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  1. What really threw me wasn't so much the effects, but the effects combined with how easy they are to get. Yeah, the naalu just co,bones their old tech with advanced fighters and cybernetics, but advanced fighters was 7 spaces deep on the tech tree so you didn't get to it until very late in the game (and I don't remember if cybernetics was part of that chain or an addition). Now, the naalu could conceivably upgrade their fighters this way at the start of the second round. I don't necessarily think the change is bad (now that I got the xxcha one right), but that seems like it is seriously upping the tech game.
  2. But advanced fighters were pretty deep down the tech tree. Now, it can be the 3rd tech they get. Plus the move of 2. They are practically cruisers that only cost 1/2 a resource.
  3. That's right. It ends the turn, but they still get to go when initiative comes around to them again. Ok, not as severe as I first though. Does not seem to give them back their counter anymore though. Ok, I feel better now.
  4. But ending a player's entire turn if they attack you? You can ONLY be attacked if multiple players decide to gang up on you? tech overall seems to be rather more powerful too. With the new way prerequisites work, you can get to the really powerful ones much more quickly.
  5. Yes they do. I haven't read any of them yet though, so I have no idea if there's anything new in there.
  6. Just read through the lorebook. It's not really much. 24 pages most of which are more full-page artwork with small side bars with a couple paragraphs of background material, there's only two pages that are mostly text. Doesn't seem to provide any new information, just a quick summary of the background. Doesn't seem to provide any new information, just a quick summary of the background. The full-page artwork is very nice though.
  7. OK, maybe I'm just not remembering the old racial techs well enough but looking through these cards some of them seem insanely powerful. naalu can get an advanced fighter that hits on a 7, has independent move of 2 and only counts as 1/2 ship vs fleet supply. All for 2 prerequisites. The saar can upgrade their floating factories to have a move of 2 and production 7. Keep in mind, I think they can still produce with docks that have moved now. A xxcha tech allows them to spend a strategy counter to end a players turn when they attack him, once a round. Hacan tech allows them to trade strategy cards with another player for a strategy counter and three trade goods Mental can double the value of their trade goods when spent as resources or influence for two green prerequisites the arborec can improve their ground forces to combat seven and production 2 and give them a 50-50 chance of respawning in their home system when they die. Is it just me or are those just crazy good?
  8. Oooh, I really like that idea. Despite the different resource/influence values, I've always though the planets in TI seemed awfully same-y, something like that would go a long way toward fixing that. In fact, for a purely house rule addition, someone could make decks and gave a condition card automatically assigned to each planet, sort of like the race/trait system in smallworld. With some of the conditions having a resource cost to terraform the world to remove the condition (or lessen it in stages). Waaay to complex for retail, but I could see the right group blowing off the "game" aspect and just creating a freeform ongoing narrative.
  9. Indeed. Now it's something you can do if you really need it, but not something you would do every round just to delay going until everyone passes.
  10. Depends on how wordy the effects are, you would need to fit 3 different titles and effects (and hopefully some flavor text) onto one card.
  11. Jord is 4 resources and 2 influence The sar floating space docks now seem to be able to build even if they have moved yssaril skip ability now costs an action card ( actually, it's spend an action to discard an action card) but it looks like you can do it on consecutive turns.
  12. Well N, looks like you got your wish. The box comes with a big vacuformed insert with compartments for the hexes and cards, big deep wells for the plastic figs (which don't need to be cut off sprues) and space for other stuff.
  13. Just noticed, artifacts are missing as well.
  14. Seems likely worth noting, the new edition of TI includes a booklet of lore, and the hardcover rulebook for the promotion is supposed to include even more. If they are actively expanding the background for the universe, it seems probable that they will try and diversify it into many types of games.
  15. I posted my laser cut storage boxes a while ago. Unfortunately, photobucket is now charging for image hosting and all the pics in that thread no longer work. When I get home from gencon, I'll see about hosting the pics somewhere else.