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  1. Or are you declaring a number of cards you intend to discard and then discard them one at a time until you reach that number or you have no more cards to discard, and each of those time you discard a card, EM triggers and lets you toss a token instead?
  2. I'm frankly shocked at the mixed responses in this thread. In 40 years I have never heard a single person pronounce out the letters unless they had a particular reason to not say @@.
  3. You can't just summarize the content so we don't have to sit through a 15 minute video?
  4. It's linked in the article. Bomblets do 2 dice, suffer any damage, w/in range 1.
  5. Yeah, with that wording RAW would be that it precludes adding one.
  6. It's been a while since I read the relevant rule, but doesn't it say that it ONLY counts for scoring purposes? In other words it is still a part of squad when adding up points but is otherwise ignored and treated as if it isn't there.
  7. I was having something similar happened right after the board switch over. But after a few weeks it just kind of fixed itself.
  8. But you have to get prior authorization from the local fire dept. first.
  9. I'll second this. I wasn't expecting a lot from the comics when I borrowed them from my cousin, but wow, most of them really blew me away. 2-3 issues into the main title and I was thinking to myself "THIS is the Star Wars I have been looking for since Jedi left the theaters.
  10. Well, since the thread is already necro'd, I just want to give a congratulatory shout out to GilmoreDK who pretty much nailed the next 2 waves a year and a half in advance. Just missed the liberty and added that Klingon one.
  11. Because the Gunboat isn't a TIE. It seems pretty evident that, up to this point at least, FFG has wanted all Imperial small based ships to be some variation of a TIE series. A decision I heartily approve of. Now, they might change that policy at some point, and I would be shocked if the Gunboat isn't the very first non-TIE Imperial small-based ship, but up to this point it seems almost certain that that is what has kept it out. And considering that it is a boring, lame design that looks nothing at all like an imperial ship, the longer it stays out, the better.
  12. The thing is, FFG didn't really do that. The FAQ entry doesn't actually make any claims regarding the intention or reason for it. It could just as easily be read as FFG saying "we screwed up and it's too expensive to fix, so we came up with this solution" as it could "um... yeah, that's totally how we meant it to be" it was obviously a screw up, but I haven't seen anyone from FFG denying that it was a screw up.
  13. Gotta disagree. It would be totally easy for the layer the blue line is on to accidentally get hidden or moved below something that hides it, or even delete. The artists I work for have 5-6 separate layers just for the title and copyright notices on their pieces, never mind the actual art. Stuff gets missed all the time.
  14. To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women is best (in life).
  15. Eh, ok then.