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  1. Not "artifact", "legacy" slots. Double points to FFG if one of the legacy upgrade cards is a parallel or serial port.
  2. The main problem people seem to have with the tye wing is that it is more like pulling out the gas tank and replacing it with 2 high performance tires. Your taking off what most consider to be the power plant, the solar panels, and replacing them with a redundant set of engines, leaving it with both the twin ion engines AND the y-wing engines but no power source to fuel them. I do agree though that it is probably the best looking of the uglies.
  3. Yeah, but you have to remember how long products take to design, develop, manufacture and bring to market. If it was a reaction to AoS I can easily see it having taken 2 years to create and get it out.
  4. Indeed. Though fantasy isn't really hugely popular right now. I wonder if Runewars is a reaction to how unpopular Age of Sigmar was and an attempt to grab some of that market share.
  5. Getting back to the actual original question, What I actually think that they should do is develop their own properties more, rather than relying so heavily on licensed universes. The Twilight Imperium universe is ideal for several different miniatures games and RPGs, they could even do additional board and card games and would not need funds to get siphoned off into a license.
  6. If FFG would produce a fun, easy miniatures game that could decently handle vehicles that transform into giant robots, I know 5,342 people that would be very happy.
  7. Battletech is in the middle of a big resurgence lately with new editions and lots of new players. I saw something recently about a new edition of paranoia, can't remember where. Edit -a kickstarter, here it is. Part of the big OGRE kisckstarter (as I recall) was a stretch goal that SJG would do a new edition of Car Wars. The recent re-release of the classic CW was supposedly the first steps towards that resurrection.
  8. According to legends EU anything bigger than the Falcon would simply get shredded by the thousands of turbo-lasers on the DS.
  9. It's pretty much endemic in all science fiction. Star Trek bridge crew going on landing parties, Stargate teams piloting combat missions and going on special forces assignments. B-5 did a decent job keeping it to a minimum and providing explanations when they did, but it is pretty much an unavoidable result of dramatic story-telling.
  10. I've mentioned before, video games are TERRIBLE sources to base deck plans off of. The limitations of the platform require that spaces be utterly huge compared to how they should be configured. It's a big part of the reasons why I haven't tried to model a decimator with an interior, the only example of one if from a game and totally useless for a reasonable attempt. Maybe use the video game to determine the general position of major rooms, but keep the far more realistic sizes fir rooms and, especially, corridors.
  11. If the cr90 had been 1" long the current size of the ISD would have been pretty close to in scale with it, the docking bay on it isn't much smaller than an inch. If they had done that then everything in between the two could have been scaled to match and we'd have had a much less extreme "sliding scale" for the ships. Squadron markers were never going to look right, we were always going to have to accept oversized figures representing a dozen actual fighters, or just cardboard tokens, for squadrons.
  12. I actually really dislike the armada bases. When the game was announced I was expecting a cr90 to be about the size of an a-wing in x-wing, about an inch long. But it seems like they couldn't do ships that small in armada because the bases are so frikin' huge and bulky.
  13. Ships in SW are always oriented the same way up. Always. You can see other SDs in the background. It is unquestionably the top of the ship.
  14. Yes, the basic netrunner game is very good. Although the later sets apparently have some OP stuff, the core is pretty well balanced and the game has a fascinating asymmetric game play. The games only flaw really is that that there is no way to do more than 2 players, but if you are explicitly looking for a 2 player game that isn't really a problem.
  15. I don't understand WHY it exists. Unless I have been pointed to the wrong clip, it's a half second of the falcon skimming along the top of an ISD in front of the super structure. There is nothing to suggest a different ship.