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  1. Visual depictions in film and tv should never be used to determine size or scale of things like this. Model and film makers simply have too many variables to juggle to make it a reliable source.
  2. Well, the pics look promising, and they are doing it as 2 movies, so I think there is a better chance than ever before.
  3. I just desperately want the classic ships. I've always loved the original Raider design.
  4. Amusing anecdote. Years ago, when I was at GenCon, a friend and I were thinking about getting into Wings of Glory, so we stopped by the Ares booth for a demo. The guys they had demoing the game were so bad we were almost convinced to not buy into the game. After about a minute of explaining the rules, I seemed to have a better grasp of them than the guy teaching it.
  5. The Ares Games one? Have it, but not played it. I have played their Wings of Glory games, which share a lot of similarities. Meh. For the most part, it feels to me like their games need more development, they work, and have some neat concepts, but some stuff just doesn't gel, and the BSG game seems the same to me. I will say that the ship dashboard things are not particularly user friendly, the sliders don't move as easily as they should, and seem to get stuck a lot. That might work itself out with time, or they might break. The expansions seemed to have a lot less content than an X-Wing ship. Since you have it, you probably already know, but for the benefit of others, the miniatures are absolutely gorgeous. REALLY well done sculpts and paintjobs, up to pilot call signs being printed on the ships which I needed a magnifying glass to actually read. I really wish they had gone with a smaller scale. I get that they are kinda committed to 1/144th because of their other games, but it would be nice if they matched X-Wing in scale. I may work up some BSG cards and use them anyway.
  6. And they REMOVED some darker themes several years ago. **** white still hurts my eyes.
  7. Normally, also 3 feet. But occasionally, 6 feet
  8. Yet, a battle between the falcon and 4 tie fighters is several minutes long. Which leads back again to Games are abstractions, not simulations.
  9. That’s how it is in pretty much every miniature wargame. The miniature scale and the battlefield scale are never the same.
  10. Most likely, the duration of a "round" in the game is variable depending on what is going on at the time. When everyone is in a close-knit furball, it's super short, after that, when everyone is circling around for another pass, it's longer. In fact, the same round is probably different lengths for different ships depending on what they are doing, with the assumption that it all evens out over a few rounds.
  11. Hey, so am I. Just primed some Oni and Chochinobake lanterns.
  12. Cool. I’ll try and make it over some time.
  13. For tournaments, sure. But that’s a small part of who actually plays. Just the most vocal.
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