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  1. I think his point is that you can see the posters without seeing the movie. Nobody puts spoiler tags on the DVD covers.
  2. Forgottenlore


    The SSD is 24.5” long. So, a bit longer than the Raider should be. The SSD is really flat though.
  3. Forgottenlore


    This is correct. The raider has always been the same length as the corvette, and has always been at the different scale.
  4. Meh. I’ve got SW:Revisited. I’m good.
  5. As did Avatar. Endgame actually passed Avatars first run total significantly before the extra footage was added.
  6. So were they, which is why they’re ignoring everything but 1&2.
  7. Something I suggested a few months ago was keeping the insta kill ramming, but separate out the planning phase for huge ships. So a round would go Huge ship planning reveal huge ship dials, but they don’t move yet normal ship planning normal ship movement huge ship movement It would probably slow things down too much, but would capture the idea that it’s pretty easy to predict where a huge ship is going to be, but still allow for devastating rams if the fighter pilot mis judged positioning. doesnt look like that’s what they did though.
  8. The thing is, if the tracker was meant to track separate values for fore and aft sections, it would be labeled as such, there would be icons indicating which number was which, and it would be formatted with the numbers front and back, not side to side. With the way the tracker is currently designed, I’d have an easier time believing it tracked shields and energy for port and starboard sections than fore and aft.
  9. I think GenCon presage is pretty much a given, considering the timing of the announcement and supposed release
  10. Yeah, the first picture in the “larger world” article shows a card that details how the wingmen have to be arranged around the leader.
  11. The article said a new, plastic maneuver tool. Probably something similar to the armada tool, though how it does speed 0 banks is a question.
  12. I’m sure the sculpts will be the same, bit the c-roc, at least, looks like a new paint job. Or so I thought.
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