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  1. I think the Bomber's two lasers are between the cockpit and the bomb/missile tube. If you look closely there are two circles, one on top of the other, in the bottom center. That seems like it should be the lasers, since there's no other place for them. In the failed beta for Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, those two circles are indeed exactly where the lasers came from. In all of the other X-Wing games that I have played, it was from the sides. However, there's nothing on any model I can find that indicates a laser cannon on or around the sides of the bomber.
  2. I don't really understand all the power ups and how they work. I just want to fly A-Wings.
  3. http://www.starwars.com/news/the-new-galaxy-of-star-wars-shattered-empire-an-interview-with-greg-rucka Greg Rucka, one of my favorite comic book writers (Wonder Woman: Mission's End, Punisher: War Zone, Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood, Lazarus) indicates that a pilot (possibly an A-Wing pilot!) will be the main character. Very exciting news. Combined with Wedge being a major character in Aftermath, looks like there will be a continued presence by fighter jockeys in the new EU.
  4. So, if you have full shields on, say an A-Wing or an E-Wing, and one of these two ordinances hits you and you get the double damage critical hit, am I correct in assuming you are dead even though you still have full shields?
  5. Oh, man, if I had a group of 4-5 friends who lived close enough to do 10 weeks of Legacy, I would totally do it. But I only really have one friend who could do it.
  6. I just had a fun game afternoon/evening yesterday. We played Coup, Ticket to Ride Heart of Africa, and Star Trek Catan (I normally wouldn't have given in to the Other Star Franchise, but I wasn't the organizer . I like all kinds of games - Dominion, Phase Ten, the redesigned 2008 mission Risk, Risk 2210, Star War Risk, the new Civilization board game (based on the computer game), Munchkin, Vegas Showdown - lots of nerdy board games.
  7. I've not read any of the Y or JJK series. Mostly because, as noted, I didn't like his adult Jedi Academy books (or Darksaber). I quite liked the short story spinning out of Anderson's books called "Simple Tricks," in "Tales from the New Republic." (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Simple_Tricks). A really fun read.
  8. See also: This book desperately wants to be The Last Starfighter.
  9. Good times, man, good times. I have only read The Crystal Star once, when I was really young, and I liked it. I'm sure if I read it again now I would have a lot of problems with it.
  10. You forgot the sentient box that started a cult around itself and was actually a portal to another dimension...
  11. Fate of the Jedi was a pain in the neck. It was supposed to be lighter, and Allston's books were lighter, but Denning just took it all the way back to "super dark" in Apocalypse. I still love Conviction, but mostly for the character moments, not for any larger story. I haven't read Lords of the Sith, mostly because I don't see it eclipsing Dark Horses's "Betrayal" storyline in their Empire comic book line. That wasn't a perfect line, but it was a really excellent and dark look at pre-A New Hope Vader and Palpatine. I go back and forth on Allston's best book. Sometimes I say Adumar, because really, it is amazing, but Solo Command is a really fantastic finale that wraps things up that built for two previous books in an incredibly effective way. It depends on what mood I'm in, I guess.
  12. Very true. I guess it just worked better for me.
  13. The humor in Newman's Holmes satires is much too dark for me to really enjoy. I prefer Laurie R. King's Holmes and Russell mysteries (at least the first three or four - they get a bit shallow after that).
  14. I think his worst was probably the second Fate of the Jedi book, Backlash. I hate the first of his Legacy of the Force books, Betrayal, because the ending of that book was so gratuitously cruel, but I thought it was a really effective book and very interesting. Backlash was simply really boring.
  15. I actually really loved Mercy Kill. It wasn't the towering achievments of the Wraith trilogy or Starfighters of Adumar, but it was a much better balance of humor, drama, and emotional connection than the Legacy of the Force/Fate of the Jedi stuff. Yeah, Daala never really got a competent writer who advocated for her. Anderson loved her, but he wrote her so incompetently that every time she shows up in one of his novels, I just want to go read something else. The Death Star novel made her a bit less incompetent, but focused on the affair a bit too much to really fix the problem. Yeah...as I said, I think this EU is going to be the same as the old EU, only faster and less character development.
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