cards. Edit: multi ninja.
  20. I like the idea of a "maneuver" that gives you a choice of 2 moves, but even that would require a rules card. Do you guys think it would require a rules card if the maneuver dial included the symbol for a barrel roll? Sigh, yeah it would, you would have to explain whether the ship could set its dial to that maneuver and then perform the action as well.
  21. There is also that they went out of their way to say never before seen 'on a dial', which pretty strongly indicates that it has been seen before on some kind of action or special ability, which makes me think speed 1 k turn, but then, wouldn't they have made the same claim about the b wing?
  22. The defender does have some rules cards in with it, though. The ion rules and the rules for modifications. Is it possible that the rules for a new maneuver, like a banked k turn, are on the back of one of those?
  23. Yes, that is a really big thing and it is entirely possible, which is what I have been saying and why I was responding to bearhug's optimistic belief that they aren't going to mess things up too much. They have formed this group that is going to decide what from the EU remains canon and what isn't. For me, I guess it comes down to the question of whether that group is going to pour through thousands of pages of material and render a judgement on each individual item..."this ship is canon, this one isn't, this character exists, this one doesn't"; or if they are going through and deciding based on titles... "Thus book is canon, this trilogy isn't" or if it's even more broad than that "we're making more sequel movies, so all the books that take place after Jedi are no longer canon, but we can still get some mileage from the video games so old republic era books can stay" I can see any of those options being the path they are taking, depending on what upper management has directed they do with the property.
  24. I liked someone's idea of putting infantry on octagonal bases and simply letting them make a 1straight move in any of the 8 directions. Then use a dial, or something similar, to represent other elements of infantry combat.
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