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  1. Hey Everyone just wanted to give you all the heads up that Titan Games In Springfield, IL will be hosting their store championship the weekend before gencon. This should be a great tune up event for the North American Championships and Titan Never disappoints when it comes to prizes either!! Below is a link to their Facebook Event for your reference as well. https://www.facebook.com/events/1918293178456663
  2. IL Springfield Titan Games-Springfield 8/12 https://www.facebook.com/events/1918293178456663/
  3. Quick update we Have 23 paid participants so the prize package will have some significant additions to it. Additionally, we will be live streaming Table 1 on the Store's Twitch Channel More info on the link for this event coming soon. we will also be recording table two for replay/posting later along with commentary. We still have a few more spots open for this event so if you are thinking about coming call the store or sign up on the facebook event so we can be sure to have enough room for everyone.
  4. With just 5 days till the event we are already over 2/3 full for this event. if you would like to play please call the store of message me to confirm we will have room. Everyone is welcome to show up the day of the event but we will only guarantee spots for the first 32 people who preregister. Store Phone Number: 217-607-2317 Event Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1573574609592682/
  5. Minimum Prize package for this weekends Titan Games Store Championship: Based on 16 preregistrents (we are over this already so there will be additional prizes) In addition to the standard FFG Store Championship Package with the Buy for first place. 1st place: Buy for One Regional, Scum and Villany Ship Package (1 each of The Most Wanted, IG-2000, M3-a and Starviper) 2nd place: X-Wing Most Wanted or Two Medium Ships. 3rd Place: X-wing Medium Ship of Choice. 4th and 5th place: Small Ship of Choice. Door Prize 1 : Medium Ship of Choice Door Prize 2 : Small Ship of Choice.
  6. Preregistration is now open. You can sign up by Calling the store at 217-607-2317 they will give you information on how to prepay and reserve your spot.
  7. Titan Games in Champaign is now accepting on site preregistration so you can swing by the store to preregister. They will be opening up the online registration on friday the 20th. I will post an update at that time on the process for signing up. We do have limited space for this event in the store (20) if preregistration exceeds this we do have access to additional off site space that can be utilized for this event. So please sign up early to ensure that we can put on the best event for everyone.
  8. I agree with Shuanfu. Typed is always prefered. that being said I also accept printoffs from two of the online tools. mainly Voidstate's (http://xwing-builder.co.uk/) and yet another squadron builder (http://geordanr.github.io/xwing)
  9. Arrathon, I run our local league and would be happy to share with you the Scoring Google document that I use with you. we have over the last year gone from having 4 people per event to now having an average of 8-12 people per event. I have seen other x-wing groups in our area falter for any number of reasons and would be happy to discuss those with you via phone or email. Shoot me a PM and we can connect that way.
  10. I requested to join the FB group. I look forward to making it up to the quad cities for a few events.
  11. Titan Games in Champaign, Illinois will be hosting a store Championship on the last weekend day that one can be hosted, Sunday March 29th. I will be the TO for this event and updating this post with more information as we get closer. Below are some preliminary infromation for the event. Date: Sunday March 29th Time: Registration will start at 10:00 and close at 10:50 with the first round of play begining at 11:00 Sharp. Cost:$10 Location: Titan Games, Champaign, IL Champaign, Il is located ~2 hours south of Chicago, 2 hours west of Indianapolis and 2.5 hours from St. Louis. Preregistration will be the only way to reserve your spot. More information on this will be coming soon. For those of you that have not been to a Titan Games Tournamet before, they always prize out 100% of the entry fee for events and always have at least one door prize for the event. More info on prizes will come as we get closer to the event and have a better idea of the total number of attendees. EDIT: to reserve your spot payments can be made to the TO's paypal account: njonesy53@yahoo.com. We are now over 24 paid participants for this event. Rhumor has it that one part of the extra prize pool will be a FFG Playmat as a Door Prize..... Imm just saying it is very likely we will fill up our 32 available spots.
  12. I live in Champaign right now but I have played in Springfield a number of times and swing through regularly. Ill pm you with some info on how to connect with the Springfield facebook group as well if you have nto already.
  13. Updated League Standings and Location info... Our local Store has changed its name from The Gaming Goat to TItan Games. Same great location same great prizes same great players. Swing by our facebook page to check us out and our upcoming events. Shocker
  14. I remember talking to you about that game. What the hell was that? Kelvan I am sure that as soon as one of us figures it out, assuming we ever do figure it out, we will be sure to jump on a podcast to discuss it.
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