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  1. To reinforce my point above, FFG announced Star Wars Legion at Gen Con. Certainly a huge product line for them, announced just days after they announced genesys, and that game has not had a single news article since the announcement. FFG knows their schedule, they have the most accurate info on what products are coming out when and how much news the want/can release and when they want to do so.
  2. They are probably holding off on new articles until they are closer to release. It would be much worse for them to release a bunch of info now and then have nothing for 2 months until the book is released.
  3. I thought we had determined the genesys dice pack swaps out the force die for a second red?
  4. This is the problem I have with their "rules reference" format for rulebooks. The glossary style entries only work if you already know what to look up. I’ve had similar problems in many of their games trying to find an answer and not finding it because I didn’t already know where to look.
  5. Strength is always a tricky power in supers because it’s just soooo generic compared to most. Without looking into things too much and just off the top of my head I would say do strength as a combination of mechanics. Be able to up basic strength as just a regular attribute and include options for one or more strength based "shrubs" that incorporate strength based tricks or stunts (using a car or dumpster as a weapon, hitting the ground to cause a quake, stuff like that).
  6. I suspect my group will start off with just the SW dice, but if it looks like we are going to stick with genesys I suspect most of us will end up with a set or two of the genesys dice as well. The symbols just seem so much more intuitive, for a start.
  7. Exactly the point I was making.
  8. Never said otherwise. Just commented that generic systems, which tend to have lots of options, tend toward that sort of abuse.
  9. So... I've been thinking about this a bit lately. MikeEvans and BigKahuna both did a decent job of covering the issues with distant suns tokens, and Mike mentioned that people either like them or not. It's purely a personal preference as to whether you like a longer game with a bit more randomness or a shorter, more skill based effort. What has been getting to me though, is that I have finally managed to give Star Trek Ascension a try. That game has a mechanic that is very similar to distant suns, each system you explore, you draw a card to get a random feature for that system. It might be a hazardous system that might destroy some ships, it could be a generic pre-warp civilization that requires some effort to conquer/assimilate it could be an advanced civilization with an infrastructure already in place, and so on. What has me thinking is that the mechanic doesn't feel like it has the same drawbacks as distant suns does, despite the fact that they are virtually the same idea and I'm wondering why that is. Is it because so much more of ST:A is tied into that mechanic so it feels like an integral part of the game? Is it because ST:A doesn't have as many other rules, so that the added game length doesn't feel burdensome? Is it because of the potential of finding "advanced" civilizations adds to the immersion?
  10. You think? My observation is that generic systems generally try to cram so many options in and then the GM is unwilling to say "no, we're not using "these" options" and you end up with a rules bloated game with PCs all over the map in both power and theme.
  11. As I have mentioned in other threads, I suspect there are legal/licensing issues that FFG is not going to want to deal with when it comes to a generic system with licensed settings. I just think they are going to keep it simple (at least to start with) and limit genesys to properties they own outright.
  12. Instead of an isolated MR, make it a little 1-ring subsector. There was a 6-player variant that did that with two 2-ring galaxies each with 3 players and a 1-ring galaxy with MR between them. Adding a few extra systems around MR in such a scenario makes going for "the center" a bit more appealing. Myself, I'd be perfectly willing to play a 6 player game on a 9-ring galaxy and just not worry about MR or VP and play every week until it got boring. Creating on the fly house rules to keep everyone in the game if they start doing poorly.
  13. Just finished reading the Fate Core book. I found it a fascinating approach to RPG design. Not sure it is something I could get into myself, I like a lot more crunch to my rules, but some of the ideas are really novel.
  14. We don't know. They seem pretty integral to the system in SW though, but as presented there are too complex and integrated to the setting to be made generic. My personal guess is that maybe they will break talents down into smaller, more tightly thematic, "shrubs". So instead of a single tree with 16 loosely related talents you end up with 4 talent shrubs, each with 4 tightly related talents. Then a given setting can create character classes by selecting 3-5 of the generic shrubs. Just a guess though. Regardless, something like that would work well for many types of super powers, and provide a lot of grist for expansion material they can include in supplements.
  15. Tangentially related... for those who who might be interested in Star Wars themed ships, the game Rebellion and its new expansion has enough pieces, appropriately looking and scaled, to create a set of TI miniatures for both the rebellion and the empire. (Using interdictors as carriers is probably the biggest stretch).