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  1. Forgottenlore

    Should they have made Yoda and Obi-Wan crew for 2.0?

    We’ll probably get them eventually. Remember that so far 2.0 is just bare bones updating stuff that was already out with the minimum needed to let us play with all our ships.
  2. @ForceSensitive Thanks for letting me watch the game tonight. I’ll do my best to put together an Armada list and show up next week.
  3. Forgottenlore

    I have an idea for a campaign need your opinions

    Many people have had similar thoughts, haven’t seen anyone actually finish such a project though. My approach would probably be to take a look at Imperial Assault’s campaign system and adapt it so that the various missions in the story line are missions using a variety of games. So if one mission is an x-wing escort the senator’s shuttle mission, if the rebels win the scenario, play an Armada game as the imperial fleet tries to intercept the VIP, if the x-wing mission failed, the shuttle crashes on the planet and they play a legion game as stormtroopers are sent out to capture them (which could lead to a prison break IA mission) You'd need gear and character advancements that apply to different rulesets, forcing players to make decisions about becoming better pilots, or commandos, or whatever.
  4. Forgottenlore

    Does Armada's Executor prove Legion will get an AT-AT?

    The SSD for Armada is coming with 4 ship cards. Two of them are “prototype” versions, ie heavily underpowered, and theoretically usable in standard play (the one we’ve seen is half a list, naked), though whether they will be allowed in tournaments is an open question. The other two ship cards are up-gunned, up-powered versions meant for scenarios and some kind of Armada Epic play, though we don’t know yet exactly how that will work. If an AT-AT comes for Legion (and I think it will eventually, 3-4 years down the road), it will absolutely be as part of some for of en-big-enated, epic play style and not standard.
  5. Forgottenlore

    First Look Trailer - Star Wars Resistance

    Ok, somehow you all have shifted the discussion from the visual aesthetic to the tone of the story when discussing “gritty”-ness. The original complaint was the bright colors and cartoonish look, not the wholesomeness and goody-two-shoes-ness of the story (which we honestly don’t have a clue about yet). Star Wars has always looked like a lived in universe. Things get dirty, and sometimes stay that way. That is what was originally meant by gritty (in this thread), and the Saturday morning cartoon look of this trailer doesn’t convey that. But somehow you guys (on both sides of the argument) got sidetracked into discussing content and tone instead of look.
  6. Forgottenlore

    Was there a Battletech miniatures game at Gencon?

    @voltagejim Ive never played BT myself, so I can’t help much, but this link might give you at least some idea where to start. https://spikeybits.com/2017/01/getting-started-with-battletech-alpha-strike-beyond.html
  7. In the thread that spawned this, Gecko did mention that nostalgia may be coloring his views. I have tried to watch CoC as an adult and was not able to actually sit through it, it’s so bad.
  8. Forgottenlore

    Clones AT-RT

  9. Forgottenlore

    First Look Trailer - Star Wars Resistance

    He is referring to how people have been using “literally” wrong (in exactly the same way “objectively” is being used here) for so long that the Oxford English Dictionary recently added the informal, opposite meaning to the word. So the dictionary now defines the word “literally” as possibly meaning its opposite.
  10. Forgottenlore

    Who Would Be Your Choice To Play Grand Admiral Thrawn?

    I could see that. Would maintain his tradition of playing bad guys with weird eyes.
  11. Forgottenlore

    First Look Trailer - Star Wars Resistance

    Yeah, no. I actually rather liked TLJ. Way better than the fan fiction tha5 was TFA. This came across like an old Saturday morning cartoon, not anime. But we’ll see.
  12. Forgottenlore


    That’s why I didn’t pre order one either. Fortunately I attended GenCon and bought a core set there, and was given one of the promo damage decks for free at that time.
  13. Forgottenlore

    Suppression and Panic question

    So I’m finally getting around to giving legion a go. Played a demo at GenCon and was impressed, but the demo didn’t use the rules for suppression. Have now finished reading the rules, and suppression and panic seem absolutely brutal. Like, able to shut down most of an army for the game brutal. I figure I must be wrong about that, so I’m asking, what am I missing?
  14. Forgottenlore

    Star Wars Canon (in reference to Armada)

    That’s not exactly true. At least, I wouldn’t phrase it like that. The films paid no more attention to getting canon correct than other sources really, the difference was how much authority the different media were given to decide canon. When Zahn was writing the Thrawn books, lucasfilm rather famously sent him piles of source material so he could get the canon right, but when a film came along that paid no attention to what he wrote, the film was considered the stronger canon, just by virtue of being a film. It wasn’t about how much effort each media made, but how much authority they were given. And this is just because the Disney canon is so young. It is unavoidable that inconsistencies will creep into the setting, and when that happens the nucanon is going to need a hierarchy, either official like before, or unofficial, to resolve them.
  15. Forgottenlore

    Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0

    The 2 arc icons in admiral chireanau pilot ability are not displaying properly. Btw, thanks for the work. Yet another was/is by far the best of the squad builders.