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    Kuanor reacted to knasserII in Any ETA on a release?   
    I'm not going to hang around here and become a routine moaner over what was lost, but I wish FFG had stuck with their original plans for DH2. I did playtests and it was vastly improved. It's a real shame that grognards persuaded them to back down from the revisions.
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    Kuanor reacted to GauntZero in Am I the only one who likes the Beta's more varied values ?   
    But having an regular test with a 35% success chance is ridiculous, also for players.
    Looking at the books, they set a lot of tests on +10, +20 or even +30 out of this odd low values for characteristics.
    The whole scaling is wrong. A regular test for e.g. strength should have a higher chance than 35% to succeed.
    There shouldnt be a modifier needed to have a fair chance.
    Same with standard shots in combat - why do they need a +10 ? Because the characteristic scaling is bad.
    Make the modifier 0 and the stat +10 instead.
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