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  1. Actually, that happened twice over here in Germany and both cases got punished with month-long bans. How the very same infraction at Worlds can result in only a game loss for the next round is beyond me.
  2. TIE Swarms were also a thing. A weapon from a more civilized age ;-)
  3. Paul Heaver went 4-2 in IA and didn't make the cut.
  4. Please add Steffen Kähler (Team Unicorn) from Germany. Three times Regional 2016 winner and currently Bothan spy for the Team Unicorn Blog.
  5. Credits go to Christoph "Icaa" Ostenfelder! Thanks! https://teamunicorn.eu/2016/10/14/die-letzten-karten-aus-helden-des-widerstands-sind-bekannt/ (More pictures will follow)
  6. https://teamunicorn.eu/2016/10/13/fotos-von-welle-10-und-hotr-auf-der-spiel-16-in-essen/ Enjoy! Credits to Mario Junuskevicius at Facebook! Thx!
  7. One of the Hateful Eight at the Coruscant Invitational made pictures of Wave 9 ships. https://teamunicorn.eu/2016/07/16/bilder-von-der-star-wars-celebration/
  8. At Lothal a friend of mine was forced to forfeit a game, because she had not marked her asteroids. Sure, the opponent was technically absolute right and the Open being a premiere tourney warrants special care and discipline. Yet, I am extremely disgusted by this player's behaviour and WAAC-mentality. Actually he has called the TO over the previous three rounds as well as players had not listed their damage decks. Technically he is completely right, yet I would refuse handshake, greeting and post-match "GG" if I had to play this person.
  9. Triple Jumpmasters triumphed over 1 HWK and 3 Sycks in the final. Yepp, a lone HWK and 3 Scyks made it into the final
  10. In the German Forum his call-sign is "Caolilan" and he made Top 4 at the last Nationals in Germany. Cool guy.
  11. Whisper/Oicunn won Naboo today. http://geordanr.github.io/xwing/?f=Galactic%20Empire&d=v4!s!97:57,-1,132,-1,46,-1:-1:3:;79:27,36,40:-1:9:&sn=Unnamed%20Squadron
  12. So, could a tricky, yet stressed Falcon player execute a white 3-speed bank maneuver, trigger Kanan and destress and then rotate 180 degree? Sounds pretty powerful to me. I played Han with PtL, Kanan & Kyle and that build was already pretty maneuverable - with the new title it becomes even more maneuverable.
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